Top 20 Crazy and Attractive Anime Hairstyles for Male and Female

Anime hairstyles are wild, crazy and at the same time, incredibly artistic. It’s not just the haircut, even there hair colors are outlandish and out-of-the-box.

No wonder why our adventurous millennials are going nuts over these quirky hairstyles. While some style their hair inspired by their favorite anime character for a themed party or cosplay, some do it simply because it’s fun, cool and trendy.

From twin tails to spikes, from elaborate long hairstyles to cute fringes, there’s a lot to experiment with. There are many budding, talented hairstylists who can actually bring anime-inspired haircut ideas to life.

The key to achieving this is to neatly texture the top layers of your hair. Manga haircuts will look absolutely gorgeous on people who already have thick textured hair.

So without further ado, let’s explore some of the wildest and most unique anime hairstyles to try this season:

Before I jump into anime male hairstyles, here’s an interesting observation- most anime boy hairstyles have these two common characteristics:



This is the go-to hairdo for the male lead characters in most anime. Spikes can be dramatic, wild, stylish and usually make the character stand out in the crowd. Spiky hair had already gained a lot of limelight as a punk subculture fashion. One thing I noticed is that most of the times, the spikes are uneven.

That tells a lot about the character who is supposed to be a softy at heart but also a badass when the situation demands it. Some of the keys to creating an anime-inspired spike are to use vibrant colors and make the end of the stick out of the head. You should invest in a quality hair gel, hair spray, and a hair clipper to get a proper anime spiky hairstyle.

Crazy and Wild Colors

Crazy and Wild Colors

Anime hair colors don’t always have to mean anything. After all, what kind of statement can one possibly make with blue, yellow or purple hair colors? Their roles lie elsewhere. Bright, vibrant, unconventional hair colors make the characters easy to identify.

If you know about color psychology, you’ll know how we associate different emotions with different colors. For example, red is a color of intense passion and fury. Having your hair colored red will instantly give away a vibe that you are passionate, bold and not afraid to show your crazy side.

Similarly, blue often represents mystery as well as playfulness.

Purple hair could mean you think out-of-the-box and you are not at all afraid to experiment. Bold, crazy and sassy!

If you are a fan of more realistic fantasy hairstyles (yeah, I know what I said) then simply go for black or brown. You can never go wrong with these two.

Pro tip: For a more outstanding effect, contrast two highlighted colors.

10 Popular Anime Male Hairstyles

#1 Shōnen Hair

Shōnen Hair

This kind of hairstyle is popularized by the male protagonists of Shōnen series. This is a next-level spiky hairstyle which sticks out on all sides. It is a great hairdo to make a bold statement, to show that you don’t play by the rules.

It’s stylish, bold, unique and has a badass vibe written all over it. It might take hours and a bunch of hair products to create this style. So make sure to hire a great hair stylist if you want to get this hairdo.

You will need hair products like a stronghold hair spray or hair glue to achieve this look. Start off by shampooing your hair. If you have thick hair, skip the conditioner as it will prevent the gel/glue/wax from sticking to the strands. Also, don’t use a shampoo and conditioner loaded with chemical ingredients.

After shampooing, towel dry your hair but leave it slightly damp. If you have long and thin hair, blow dry your hair completely. Then put a small amount of gel or glue in your harm, warm it up and start creating spikes from the front section of your hair. Once the front section is done, create side spikes.

  • If you have naturally thin, long and frizz-prone hair, use a hair gel.
  • For those with thick, curly and naturally oily hair, a matte hair wax would be the best option.

Do not forget to apply a pomade grooming spray to retouch your hair and give your spikes a firm hold.

#2 The Messy Look

The Messy Look

This one is a personal favorite. I have been a fan of messy hair much before I started watching Anime. I don’t know the science behind it but messy, scruffy hair looks incredibly cool. Nothing says “I don’t give a damn” like scruffy hair.

