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20 Mesmerizing Bald Mullet Styles to Boost Your Confidence

When age gets going, hair starts falling more rapidly. During those moments, it gets harder to get a good hairstyle that resonates with your personality. It further becomes tougher to express yourself the way you had done it before with a hairstyle. Bald mullets come to the rescue as one of the best choices in this situation. We will take you through this great hairstyle in this guide.

The moment people start losing hair, the only thing that usually comes to their mind is to get entirely bald to hide the complex situation of having bald spots. But bald mullets encourage you to keep the rest of your hair. It rather utilizes the hair you have left and turns it into a part of excellent styles. Bald mullet is a hairstyle where the hair at the top is shaved while the hair in the back stays intact.

Even if you don’t have a balding problem, you can still get a bald mullet to feel its power and enjoy its edgy vibe. We will share vital information about these stunning bald mullet hairstyles throughout the guide. Particularly, we aim to discuss 20 fascinating styles of this great style here.

Let’s begin!

Bald Mullet: 20 Must-Try Styles in 2023

Bald mullets come in many sizes and shapes. This hairstyle used to have a limited number of variations. But with time, the list became longer. It is important to choose the right hairstyle for your bald mullet experience. In this section, we will show you and explain the best 20 bald mullet variations for you.

Short Curly Mullet

Short Curly Mullet

As you already know, bald mullets or skullets are more extreme versions of a typical mullet. For the first style in our guide, we have chosen one of the most dauntless looks you can get in your life. The entire head apart from the nape area is shaved. Little strands of hair in that lower back portion of the head produce the mullet tail.

You can leave the tail natural and wear it straight. However, you can also curl them to enhance the look and make this Short Curly Mullet style a great choice for a confident person like you.

Bald Skullet

Bald Skullet

Usually, mullets require you to trim your hair, or sometimes, a particular style demands you to shave a specific location of your head. In Bald Mullet, things get interesting because the top and both sides of the head are shaved for this look.

The picture in this example shows you the most simple version of the Skullet or Bald Mullet. From the back, it looks like you have a very traditional haircut. But the scene changes the moment you turn around.

Semi Bald Mullet

Semi Bald Mullet

This variation of Bald Mullet does not come with much rebellious energy. In case you are looking to get a taste of the bald mullet but trying to keep it to a tolerable level, you can get this style. The balding front of the head can get a clean shave while you can manage the sides and the back to look natural.

You can even get a fade on both sides to make your Semi-Bald look exotic. The back of your head may have a good amount of hair but at the same time, it creates an illusion of having a wide and thick tail. A perfect mullet style for newly interested people for sure!

Lines with Curly End

Lines with Curly End

When the name Mullet comes to mind, people almost always think of a picture where the mullet is a shaved hairstyle. But with time, mullets came in different styles. Shaving your head and the sides are not necessary anymore. Moreover, the mullet-y look you can get from this Lines with Curly End style has a good chance to be a head-turner.

If you have a receding hairline, this style is a wonderful option for you. Your mullet will be formed by the creation of lines from the front to the back. Then just below the crown of your head, you will keep some hair and perm them to install a magnificent hairstyle.

Bald Fade Mullet

Bald Fade Mullet

When people search for a mullet style that will not force them to shave their sides and the head, this Bald Fade Mullet always comes to the rescue. Instead of shaving, you get to use a bald fade to trim your hair. It will create the illusion of having week-old hair.

This style also saves the day for people who want to rock a week-old mullet style from the beginning. You don’t need to be on a schedule to get your head shaved and grow your hair again to get this look. Rather, you are getting a faded mullet where the exact look of a week-old mullet is present.

Full Curls

Full Curls

Bald mullets look breathtaking with curls. It makes the low presence of hair hardly noticeable and works as a wonderful hairstyle. Usually, people who have natural curls look astonishing in this style. But if you have straight or other types of hair, you can get it too by perming your mullet tails.

The process for this style involves having to get your hair all over the head shaved or trimmed to Number Zero. You exclude the portion right below your crown area. Here, the curly presence of those strands of hair will take over your Full Curls mullet look easily. That’s it!

Two-Tone Natural Bald & Spikes

Two-Tone Natural Bald and Spikes

We have seen many people be sad over how they used to get youthful and classy styles during their young days, but are unable to do so now. This Natural Bald & Spiky style comes with the solution for this type of thinking. It utilizes your natural bald spots and turns your hair into an unforgettable hairstyle.

This style is extremely useful for those whose bald spots are at the top and front of the head. The work is halfway done. Afterward, the hair gets some treatment and achieves a spiky look. And as the final touch, the middle of the hair of the tail that you can find at the back of your head is sprayed with some bright colors.

