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Beachwaver S1 vs. B1: Detecting The Better Curling Iron Using Our Own Expertise!

Since summer is on the loose, experimenting with your current hairdo seems like the perfect thing to do right now! While you can shorten the ends up a bit to add more body to your hair, or even buzz it up to sharpen the prominence of your facial features, you can also take the assistance of a curling iron to give yourself and your hair a perfect break!

Curling irons are currently some of the best hair styling tools in the game right now. Carrying multiple technologically advanced specifications, and offering a lightweight, ergonomic build, curling irons go down as fan favorites for handling the hair with care while generating remarkable looks!

While the pool of options you can pick from can be as hefty as you please if your budget has no rope, two good candidates that can seamlessly fit under a moderate budget are Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver B1.

Since both curling irons are two sides of the same coin, the two models of Beachwaver share plenty of mutual aspects. However, due to having crucial differences within their hardware and attributes, it’s safe to say that one item is surely better than the other. Join us to discover every crucial piece of information regarding Beachwaver S1 and B1, and stay tuned until the end to find the winner amongst the Beachwaver S1 vs. B1!

Beachwaver S1 vs. B1: A Brief Preview Of Their Specifications

As stated earlier, the Beachwaver S1 and B1 can pass off as siblings, as the properties they comprise are similar in multiple ways and more. The tools look eerily alike on the outside, but also contain a series of interchangeable elements on the inside to effectively solve multiple styling issues.

Although the next few portions will cover a heavy set of activities to find out the better option between both styling tools from Beachwaver, head to the following table to get a sneak peek of their key features such as their design, weight, styling options, and discover which one the predicted winner is in our eyes!

ModelBeachwaver S1 Beachwaver B1
Barrel Size and Measurements 1-barrel, medium-sized 1-inch barrel, short clamp
Barrel Texture CeramicCeramic
Temp Settings 3; 290°F to 410°F 3; 290°F to 410°F
Suitable for Creating glam waves and enhanced curls Creating tight curls
Promising Highlight(s) 30-second heat up time; 30-minute auto shut-off featureEasy to hold; Travel-friendly
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The Beachwaver Co. S1 Dual Voltage

Beachwaver S1

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The Beachwaver S1 is not just another rotating curling iron under the beauty brand, but it is also perceived as the king of the hill of the franchise. The device comprises a medium-sized barrel that goes above and beyond to change the shape of all kinds of hair, preferably through the creation of curls and highly-defined glam waves.

The S1 contains a ceramic barrel that doesn’t just accumulate tons of heat in a short span of time, but it also contains a 30-second heat-up time and a narrow clamp to generate desirable curls with zero flaws. Since the barrel is floored with ceramic, avoiding heat damage runs in the DNA of the Beachwaver S1.

To provide an enjoyable user experience, the Beachwaver S1 offers an ergonomic build that is easy to hold. The device also comprises an easy grip, making it a tool that even beginners can rely upon!

Along with a quick heat-up time, the Beachwaver S1 is also a fan-favourite in the land of rotating curling irons due to its auto shut-off feature, which protects the device from overproduction. The feature typically comes into play after 30 minutes of inactivity, and is regularly credited for increasing the longevity of this curling iron. The device also has a digital temperature clock for monitoring its heat settings, which can help first-timers to select the accurate temperature that their hair needs for creating optimal results!

Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose


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The Beachwaver B1 is another promising rotating curling iron from the prominent brand of BeachWaver Co. and it is usually perceived as a companion for first-timers. The tool uses a 1-inch barrel to create curls, which are usually fed with tons of bounce due to the tight clamp of this curling iron.

The barrel of this device is also made of ceramic, which explains why it brings elegantly shaped curls in an extraordinarily short duration. The device typically handles every hair type and length with three promising heat settings, but prefers to deal with short-length hair the most.

While it is usually seen as a must-have rotating curling iron due to its affordability, the Beachwaver B1 is also seen as an ideal partner to resort to for regular travellers. The device has the same ergonomic housing, feels just as light, and provides an equally promising grip as the S1.

However, when it comes to dealing with crammed suitcases, the B1 resolves that issue in an easier manner, mainly due to having a design that is more compact in size!

