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Babyliss Prima 3000 vs 3100: When Two Big Names Cross Paths!

A great way to keep monotony away from your taste in fashion could be done if you simply start experimenting with your current hairstyle. While chopping the ends off to create edgy looks can be an understandable move to make if you’d like to enter a new chapter with your hair as soon as possible, changing the natural shape of your curls or wavy hair through the help of a flat iron can also be an accessible way that you can throw into the mix.

A great brand that you can look into if you’re more intrigued about the latter suggestion from the previous portion is Babyliss; a UK-based brand that is known for producing top-grade models of flat irons and straighteners.

As of 2024, Babyliss is renowned for being one of the leading brands when it comes to hair straighteners, mainly due to their creations; the Babyliss Prima 3000 and 3100.

When push comes to shove, both items mentioned above can work wonders for the hair, and can manipulate the natural structure without harming the scalp as well as the cuticles. However, at the end of the day, both the items of Babyliss tend to serve a different purpose. Without further ado, here are all the differences, common traits, and everything else you should consider before taking your preferred pick between the Babyliss Prima 3000 vs. Babyliss Prima 3100!

Babyliss Prima 3000

Babyliss Prima 3000

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Just like the latter, the Babyliss Prima 3000 can sweep you off your feet with its lateral quickness when it comes to heating up, the amount of modifications it makes to the hair without making the strands vulnerable, and due to its habit of catering to every hair type.

Consisting of IonMultiplier technology and nano titanium plates, the Babyliss Prima 3000 can work wonders for you and transform your hair overnight. Since the plates are also a tad bit larger than that of the Prima 3100, the abilities of the Babyliss Prima 3000 can be exploited to the fullest if your hair type is either natural, or your strands are significantly grown out.

Furthermore, on top of having 5 types of heat settings, the Babyliss Prima 3000 also contains an LED display which monitors the temperature of the tool. Typically, the display turns green when the temperature is lenient. However, when using the maximum heat setting, the LED tends to flash a red light to increase awareness.

Babyliss Prima 3100

Babyliss Prima 3100

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The Babyliss Prima 3100 is also a great flat iron that one can invest in due to all the promising technological attributes it has, and the amount of benefits it offers to users.

The flat iron comprises floating titanium plates which aren’t just known for their quickness, but are also known for their abilities to straighten the hair without causing frizz. Although the amount of available temperature settings might seem too low in numbers, the 5 settings it offers to consumers can be more than enough to cater to those with thin hair and be sublime to utilise if you have kinky, afro-textured hair.

In contrast to its counterpart, the Prima 3100 contains a more compact plate, standing at 1”. For the size of the plate alone, the Babyliss Prima 3100 tends to be more effective and brings forward noticeable results when the hair is slightly on the medium or short end in terms of length.

In addition to being the perfect tool for creating curls, waves, and straightening medium to short length hair, the Babyliss Prima 3100 is also extremely light and can be used seamlessly due to its weightless nature and remarkably lengthy swivel cord!

Babyliss Prima 3000 vs 3100 : Summary Table

Before we carry out a thorough breakdown on all the aspects that bring them together and all the dissimilarities that set the Babyliss Prima 3000 apart from the Babyliss 3100, here’s a table that you may check out if you’d like to learn more about the two items involved in this bout.

Not only will the pieces of information on the table help you out with learning more about the two flat irons, but keeping the facts in the back of your mind will also allow you to be more assertive when it’s time to take your pick!

ModelBabyliss Prima 3000Babyliss Prima 3100
Plate Size1.25”1”
Suitable ForCoarse HairFine Hair
Heat Settings5 (Up to 465°F)5 (Up to 465°F)
Swivel Cord Length9”9”
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Babyliss Prima 3100 vs. 3000: A Deep Rewind On The Two Models

Truth be told, since they’re two sides of the same coin and not so far apart from one another in terms of age, the Babyliss Prima 3100 contains multiple elements that can be found in the Babyliss Prima 3000, and can be equally beneficial in most scenarios. However, since one of them was released a bit earlier than the other, the two also share a handful of differences that sets them apart at the end of the day. Without further ado, here are all the similarities that unite the Babyliss models, and the individual characteristics that separate them indefinitely!

Stainless Steel Housing, Weight, And More

Design: Stainless Steel Housing, Weight, And More!

Cosmetically, the Babyliss Prima 3100 and 3000 are like twins. Although they are moderately different in terms of size, both the models comprise a stainless steel housing, which isn’t just easy to navigate, but can also be a good feature to consider if you’d like your ironing sessions to be as quick and as effective as possible.

Additionally, when it comes to weight, both the models seem extremely generous. The flat irons can easily be controlled without exhausting your forearms, which can be a good thing to look forward to if you’d like to use them on a regular basis.

One of the very few differences that lies between the two Babyliss models is only noticeable when the size of the tools is taken into consideration.

In contrast to the 1” plate that is found in the Babyliss Prima 3100, the Prima 3000’s plate is a tad bit wider, standing at 1.25”. Additionally, the Babyliss Prima 3000 is also an inch shorter than the 3100, which could be one of the reasons why it’s meant for longer strands of hair.

Performance: The Benefits Of IonMultiplier Technology and Nano Titanium Plates

While both the models of Babyliss Prima are compelling enough to bring forward positive results and can add tons of shine to the cuticles, the weight of the plates could be a struggle to bear if you happen to be a newbie. However, when that inconvenience is left out, the results that one can achieve through the help of both Babyliss models are without a doubt remarkable.

This is mainly due to the IonMultiplier technology, which seamlessly changes the structure of one’s hair in a heartbeat. The nano titanium plates also play a crucial role in shaping the outcome, as it prevents your hair from becoming frizzy, and reduces the chances of frying your hair.

Purpose Difference Between Babyliss Prima 3000 and 3100

Main Purpose

Despite being the predecessor, the Babyliss Prima 3000 can be just as promising as the 3100 if you want a flat iron that caters to all hair types. However, due to having a wider plate, the Babyliss 3000 can be a better piece of equipment to look forward to if you want to fix your kinky curls or afro-textured hair. The 3000 might also come in handy if your hair is quite massive in terms of length.

With the 3100, on the other hand, you can fix your short to medium hairstyle in the best manner possible. In addition to nourishing the ends with gloss, the 3100 can also be used to add a wavy texture around the edges.


Another similarity that the two Babyliss models have in common comes into existence when the value is thrown into the mix.

Despite having a moderate amount of different features, both the Babyliss Prima 3000 and Prima 3100 will cost you around $189. While this can be music to the ears of many, we would also completely understand if you feel that the items are a bit too pricey due to being on a budget.

Nonetheless, taking into account just how consistent they both are when it comes to changing the natural formation of your hair, both the Babyliss Prima 3000 and 3100 can very well be worth the investment, especially if you pick the right flat iron for your hair type!

Final Takeaway: Let Your Hair Type Shape Your Decision!

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that the Babyliss Prima 3000 is just as beneficial as the Babyliss 3100 despite being a senior. And while both items will definitely amaze you with their attributes and change your styling game forever, be sure to pick the right tool for your hair type.

For instance, if your hair is on the finer end and barely passes as a medium length hairdo, you should definitely side with the 3100. Due to the lanky yet compact size of the plates, the Babyliss Prima 3100 will be effective on your hair if it’s trimmed down.

On another note, if you appear to have afro hair, and want to change the formation for quite some time, consider using the wider plates of the Babyliss Prima 3000, which will seamlessly straighten out your strands without creating any friction or causing any damage around the cuticles.

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