The Andis Master vs Fade Master Mystery Revealed

Andis is a trusted name which provides quality hair products worldwide. It is one of the oldest producers of top notch hair clippers and trimmers in America. The company has plenty of excellent products that became popular because of their long-lasting quality.

However, the Andis master and fade master hair clippers are two of their best designs which became universal. Both the designs are nearly equal in terms of features and it is tough to label any one of it as the better one. In this article, we will do a head-on Andis master vs. fade master comparison that will permanently solve the puzzles.

In-depth Comparison Table

FeaturesAndis Master
Fade Master
Best ForCutting and tapering Cutting, fading, tapering
Motor TypeMagneticMagnetic
Blade Size 000 to 1 00000 to 000
Strokes Per Minute14000 spm 14000 spm
Duty RatingHeavy-DutyHeavy-Duty
Length6 inches6 inches
Weight 1.25 lbs1.25 lbs
Accessories NoYes
Price Check Price Check Price

A Review of Andis Master

The Andis Master is the predecessor of the fade master. Though it does not differ significantly from its heritor, the Andis master is more widely used in hair trimming sector. It is one of the most trusted and loved hair trimmers acknowledged by professional barbers worldwide. If you check the reviews of the Andis Master in different marketplaces, you will find a vast majority of its users are more than satisfied with this hair trimming product.

Andis Master

The Andis master is the first and only choice for many hair stylists. It is because the clippers of this model can be easily used over comb, fades, beards and fros. You can smoothly design your fades by this clipper if you know how to use it properly. The master model does not get heated unless it is used amateurishly. It is arguably the best trimmer for adding polish, freehand fades and correcting lines.

It is solidly built with all aluminum cast. The switches and blade of this clipper are made to live through an extensive period. It has a super fast motor clipper that provides 14000 thousand strokes per minute. The strong construction of this trimmer makes hair cutting effortless including all-around citing and tapering. If you are using this trimmer personally, you won’t feel pulling or clogging while using it. Likewise, if you’re a professional user, you can experience a smooth freehanding on beards, fros, flat tops, fades and designs.

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In case you find this device making unwanted noise, locate the flathead screw on the side and tighten it up. Make sure you oil the trimmer in every 3-5 haircuts and keep it clean. It will help the trimmer to last for years to come and work just as new every time. However, it does not come with any required accessories like blade guards and oils which is an ignorable lacking of this trimmer.

A Review of Andis Fade Master

The Andis fade master is an excellent hair clipper for cutting and hair designing. It is a reliable machine that remains silent while operating it. The fade master is an all-around expert grooming solution with its strong motor clippers. It keeps running powerfully without any interruption and includes high-speed blades just like its predecessor. It is one of the finest hair clippers in the market for thinning and shaping hairs.

Andis Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

The strong magnetic motors operate at a very high speed and provide 14000 strokes per minute flawlessly. It stays quiet and serene while going through long haircuts. The fade master has a blade size of 00000 to 000 and has a close-cutting blade which is better for bald fades. It has less movable parts which make it easy to handle backed by ultra durable motors. The casing is made of lightweight aluminum which is immensely strong and lasts for an extended period.

It has a single control that allows you to regulate the clipper blades from excellent to rough cutting lengths depending on the type of hair you are working on. The distinctive upper blade of this clipper along with the sturdy high-speed motor provides extra reinforcement. The on and off operation of this clipper is super easy. There is a thumb controlled switch on the side of this clipper which helps to operate it smoothly and safely.

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If you are looking for a clipper that will last for a long period and will work flawlessly for years to come, then the Andis fade master is an excellent choice. This device is made for long lasting usage and to endure a rough day at a barbers place. It is ideal for all-around cutting and thinning hairs, fading and designs. It has a frequency of 60 Hz and the clipper blades are fully adjustable with its adjustable lever function. However, the mechanical alignment may have some issues along with the motors which may create noise a bit after prolonged use.

The Similarities between Andis Fade Master and Andis Master

Both of them are made by Andis which is a trusted name in the industry for providing quality and useful grooming products. The Andis master and fade master both are excellent hair clippers. In spite of being two different versions, both of these two Andis models have got some notable similarities. So, here we are explaining it-

  • Strong Casing

Both the Andis master and fade master are made off lightweight and super strong aluminum casing. These are almost indestructible and you can be assured of their longevity. The aluminum housing of these two machines makes you grip and move them comfortably while cutting hairs. So, you won’t have to worry about any external damage for any of these two models.

  • Ultra Durable Motors

It’s evident that without a strong motor your hair clipper doesn’t have a chance to stand out in the competition. The engines impact the speed, sound and plenty of other critical areas of your hair clipper. With the master and fade master model, you get similar high speed powerful magnetic motor which is strong and stay quiet while operating it.

  • Strokes Per Minute

The number of strokes per minute is the measurement of how fast and smooth your hair clipper is. It impacts your service and the overall cutting quality. Both the Andis master and fade master model impressively live up to the expectation in the aspect. Both of them provide 14,000 strokes per minute that ensures a smooth and super fast cutting.

