Best Andis Beard Trimmer: Get Professional Trimming Right at Your Home

The task of maintaining a well-groomed beard is nothing short of an art! It is not only the ultimate symbol of masculinity, but it also expresses confidence and style.

But in order for this to work, it must be kept tidy and fresh.

Now-a-days, many of us don’t have to visit the barber shop for trimming hair or beard, with an array of grooming gadgets available in the market you can do it yourself. The modern day grooming gadgets have improved with technological advancements. Now you can get many trimmers which are made to cater to the customized grooming needs for individuals.

Over the years of advancement in the grooming industry, only a handful brands have been able to keep up with the contemporary needs of men. These brands have been able to maintain their top position with consistency in their products’ performance, innovation in design and overall, value for money.

Andis has been one of the best brands in the market for decades for beard trimmers. The best Andis trimmer is capable of delivering precision, durability and most of all, the most value money.

Comparison table of the Andis beard trimmers

Andis ModelMotorPowerBlade typePrice
Andis 04603 GoElectromagnetic CordedStainless Steel Check Price
Andis SlimLine Pro RotaryCordlessStainless Steel Check Price
Andis HeadlinerRotaryCordedStainless Steel Check Price
Andis T OutlinerMagnetic CordedCarbon Steel Check Price
Andis 4775 GTX TRotaryCordedCarbon Steel Check Price
Andis Slimline Pro LiRotaryCordlessStainless Steel
Check Price
Andis T-EDJERMagneticCordedCarbon Steel Check Price

Top 7 Andis trimmer reviews

1. Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II

Andis 04603 Go Professional Outliner II is one of the best trimmers among the commercial grade of Andis products. If you want to take full control of your grooming experience, then this is the right choice for you. The trimmer is only 5.2” in length and weighs just about 11.5 ounces which makes it comfortable to handle. Also, the contoured housing gives a firm grip for better control.

Andis Professional Outliner 2

The Outliner II is a corded trimmer with 8-foot long industrial grade chemical resistant cord. So you will have plenty of wire to move around without any difficulties. It has a powerful, yet not too loud, electromagnetic motor fitted inside which can spin 7200 per minute. This allows the blade to glide faster and deliver a smooth and ultra-close haircut or trimming experience.

The blades are made with the high quality carbon-steel which provides close and flawless cutting experience and at the same time, they are made to be ultra-durable. This trimmer is great for outlining around the neck and behind the ears while also perfectly suited for other styling options like fading, blending and edging.

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What I love about this trimmer

Although, this heavy-duty commercial trimmer is designed for professional use, its convenient size, ergonomic design and lightweight feature makes it just the right trimmer for home users. This device delivers a smooth trimming experience without any irritation or noise. It is furnished with advanced carbon-steel blades and an ultra-durable high-speed electromagnetic motor.

This trimmer is ideal for cutting and shaving hair as well as trimming necks, facial hairs and edging behind the ears. This trimmer creates perfect outlining and is capable of flawless fading and blending. It is one of the most highly recommended trimmers and outliners for first time users. You will not be disappointed with its features, functions and performance for complete trimming at home.

What could be better?

This is a commercial grade outliner. But it is perfectly capable of meeting one individual’s daily grooming needs. It is a fixed cord trimmer and cannot be operated without plugged-in power source.

2. Andis SlimLine Pro Li

Andis SlimLine Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer CL-32475 is the perfect combination of good looks, ultimate performance and long withstanding durability. It has a very well-balanced ergonomic design complemented by a contoured body panel. This not only makes it easy to control but also gives it a nice comfortable grip. It is suitable for light-duty precision touch-ups, edging and trimming around the necklines. It is also able to deliver perfect fading and blending.

Andis SlimLine Pro Li

Inside this trimmer there is a strong air-cooled rotary motor with increased speed, power and durability. You can enjoy the freedom of operating cordless with this trimmer thanks to advanced lithium-ion technology. The lithium-ion battery can incredibly deliver up to 2 hours of runtime for flawless trimming with a single charge. Also, a quick 15 minutes’ charging option is available.

Andis SlimLine Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer CL-32475 has a stainless steel T-blade which is adjustable to almost zero. This gives it a razor-like close trimming with advanced mechanisms and unparalleled performance. The T-blade is perfect for edges around the necklines and also suitable for trimming beard and mustache. It comes with blade oil, charging stand and 4 guide combs.

