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Andis T Edjer vs T Outliner: Let’s Review and Find the Similarities and Differences

Andis makes incredible trimmers, but what’s the difference between the Andis T Edjer and the T Outliner? They both have great t-blades and long, heavy-duty power cords for long days of trimming, lining, and edging.

A barber or stylist with a dozen clients throughout the day will love the trimmers. A person who wants to keep their style between salon visits can find some terrific features in these Andis products.

In-Depth Comparison Table of Andis T Edjer and T Outliner

FeaturesAndis T-Edjer
Andis T-Outliner
Blade StyleT-BladeT-Blade
Blade TypeCeramicCarbon
Size 5.25 inches 5.5 inches
Weight 0.50 pounds0.70 pounds
Main FunctionPrecision lining & edgingOutlining and trimming
Notable FeaturesCord with hanging loopContoured for housing
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Andis T-Edjer Review

The Andis T Edjer is a lightweight trimmer that can be used for a variety of jobs in your salon or barber shop. It’s great for people who want to have clean lines and edges between shop visits, too.

It weighs approximately 0.50 pounds and measures 5.25 inches. The small, light trimmer won’t strain your hand or arm. Barbers and stylists who are incredibly busy will love the fact that this weighs so little.

Andis T-Edjer ReviewThe Edjer can be used for small jobs that need incredible precision. It’s fantastic behind the ears, along the edges of your hairline, and around your beard. If you want a trimmer that can make intricate designs, this is the perfect trimmer for that task.

This trimmer has a t-blade included in this trimmer. It has fine, cutting teeth for getting all the hairs down to the skin. There are no guards included with this trimmer. That shouldn’t be a problem because the T Edjer is meant to give a close cut.

Attached to the trimmer is an 8-foot long cord. There’s no need to be concerned about the amount of charge you have in your trimmer. It’s constantly receiving power, and the length of cord allows you pretty free movement. It’s a heavy-duty cord that won’t become frayed or break. There’s also a convenient hanging loop on the cord.

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It’s easy to care for this trimmer since all it needs is a bit of oil on the blades before each use. The oil is meant to keep the ceramic blades working beautifully.

Andis T-Outliner Review

This is a substantial trimmer that can perform close cuts, fades, and styling. The t-blade of this outliner is a heavy-duty powerhouse. The blade of the trimmer is made of carbon steel. This high-quality material will ensure that the trimmer always performs.

Andis T-Outliner Review

While the trimmer is substantial, it has an ergonomic housing to ensure it fits comfortably in your hand. That’s important for professionals who work with trimmers all day. It’s also a good feature for home users, so they can work on their own without discomfort.

The cutting teeth of this trimmer are fine to ensure that you get as close to the skin as you want. With fine-tooth trimmers, you’re guaranteed a close cut. It’s perfect for edging the back of the neck or along the hairline. You can alter the hairline to suit the desired style of haircut, too.

Professionals want a trimmer that works quietly and without heating up over time. If you’re a barber or stylist, you want a machine that won’t overheat. Burning your hand all day is never a good thing. This device’s powerful motor will never generate large amounts of heat. It’s meant to run cool and quiet.

Oiling the blades is vital to ensure that your trimmer will last for a very long time. The carbon-steel blades need to be oiled before and after to keep them in the best shape possible.

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Similarities Between the Andis T Edjer and T Outliner

When a company makes great products, they’ll put the best features into each of their designs and styles. The T Edjer and the T Outliner have similarities based on the great features they want to provide their customers.

For example, the trimmer and outliner have a magnetic motor. This kind of motor will ensure that the clippers work quietly. This is a good thing for the stylist as well as the customer. Nobody wants to listen to loud buzzing for hours at a time.

The motor will also work without heating to the point of burning the skin. The barber who uses these all day will appreciate the cool housing that doesn’t burn. Lack of overheating will ensure that the motor lasts for a long time, too.

These are corded devices. While some people want cordless, there are many reasons why a corded device is better. A cordless device allows freedom of movement, but these trimmers have very long cords. That removes the problem with moving and using the trimmer.

A corded trimmer never loses power. That’s a very important factor for anyone who needs to use a trimmer for a long time. You’ll never have to worry about the time left on the trimmer’s charge. Power will never lessen during use, either.

Differences in the Andis T-Edjer vs T-Outliner

The T-Edjer is compact and lighter than the T-Outliner. The T Edjer is approximately 5.25 inches long and weighs .5 pounds. The T-Outliner is 5.5 inches and weighs .7 pounds.

The difference is minimal, but it should be noted. For barbers and stylists, holding the trimmer all day can create strain. The .2 pounds can make a difference.

On the other hand, the T-Outliner is curved for better ergonomics. The contoured nature of the casing can lend itself to a more comfortable trimmer. The Outliner curves into the hand comfortably, which leads to better handling throughout a long day.

Another difference between the Edjer and Outliner is the jobs they’re made to do. The Edjer was crafted for small, precision jobs. Places where you need to get more detail are perfect for the Edjer like behind the ear or along your beard. The Outliner is for bigger areas like the back of the neck.

Both trimmers have the same t-blade, but the materials for the trimmers are different. The Edjer has ceramic blades while the Outliner has carbon-steel blades. Ceramic blades stay incredibly sharp for a long time. Carbon-steel blades are among the sharpest and give very clean cuts.

The materials are equally good when it comes to cutting. Ceramic is prone to breakage if dropped. Carbon-steel is strong and durable, but can rust if not cared for properly.

As long as you care for your trimmer correctly, the material shouldn’t influence the closeness of the trim or cut.


When it comes to the Andis T Edjer vs the T Outliner, you’re getting into a debate about the right tool for the job. The delicate work is more appropriate for the Edjer. Bigger jobs are dessert to a trimmer like the T Outliner. It’ll give you a close cut on the back of the neck or a fade that can’t be achieved around the entire head with the Edjer.

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