Beachwaver S1 vs B1: The Measures We Took To Find A Definite Outcome

Once we got received both items from Beachwaver, we immediately got to work in order to find the better option among the two. While the task seemed easy to carry out in theory, the scenario in real life was the complete opposite, mainly due to how equally promising the S1 and B1 were in various categories. However, through trial and error, we eventually tackled that dilemma with an array of ideas, which eventually led us to find the better curling tool!

Beachwaver S1 vs B1 Performance Attributes

The data we collected from their performance attributes

The Beachwaver S1 and Beachwaver B1 comprise barrels clamps with ceramic coated barrels that allow them to bring fine-tuned results in quick successions. The tools also offer three useful heat settings, each of which serves a different purpose and caters to a specific hair texture.

While the devices can curl in two directions to produce natural-looking waves and curls, it is believed that the B1 model takes up all the spotlight with its compact-sized clamp when it’s time to create tight curls. The S1, on the other hand, is just as efficient in generating appealing looks, but works better on shoulder-length hair due to comprising a slightly larger barrel.

Nonetheless, both of them seem equally compelling in this department, as they typically manipulate the structure of the hair without exposing it to heat damage, and eliminate dryness by allowing the shaft to retain its natural oil production.

While the S1 and B1 are the same in terms of heat settings and efficiency, the S1 seems to have the upper hand when time is not your friend, however, as it has a 30-second heat-up time. What makes it even more desirable is its auto shut-off feature, which typically commences after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Our take on the groundwork of each model

On the outside, the S1 and B1 seem extremely convenient. It’s not just the beauty of their ergonomically developed housing, however, but also how weightless both of them tend to feel in the hand. While both of them are known for being exceptionally quick at getting the job done, it’s also possible to take it slow when styling your hair with them as they feel as light as a feather.

The B1 comprises classic or traditional-looking hardware, as it only comes with indicators that reveal information on the temperature settings. The S1, on the other hand, seems more useful for newbies as well as the better option for professionals, as it comes with a display that keeps track of the temperature.

The clash of both items’ market value

Currently, the S1 is the inexpensive option out of the two. While one of the reasons could very well be its compact size, we believe the hardware of the tool and the abilities of the curling iron also play a huge role as well.

The B1 is easier to travel with due to being smaller than the S1, but lacks major components like a display for monitoring the temperature, an element that ultimately hampers its price tag. The device also falls short of bringing in more styling results, as the narrow-sized clamp finds it very difficult to work with any hair length that doesn’t fall under the category of short.

Additionally, on top of having an easier time with any kind of hair, the S1 has a bigger price tag due to having small yet impactful components like a digital display, and an auto shut-off feature. It also comes with a safety stand, shielding the users from burns during times of intervals.

Beachwaver Winner

Why their similarities are more beneficial than expected

Although it’s easy to see why Beachwaver’s S1 is miles ahead of the B1 when the two are pitted against one another, siding with the underdog can also make you the recipient of a win-win situation.

Despite lacking major components, the Beachwaver B1 comprises the same ceramic barrel as the S1, making it just as safe to apply to one’s hair. The tool also moves the same way as its counterpart, curling in both directions when necessary.

On top of being the easier tool to fit inside duffel bags and suitcases, the B1 can also be a win for its hardware, as the weight feels just as light as that of the S1!

Bottom Line: You Simply Can’t Go Wrong With The S1

After we got our hands on the Beachwaver S1 and B1, we were initially moved by the impressive results they generate without an issue. While the short clamp of the B1 is a mastermind at creating tight curls with tons of shine, the medium-sized barrel of the S1 usually rises above when working with shoulder-length hair, and is the best teammate to collaborate with for creating defined curls and glam waves.

Although the two are divided by the significant differences in their market value, both of them bring forward weightless operation with their ergonomic design, and minimise hair damage to the maximum with their ceramic-coated barrel. To serve any hair length and texture, both tools are structured with three different types of heat settings.

However, despite having tons of mutual aspects that make both candidates a win-win scenario in the eyes of many, we believe that the more dominant and reliable option is the Beachwaver S1, due to offering good results at a fast rate and more. While the tool falls short of producing tighter curls on short hair, the Beachwaver S1 comes with useful components like a 30-second heat-up time to remain exceptionally fast, and a 30-minute auto shut-off feature that preserves its energy during idle moments. And although the device is a bit more pricey and falls short of being the better companion for travel, the safety stand it comes with enables it to avoid unfortunate scenarios with ease!

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