Do you know who would be the best hair stylist to create this look? Your pillow. Sleep at night, let your pillow take care of your hair and wake up in the morning with awesome hair! And you know what’s the best part? You get to wake up with a different hairstyle every morning!

Take the example of Ichigo Kurosaki. He wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and realizes that he’s already awesome. However, if you want a more defined scruffy look (again, I know what I said), brief your stylist accordingly. If you are self-styling then use a matte gel to define the texture of your spikes on a blow-dried hair. After applying the gel, use the hair dryer again to reshape the spikes. You can add some more gel while blow-drying for a better texture.

#3  Himura Kenshin Hairstyle

Himura Kenshin Hairstyle

Long and gorgeous red hair flowing right down to the back, contrasted by short mushroom-shaped cut around the face- what character comes to your mind when I say this? No prizes for guessing, it’s Himura, the hero of our dreams. This is one of the best anime boy hairstyles for guys who already have long hair or still growing it.

I admit that the process to get this style is quite complex but trust me, it’s worth it. The key to getting the right look is to grow your hair properly before styling.

Once you achieve the desired length, color your hair red. You can do it at home using over the counter coloring products or get it done at a salon too.

The front hair needs to be precisely cut in mushroom shape to appear like uneven spikes. For the back, you can add extensions to make the back portion sticking out. Or, you could be lucky to just grow your hair that way.

Himura Kenshin often wears a ponytail. You can also tighten your hair close to the neck using a simple hair band.

#4 Gō Koga Mohawk

Gō Koga Mohawk

Ripped physique, gorgeous beard, short-cut red hair, and an orange Mohawk, you already know that I’m talking about Koga from Bleach. Although Mohawk is rarely seen in anime, muscular and super strong manga males like Koga, Tapion from DBZ have rocked this hairstyle.

Like most anime male hairstyles, this one too requires styling your mane in different layers. This anime-inspired Mohawk is ideal for all youngsters, especially for schoolboys. Schoolboys in many Asian countries are obsessed with this haircut and I can understand why.

To achieve this style, cut your hair very short (preferably undercut or pixel length) and color it red. Before creating the Mohawk, dampen your hair slightly.

Now visualize the sidelines of your Mohawk. Use a blow dryer and a comb to comb the hair upwards. Keep doing that until both edges of the Mohawk come together to form a peak in the middle of your head.

And while combing+blow drying, keep applying a dime size amount of volumizing mousse or hair gel in the sectioned hair. When the two edges come together, use more gel to form the tip of your Mohawk. Once done, apply a hair spray from the root to tip to add sheen and style the stray bits of hair that are still sticking out.

If you are feeling more adventurous, go ahead and color the Mohawk orange or maybe just get an orange streak in the front.

#5 Ahoge Hairstyle

Ahoge Hairstyle

Ahoge means stupid hair. You know you are are looking at an oddball, naive and innocent character when a single pointed lock of hair always sticks up from the head. It can also be a single tuft of hair that always remains spiked up.

It is truly a gravity-defying hairstyle and the funniest part is that the characters don’t intentionally wear their hair this way. It’s naturally occurring.

Getting an Ahoge hairstyle in real life does take some serious skills. However, most people still nail this style in cosplays, that too without wearing an Ahoge wig.

For perfect results, you should customize a regular wig. I know a great hack that might help you get the perfect Ahoge for your cosplay. Cut a wire as long as you want your Ahoge to be.

Soak a clump of hair in a glue+water mixture. Paste it around the wire while it is still damp. Wrap the hair around the wire carefully. Make sure to blow dry each section before molding the next layer. Once it is fully dry, stick it to your wig with the help of clips and pins and you’re all set!

#6 Kakashi Hair

Kakashi Hair

Gravity-defying, outlandish spiky hair has been a popular trope for characters who possess magnificent, mystic powers and divine features. The spiked hair of Kakashi from Naruto is a prime example of this.

Most guys who want this hairstyle opt for wigs instead of spiking their own hair. You can get the same effect if you are okay with bleaching your real hair.

