Electric shavers are many things – dry shaving essentials,wet shaving counterparts, trimming devices and on the rare occasion, even overall body groomers. When one device gives you so much, it is natural it will come at a price. But what if we told you an electric shaver can be bought at just $100, or even below that? Yes, that’s possible and it’s very much happening. This piece is entirely dedicated to the outstanding comeback that basic shavers have made to the market. We list down five from the top picks of electric shavers below $100. Read on to find out.

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$100? Is it enough investment for an advanced shaver

It should not look enough ideally. But you will have to weigh your chances and side with products that are under massive discounts online. We have noted several electric shavers that are originally priced around the $300 mark (sometimes even more) and then they are offered on great deals online. While you should typically look for these shavers, there are more available online. These might not be from the best brands, but pack in a lot of features under the price. But honestly, our suggestion would be you look for the previous category – big brands available at hot deals.


# Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Nanotech Blades

Our impression

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3

The ES8103S Arc3 from Panasonic features leaps and bounds ahead of other affordable electric shavers with the three nanotech ultra-sharp blades. These combine with the super-thin arc foil to shave near to your facial contours and give you a comfortable and quick shave throughout. The electric shaver head sits on a flexible pivot and effortlessly traces down nuances of the neck, chin and jaw to give you those tailored and slick shaves. It is particularly effective in areas with coarse hair.

The linear motor in the ES8103S Arc3 makes things interesting with its high performance of 13,000 cuts per minute. The motor also helps you go full steam right till the end of the battery charge to make sure you receive consistent shaves throughout. You also get a pop-up trimmer built in the device. This small mechanism takes care of the mustache and sideburn and allows you to shape them evenly as well. (Full Review)

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  • 13,000 cuts in a minute.
  • Nanotech blades with super-thin foil.
  • Works well with coarse hair.
  • Follows facial contours closely.
  • Illuminated display.


  • Quite expensive compared to other models.
  • Slightly confusing blade mechanism.

# Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Razor for Men, 4-Blade Cordless Shaver

Our impression

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4

The ES8243A Arc4from Panasonic comes with very sharp Arc4 Nanotech blades that guarantee you superior control and performance during wet shaves. It also makes dry shaves equally convenient. The Arc foil is a multi-fit mechanism that adjusts to a wide range of facial contours and shapes. This creates outstanding closeness and results for the shaving machine. You can easily guide the Arc 4 over your neck, face, jaw and chin. Just use the non-shaving hand to make the skin tighter.

The Arc4 also comes with a high-performing linear motor that is capable of providing you about 13,000 cuts in a minute. The motor also helps you shave at peak power at any charge level I the battery. This in turn promotes very consistent shaving throughout. The Arc4 is a completely waterproof electric razor that comes with the convenience of a 10-stage LCD indicator that shows razor status. There is also a built-in pop-up trimmer for mustaches and sideburns.

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  • Ultra sharp, nanotech blades.
  • Foil conforms to shape of the face.
  • Delivers 13,000 cuts in a minute.
  • 100% waterproof razor blades.
  • Includes a pop-up trimmer for sideburns.
  • Easy to clean operation.
  • Wet and dry convenience.


  • The blades could have been sharper.
  • Needs several passes to start with.
  • Not for thicker beard growth.

# Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) Frustration Free Packaging

Our impression

Philips Norelco 4500

The new Norelco4500 from Philips provides you wet and dry shaving convenience for every time you need a shave. The Dual Precision electric shaver takes out the longest hairs and the short stubbles with equal cleanliness. You will like the action of the integrated pop-up trimmer even more. It gives you the perfect finish for mustaches and sideburns. Keeping the varying contours of your face in mind, the pivot action flex-and-float system adjusts the blade as it moves to make it stick very closely with your skin.

The inherited and in-built AquaTec technology makes the Norelco4500 a champion of both dry and wet shaving. Also, we personally liked how Philips has done away with the confusing packaging norms and come up with a smart phrase – 4500. However, you may receive the package in the old of the new packaging. You can team up the Norelco4500 with any shaving cream or gel you like.

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  • New, confusion-free renaming.
  • AquaTec dry and wet cleaning.
  • Comes with an integrated pop-up trimmer.
  • Flex and float pivot system.
  • Sticks to face contours very closely.
  • Pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburns.