Extended Bald Mullet

Extended Bald Mullet

Things get weird when you may have a balding head but also have long hair at the back. Most of the time, people don’t know which style to get with this type of hair. Extended Bald Mullet comes with the ultimate solution. You get to keep your long hair and make it a part of your hairstyle.

Since mullets require having short or no hair at the front, you get a good bald fade or a shave for your top and side hair for this style. If your hair at the back is too long, you can get it trimmed down to your preferred length. This is a top style for you if you have bald spots on your head but want to utilize the long hair you have at the back.

Thick Back

Thick Back

Receding hairlines are considered to be style killers. They limit your options for getting attractive hairstyles. However, this Thick Back mullet style says hi to the skeptics in full power. It uses the receding hairline to mark the area for getting a shave or a trim for your top hair.

Afterward, the hair at the back is kept long enough and sometimes, they are turned into curls for an excellent appearance.

Bald & Silky

Bald and Silky

People with silky hair do not usually get long hairstyles. They tend to keep their hair short because this type of hair causes problems with the way they run into your eyes. However, if you get a bald mullet and deal with your top and side hair, you will not face this problem anymore.

The back of your head will have the silky hair intact. The longer it is, the better it will look. Then get the top of your head shaved or faded. This way, you will keep your long hair at the back. And it will produce the ultimate Bald & Silky style in no time!

Lined Bald Mullet

Lined Bald Mullet

We showed you a mullet style earlier in this article where the look was achieved by having multiple lines for the top hair instead of shaving it. But this Lined Bald Mullet takes a different approach with those lines. You get the front half of your head shaved. Then, in the crown area, the top location is shaved and three lines are created on each side.

This design with three lines makes it look like your mullet has two attached wings. The hair at the back is kept as it is. We recommend that you keep it untouched for a few days after getting your bald mullet. The standard look with this style is to have long hair for your mullet tail. But if you feel like cutting it short later on, you are free to do so.

Dual Two-Tone Mullet

Dual Two-Tone Mullet

When someone has a mullet for a long time, they tend to get bored with its principle. Many mullet rockers think after some time that it is a monotonous style. But we strongly disagree with this opinion. You can turn a “dull” mullet into something extremely good. Take a look at this Dual Two-Tone Mullet style.

First of all, the mullet tail is so far down at the back of your head. It is at the level of your ears. Then, the tail is separated into three tails. The one in the middle is then shaved. It makes you have two distinct tails for your mullet. But it doesn’t stop there. To take things to the next level, the lower part of your tail is colored in a bright tone. And that’s it! Your mullet loses its monotonous feel instantly!

Long Two-Tails

Long Two-Tails

This variation of bald mullet is tricky to achieve. First of all, you must grow your hair long to almost your waist level. You need to take proper care of your hair to ensure that you retain the quality of your hair. It will help you produce a thicker look. Afterward, when your hair is long enough, you can start the process of getting your mullets.

First, shave the top as well as both sides of your head. You can also trim your hair to a Number 1 length at best. Then divide your hair at the back into two separate parts. You can get a clean parting of your hair by creating a half-inch wide vertical line. It will start at your crown and end at the bottom of your head. This way, you will be able to manage your mullet tails more effectively.

Long Slicked Up

Long Slicked Up

This is yet another long-hair variation of bald mullet. You can really get the party going with this style. If you have shiny straight hair and want to get mullets, look no further. This Long Slicked Up style has got your back! But if your hair is something other than straight, you still have a way to get this magnetic style.

Start by getting a traditional mullet cut. Use a bald fade if you don’t feel like shaving your top and side hair. Then keep a big strand of hair at the crown of your head and shave everything below it. Now straighten your hair with chemicals or a hair straightener to finish the process. This bald mullet style looks best when you have naturally long hair.

French Braids Mullet

French Braids Mullet

Mullets don’t have to have plain tails or loose hair. You can play with your bald mullet tails in any way you feel like. For instance, this French Braids Mullet variation offers you something entirely different. You get a normal mullet cut when your hair is long enough. Then you braid the tail of your mullet by following the French Braid technique.

You may also use a different approach and get a Dutch Braid for your mullet tail. You can even exchange between these two braiding styles to wear different looks every few days. Isn’t that incredible?

Celebrities with Bald Mullets

The popular belief regarding the bald head is that if you are having bald spots, you should either shave your whole head or get a haircut that will help you hide your bald head. However, in reality, things are different.

Take bald mullets, for instance. These styles are highly influential. You can find many celebrities and famous people wearing bald mullets and owning their balding heads strongly. Instead of letting their bald heads become a source of losing their confidence, they wear the look with pride and appear stronger and wilder than ever!