The spiking process for both wig and real hair is more or less the same. If you are cool and crazy enough to experiment with this style on your actual hair, start off by getting a haircut that is shorter on the sides and longer in the front.

Next, if you want a temporary option then use a white/silver colored spray for coloring your hair. For a permanent option, bleach your hair. If you have dark black hair, leave the roots dark for a striking effect. Make sure to shampoo your hair after bleaching.

Next up, comb the front (bangs) and sides of your hair downwards. When you reach the top section of your head, start combing the strands upwards. You need to blow dry your hair while combing.

Next, coat your hair strands with a holding spray, gently lift them and make them point upwards. Remember to always angle your hair to the left. Thereafter, spike the top of your hair and bangs using more hair spray and blow dryer. Finish off the look by misting a hair spray on the spikes.

#7 The Baldie

The Baldie

Saitama from One Punch Man, Dot Pyxis from Attack on Titan are some of the popular baldies with strong personalities and a heart of gold. I’m also a big fan of Agil from Sword Art Online. It also shows strong determination and wisdom of characters who have been matured, both by age and experience. Although baldies always play second fiddle to main characters, they are often just as charismatic as the lead guy.

Also, achieving this look will take practically zero effort if you have a shiny bald head (which I find very appealing, by the way). You can pair up the bald look with a full/classic goatee or chinstrap to spice things up.

#8 Asahi Azumane Man Bun

Asahi Azumane Man Bun

Samurais and the handsome Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu took the popularity of man buns to the next level. Man buns can make one appear like a person of iron determination, strong principles and at the same time, artistic, a little messy and extremely adorable.

The most essential part of getting a perfect man bun is getting the right hair length. You should grow your mane as long as 9 inches (at least) for a full lower bun like Asahi.

Pull all your hair, position the bun on the lower side of your grown, scoop up all the hair with your hand and tie it up with an elastic band. Once you master the art of making man buns, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to get the perfect anime-inspired bun.

#9 Long Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Long Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Long pixie cuts accompanied by lengthy, choppy bangs covering a portion of the face is another popular hairdo for rebellious, powerful Manga males who have some kind of mystery in their characters.

Guys who have fine hair can add a lot of textures and dimensions in their hair by incorporating razored layers at the crown. Chopped Pixie with long bangs is quite trendy too. It adds a lot of depth to short hair.

#10 Afro of Mr.Satan

Afro of Mr.Satan

Mr.Satan from DBZ series, Afro Samurai are some of the hottest and most powerful anime males sporting Afro hair. Although these are antagonist characters, you can’t ignore their irresistible swag and bad boy charm.

Anime or no anime, Afros can never go out of style and those who have this hairstyle are blessed with a badass charisma. Moreover, it also shows that you call pull off the craziest hairstyles with confidence.

Top 10 Anime Female Hairstyles

#1 Erza Scarlet Blinding Bangs

Erza Scarlet Blinding Bangs

Unbelievably long and luscious hair accentuated by blinding bangs is a widely popular appearance trope in anime. Erza Scarlet’s long red hair coupled with bangs completely obscuring her eyes conveys a lot.

She is a fierce femme fatale who is also detached from her surroundings. The act of partially or fully covering eyes reflects a certain sense of vulnerability of the character. Major Olivia Armstrong covering her eyes with a mop of hair adds a layer of mystery to her gorgeous face. However, she is also a cold-hearted woman often unable to express her emotions.

Blinding blasts partly or fully hiding your eyes look mesmerizing and will easily make you stand ouy. If you wish to add more depth and dimension to your hair, color your hair red like Erza and be the center of attention in your next cosplay. You can also style your bangs with streaks of blue, green and pink to jazz up your CQ(coolness quotient).

#2 Ponytails


Anime-inspired ponytails look formal, elegant and classy. It is often the go-to hairdo for strong-willed women like Hitagi Senjougahara, Eri Ayase and Mion Sonozaki who live their lives on their own terms.

It shows their commanding nature in the Manga series. If you have long hair, tying a ponytail will keep your locks from tickling your face while you are at the gym or working on an important office presentation.

