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Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner: Identifying the Features Between the Two

Andis is a popular name for how it offers an extensive variety of outliners for your hair trimming needs. The Outliner 2 and T-Outliner are two of the more prominent models that the company makes. This Andis Outliner 2 vs T Outliner review will help you look at many of the things relating to what makes these outliners so useful and effective for your needs.

The two Andis trimmer models will provide you with detailed cuts and trims. But these are both different in many ways. They both feature different blade styles, but there is much more to these trimmers than just that point.

A Comparison of the Two Choices

FeaturesAndis Outliner 2
Andis T Outliner
Motor Speed7,2007,200
Weight (ounces)1112
Blade StyleStandardT-Blade
Power Source8-foot cord8-foot cord
Maintenance Regular oiling and brushing neededRegular oiling and brushing needed
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Looking Closely At the Andis Outliner 2

Your first option to look at is the Andis Outliner 2. Made with a polymer body, the Outliner 2 offers a comfortable surface that is easy to grip. A sturdy motor is also included to help you with your cutting needs.

Andis Outliner 2

The slightly rounded body on the Outliner 2 gives you a comfortable hold every time. A few grooves can be found on the sides. You can secure a firm and consistent grip on the trimmer by aligning your hands up with the grooves.

The zero-gap blade on the Outliner 2 provides you with a closer cut every time. You can apply the trimmer onto dry hair and get a consistent cut every time. The magnetic motor operates at a speed of about 7,200 strokes per minute, thus giving you more control over how well you are cutting through hair.

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You can also use this trimmer with one of various additional blades made by Andis. A basic screwdriver can be utilized for removing and adding blades. This works well for your basic cleaning needs. You must always wash off and oil the blades before and after each use for the best results.

The design works around all types of hair. You can use this on many types of body hair if needed, although the Outliner 2 works particularly well with beards, necks, and even mustaches. The versatility of the Outliner 2 makes it a useful choice that you can handle for your trimming demands no matter where on the body you need to use it on.

How the Andis T-Outliner Works For You

The Andis T-Outliner is another helpful model from Andis that are useful for many of your trimming desires. You can get the T-Outliner ready for use on many surfaces. In particular, the trimmer uses a distinct blade head for your edging and detailing needs.

Andis T-Outliner

The T-Outliner is named for how it offers a T-blade. The blade extends slightly over the ends of the base. You can use the extended body to trim around many of the smallest spots or details that you wish to work with. The T-Outliner is suitable for use on sideburns, spots around the back parts of the ears, the corners of the neck, and some smaller spots around the jaw line. You can use the T-blade to produce unique curve or fade designs among other distinct details.

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You can also get the T-Outliner blade to connect to the skin with as little clearance as needed. The zero-gap design of the blade gives you control over how deep the blade will go. You can have the blade touch the skin for a closer trim. The blade will not cause irritation or redness, nor will it tug on and pull the hairs you are trying to cut. The risk of ingrown hairs developing while using the T-Outliner is minimal.

The simple blade design is easy to remove and attach with a screwdriver. The cleaning and oiling process is easy to follow as well. Don’t forget that the eight-foot power cord will give you all the power you require for a better cut every time.

Great Features Among Both Models

  • Helpful Motors

The two Andis trimmers use magnetic motors that operate at 7,200 strokes per minute or SPM. This quick speed is consistent and will not wear out prematurely. Also, the trimmers will go through more types of hair without slowing down. The trimmers work well with dry hair, although you can also use them with wet hair surfaces if needed.

  • Works On Many Types of Hair

While the Andis trimmers can both be utilized for the head and face, you can also use either of these models on various body hair spots. The blades cut through many types of hair in moments. You can even get either trimmer to work with chest hair that might be curvy or otherwise hard to maintain on your own.

  • Zero-Gap Support

You can use a zero-gap setting on either trimmer. A zero-gap setup provides you with a cut as low as 0.2mm. The surface provides a good trim for keeping the hair as close down to the skin as possible. The small leeway used on this setting ensures the blades will not hurt the skin. Also, that 0.2mm length is ideal for when you’re aiming to get a five o’clock shadow going on the face.

  • Power Support

Both models use an identical power cord. Each cord is eight feet long and provides a firm space for handling more cutting motions. The power cord provides enough energy for your cutting needs and will is flexible enough to bend around many spaces, including around the stylist chair. The cord is also coated well to keep any fluids used in the styling process from impacting the quality of the trimmer.

  • A Helpful Body

It is easy for you to keep a good grip on either one of these trimmers. The Outliner 2 and T-Outliner both come with an identical physical design. A basic gray body with a polymer surface features a couple of grooves around the sides. The slightly rounded body of each trimmer gives you a firm hold. You will not have to worry about the power switch getting in the way either, what with the switch being situated at the bottom part of each unit.

Important Differences

  • Blade Layout

The general layout of the blade is something to see on both models. The T-Outliner naturally offers a longer blade that protrudes slightly outward from the base of the trimmer. But the Outliner 2 also has a blade that is dense and offers a controlled cut every time. Each blade choice works well with slim areas, although the T-Outliner might be better if you’re trying to cut through more spaces in less time.

  • Detailing Points

It is easier for you to produce detailed cuts with the T-Outliner than it is with the Outliner 2. Much of this is thanks to the T-Outliner having a blade that sticks outward and can be positioned around minute spots around the head. You can use the T-Outliner for producing cuts behind the ears among other spaces. You can always use of the Outliner 2 when working on larger surface areas that need extra coverage.

  • Heating Changes

The T-Outliner can produce a little bit of extra heat as you use it. But that heat comes mainly from the motor moving on to a larger blade. The heat should not be too intense though. Meanwhile, the Outliner 2 does not produce lots of heat in comparison. It is up to your comfort level to see how much heat you are willing to work with when getting the Outliner 2 ready for your cutting demands.

  • Noise Considerations

The T-Outliner produces more noise on average than the Outliner 2. This comes as the T-Outliner uses a larger blade that requires more effort for operating. This is another aspect of a trimmer that should be chosen based on your comfort level. The intensity of the noise is not something that will bother most people.

  • Weight Points

The difference in weight between the two trimmers is extremely minimal. The T-Outliner is about 12 ounces, while the Outliner 2 is about 11 ounces. This is a small total, although it is a point worth noting. The power cords on each model will not add too much weight onto either model, thus keeping you from wearing yourself out when using either trimmer model.


We have determined that the best option to see when finding a trimmer is the Andis T-Outliner. The design of this outliner gives you more control over various cuts. The extended blade helps you to cut through more bits of hair in moments while targeting many of the smallest bits of hair that you might normally struggle with.

You should look at these two trimmers carefully, as this Andis T Outliner vs Outliner 2 review shows. The two trimmers are designed with powerful bodies that can go through many forms of hair. You must see that whatever model you choose fits in with your trimming demands.

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