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Andis BGRC vs BGRV: Which Andis Clipper Should You Buy?

Are you planning on buying a hair clipper to save on the rising costs of regular haircuts at the barbershop?

A brave decision indeed! But you must be prepared with the best clipper to make your job easier.

When it comes down to buying the best hair clippers, there is one name which is most popular among professionals – Andis! One of the top brands in the market with the best clippers both for professional and personal use.

We will compare two of the best, the Andis BGRC vs BGRV to help you to choose the most recommended choice for all your hair clipping needs.

In-depth Comparison Table for Andis BGRC and BGRV Clippers 

FeaturesAndis BGRC
Andis BGRV
Power2900 SPM2000 – 3500 SPM
SpeedSingle Speed 5 Settings
Ceramic Edge Blades
Ceramic Edge Blades
Weight2.1 lbs0.9 lbs
SpecialCordlessCord Base
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Andis BGRC Clipper Review

The Andis BGRC is powered by a rotary motor with up to 2900 strokes per minute (SPM). There is no doubt that a rotary motor is much more powerful than a magnetic motor. Even with one of the most powerful engines, the BGRC operates quietly. Many may think that the sound reflects the power but that is not necessary.

Andis BGRC Review

If the buzz of a motor is one of the things that you hate about getting a haircut, then this machine is made for you. The BGRC operates nice & quiet even with its immense power, the best of both worlds for whom the noise is a deciding factor. The motor is able to produce a low humming noise due its self-lubricating and contained design.

While most clippers use stainless steel blades, this powerful motor is paired with ceramic edge blades for sharp cuts. They are corrosion resistant and provide sharp cuts with durable performance. The non-metalling material, ceramic, does not conductive to heat or electricity allowing it to be cool even with long term use.

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Let’s look at some additional features on offer by the Andis BGRC:

  • Convenient on & off switch with lock.
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning.
  • High-quality polymer material designed to last years.
  • Attractive metallic silver finish for sleek look.
  • Quiet yet powerful with the cleanest cuts.
  • Long handle with ergonomic design is easy to hold.
  • Easily convertible to cordless with SensaCharge and BGR+ battery pack.
  • Durable Ceramic edge blades that stay cool & sharp for longer.

The Andis BGRC is very easy to handle because it is at least 10% smaller & up to 20% lighter than most of its competition. The ability to purchase a battery pack to turn the corded unit into a cordless clipper is a convenient option for those who prefer cordless.

Andis BGRV Clipper Review

The Andis BGRV is powered by an immensely powerful rotary motor with up to a maximum of 3500 strokes per minute (SPM). The BGRV has up to five variable speed settings giving you more control which is suited to your every cut. The ceramic blades are perfect for sharp cuts without overheating and are easily detachable for cleaning. The anticorrosive ceramic material is longer lasting than most blades and does not require too much maintenance.

Andis BGRV Review

The corded Andis BGRV is easily convertible to a cordless clipper. But even with the corded unit, the design enhancement of implementing a 360 degree swivel on the handle allows the cord to swivel without tangling. So, even as a corded clipper, it is hassle free to use and even great for storage. The motor is not too loud eliminating hassles of a loud motor buzz and vibrations while in use.

The pivot rotary motor gives both control and power to the use on either dry or wet hair and effective on all hair types. The power is more powerful than up to four times that of normal magnetic motors. The ceramic blades are sharper, more durable and cooler for longer. The BGRV supports both UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades by Andis.

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The following are some of the highlighted features of the Andis BGRV:

  • Choose between corded & cordless use.
  • 5 variable speeds available for more control.
  • UltraEdge clipper blade size 1 included.
  • Supports Ceramic Edge blades as well as Oster 76 blades.
  • Small & easy to handle at just 6.5” long.
  • Lightweight weighing just under 1 pound at 0.9 lb.

The rotary motor used on this Andis BGRV is capable of offering heavy-duty cutting on various types of hair densities and textures. The unit is extremely lightweight up to 20% lighter than the rest, 10% smaller and up to 15% faster than traditional clippers.