Tying a ponytail is simple and every girl knows how to do it. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with ponytails. From elaborate princess ponytails, giant wrap ponytails to more sophisticated hairdos like the classic ponytail with extensions and double twisted ponytails- the options are practically endless.

#3 Sailor Moon Buns

Sailor Moon Buns

What type of bun you wear can speak volumes about your personality. The pretty bun of Usagi Tsukino looks classy, sophisticated and chic. While Sailor Moon hairdo is my personal favorite, you can also opt for a more convenient and neat topknot like Taiga Aisaka.

The good news is, it’s very easy to achieve Sailor Moon bun at home. Even girls with short hair can try this hairstyle as long as they can tie their hair into a high ponytail. I’d recommend ballerina bun or sock buns for girls with short hair.

To do this, at first, use a comb to part your hair from the middle. Twist and clip the right side first to prevent it from annoying you while you style the left section of hair.

Part the left side of your center vertically from the center. It should end up right behind your ear. Tie the section in front of your hair into a high ponytail with an elastic band. Clip off the portion behind your ear. Next up, twist the ponytail into a bun using a couple of bobby pins. Use a hair spray to set the buns and give a sheen to your hair.

Now the clipped off portion needs to be tied into the high ponytail, as high as the bun. For a more authentic look, use 3-comb or 4-comb hair extensions on the ponytail. Repeat the same for the right side of your hair.

#4 Akebi Sasaki Slicked Back Hair

Akebi Sasaki Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back ponytailed blonde hair is the first thing many would notice in the sporty and active Akebi Sasaki from Girls und Panzer. She looks very active and intelligent which makes her a perfect fit for the role of a gunner.

In real life, having a slicked-back hair can be a great style statement for ladies who have a no-nonsense attitude. It’s simple, straightforward yet effectively conveys your “zero BS” attitude. Slicked back hair is a modern and chic hairdo for men as well.

To get this look, the first thing you need to do clean your hair properly. Even a little bit of grease in your hair can ruin your hairstyle. Your hair should be 50% damp before styling. Mist some texture spray on your strands before blow drying. Then apply a little bit of black seed dry oil on your hair and smooth the sides and back of your hair with a flat iron.

Once the hair is smooth and straightened, back brush the strands with a fine-tooth comb. Start from the front hairline and gradually move to the crown. Use a texture paste at the top back of your hair to get the required stature. Finish off the look with a stronghold spray and you are all set to turn heads in a party.

#5 Mari Kurihara Side Swept Hairstyle

Mari Kurihara Side Swept Hairstyle

Alpha females like Mari Kurihara, Petra Ral have been seen to rock side swept hairstyle with great confidence. Or is it their hairdo itself that makes them appear confident? You decide.

Apart from these two, Milly Ashford from Code Geass also wears the same hairdo. Noticed any common character trait in all of them? All are headstrong female characters who have taken charge of their lives. Also, all of them have excellent analytical capabilities.

If you too want to seize the perfect side swept hairstyle, here are a few tips to follow:

Invest in a quality volume mousse to prep your hair adequately before styling. To get that dramatic and bold vintage wave look, use a large barrel brush to comb your hair while blow drying.

Divide your hair into four sections. You need to create alternating curls by curling one section clockwise and the following section anti-clockwise. The size of the tongs you’ll be using for your curls totally depends on how tight or loose you want your curls to be.

Use medium tongs if you desire beachy waves and small tongs for tight ringlets. Finally, for the side sweep, take a paddle brush to gently comb crown up, over right to left or left to right.

The waves around the ear need to be brought around and over the nape of your neck.  Finish off with a holding spray to give sheen and volume to the waves.

#6 Hana Midorikawa Short Hairstyle

Hana Midorikawa Short Hairstyle

Hana Midorikawa, Riko Aida, Nana, Mikoto Urabe, and Mikasa Ackerman are some of the well-known female characters to wear short hair in Manga series. It is not very common for girls to have short hair in anime. Girls with short here depicted as tomboyish, confident, and sharp. These people have zero tolerance for BS.

