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20 Incredible Afro Mullet Haircuts For Men & Women

As the modern trends look forward to creating new and unique hair designs everyday, individuals with afro hair often feel left out because of the rigidity of hair textures.

But afro mullet haircuts are here to prove you completely wrong about this misconception because it’ll show you how flexible afro hair texture is in terms of styling potential!

It’s no lie that afro hair calls for some difficulty in maintenance, but on the other hand, you’ll flaunt some long curls that people die to have!

So, I’ll suggest you to look into these alluring hairstyles because the impact they’ll deliver in the end are unmatched by almost any other styles made with afro hair.

And in the end, you’ll be the true victor who’d be admired by the onlookers just as much as your friends for your great taste!

What’s An Afro Mullet?

An afro mullet is basically a mullet hairstyle created with the afro texture that you inherited from nature. The key to achieving such a design lies within length distribution in compliance with mullet principles.

Basically, longer curls on the back and slightly shorter upfront is the way to walk in this category. Sides are the shortest among the hair regions as it makes your head look much longer.

Afro mullets are quite protective that gives you a free pass without going for braiding or dreadlocking the entire hair.

As the sides are shorter, you’ll have less stray hair to deal with on a daily basis.

Afro Mullet Men’s Haircuts

Since both men and women alike fall for the charms of the highly appealing afro mullet hairstyles, my first category aspires to satisfy the men’s taste with sizzling hair designs.

Flat Afro With Shaved Line

Flat Afro With Shaved Line

Keeping the top part of your hair flat can make room for some fabulous mullet haircuts even with your afro texture! The style I’m putting on display here is often admired by tasteful gay men due to the way hair volumes are distributed all around. Zeroed down sides make room for an oval shaved line isolating the hair body from the patch. However, the nape hair must contain denser hair than the rest.

With A Low Temp Fade

With A Low Temp Fade

Low temp fades are in line with popular haircut techniques these days and utilizing this to draw out a mullet can enhance the quality of your look. Even if you have Type 4 hair, the tight curls can be trimmed down to a manageable length for this to work. The faded part is very short in extent and it lowers down to the skin level on the temple of your head.

Tapered Overgrown

Tapered Overgrown

The contrast between extremes often calls for some delightful hair designs. Such is the case for this men’s afro mullet concept where overgrown kinky hair is brought into action. You’ll have to spare some time to allow the strands to grow out into a wide and tall bushy shape. Upon that, throw in some tapers for a minimal touch on the sides and all of it together renders you fashionable as crazy!

Shiny Coil & Stubble

Shiny Coil and Stubble

Even if it feels that your coils don’t have many different options to be styled into, the way you shape the entire hair body opens up a lot of new doors. For instance, even Asian men with a head full of curly hair drawn down over your nape can carry an extrusion down the middle. Stubble helps out to make you look more manly. Feel free to shine up the curls using hair wax or any other suitable cream.

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

Ones who have coils that are quite tight can find solace with this look. This variant of afro mullets tends to pull the hair toward the back after complying with the length distribution on scalp and nape. Temple goes through a mid fade treatment with the frontal portion sharply lined with a good trimmer. Bleach the second half of your curls to make the ends resemble a burning sensation.

Short Crown & Notch

Short Crown and Notch

Apart from dyeing your hair, you can use other tactics to make your mullet with afro hair seem more unique. First off, shape up the back hair and keep it as the most condensed portion of your hair body. High fading the sides should add a dimension to the look that works out perfectly for the cut. Frontal hair needs to be trimmed short and a shaved notch without comb guards completes a premium style!

Skin Fade Into Thin Beard

Skin Fade Into Thin Beard

You know, skin fading your afro hair can leave behind some fabulous textures that can be a part of your new look! Not a lot of stylists have the knowledge to uncover this secret technique and it comes in handy with our mullet concepts. Rest of the hair body should follow the standard hair setup with this approach. A thin line of hair from the sideburns can create a minimal beard.

The 80s Punk Look

The 80s Punk Look

A premium look from the 80s can still be regarded as a modern hairdo if you know how to carry your weight around the crowd. It generates a luxurious design with your kinky hair that’s spread all over your head. Upon landing this, people might mistake you for a punk rock star who managed to travel through time to the present. Wearing fitting clothes can take this look a long way!

