If you are a working class man, you know the importance of creating a good impression of yourself every morning. Although how you talk matters, it is the physical outlook that captures the attention of your boss and fellow workmates first. So you need to be eternally neat, clean and smart. One way of achieving this goal is shaving as often as you would want with the Braun Series 7 799CC-6WD CC4. This is a Wet and Dry Shaver from Braun, the leading producer of Men’s best-performing shavers.

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Overall Specification

ModelBraun 799cc
Product Dimension(6*7*6) Inches= 1.4 Pounds
Shaving TechnologyPulsonic Technology
Shaving HeadPivoting
Cutting ElementsFlexible
Personalization Modes3
TypesFoil Shaver
Corded / Cordless ShavingBoth
Program SelectionAutomatic
Clean & Charge StationYes
Fast Clean25 Sec
Active DryingYes
Hygiene Status IndicatorYes
Full Charge1 Hour
Running Time50 Minutes
Quick Charge5 Minutes
Battery IndicatorLCD ( 6 Levels)
Travel StoragePremium Leather Pouch
Price Range$250-$270
Rating4.6 Rated By 104
ColorNoble Metal / Black
Warranty2 Years

Our Impression

As indicated above, Braun has many types of shavers. The Series 7-799CC is just one among a number of shavers in its product line. This product is an updated 790CC Pulsonic wet shaver version. I have waited for years for Braun to come up with a 7-series Wet and Dry shaver that I could review. And here we go now. The 7-799CC product is here for my review. After testing-driving it for a while, I have concluded that few shavers can rival this Men’s Shaver.

Using the Innovative Pulsonic Technology, this gadget releases 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, arresting more hair than most wet-only shavers do. If you already own the 790CC, it is now time to upgrade to the 799CC. This shaver does not disappoint as Braun has made it with users who love a combination of Wet and Dry shaves in mind.  The gadget offers all the benefit of the 790CC’s wet shave and most of its features look and work in a similar manner.

Measuring 6 by 7 by 6 inches, this shaver is made for every hand. It is easy to grab and shave at the right angle. Some of the main feature it boasts includes the following:

  • Wet/Dry technology – It is not every man who likes a wet shave only. There are some of us who prefer a combination of Wet and Dry. That said Braun’s S7-799CC is a delight to have.
  • Pulsonic technology – As aforementioned, this is a speedy gadget that vibrates ten thousand times per minute. What I liked about these vibrations is that they felt so trivial, gentle and safe, yet adequately powerful to capture more hair.
  • Three Personalization modes – Most Braun shavers offer three customization modes that enable the user to have a more individualized shaving experience.
  • Optifoil – If you want to shave very close to the skin surface and go deep, this is the gadget to buy. Braun’s foil shavers are known to be the most dependable.
  • Activelift – This is the element that catches the flat-leveled hair in difficult to access areas of your face, such as beneath your chin. Then it lifts it for easier cutting.
  • Leather travel case – The 799cc has a high quality tough leather case that is so great for travel.
  • Battery charge – This item uses Li-Ion batteries just like many other products in the 7-series. From what I have seen, the charging time is shorter than that required by the Panasonic, for instance, and the charge runs out after many shaves. Until the battery charge runs out, the gadget will perform optimally.
  • Durable and lockable head – The cartridge head provided in all Braun shavers are designed to last longer and are cheaper to replace. The 799CC head is also an advantage because it makes it easy for you to maneuver the item while seeing what you are doing. Additionally, the head can be locked at the angle you want for more specific cutting.

The core detail about the Series 7-799CC-6WD CC4 is the fact that it is sealed from water. This makes it a great shaver to use safely with foam or gel, or to use in the shower.

Tips if you are going to buy this item

The item comes with an alcohol cleaner for cleaning and sterilizing your skin. It obviously produces better results that soap and water-based cleaners provided by some shavers brands. Do not expect the automatic cleaning cycle to take the usual ten to fifteen minutes and the drying cycle to be noisy. This does not happen with the 799cc shaver.

Wrap up

This is one of the leading wet and dry men’s shavers in my list. Braun did a great job and there is no doubt about it.  The 799cc offers more versatility because of being sealed and water-proof. So where I choose to shave in is not a problem even if it is in the shower. The item also produces a thorough, clean shave without much effort and is so gentle to the skin no matter how close and deep you bring it.

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  • It is a wet and dry shaving machine.
  • Boats a superior cleaning system than most shavers that claim the first position in the market.
  • Has a lockable head that can be set at any angle for more comfortable and accurate shaving.
  • Has a smaller head that many find great because it boosts visibility.
  • Its automatic cleaning session takes only a few minutes and is totally silent, and so many consider this a bonus.


  • The cartridges are costly because they should be swapped for twenty dollars within three of consistent use.
  • A cordless shaver that cannot be plugged in an electric outlet.

Bottom line

Compared to the 790CC, the 799CC is more convenient, beneficial and reliable.


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