  • Very expensive replacement blades.
  • Blade angle can be worked upon.
  • Can’t plug in while using.
  • Better dry shaving than wet.

# Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Our impression

Philips 1150x46

The Shaver 6100 from Philips Norelco is another frustration-free renaming that we came across in our reviews. But they are still rolling out the old packaged name. So you may receive it in any one form. The 2D contouring Gyroflex-system makes sure the shaver sticks closely to every curve and side of your face to give you thorough control on everything you shave. The heads of the Shaver 6100 are DualPrecision workers – the slots and holes work wonders on the long hairs and stubbles respectively.

The SkinGlide shaving surface works very smoothly through the contours of the face to give you easy and close shaves. For extra protection against razor bumps and rashes, you can shave with some additional gel or cream as well. The click-on precision trimmer of the device, along with its cleaning brush, power cord and charging stand completes the package for you. We would like to give a special mention to the super lift and cut technology though.

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  • Super cut-lift technology for all hair lengths.
  • Slot and holes mechanism for long and stubble.
  • Click-on trimmer for precision.
  • Easy and close shaves.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush.


  • Charging cord not suited for travel.
  • Average build quality.
  • Does not include a travel pouch.

# Braun Series 3 3050 Electric Shaver for Men with Cleaning Center, Electric Men’s Razor

Our impression

Braun Series-3-3050


The 3050 Series 3 from Braun is known for its handy capabilities as a short-expense foil shaver. As the official shaving partner of the NFL, you would guess Braun has most of its work cut out. Just then, it throws in some more goodness with the triple action cutting system. The cutting system is unique not just because of its closeness of shave.It also manages to cut both short and long hair of the face, neck and chin with equal ease. So it does not matter is you are shaving after a day or seven.

Another great feature in the 3050 Series 3 is the incorporated micro-comb technology. The technology makes the 3050 catch and feed more hair into the cutting mechanism. This promotes wrinkle-free performance on three-day beards. This also gives you very low shaving rashes. The 3050 Series 3 also comes with a Sensfoil for a shave that is both close and efficient. The end-feel of the skin is outstandingly smooth.

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  • Micro-comb feeds more hair to blades.
  • Sensofoil for very close shaves.
  • Cuts long and short hair with each stroke.
  • Very smooth feel on skin.
  • Triple action helps in skin adaptation.


  • Power button may be faulty.
  • Somehow doesn’t do well on 2-day stubbles.
  • Not for dense and coarse hair.

The story of the first electric shaver

It was the 13th of May, 1930, Col Jacob Schick, an American manufacturer patented the shaving machine that he filed for on April 23, 1928. So technically, the design was completed in April 1928. Surprisingly, the design was not much popular back then. It was when the Remington Rand developed the design a little further and brought in some systemic changes to a few aspects of the design that the electric shaver started the glory-hunt. Philips joined in shortly after and in no time the market was teeming with superior quality rotary shavers.

Excited already? It will help further if you follow these closely

  • The function of the head: The rotary heads were the first ones that were introduced. Shortly after, we had several kinds of heads. The trimmers used a parallel cutting mechanism. Most modern heads use a lift-and-cut function that first lifts the hair from the skin and then cuts it above the skin. This way, you will be saved from most of the irritation caused.
  • The blade cutting mechanism and angle: The mechanism of the blade and the angle and which the blades (or the head) meet the skin is very important. If you have sensitive skin, go for something that lifts and cuts hair without actually rubbing against the skin. If this is teamed up well with the angle of the blade, it will help you even further.
  • Sturdiness of the body: Most modern electric shavers generate strokes in the upward of 10,000 cuts per minute. To support such rapid action, the chassis of the device needs to be sturdy by default. Unless the body of the shaver is strong enough to support the cutting action, it will break away in just a few months.
  • Closeness of shaves: You cannot exchange close, barbershop features with bright, illuminated displays. It is important to understand the order of priorities. It might be an electric device all right. But it is still responsible for giving you shaving experiences as close as you like. Get this one bit right and most things will fall in line too.
  • Wet and dry convenience: Most of us do not have a fixed routine for shaving. Some like wet shaving. Some like it dry. There is really no reason why a single electric shaver should not cater to both moods. Look for a shaver that works equally well for wet and dry skin. It is always as big plus is the shaver comes with waterproofing.
  • Consideration of skin sensitivity: Most sensitive skin shavers would spend more time researching and investing in shaving gels and creams for sensitive skin. However, you cannot miss the obvious role of the shaver involved. Most manufacturers are now very careful to make their products suitable for sensitive skin. You will be smart enough to spot this trend already.
  • How easy is the cleaning? The hair that is cut is generally stored inside a compartment of the electric shaver. This is generally placed right below the head. You will have to clean it after one or two shaves. Using an unclean shaver may result in hair entering the inner compartment. It is great if the shaver is waterproof and can be cleaned under the tap. Otherwise, at least look for a model that comes with a cleaning brush.

