Beard Grow XL Review: Does It Really Work?

While you can be creative with thinning hair, it’s nearly impossible to flaunt a thinning beard without feeling inadequate. Patchy facial hair instantly looks unappealing. When you’re in your teens or early twenties, there’s always the hope that your beard could fill out. But what about the rest of us?

There’s no doubt that a beard impresses virility and status. A thick beard has been seen as a symbol of strength since the Ancient Greeks. And since the days of Gods and garland, if you couldn’t grow a beard you were out of luck. That is, until the last fifty or sixty years.

We’ve seen a lot of advancements in the hair growth space. With both natural and synthetic treatments finding their way into the consumer space, men with thin or patchy beards have hope. But with that desperation follows the snake oil salesmen who vaunt products that do nothing but burn a hole in your wallet.

One of the biggest products in the beard growth market is Beard Grow XL. They’ve rocketed to the top of the best seller list on various online markets and in stores across the country. But does their product work? Let’s find out.

Beard Grow XL Specification

FeaturesBeard Grow XL
Specialized Grow Beard
Made inUSA
Size90 Capsules
Supply 30 Days
Price Check Price

What Is Beard Grow XL?

Beard Grow XL gained a large following from a host of stellar reviews on YouTube and Amazon. Their one of a host of supplement products created by Delta Genesis, which also include Beard Flux and Beard Bolt, an oil and balm respectively.

Beard Grow XL

Delta Genesis ships worldwide and they’re stocked in health food and vitamin stores in 16 countries. As a supplement, you take the pills once a day, either in the morning or night. Other reviewers state that it takes up to two weeks before you’ll notice results.

The company states that Beard Grow is made with 100% vegan ingredients and no fillers. It’s gluten-free, too. It works on all facial hair types and skin types. Whether you have oily skin and thin beard hair or dry skin and thick beard hair, this product should work just fine.

Even better, Delta Genesis manufactures their Beard Grow XL pills in the USA from globally sourced ingredients. Some of those ingredients include:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM)
  • Niacin
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • 3x Vitamin B (B1, B12, Biotin)

In my review below, I go into details as to the positives and negatives of this list. So continue reading to find out more.

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How Do Beard Growth Supplements Work?

We can divide beard growth supplements into two categories: DHT Blockers and Nutrition Boosters.

DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen or male sex hormone. It’s made from testosterone in the testes. Men need DHT to regulate male characteristics, such as muscle mass, voice pitch, and facial hair.

How Do Beard Growth Supplements Work

In the bodies of some men, DHT binds to hair follicles in the head and face and shrinks them down before they’ve completed their growth phase. We toss a lot of the blame for this malfunction on genetics, but we really don’t know why some men have this problem and others don’t.

A  DHT blocker stops the DHT from binding to receptors in your hair follicles, stopping hair loss. Some work better than others. You can buy over-the-counter products, natural DHT blockers, and prescriptions written by your doctor. In beard growth supplements, you’ll find several ingredients that act as DHT blockers, including saw palmetto, niacin, pumpkin seed oil, green tea, and horsetail extract.

The evidence for natural DHT blockers ranges from ingredient to ingredient. Saw palmetto and niacin boast the largest body of research. Other options, like pumpkin seed oil, go by evidence that’s mostly anecdotal. Remember that the source of a product’s DHT blockers matters, too. A quality saw palmetto oil will work better than one sourced from Chinese and other foreign manufacturers.

Then there are the beard growth pills and oils that focus primarily on nutrition. These brands claim that healthy beard hair will grow if you have properly enriched diet. So you’ll find a wealth of vitamins and oils to promote healthier, thicker hair.

The crucial vitamins to look for are B12 and biotin. These two vitamins have a rich history in hair science. You’ll find dozens of research papers that show direct links between thicker, healthier hair and B12 and biotin.

Be wary of beard growth supplements that only contain vitamins. Often, you could purchase these vitamins from a health food store for half the price. The best products contain both DHT blockers and a tailored list of vitamins.

Beard Grow XL Review: 30-Day Experience

Reviewing a beard growth supplement isn’t an easy task. It can take upwards of two weeks to notice the difference in your beard, and another two weeks to see if the progress continues or halts. That’s why I offer a full 30-day review, detailing my experience from the day I opened the bottle to the last pill.

Beard Grow XL Experience

I recommend starting your bottle of Beard Grow XL at the beginning of the month. That’s because you’ll be able to chart your progress successfully from the first day of the month to the last.

Beard Grow XL’s bottles contain 90 pills. They recommend three pills a day, and that’s what I took. They’re gel capsules with a powder inside, about the size of a multivitamin. There’s no information on taking them with or without food. I usually had them with my breakfast.