  • Controls

If you are not able to control your clipper smoothly during hair cutting, it is difficult to execute the cut as you want. The more effort you put on controlling the clipper, the more setbacks you face while giving a good hair cut. But, both the Andis master and fade master models have similar side switches that are thumb controlled. You can easily on and off the device using this control.

  • Warranty

When you are purchasing a standard hair clipper that comes with a reliable warranty, you have to think about both the Andis master and fade master models. Both of these two models come with a dedicated 12-month warranty. If your product is damaged or you find any disruption, you can use the warranty terms easily.

The Key Differences between These Two Clippers

Andis is globally recognized and trusted for grooming products. So with no exception, both the Andis master and fade master hair clippers have made a name for themselves in the market. However, these are two different models with some critical differences. Here we will be listing and explaining them-

  • Blade Size

Both the Andis master and fade master model have robust and durable blades. However, the size differs a lot. The Andis master has a single lever that adjusts the blade from 000 to 1. Whereas, the Andis fade master model has a blade that can be adjusted from 00000 to 000. It is a significant difference as the size of the blade impacts on how close shave you can get.

  • Blade Depth

The Andis fade master cuts too deep. If you apply more than necessary pressure while cutting, you may mess up the cut. It shaves too close and you may easily poke or nick your client’s scalp. The master model, on the other hand, has blades that are much easier to handle. The fade master is moreover suitable on expert hands.

  • Best Use

The Andis master and fade master both are great in their respective ways. However, there are some areas of hair cutting where each of these two models is ahead or different from one to another. The Andis master is a favorite choice when it comes to all around cutting and tapering. On the other hand, the fade master is famous for cutting, fading and tapering.

  • Accessories

If you are ordering a hair clipper, you may be expecting some necessary accessories to come with it. There is a critical difference here between the Andis master and fade master in this area.

The Andis master does not come with comb, hair guards and shears. But, the Andis fade master comes with necessary tools like blade oil, blade guard and clippers.

  • Dimension

The size of your clipper can impact your performance while you are cutting hairs. The Andis master has a dimension of 2 x 1.8 x 6 inches and the fade master model of Andis has a dimension of 2.5 x 7.8 x 10 inches. Although it’s not massively different but the size of a clipper does impact on your comfort level while using it.

Comparison: Andis Fade Master vs Andis Master

Both the Andis master and fade master clippers look very similar in appearance. The cutters are very identical. The overall appearance is so closely matched that it is hard to say that these two are different models. Features and functionalities of these two models are pretty similar as well with some slight but impactful differences.

Andis Master vs Fade Master comparison

If you are comparing the blade size of both of these two extreme hair clippers, you will notice a key difference in this area. The fade master version has a blade size of 00000 to 000 and the master version of this hair clipper has a blade size of 000 to 1. Moreover, the Andis master model is exclusively standard for fades. On the other hand, the Andis fade master has a more close-cutting blade which is better for bald fades.

While comparing the power, both the master and fade master have robust and high-speed magnetic motor clippers. So, if you are comparing the flawlessness in trimming on both of these machines, you will not find any significant difference. Both the master and fade master models include similar motor which is reliable and does not get damage after heavy use. Furthermore, the temperature remains cool of these models no matter for how long you are using it. You can also enjoy noise free trimming while using any of these models of Andis.

Both of these two models possess similar stroking power. You will get 14000 strokes per minute from both the master and fade master models of Andis. However, if you are comparing the critical focus areas of these two models, you will find the master version heavily focused on all-around cutting and tapering. Whereas, the fade master is focused on tapering, cutting and also fading. You will also find a thumb controlled switch on the side of both of these two models for quick and easy changing.

The price of both of these two impressive models from Andis is pretty head to head. There could be a slight difference, but still it’s pretty marginal. However, if you are comparing the necessary accessories that come with both of these two models, then the fade master will draw more attention. It comes with blade oil, blade guard and clippers. On the contrary, the Andis master model does not include any of these accessories. Both the models come with a 12-month limited warranty, so there is not much to compare in this area.

Final Verdict

Andis master vs fade master is a long-running argument that is difficult to conclude. Both the models stand out in their own way. However, after considering all the aspects and testing these two products, we will hold the Andis master version as the champ. The easiness, all-around hair cutting features, blade uses, dimension and overall industry rating accelerated the Andis masters march to victory. The fade master is a great as a clipper but is not recommended for beginners.

On the other hand, the master model is prevalent for being comfortable, reliable and safe for both starters and pros. Nevertheless, it all comes down to your needs. It’s you who would have the final say and that’s why we did this review to clear things up. Let us know in the comment section what you think of these two great Andis hair clippers.

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  1. As a hairdresser for almost 30 years. I found the review to be excellent. I use the Andis Master Clippers. I have tried other clippers over the years and they have never been nearly as good as the Andis Master Clippers.They are great quality. I do a lot of clipper over comb. And some fades. It is a great all-around clipper. The motor really does make a difference in how fast and smooth they cut. Which is very important as a professional.
    I appreciated your mention that the Fade Master might not be best for beginners. I would agree.


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