Spiked Mullet With Heavy Beard

Spiked Mullet with Heavy Beard

This haircut endorses a twist method with the tight curls you carry around. The technique leads you to picking out smaller hair groups and twisting them into small spikes that are fastened by hair gel. Your nape region won’t cross the hairline limit and is shaped into an oval size embedded with dense spikes. Growing & upkeeping a heavy beard pushes the potential even further.

U-Shaped Mullet

U Shaped Mullet

In terms of shaping your hair, there exists a few afro mullet ideas that circle around the way you line up around the fringes. No matter how long hair strands you possess, such shaping grants you extra charm at any place. For instance, nape hair trimmed and outlined into a U-shape is able to generate an authentic mullet design. The way trees are shaped, sketch an outline with your top hair to highlight the corners.

Faded Afro Mullet

Faded Afro Mullet

As there exists a wide variety of fades, picking out the perfect height is essential for mullets that you create with your afro texture. This concept doesn’t reach out for a straightforward fade, rather an angular portion makes room for a rotated high fade. The overall hair body is shaped up nicely and shows that it’s maintained on a regular basis. A pointy goatee should sizzle up the style to the next level!

Condensed Nape Style

Condensed Nape Style

This hairstyle in hand pays a strong tribute to the mullet’s initial aesthetics of having higher density on the nape region. You’ll need to grow out your entire hair before sitting for a haircut in a barber shop. Shorten everything on the sides and the crown until you reach the nape following a gradient. A low fade on either side adds more dynamic to the look and sets you up as a handsome man on the block!

Vintage Mullet For Afro Hair

Vintage Mullet for Afro Hair

Another style that pays homage to the 80s is this vintage look which used to be very popular among men with delicate taste back in the day. A leather jacket, high boot and punk sunglasses have always been part and parcel accessories for this style. Curls going upward together and pouring down on the back creates an exquisite hair shape that’s ready to kill people with your look!

Blonde Baby Mullet

Blonde Baby Mullet

The last men’s afro mullet haircut commits to hair color so that the curly textures are made more apparent to the naked eye. It’s placed upon a foundation of shortly trimmed hair at every direction except for the frontal and back fringes. You’ll need to regularly refine the curls with a rod or using your hands. Hair cream does a good treat to these curls to maintain the shape and radiate shininess.

Afro Mullet Hairstyles For Women

Women can find great benefit from afro mullet trends because these are very unique and authentic hairdos delicate women can take refuge in. Let’s ideate you on these concepts so that you can learn to apply them practically.

Hanging Over The Front

Hanging Over The Front


You’ll notice that the women’s afro mullet often goes the way of hair spillage over the fringes as opposed to men’s controlled hair body. It has been this way since the 80s and even now women find comfort styling in this way. Back hair is obviously kept longer than the top or the frontal bits. Sides are shortened but not completely removed to give the hair body a balanced shape at the end.

High Volume Hairdo

High Volume Hairdo

It’s for ones who prefer to carry around soft and puffy kinky hair that catches every drift and flies around with giddiness. You must have a very high volume of hair to nail this look perfectly. The puffiness and soft textures are derived from deep conditioning and a good blow drying session afterward. This tends to release tension and liberates your strands to float as freely as the like!

Tied & Side Parted

Tied and Side Parted

This specific hairstyle is complex to achieve because it demands a mastery of creating layers out of your afro texture. Sides are shorter than the other areas and exposed at one side by pulling the hair toward the opposite. You’ll need to tie up a portion at the border of the nape and crown to make it look like a large hair sprout at that point. Lastly, just let the frontal curls glide past your forehead for completion.

Wolf Shaped Afro Style

Wolf Shaped Afro Style

Are you a fan of those wolf cuts but can’t seem to find a fitting way to implement this to your kinky hair texture? An afro mullet is the perfect answer to tick all the boxes of your requirement. Length distribution in a smart way should set the tone for this hairstyle. Frontal portion is spiked up and the corners are to form a wolf-ear shape. Tie the hair at your back and let thin curls down like a wolf cut.