In my research and testing of other beard growth supplements, I found the key ingredients comparable with other leading brands. Here’s my rundown of the primary ingredients in Beard Grow XL and why they’re important for beard growth:

  • Saw Palmetto

This is a Southwestern plant that First Nations Peoples have used for centuries as a medicine for bladder infections and decreased sex drive. Recently, researchers have found evidence that the oil from saw palmetto plants and berries may block 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. This ingredient can quell the thinning hairs on your face.

  • Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM)

In the last decade, MSM went from being a nameless back catalogue compound to a dietary wonder. The list of ailments and symptoms MSM supposedly allays is legion. Proponents of MSM argue a few tablets of MSM a day can quell or cure everything from muscle cramps to type-2 diabetes. This most likely comes from the compounds additional supply of sulfur to the body, which has been linked to boosting the length of your beard hairs growing phase.

  • Niacin

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is key to your overall health. It’s one of the main supplements given to people suffering from high cholesterol and heart health. It’s naturally found in a swath of foods, such as eggs, grains, and fish. This ingredient doesn’t block DHT, but it bolsters the health and longevity of the hair you can grow.

  • Horsetail Extract

Horsetail is a plant that’s been on earth for some 350 million years. The main use for horsetail extract is bladder infections. That’s because of its fluid retention compounds. Anyone with a bladder infection or kidney stones has likely come across this beneficial extract. The extract contains two hair-boosting minerals: silica and selenium. Horsetail helps your body process iodine, which stabilizes your hair growth cycle.

  • Vitamin B12

Also known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is a major player in red blood cell production and the health of your nerves. You consume a lot of B12 through your diet, with foods like cheese, yogurt, and tuna. By increasing your red blood cell count, B12 supplies more oxygen to your beard hairs, extending their growth cycle.

  • Biotin

This is yet another B vitamin, known as B7. It’s also found in eggs and fish. But unlike some other ingredients in this product, you can’t store biotin because it’s water soluble. You need to consistently intake biotin for it to be effective. It strengthens hair strands, fortifying them from root to tip.

As you can see from this list, the ingredients in Beard Grow XL not only support hair growth but stop hair loss. This is crucial to the success of this product. It won’t only thicken the hair you have but grow new hairs, too.

Everyone’s chemistry is different. You may have a thin or patchy beard because of excess DHT, or it could be a vitamin deficiency or both. That’s why Beard Grow XL works on a wide array of consumers. Unlike other beard growth products, this one acts as a vitamin supplement rich in B vitamins and as a DHT suppressant.

I saw results within about two weeks. I’ve tried to grow a beard several times and found that after two or three weeks the thin areas on my cheeks were noticeable. I usually trimmed my beard to stubble within a month. But with Beard Grow XL, I had thicker hair within those same two weeks. After a month of using the product I noticed more hair on my face than I had ever seen before.

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Will Beard Growth XL Work for Me?

The only way to know if Beard Grow XL will work for you is to try a month’s supply. I will say, however, that the effects depend on your own biology and diet. Since this product works as both a DHT blocker and health supplement, your results rely on which symptom affects you the most.

If DHT has thinned your beard, then Beard Grow XL will lessen DHT’s effects. The downside is that when you stop taking the product, your hair will thin out again. That’s because the DHT will secrete from your testes without the DHT blocking ingredients, like saw palmetto.

Conversely, if the vitamins and nutrients in Beard Grow’s formula that have boosted your beard’s thickness and sheen, then you may only need a month’s supply. Again, the only way to know for certain is to try. Even if your beard is thin strictly because of genetics, Beard Grow XL could still thicken the hairs you have, filling out your beard.

Potential Side Effects of Beard Growth XL

For healthy individuals between the ages of 20 and 50, Beard Grow XL should be safe. But a few ingredients in the formula could cause medical complications in the elderly or those on medications.

Those of you with blood clotting issues should consult your doctor before ingesting saw palmetto. This extract has been clinically tested to slow blood clotting. In most people, the effect is minimal. But if you’re soon to have an operation or are on blood thinners, check before consuming.

As a diuretic, horsetail extract can potentially harm people that dehydrate easily. It’s also not ideal for those with low potassium levels.

I’ve seen some articles warning against biotin poisoning. Although it is possible to take too much biotin, you’d need over 200mg a day to see any negative effects. That’s approximately 2000x more than in your daily dose of Beard Grow XL!

Last, if you’re worried about the ingredients in Beard Grow XL affecting your medications, check with your doctor.

Final Verdict

After my 30-day Beard Grow XL review, the results surprised me. There was a clear difference between my previous attempts to grow facial hair and this one. Usually, I stop at the 2-week mark, embarrassed by the thin chin and patchy cheeks. But with this beard supplement, I had more hair in less time.

I recommend Beard Grow XL for anyone looking to maximize their beard’s potential. It’s a worthy pick for those with thin beards, or men with thick beards that want to speed up the drawn-out process of growing their beard.

Puns aside, Beard Grow XL could shave weeks off the normal growth cycle. That’s thanks to the host of B vitamins, DHT blockers, and MSM.

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