Similarities: Andis BGRC vs BGRV

Since both the BGRC & BGRV are models by the same manufacturer Andis, there are many similarities with very few differences. So let’s look at all the similarities between them:

  • Design

The design of the BGRC & BGRV are barely distinguishable as they are both very similar in color and style. They are both smaller than most other clippers and extremely lightweight. Both are corded units are convertible to cordless using an additional battery pack by Andis. Although with the battery pack it can become slightly bulkier and heavier.

  • Usage

The Andis clippers are top of the line products of the industry and are extremely durable and comfortable to use. The motor power on offer by the BGRC & BGRV are exceptional and beat most of its competition in the market. Most professionals & barbers prefer to use Andis products highly recommend them to everyday users at home.

  • Technology

The blade technology used on the Andis BGRC & BGRV with its Ceramic material blades make it exceptional. The ceramic material is anticorrosive, anti-heat and anti-electricity conductive making it ideal for everyday use without too much technical knowledge of the machine. The blades last longer without maintenance and do not overheat for dangerous burns and cuts especially around the ears. The easy release technology allows effortless & quick blade removal for cleaning or replacement saving both time and energy.

  • Power

The BGRC and BGRV are both very powerful machines by Andis and at an exceptional more than 2900 strokes per minute (SPM). This is more than most of the competitors among the top hair clippers available in the market. Yet, both these devices are extremely quiet in performance giving off only a comfortable humming sound instead of the loud roars and vibrations of most other traditional clippers.

  • Compatibility

Both the Andis BGRC & BGRV are great for cutting all types of hair with various lengths, textures and densities. The Andis BGR series are often found on the top lists by customer ratings and magazine reviews for their exceptional compatibility with all types of hair. Most professionals have the agreement that if it’s human hair then any of the Andis BGR series clippers is capable of offering the best hair clipping experience, without any doubt.

The Key Differences

There are a very few differences between the Andis BGRC & BGRV if any. Let’s look at some of the tiniest difference that exist between these two great clippers by the iconic manufacturer Andis:

  • Price

Andis BGRC & BGRV are both fairly high priced products given they are premium quality clippers by a reputed manufacturer. The BGRC is just slightly less expensive in comparison with the BGRV. They are both worth their price in value. But the difference in price between the two is not justified with the BGRV not offering much more at a higher price.

  • Cord

The Andis BGRC & BGRV are both corded units out of the box and are both convertible to a cordless version. But what differentiates the BGRV with an added advantage is that it comes with a 360 degree swivel on its cord which allows it to be tangle free while being used. The BGRC lacks this feature and is a very useful feature which makes the use and storage of the BGRV much more convenient.

  • Motor Power

The Andis BGRC & BGRV both feature a rotary motor with exceptional power. The Andis BGRC features a motor with 2900 strokes per minute (SPM). But the Andis BGRV is much more powerful with a maximum output of up to 3500 strokes per minute (SPM).

  • Motor Speed

The motor speed settings on offer by the two Andis products are different. The BGRC features a single speed motor with 2900 SPM. But the Andis BGRV features 5 different variable speeds for users to get more control of their haircut.

  • Size & Weight

The Andis BGRC is more than twice the weight of the BGRV weighing at 2.1 pounds. The BGRV in comparison is extremely lightweight at just 0.9 pounds. The weight of the BGRC being double that of the BGRV may be misleading since the BGRC is standard in size & weight. The BGRV is just extremely light in weight for giving users a much lighter machine which comes handy with the added battery pack weight when converted to a cordless.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you are looking for the best hair clipper for your hard-earned money then choose between two of the best on offer by the reputed brand Andis. We have carefully reviewed the Andis BGRV vs BGRC for helping you to decide on which is the best buy for your money.

Rest assured that both of these models by Andis are worth every penny with their exceptional power and performance to make cutting your hair a simple and easy process. Andis is a reputed brand of clippers for almost a century of presence in the industry with a high level of trust gained worldwide.

So what do we recommend? We have chosen the Andis BGRC as the most reasonable choice between the two as it offers a great product for its price. The polymer build is durable and absorbs vibrations created by the powerful motor and feels comfortable. Our pick will provide powerful yet smooth and quiet performance.

The Andis BGRC will be certain to not disappoint you as it is easily one of the best hair clippers in the market with an upper hand on all of its competitors!

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