To beard, or not to beard?

That is the big decision most of the men have to take… every day!

Well, maybe not every day, but it surely is a decision that most men take a few times during the week. For most men, unlike myself, it is not too big a deal – not.

It IS a big deal!

Beards have been the most prominent style for men in the last few years. In 2019, there was a huge rise in the full beard look and for 2020, it looks like a move towards either clean shaven or full beard is quite balanced.

Beard trends fluctuate enormously through the influence of celebs in movies and social media. But men have been growing beards now for centuries, and the sizzle is still there.

So, can this beard or no beard thing be settled once & for all?

Well, of course not!

The trends of no beard, short beard and full beard won’t ever die down. For as long as there are men there will be this needle in the haystack dilemma – beard or no beard!

If you too are in this dilemma, this article will help you get clarification as to which one you want more, between the beard or no beard looks.

However, we before we begin, let’s have a look at the following comparison of Pros & Cons of the beard and no beard look for you to ponder upon while you read the article:

Pros & Cons For Beard


  • With a full Beard, you look sexy, handsome, and more mature
  • Your attire looks perfect with a good beard
  • Beard even protects you from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays
  • Most of the women admire men with a dashing beard


  • Maintenance cost is TIME
  • Beard makes you look a little older
  • In some job sectors, the beard or facial hair is prohibited

Pros & Cons For No Beard Look


  • Helps in removing dead skin when shaving
  • It always makes you look younger
  • It will round off a conventional appearance
  • Some women have a strong dislike for facial hair


  • Maintenance cost is MONEY & TIME
  • Harmful to skin
  • Need to shave regularly for maintaining the clean look

Beard or No Beard: Things To Consider When Making A Decision

Depending on where you work, who you are, what your partner feels, and no doubt tons of other logical considerations go into making the decision. The glamour of beards for several men is – they feel manly and look comfortable, sexy, and mature.

But not for all!

When bearded men shave off their beards, it makes their entire image different – a complete and massive transformation. But most bearded men choose not to shave off their beards, unless there is a critical need for it.

We will look at some of the aspects of the beard that are most commonly thought about when going for a beard or no beard decision.

  • Grooming A Bread Is Tiring

Growing a beard is simple, but maintaining it is a big ask – and not everyone is made for all the tasks to be done for a well-kept beard.

Only a few can flaunt a naturally flawlessly shaped beard or trimmed stubble. And for many unfortunate others, without round the clock care – it might soon end up looking like the Amazon jungle.

As for those donning the no beard look, grooming is just a tad bit easier. The perks of being clean-shaven are that you simply shave off anything you see.

No need to for lining anything up however, you need to be careful about nicks, cuts and razor bumps as you will be shaving regularly. But all the energy you save from not having to groom your beard, you need to spend on your skincare routine. Because regular shaving is harsh on your skin.

  • Beard Makes Me Look Lazy

Many people are concerned that beard or no beard will easily get them to the point where they look like they’re saying “I’m lazy and I know it”.

A nice beard looks natural and sexy but if it is not well-kept, it sends out a message that I am a little lazy or wretched or running through a bad phase.

Even with the clean-shaved or no beard look, if you skip a day of shaving you will be left with a stubble that will make you look stressed out, tired compared to your usual sleek look.

  • Beard Takes Too Much Time, Effort & Money

If you love your beard, then you know you will be treating it well.

You are always prepared to spend a lot of money and time using grooming gears for your beard. You invest your time and energy to make it look presentable and moreover maintain it in a decent condition.

But with the no beard, you may not be spending as much time and money, but you still need to spend a lot of time and money to keep looking fresh. You will have to shave every day regardless.

So, it is not about beard or no beard, if you want to look good, stay healthy then you should be spending a lot of time, effort and money on yourself.

  • Beard Makes Me Look Old

Surely everyone looks much more stylish in the bearded look, but after a certain point, the beard look that gives a mature look is considered something that makes you look old.

Even with a no beard look, as you age your wrinkles will be more visible. The hot, scruffy beard not just makes you look impressive it also helps the skin in maintaining its health.

It is an accepted opinion that men who have full beards look littler older, but their personalities show a mature person. As with the clean-shaven look, a more childish look is perceived but after a certain point the same clean shaved look shows of signs of aging.

Now, this is all simply down to an opinion that is unique to each individual, so take it with a pinch of salt.

  • Women Don’t Enjoy an Itchy Kiss

Your beard might look sexy, but when it reaches to smooching it will tickle your partner not necessarily itch them. While some women are not bothered, some might not enjoy it.