Note that short hair is an umbrella term for a multitude of hairstyles. You can experiment by pairing sideburns with short hair like Hinata Hyuuga of Naruto. This will accentuate your feminine side while also giving away a serious and sophisticated vibe. You can also try chin-length bob with bangs like Midorikawa if you are a fan of a more traditional look.

#7 Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are rarely used as anime girls hairstyles. But nevertheless, it looked super cute on Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Rei Hōōmaru from Kill La Kill has light purple hair delicately woven into dreadlocks.

Matted and neatly sculpted ropes of hair are commonly associated with Reggae music which tells a lot about the female characters to wear this hairstyle. It could mean that they have a laid back, peace-loving nature. It also conveys that they have a playful and quirky side as well.

If you too want to get dreadlocks, the first thing to do is to observe the texture of your hair. Your styling technique should depend on what kind of texture your hair has.

According to many hair stylists, coarser hairs are easier to tie into dreadlocks than finer hair. If you have naturally coarse and curly hair, here is a fail-proof hack to get dreadlocks- just don’t comb your hair for a few days. It will naturally transform into Manga female dreadlocks! Well, that was easy, wasn’t it?

For those who don’t have naturally coiled and curly hair, you’ll need a locking tool to create a coil pattern (or starter locks) that will eventually transform into gorgeous dreadlocks.

You also need to choose the right dreadlock size or base size for your starter . There’s no hard and fast rule for this. However, there’s one easy trick you can follow to choose the right base: make sure the base can provide ample support to the weight of your starter locks.

#8 Lizzie’s Braided Pigtails

Lizzie’s Braided Pigtails

Braided pigtails are quite common among anime schoolgirls. Pigtails or pig curls look super cute and adorable. I know the process of achieving these  braided pigtails can be complex and time-consuming. However, be assured that it’s totally worth it.

Lizzie from Kuroshitsuji, Kyoko Tokiwa from Fullmetal Panic sport long and curly pigtails which not look classy but also highlight their youthfulness. Inward pigtails are generally worn by girls who are very serious, introvert and somewhat nerdy.

You can actually create different effects with braided pigtails by wearing them in different ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to look childish, you know? Styles like boho princess, bubble hair, fishtail French are quite chic and elegant. The best part is that you only need a comb, a couple of hair bands and clips to get these epic hairdos.

#9 Royal Hairstyle

Royal Hairstyle

Oriental royal hairstyles have been donned by the likes of Aisha Codante,  Jurai Masaki and Rose of Versailles and Five Star Stories. Their hairstyles look strikingly different from the royal hairstyles in the Western world. And I guess that’s what makes them unique.

Their divine features paired with such intricate hairstyles add elegance and also a certain degree of mysticism to their characters. You should definitely hire a top-tier hair care service provider or salon stylist to get anime female royal hairstyles.

If you are not sure how to give a brief to your stylist, simply show him or her a big photo of your favorite anime girl with such hairdo. The fine details should be clearly visible in the picture.

#10 Wild and Sexy Hairdo of Queen Bee

Wild and Sexy Hairdo of Queen Bee

Like short hair, it’s also an umbrella term for a bunch of retro and chic hairstyles for women. Women with jaw-droppingly beautiful faces in anime are often seen wearing these styles. They are basically the femme fatale of Manga world.

Popular examples at the top of my mind right now are Queen Bee, Rias Gremory and Fujiko Mine. Wherever they go, they make boys weak on their knees and girls green with envy. Why don’t you try doing the same for your next cosplay or anime-themed party?

Wrap up

The magical world of anime is full of possibilities. To wear a hairstyle inspired by our favorite Manga character is like being one with that fantasy world. As an anime fanatic, I can vouch for the fact that we all want to be a part of that world. We can’t actually do that but at least, we can copy their beautiful hairstyles and feel awesome in our real, albeit mundane lives, can’t we?

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