The Art of Shaving cream is a brush-on shaving cream that’s meant for normal to dry skin, and plays nice with sensitive skin too. Featuring glycerin, coconut oils to leave one’s skin smooth, and a sandalwood scent, this cream will take you right back to the barber shop.

Pro: Its Creamy Lather Facilitates a Close Shave

There’s a reason this product name includes the word “Art” — its makers clearly knew what they were doing. With or without a splash of water beforehand, the cream foams and lathers well to make way for a smooth shave, all while feeling light and creamy on the skin. Its superior formula with coconut and sandalwood oils provides protection against sensitive skin issues such as dryness, flakiness, blotchiness and ingrown hairs. (You can apply it with your hands, but it’s highly recommended you use a brush for application to maximize the cream’s best qualities.)

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Pro: The Four-Step System Returns Grace and Ritual to a Man’s Morning Routine

Like so many other daily tasks in our evermore fast-paced culture, the act of shaving has evolved from a time-tested masculine tradition to a pesky task to be ticked off a list. The Art of Shaving cream, like other brush-on shaving creams, restores some nostalgia to a would-be mundane task. The cream is part of a four-step shaving system — if you take all the steps, the option to rush through the process does not even exist. It will take you right back to your boyhood days watching your old man’s elegant, meticulous morning routine.

Con: It’s Expensive, or Seems so

That classy shave costs a pretty penny, running between $20 and $30 for a 5-ounce container. However, a little bit goes a long way with this product. The Art of Shaving cream lasts much longer than your average drugstore-brand canned cream, ultimately saving you money over the course of time. Consider it an investment more so than a purchase.

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Con: Product Quality has Lessened with Time

That’s not to say a timeless routine necessarily involves a product of timeless quality. Procter & Gamble bought the Art of Shaving Company in 2009, at which time a decrease in the cream’s quality took place. Over time the formula has become slightly more watery compared to its previous nearly paste-like consistency and may not last quite as long as it once did.

…But, it is Still Worth the Money

Whether you long for a return to nostalgia or you are simply fed up with an itchy face and neck, a brush-on shaving cream is a worthy investment for all men who shave. If you’re going to spend the money on a potted, brush-on shaving cream, it must be the Art of Shaving cream. Use it as a standalone product or as a step between shaving oils, with a straight razor or a drugstore-brand razor. No matter which way, once you’ve experienced a shave with this cream you will simply not want to return to any other brand.

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