Life is pretty decent with my safety razor. Why do I need an electric one?

Nice question. You do not need an electric shaver if you are having a good time with the old way. But, you get the following if you are ready to welcome the change:

Freedom from managing blades: You do not have to pick up and replace blades every morning. Just get on with what needs to be done. Simple enough?

Not wet anymore: Electric shavers give you the option to shave both wet and dry. How about not having to brave the cold water anymore?

Less effort: Just keep rolling the device on the skin for the whole time. No more technique is involved.

More time saved: Less effort means plenty of saved time. And we are talking about those crucial few minutes in the morning.

Questions you wanted to ask, but did not know to whom…..

  • What is the function of the head of the shaver?

Almost every electric shaver you will meet will come with a top head. The primary function of the head is to the house the blades of the shaver. In modern shavers, the head is also responsible to synchronize the various technologies incorporated into the shaver. So the head already has a lot of responsibility as you see. Along with these, it is also for the head to ensure the blades meet the skin at a desirable angle.

  • Are electric shavers capable of shaving long hairs?

One general and genuine query many have about an electric shaver is the capacity of the shaver to shave longer hair. Most electric shavers seem to do a good job when it comes to shaving stubbles. However, not all shavers have the best record shaving long hair. That is, until you look for that shaver. There are plenty of shavers that actually do a good job with long hairs as well.

  • Which shavers are better – rechargeable or plug-in?

It really depends on the type of convenience you are looking for. Most of the early models used to be of the plug-in type wherein you had to use wall power while shaving. Now, we have rechargeable shavers which promise enhanced mobility on the go. The toast is with the ones that have retained wall-power compatibility along with wall-power usage. Should something go wrong, you should be able to shift gears.

  • Wet shaving or dry shaving – which works better for electric shavers?

Again, it is all about your preference – how do you like it better. The good thing with electric shavers is that it offers you both the options. Most people who go for electric shavers like the quick dry shaves that they get in the morning. Advanced electric shavers are as good for wet shaves too. You can use these with your favorite shaving creams too.

  • How long should a good shaver last me?

A good shaver means a shaver that has a great mix of technologies and provides shaves that are really close. Along with that, it has a well-constructed constructed body as well. Unless you find this combination, it will not be fair to call any shaver a good shaver. Once any electric shaver meets these criteria, there is no reason it should not last you a good 4 or 5 years on the trot.

  • How do I ascertain the safety of the razor?

Look for the certifications first. Most noted certifications are acquired only after the device has been recorded as a safe operational instrument by a competent government recognized/appointed authority. After you are done with the certifications, go for the reviews. Read plenty of reviews of the same model and see if the shaver is shaving well without causing any safety issues to other users. That is the surest way to know if the shaver is safe for you.

Why is the Panasonic es8103s arc3 men’s electric shaver a different league in itself?

The ES8103S arc3 from Panasonic is the best electric shaver under a budget that we have known in some while. The nanotech, ultra sharp blades are the sharpest in segment. The foil of the razor makes it conform precisely to the shape of the face and jaw. With a speed of 13,000 cuts a minute, you can rest assured about the efficacy of this device. It shaves both wet and dry and cleaning the es8103s arc3super-easy too.

The Bottom line

Looking for a shaver below the $100 mark is like investing in good undies – you do not want to break too much sweat, yet want the best value for investment. Just go for it.

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