In this section, we will show you five such celebrities who wore bald mullets and appeared most energetic.

Larry David

Larry David

Larry David belongs at the top of the list in terms of wearing a bald mullet style. Since the 90s, he’s been wearing this specific style and hasn’t stopped ever since. He let his balding head take the course of his hairline and went along with it to define his mullet design.

Although it is popular to shave or trim the sides of bald mullet, Mr. David followed a different path and kept his side hair. It made his style more iconic.

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

In the list of celebrities, Jason Alexander is another grand person who has been at the forefront of the Bald Mullet revolution. He has made it a part of his life and always opted for a bald mullet for his hairstyle. His gray goatee also works great against his black bald mullet.

Mr. Alexander’s overall style is a top example of how you can look massive in a bald mullet. If you have a goatee and want to get a bald mullet, this style should be more than enough to work as your inspiration!

Craig T. Nelson

Craig T Nelson

Craig T. Nelson is another big celebrity who has rocked a bald mullet for a long time. He is also known as the “Coach” for his TV series of the same title. After the series aired, many fans got a bald mullet as a tribute to Mr. Coach.

Nelson had other iconic haircuts earlier in his career. But the power of the bald mullet made him more known and iconic in his own right.

George Carlin

George Carlin

A discussion on bald mullet is always incomplete without having George Carlin included in it. He had a proper bald mullet the moment he got ready for it. He developed a receding hairline early in his life. But instead of trying to hide it, he owned it and always wore a hairstyle that accompanied his bald spots well.

He left a staunch mark in terms of his bald mullet hairstyle. The world still deeply misses his energetic and evergreen presence.

Shaun Palmer

Shaun Palmer

Shaun “Palm Daddy” Palmer is a celeb who rocked bald mullets when his head was full of hair. He wanted to try out bald mullets because they looked so interesting to him. Needless to say, “Napalm” wore a striking style that still lives on to this day.

Palmer was so committed to the style that he shaved the top of the head entirely. And then, to make it iconic, he decided to dye his hair in fierce red. You can see in the picture here how he looked with his bald mullet. You can feel the gravity of his spellbinding style through this picture!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People come up with interesting questions about bald mullet. Some of the questions are important enough that they warrant having accurate answers. In this section of the article, we will answer some of the most asked questions regarding bald mullet. These answers will give you more information regarding this specific hairstyle.

Q: Is it possible to customize a bald mullet?

Ans: Yes. You can experiment with your mullet’s length and texture pretty easily. If you want to make the style more interesting, you can even add designs to your bald mullet. We have shared some styles with lines as an example in this guide. Be sure to check them out.

Q: Is bald mullet a popular hairstyle?

Ans: Bald mullets have a certain following. It is not really a popular hairstyle. Rather, it is an unconventional style that found popularity in some sub-groups.

Q: Can people of any age wear a bald mullet?

Ans: Yes, anyone can wear a bald mullet irrespective of their age.

Q: How is bald mullet different from a regular mullet hairstyle?

Ans: A bald mullet requires you to have a shaved top for the style. You can get away with a very close cut as well. On the other hand, regular mullets feature short hair on top of the head.

Q: Is bald mullet a professional hairstyle?

Ans: No. It is rather a casual style that does not really suit professional circumstances.

Q: Is it hard to maintain a bald mullet?

Ans: Not really. Bald mullets are easy to maintain. You only need to shave the top of your head every few days to refresh the look.

Q: Can I dye my bald mullet?

Ans: Yes, you can. We have shared a few colorful bald mullet styles in our article including the Dual Two-Tone Mullet, Two-Tone Natural Bald & Spikes, and the bald mullet that Shaun Palmer wore. Don’t forget to check them out.

Q: Can a bald mullet be suitable for formal occasions?

Ans: It is better to avoid wearing a bald mullet to any formal occasions.

Concluding Thoughts

Bald mullets come with some of the best alternative hairstyles. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for a balding head, bald mullets give you some excellent choices for trying out something new.

However, this hairstyle has some limitations. You cannot wear it everywhere you go. For instance, if your workspace is too professional and asks you to be in professional attire all the time, you should not get a bald mullet. Rather save it for the time when you are taking a vacation.

Our guide covered every kind of bald mullet you can find. Among the 20 exquisite styles we have demonstrated here, there are styles for both short and long hair. We showed you some colorful variations too along with some bald mullets that have designs.

You can pick your perfect style from our guide and be sure of the fact that it will make you look better. We wish you all the best for your bald mullet experience. If you have any questions regarding this hairstyle, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you.

Until next time!

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