For the no beard look, smooching may seem like a being smooth as butter but that is only when you have a close, clean shave. The good times are ruined with the thick dagger like pokes of your stubble.

Most Popular Beard Styles

So, everyone will have their individual viewpoint regards to beard or no beard look. But as can be seen with the factors discussed earlier, the complaints are applicable for both – bearded or not bearded.

While the no beard look is quite simple, let’s look at all the most popular beard styles for rocking a beard:

The Stubble

Back in the 1930s, the stubble style wasn’t the uber-cool style statement as it is today. Back then it gave an indication that a man was vague or low on his luck.

Currently, it’s a widely endorsed halfway house between the beard or no beard look.

The appeal for stubble is that it is way less maintenance, but that doesn’t imply it’s no-maintenance. To maintain it, you simply have to trim it to your preferred stubble length.

The Goatee

Quick on effort, huge on style, the goatee has long been the facial hairstyle for rock stars to scholars, and those with a wayward, courageous tendency.

Essentially, it’s the joining of the mustache with the beard that is kept only on and around the chin creatively attached to create a shape for the mouth. It’s the cultural and narrowly villainous brother of the beard.

The Beard Stache

Plunging somewhere between the stubble and a wide beard, the Beard Stache is mixed where the mustache is maintained longer and fuller than the enclosing hair.

Maintaining a Beard Stache is like looking after two extremely different kids, you have to diversify your expenditure and technique to cater to both their individual needs.

The Short Beard

A dialed-down, neater lumberjack edition of the wide beard is the thick, short beard. It is an extra versatile, understated, and corporate beard. It’s quite perfect if you’re trying to prove your professionalism to those weird bosses who detest facial hair.

Unlike the huge, bushy hipster beard, the thick & short style is neat. With the neatness as its key, you can use an average beard trimmer to maintain it as necessary. A razor or beard trimmer for lining up and a beard scissor for the stray hairs will be extremely helpful, too.

The Full Beard

Growing a full-on, big beard is a rite of passage up there with learning to drive and purchasing your first ‘grown-up’ watch.

But like skiing, losing weight, or shooting hoops, it’s one of those things that are decidedly harder than it looks. The fuller the beard, the more high-maintenance it is. You will need to be fully prepared for all the extra difficulties and the overall experience.

Just let it grow!

Do Women Like Beard or No Beard Men?

Have we not said enough about this already?

For those lady charmers, we have not!

No matter how much you discuss this topic, some will stress over the answer to this hot topic regarding their facial fuzz – will the ladies like it?

Modern men have rediscovered the sense of masculinity, ruggedness and manliness that the beard has become the flagbearer of. One of the key fashion accessories today, whether it is the designer stubble or the intelligent, professor-like beards – the beard is truly thicker, healthier, and as shiny as ever.

It’s a trend that refuses to die down and resurfaces again and again.

But the big question also returns: do women like beards or not?

We all wish this was a simple yes or no answer, but it is not – and it can’t be!

To women, beards show personalities. The stubble is associated with attraction, trendy while full beards are associated with social maturity, parenting ability, masculinity and aggression in a good way.

Women associate stubbles or short beard styles with sort of like playdates while full beards are associated with that of long-term relationships.

It all seems pretty straightforward for us guys, but is it so?

Any guy will agree that those are not the reasons for growing a beard. Some love their beards passionately while others simply cannot be bothered to shave!

So, all this is not simple and illogical because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We have come across this question lots of the time, by so many people and will continue to do so. This is because we are eager to find out whether women are as interested in our beards as us.

With research studies, surveys and analysis, it is always concluded that every woman has different perceptions and they cannot be applied strictly to a beard or no beard look.

VERDICT – Some women are interested in bearded men, and some are not!

Final Thoughts: What Have You Decided – Beard Or No Beard?

Growing a beard is a very personal way for you to represent yourself and only YOU should be deciding on whether you want a beard or no beard look.

Yes, there will be pros and cons to both as we have discussed throughout the article, but it is a tremendous way to convey your private style and every man should try growing one at least once in his life.

We will not tell you whether a bearded look is bad or no beard look is better, but it’s your personal opinion to maintain a clean shave or not. And the simplest and most effective way to find out is by trying it out.

So, this was all about the dilemma surrounding Beard or No beard look and we hope you have got everything you were looking for from reading this article.

What do you prefer, beard or no beard?

Let us know your thoughts, queries concerns or comments below.

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