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What I love about this trimmer

The Slimline T-Blade Trimmer by Andis is a light-duty precision trimmer with all the features you desire in an outline trimmer. It is popular among stylists, groomers, and barbers for its unwavering versatility and flawless performance. In addition it has a poised, ergonomic design that makes it suitable for light-duty trimming and quick touch-ups.

The cordless operation will give you greater freedom for trimming. It is lightweight allowing you to trim comfortably for extended periods without any tiring. This trimmer can deliver the best value for money with better precision, durability and performance. It is suitable for both commercial and personal use, and recommended by many hair styling experts.

What could be better?

This is not a heavy-duty trimmer and mostly used for trimming the edges and creating outlines. Lubrication is required before use for getting the best results.

3. Andis Headliner Trimmer Kit

Andis Headliner #29775 has the unique blend of aesthetics and performance. It is able to deliver ultra-close haircutting and trimming with its super fine stainless steel blade. The blade has zero gapped feature that provides exceptionally close haircutting and even, dry shaving. It is also great for fading, blending and outlining. The stainless steel is ultra-durable and gives flawless performance even years after the first use.

Andis Headliner Trimmer Kit

The blade of this trimmer is run by a strong magnetic rotary motor that spins up to 7200 times a minute. This allows the trimmer to deliver a faster trimming experience and more precise cuts, even through the thickest parts of the hair. Also, the electricity consumed by this trimmer is very efficient as it runs on 120 Volts with a frequency of 60 Hz.

You will get all the necessary accessories required to bring out the looks you desire. The box comes with a Andis Headliner trimmer, four attachable guide combs, two combs, two cleaning brushes, lubricant and a stylish pouch to hold all the grooming accessories.

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What I love about this trimmer

It is one of those trimmers from which you can get good value for your money. It is more durable and easy to maintain than most others. Just frequent lubrication is all that’s needed for getting flawless trimming year after year. It is a widely recommended trimmer by professionals and experts due to its flawless performance, precision and long-lasting service time.

Overall, it is a great trimmer and one of the best options to start with as DIY for your home. It is a small size and lightweight trimmer that fits easily into your hand and you can get hours of trimming without getting tired. Also, the contoured exterior body design makes it easy to grip as well as provides most control.

What could be better?

You need to lubricate the blade each time before use. It does not have the option of operating cordless and has to be plugged-in while trimming, limiting the freedom of movement while trimming.

4. Andis Professional T Outliner Trimmer 04710

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer #04710 is one the best commercial grade trimmers designed for professional & individual use. This trimmer is fitted with a wide carbon steel T-blade with the zero gap feature. This feature allows the blade to deliver a close trimming experience in addition to perfect detailing. The carbon steel is more durable compared to other types of blade materials. It is capable of delivering professional levels of all-round outlining, fading and blending.

Andis Professional T Outliner

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer #04710 is fitted with a powerful high-speed magnetic motor which runs quietly and remains cool for longer. You can trim or even get a haircut without having to worry about longer run times.

The motor runs as high as 7200 spins per minute which is fast, flawless and precise for haircuts & beard trimming, even with the thickest of hairs. The contoured body design of this trimmer fits comfortably in any hand be it big or small, making it easy to handle and control.

It comes with an 8 feet long industrial grade cord which is chemical resistant. You get to move around comfortably. A metal loop is fitted at the end of the cord so it can be securely hung. It comes in a box which includes the blade guard, lubrication and owner’s manual for assistance.

What I love about this trimmer

This is a commercial grade trimmer used by professionals. But it will not come short to deliver comfort and convenience for home users. The extra wide T-blade powered by the strong magnetic motor cuts through thick hair flawlessly. You can achieve perfect outlines and edges with the T Blade. You can also perform flawless fading and blending with it.

Overall, it is a pretty decent trimmer for both commercial and personal use. Its ergonomic design and convenient size makes it suitable for using it for longer shifts. The electromagnetic motor is more efficient and durable which creates less noise. So if you want a quite trimmer with smooth and comfortable handling, then it is the right choice for you.

What could be better?

It is a fixed cord trimmer so you cannot operate it without plugging-in. No attachable guide combs come with this trimmer and the blade needs lubrication before use for the best performance.

5. Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer

The Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer is one of the best professional trimmers by Andis. Its commercial grade, extra wide, carbon steel, T-blade provides ultra-close cutting and trimming experience. Add to that, it also creates the perfect outlines around the neckline and behind the ears. Whether it’s fading or blending, the zero gapping feature makes it suitable for dry shaving and complete styling.

Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner TrimmerIt is fitted with a strong electromagnetic rotary motor that operates as a calm and cool machine. Without making noise, the motor is fast enough to cut through densely haired areas. The electromagnetic motor is more durable for a longer and stronger life span.

The body of this trimmer is 5.5 inches long and weighs only 11.2 ounces. It has a contoured exterior body panel which gives it a strong grip and the small size makes it easy to handle. Also, due to its lightweight you can control it easily and operate it for a long time without a getting your hands sore. This is helpful for home users as they are not used to operating such machinery on a regular basis.

What I love about this trimmer

At the end of the day, the Andis 4775 GTX T-Outliner Trimmer is one of the best in class trimmers that can deliver an extended service life. It is a heavy-duty trimmer designed for professionals, but also perfectly capable for meeting the regular grooming needs of individuals. You can perform haircuts, trimming, flawless outlining and edging, perfect fading and blending with this versatile trimmer.

The blade of this trimmer is more durable allowing it to stay sharp for ages as a result of the carbon steel material used in its build. Also, the motor fitted within is engineered in such a way that it does not make any noise. This makes the trimming experience more comforting and quite. It is also suitable for shaving and performs remarkably for all other grooming tasks. It is certainly a decent investment which has great returns.

What could be better?

The only shortcoming of this trimmer is that the kit does not come with any guide combs. It is a fixed cord trimmer so, it might not be a good selection if you are a frequent traveler.

6. Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

The Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer has all the things you look for in a perfect outlining trimmer for home use. It has been created for hair stylists, grooming professionals and barbers with unparalleled versatility. Besides having a well-balanced and ergonomic design, it is highly capable of light-duty touch ups and trimming behind the ears and around the necklines.
Andis Slimline Pro Li T-blade Trimmer

This device is equipped with an improved high performance rotary motor for enhanced speed, more power and maximum performance. The motor is run by an advanced lithium-ion battery which gives a runtime of 2 hours with a full charge. The lithium-ion battery can hold the charge for up to 2 months and it is more durable compared to others.

This trimmer is 6.13 inches long and weighs only 4.8 ounces. The contoured body gives this trimmer a better grip and comfortable handling. The convenient size allows you to perform with better maneuverability and its lightweight keeps you going for a long time. The box comes with a cleaning brush, lubricant, charging stand and four guide combs for cutting the hair in various lengths, in addition to trimming your beard.

What I love about this trimmer

This trimmer can be the perfect option if you are looking for a beard trimmer for light-duty grooming. Also, capable of outlining around the necklines and behind the ears. Although, it is not a heavy-duty trimmer, it can be used for hair and beard trimming with perfect edging, fading and blending. It is also weighs less compared to heavy-duty trimmers. So you are able to use it for extended periods of time without any tiredness.

The unique and sleek exterior with a perfectly balanced ergonomic design, makes it efficient as well as enhances the visual charm of the trimmer. The efficient and longer lasting motor delivers more speed and prolonged durability. The lithium-ion battery will power the motor and deliver flawless trimming as a cordless machine.

What could be better?

It is a light-duty trimmer and most suitable for creating outline and edges. Oil the blades before use to get the best performance out of it. It is not water washable and is not suitable for wet shaving.

7. Andis T-EDJER Trimmer 15430

Andis T-EDJER Professional Corded Trimmer #15430 is another exceptionally versatile hair trimmer from Andis’ commercial grade of products. You can get the desired look done like a professional from the comfort of your home with this convenient trimmer. It has a wide carbon steel T-blade with zero-gapped feature for providing an ultra-close trimming experience.

Andis T-EDJER Trimmer 15430

The blade cuts fast and effortlessly even through the thickest part of hair as a result of powerful but quiet rotary magnetic motor fitted inside the trimmer. The high endurance magnetic motor has longer life span and able to deliver flawless performance for years. This makes the trimmer more durable compared to other trimmers available in the market.

