Behind every great hairstyle, there is an awesome hair clipper. The Andis supra zr clipper is one of those fantastic hair clippers that makes a barber’s daily life a lot easier. With the supra zr. Andis has proven its credibility in producing quality and professional hair clippers.

The Supra ZR clipper is one of the most notable achievements of Andis. It is exceptionally lightweight, durable and of build with quality components. It can be effortlessly used on wet or dry hairs with great results. Barbers can use this clipper rigorously and executes the most complex hairstyles comfortably.

It’s among the best barber clipper in the market that makes haircuts & design less complex. This clipper ensures smooth execution and complete satisfaction to the users. So in this article, we will be reviewing the The Supra ZR clipper and have deep look on why Barbers tend to love this clipper so much.

The Supra ZR Clipper Specification

FeaturesAndis Supra ZR
Motor TypeRotary
Detachable BladeYes
Run Time60 minutes
Charge Time2 hours
Warranty1 year
BatteryLithium ion
Dimension1 x 1 x 1 inches
Weight1.1 pounds
Price Check Price

Outstanding Features of this Clipper

Best Detachable Clipper

Andis Supra ZR

Andis has always been popular for providing awesome detachable blade cutters from the beginning. So, they did not hold back while making the Supra ZR which turned out to be an absolute masterpiece. It is surprisingly lightweight if you consider the output it can deliver. The slim design and lightweight makes it very easy to grip and operate.

Andis has ensured top quality materials while making this clipper. It is made of strong polymer with darkish colors. The switch of the clipper is also very intuitive and easy to operate. The detachable blade design provides better versatility from various blade options.

The clipper comes with some of the most needed accessories. Moreover, the machine can be operated on 100-240V and 50-60Hz. So, if you are a user outside the USA, you can still enjoy the elegance of this fantastic hair clipper. The Supra ZR is one of the fewest hair clippers in the market that has all these features.

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Fantastic Blades Included

The standard and versatility of the blade on a hair clipper plays a vital role in its success. If the blades are not of high quality, durable and most importantly detachable, the user won’t be benefited by it. Andis in this case has ensured that they do not fall behind with the Supra ZR hair clipper.

The Supra ZR hair clipper from Andis comes with 000 (three aught) detachable blade. It is supposed to cut at a level of 0.5mm. However, the Supra ZR has five speeds. So, with the settings option, you can adjust the level higher or lower then 0.05mm easily.

In case you want to have different lengths in your cut other than the existing ones, you will have to get different blade sizes. Detachable hair clippers have different blade sizes. You really don’t have to stick with the one size that comes with it. The ceramic blades stay sharper for an extended period of time.

Powerful Motor Operation

Andis Supra ZR Cordless Ion Clipper

One of the key factors of assessing a hair clipper’s quality is its motor. It is the motor in a hair clipper that runs the cutting blade on the hair clipper. The strength and durability of the motor determines how well the clipper is going to perform. So, if you are looking for the perfect hair clipper, you must check how good the motor is in the machine.

The Supra ZR model of Andis is one of the fewest detachable hair clippers in the market that has a tremendous five speed rotary motor. It delivers an astonishing 1800 to 3800 cutting strokes per minute flawlessly with only one flick of the switch. At 1800 SPM speed, you will be able to execute closer and detailed cuts perfectly. The 3800 SPM speed will allow you to run over messy or thick hairs without a sweat.

The motor in the Supra ZR clipper has a great amount of torque and if you are looking for something to do tons of haircuts per day, there is no alternative to torque. So, this hair clipper from Andis is pretty all-round in terms of having the perfect motor qualities.

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Long Lasting and Durable

Most electric shavers run on powerful batteries. This is one of the main reasons ofits popularity. Users can easily carry it with them and operate it more comfortably. Battery powered electric shavers tend to be more efficient and quicker to use. So, the more robust the battery of an electric shaver is, the more handy and productive the device becomes.

Andis has always ensured quality in the batteries they use. The Supra ZR is no exception in this case. As a hair clipper, the durability and strength of the battery is exceptional. It runs silently on a sturdy lithium-ion battery. It has a nonstop two hours battery life which easily puts this clipper in the list of the most durable cordless clippers around.

You can substitute the clipper with another detachable in case you have a rush in the barbershop and the clipper set is exhausted. The Supra ZR takes 2 hours to fully charge and before you even realize, it will be ready to go for round two in a busy day at the shop. The Supra ZR clipper from Andis is a powerful solution to meet the modern day challenges as a hairstylist.

Compatible with Various Blades

If you have a consistent flow of customers in your barber shop, you will need hair clippers that are not only durable and powerful, but also adjustable with various kind of blades at the same time. Your clipper may become exhausted after some cuts but, you can’t keep the customers waiting for hours.

Andis has considered this setback seriously and came up with the Supra ZR which is adjustable with various blades. If your Supra ZR is tired or the blade needs to be cleaned, you can simply substitute the blade with ease. Therefore, you can keep serving your valuable customers without any interruption.

The Supra ZR has long range of blade replacement options. You can set it up with blades like CeramicEdge, the AndisUltraEdge, the Oster Classic 76 and also the Oster Titan blades. This makes the device surprisingly efficient and adaptable to your needs.

Adjustable Speed Settings

A great hair clipper expresses your artistic touch on every haircut you deliver. With minimal physical effort, you can execute each and every hair cut to the perfection. That’s what you would expect from a professional hair clipper. It should be able to absorb a lot of your workload and assist you like a loyal sidekick.

The speed setting in the Supra ZR makes the device exactly like this. You will be amazed to see how effortless it feels to create excellent fades, beard patterns and fascinating hairstyles with this hair clipper. It boosts your overall productivity by its consistency and smooth finishing.

It works brilliantly on thick and thin hairs as well. The lithium-ion battery backs the powerful rotary motors and makes the device run steady and close. So overall, this is one of the best professional hair clippers which you must try.

The Pros and Cons

The Andis Supra clipper is an outstanding grooming product. However, like every other product in the market it has few setbacks that you may want to know upfront. So, here we will be discussing about the pros and cons of this state of the art hair clipper:

The Pros

  • The Andis Supra ZR gets fully charged in only two hours and provides the same runtime. So, you can finish your tasks more freely and faster.
  • As it is cordless, you can easily port the device and move it while working with no hassle. So, you can be more agile and mobile with the device.
  • It is adjustable with various blades. If you want to use the set with a different blade, you can replace it by other brands’ blades easily.
  • The machine is backed by a robust rotary motor which delivers 1800 to 3800 cutting strokes per minute and has great amount of torque in it.
  • The device is surprisingly lightweight and weighs in only 1.1 pounds.
  • It is made of highly durable and long lasting polymer material. It is also very easy to grip and hold.

The Cons

  • The cleaning part of this device may be little time consuming.
  • The price may appear little expensive to some buyers.

The Final Verdict

Andis has delivered some of the best grooming products but the Supra ZR is undoubtedly one of their best creations. The price and size of the machine may raise some questions. However, the functionality, power and ergonomics of this shaver will win your heart.

It has a five mode motor that is supported by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery. The supreme quality construction is bound to last long and give the user a long time service. So, if you are looking for a professional hair clipper that will be flexible, agile, easily portable with ergonomic capabilities, this device is an all in one solution for you.

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