Long Dreads Twisted Top

Long Dreads Twisted Top

The essence of this afro mullet style is two types of lengths as well as treatments into one concept. Starting from the back hair, it’s twisted in the manner of basic dreads and these are kept long enough to cover your neck area. Frontal patches are quite short and follow a similar twisted dread method. Direct the top hair toward the back to look classy at your next party with this mullet!

The Cotton Candy Look

The Cotton Candy Look

The last hairstyle in my list is a direct reference to the popstar looks for these days. Shape of this hairdo is very long and voluminous that spreads over your head space. Now comes the most charming aspect of this style – a complete bleach followed by a bright pink hair dye. Frontal fringes are hung down over the forehead into cute little curls. You can even keep one half white if your taste allows it!

How To Do An Afro Mullet At Home?

Getting an afro mullet done at home is easy if you pick a straightforward concept. However, complex designs are tricky to nail perfectly and going to a professional should be the ideal approach.

In short, you’ll need to separate your hair into three groups: top, back and sides. Bring out your preferred hair clipper and reduce the sides with a fade or an undercut.

After that, direct the hair body toward a direction of your preference. Remember, the top patch should be shorter in length than the nape.

Concentrated nape is an easy escape for ones with afro texture. Play around with this mechanics should grant you the most basic afro mullet with room for improvement!

Maintenance Guide For Afro Mullet

Not a lot of people fancy afro mullets despite them being so fabulous and luscious because of the heavy maintenance duty. But remember, such upkeep tasks are a must for afro textured hair, regardless of it being a mullet or any other hair concept.

So, learning these procedures are essential to keep your curls healthy at all times!

Hydrate & Moisturize

First and foremost, afro hair is usually frizzy due to the nature of the strands and is prone to breakage very easily. As soon as you get a mullet done with those long strands, it’s important that you hydrate your hair with deep conditioning frequently and moisturize using natural oil.

Trim The Short Patches

For the looks that carry very short sides, you need to maintain the height by frequently trimming that portion. A good clipper can help you in this procedure within a very limited time. The frequency can vary based on your hair growth – between once in every week or two.

Retwist Dreads

If you’re styling with dreads, retwisting becomes a necessary step in the long run. Because afro hair can loosen out on the firmness after regular washing or daily hassle outside. So make sure to find the time to retwist them once a week until the dreads start to form within 3-6 months time.

Avoid Chemicals & Heat

As you can already tell, such delicate hair texture might meet damage if you use chemicals on a regular basis. Heat can cause a similar type of harm upon frequent application. It’s not completely prohibited, but taking precautions and doing them once in a while should mark you safe.

Keep The Scalp Clean

Lastly, afro hair can build up a lot of residue at the hair roots. So getting them cleaned up can remove the threats of frequent hair loss. Make sure your shampoo is Type 4 hair friendly, otherwise you’ll be in for some catastrophic outcome. Sulfate-free shampoo is one option you can consider for the afro mullet style.


Answering a few frequently asked questions on afro mullet hairstyles will solidify your knowledge on the concept and enable you to pick the perfect design!

Q: What is an afro Shullet?

A: A shullet is the merger of a shag and a mullet. Creating this hairstyle with afro hair would require some conditioning and blow drying, but you’ll get the features right if you have the time and patience.

Q: Can afro mullets look good?

A: Yes! Afro mullets are fabulous and break the monotony of a hair body filled with puffy & kinky textures. It has variance in length and volume, thus allowing you to reach out for more complex concepts.

Q: Which face shape suits an afro mullet?

A: Pretty much every face shape suits an afro mullet, but my recommendation would be to endorse this if you have diamond or square face shape to reach the maximum height of impact.


It’s time for us to part ways from this afro mullet haircut article, and I hope with some positive reinforcements not only about this style of hair, but also about afro texture in general.

Remember my words, people pay tons to their stylists for such hair textures and you possess them free of any charge in the most natural way.

Yes, maintenance isn’t the easiest job for this, but in terms of styling and aesthetic values, you should appreciate the special features that you currently have.

Pick a fitting style or create one using your imagination to dazzle all the eyes and take pride in your ancestry.

Because afro hair goes a long way into a past of African culture and heritage, and your confident styling stands as a constant reminder.

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