The Andis T-EDJER beard trimmer runs on AC voltage and is fitted with an 8 feet long chemical proof industrial grade cord. This gives you sufficient flexibility to roam around for cutting your hair or trimming your beard comfortably. There is a metal loop at the end of the cord for hanging it after use. It can be used for fading and blending the hairs on and around your neck, ears as well as your facial hair.

What I love about this trimmer 

This trimmer is an easy to operate and maintain grooming instrument, so it could be a pretty decent trimmer for beginners as well as the experts. It has a conveniently compact design which is easy to handle making it a perfect addition to execute your regular grooming routine.

Although, it is a lightweight grooming equipment but has been built strongly. Thus, making it suitable a heavy-duty performance, making it more versatile and reliable.

The motor inside it runs quietly and has extended durability. As this device is fitted with a high-performance close cutting T-blade, it is able to deliver both flawless trimming and shaving. You can use this trimmer for extensive period of time without getting tired due to its lightweight.

What could be better?

The only drawback of this trimmer is that it does not have any additional accessories in its grooming kit such as guide combs or cleaning supplies with it. Oil the blade before and after each use.

Why Should You Choose Andis Trimmer?

There will be many brands available in the market when you go to buy a beard trimmer. But among them only a handful of brands will be those who have been able to make a mark or establish themselves as a reputed brand. Andis has been in the grooming industry with hair clippers, trimmers, etc. for years and made their name in the market with their innovation, endurance and unbeatable performance.

Here are few reasons why you should choose one of the best Andis beard trimmers:

  • Innovative Design

Andis has never fallen short to introduce innovations in their designs. Whether it is for enhancing the visual appeal of the trimmer or for increasing the handling convenience, Andis has always been able to go the distance with design innovation.

Most of the beard trimmers from Andis has an ergonomic design with a stylish body panel exterior. The contoured body structure of Andis trimmers makes them easy to grip and provides better handling. So you would be able to maneuver the trimmer and be able to trim the hair even in hard to reach areas.

  • Blade Engineering

All the trimmers from Andis are equipped with blades with advanced engineering. They make the blades with strong elements to achieve extended durability and extreme sharpness. Their blades are made with the combination of stainless steel, carbon steel or titanium coating. This hardens the blade for long lasting performance.

Also they use unique engineering for blade placement, which allows close cutting as well as creating perfect edges, fading and blending. This kind of blades are able to deliver better customized trimming experiences for beginners and experts.

  • Motor Endurance

Andis has been known for their extra durable motors. They equip their trimmers with electromagnetic motors which are able to deliver more spins per minute compared to regular rotary motors. The electricity consumption is lower and can operate in dual voltage making them compatible in all parts of the world.

The fast rotation of the blades allow them to glide on each other fast providing precise cutting or trimming every time. Also, the magnetic motors are quieter, so you can carry on conversing with a customer as a professional or enjoy a calm trim in your bathroom.

  • Trimming freedom

All the trimmers from Andis are designed to deliver as much freedom as possible. Andis makes cordless trimmers for trimming convenience powered with advanced lithium-ion batteries. Some of these batteries can power the trimmer for up to 4 hours with just a single charge.

If not cordless, then the trimmer is equipped with a cord long enough to roam around freely. Their standard corded trimmers come with 8 feet long, heavy duty as well as chemical resistant wires.

  • Versatility

Andis is known for making the most versatile trimmers in the industry. You would be able to execute multiple tasks with any of their trimmers. They have various classes among their trimmers such as heavy-duty commercial grade trimmer or light-duty trimmers for individual use.

But you can use the heavy-duty trimmers for touch-ups, precision edging or fading and blending. Also the light-duty is perfectly capable of trimming and shaving hairs from any part of the body, not just facial hair trimming.


It is essential for grooming professionals to have the best trimmer in their possession to deliver flawless trimming experience to their customers. But as an ordinary home user, why should you settle down for anything less than that?

Don’t settle for a lower grade trimmer when you too can have the best in your fingertips!

So have a look around and do a little research before you buy a trimmer because it is not something that you buy every day. Andis has the reputation of delivering the best quality beard trimmers for decades and they are recommended by many professionals and grooming experts.

Andis has many great trimmers for both professional and personal use under their product line as we have reviewed today. We hope that these reviews will help you to choose the best Andis trimmer when you shop for your next beard trimmer.

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