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Bed Head Waver Blue Vs. Purple: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

As long as you have partially wavy hair, some crisp curling cream, and the right length, creating engaging and concentrated waves should be a walk in the park to create. However, since you also have to perfect each motion of your scrunching method, obtaining desirable results might be harder than expected. But that’s where Bed Head comes in.

British hair care brand Bed Head is easily perceived as a reliable company in this day and age. While they mostly offer a range of products, two of their best sellers are Bed Head Waver Blue and Bed Head Waver Purple, both of which will be discussed, analyzed, and assessed in this article.

With the help of this article, you won’t just get a thorough rundown on what each waving expert, which would be the Bed Head Waver Blue and Purple, brings to the table, but will also find an elaborated piece on my experience with the two waving specialists. Therefore, without further ado, here’s how the bout between Bed Head Blue vs. Purple pans out in reality!

Bed Head Waver Blue Vs. Purple: Sharing My Experience With The Two Stylers

Taking into account how good Bed Head is as a cosmetic brand, I had no doubt in the potential of their styling tools. In fact, when pitted against the Bed Head Massive Shine Wave Artist (Purple), the Bed Head Wave Artist (Blue) put up quite a compelling fight, going to the final round, even.

However, during the concluding hours of my experiment, discovering the better option among the two was a piece of cake. Move on to the following segments to get a glimpse of my experience with Bed Head Wave Artist Blue vs. Bed Head Waver Purple!

ModelBed Head Wave Artist (Blue)Bed Head Massive Shine Wave Artist (Purple)
TechnologyCeramic TourmalineDouble Ceramic Tourmaline
Max temperature 400400
Special features Extremely fastAuto shut-off system
Suitable for All hair typesCoarse hair
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Bed Head Wave Artist Blue

The first styling tool on the agenda is Bed Head’s Wave Artist, also known as Bed Head Blue. The object is quite the specialist in creating beachy waves, and it’s easy to see why.

Fused with ceramic tourmaline technology, the Bed Head Blue doesn’t take much time to heat up. When used, it created outstanding results on my fine hair and produced subtle curls without any signs of frizz. The barrels run quite deep, which can be a great thing to consider if you’re aiming for tight curls over a spiral outline with loose curls.

Bed Head Wave Artist Blue

The Bed Head Blue kills time with its instant heat setting, and took around 8 seconds to bring a curly texture onto my shaft. The maximum temperature of this device stands at 400°F, which can be accessed using its high heat setting. However, if you’re a beginner, try using the low heat setting, which typically lies somewhere between 260°F to 330°F, especially if you have damaged hair.

Its hardware is something that I quite like for its price point, since it’s extremely reliable. The barrel runs deep, but the plates run quite sturdy. The device comes with a plate locking system that can help secure the positioning of the device on one’s hair to produce highly-effective results. Underneath the device is a tangle-free 6-foot cord, which can provide maximum flexibility at all times.

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When all is said and done, the Bed Head Wave Artist Blue can cater to all hair types. However, due to having wider plates with insufficient amounts of length, I would recommend it to those that are planning to create tight curls on their short to shoulder-length natural hair!


  • Ceramic tourmaline technology.
  • 2 temp settings.
  • Best for beachy waves.
  • Plate locking system to secure the positioning.
  • Tangle free 6ft swivel cord.
  • Reduces frizz and adds shine.


  • Accumulates tons of heat in no time, exposing the shaft to unintentional hair damage.

Bed Head Wave Artist Purple

On the other end stands Bed Head Wave Artist Purple, which is definitely the product to take into account if you’re all about upgrades. The device comes with all that the Bed Head Blue offers, with slightly upgraded features to produce better results.

Bed Head Wave Artist Purple is curated with a double tourmaline ceramic coating, which is much faster than the former, and produces healthier results as well. When applied to my hair, it took the device around 5 seconds to produce dense curls with healthy ends.

Bed Head Wave Artist Purple

In addition to reprising the previous two heat settings, this device comprises a new medium-heat setting, which is said to cater to normal to fine hair. Although I typically use the lowest heat setting to shield my hair from split ends and frizz, trying out the medium-heat setting of this device was also a win-win situation for me, mainly since it saved tons of time, and produced more texture.

The hardware of the Bed Head Purple is quite delightful, containing components that one can’t find on the Bed Head Blue. It comes with an all new auto shut-off feature, which comes into place after 60 minutes of inactivity, has a dual voltage build, and contains a deep barrel which is a specialist in creating highly concentrated waves.

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In contrast to the results produced by the Blue, Bed Head Purple generates results with more shine and volume. However, it does leave behind a burning smell if used for too long.

In conclusion, Bed Head Purple is miles ahead of the Deep Waver Blue on many levels. It is two times stronger than its predecessor, producing better results in a shorter duration. The device might contain the same plastic housing, but has more heat settings, a deeper barrel, and an auto shut-off system for preserving its energy.


Double tourmaline coating for better results.

  • 3 heat settings.
  • Auto-shut off feature.
  • Unique deep barrel for voluminous waves.
  • On indicator.
  • Dual voltage.
  • For Deep waves.
  • Produces better frizz-free results with polished waves.


  • Leaves behind a burning, plastic-like smell after each use.

Bed Head Deep Waver Blue vs. Purple: A 4-Piece Comparison

If you’ve read through each and every single detail mentioned in the former section, you probably already know which styling tool of Bed Head I’ve gravitated to. However, if you said “TL;DR” and skimmed through it anyway, you can always use this segment to pick up where you left off.

The following portion comprises a side-by-side comparison between Bed Head Deep Waver Blue and Purple, which is strictly based on everything I noticed and picked up on when giving both styling tools a try. From judging the difference between their hardware to rating their performance attributes, here’s everything that I’ve covered to make the bout as flawless as they come!

Bed Head Waver Design and Build Quality

Design and Build

Both devices comprise plastic housing with deep barrels and stocky plates. The base is surrounded by a 6-foot cord, offering more flexibility than required.

While one of the key differences lies in their colour scheme, the Deep Waver Purple comes with an indicator for power, a button with an additional heat setting, and an auto shut-off system, all of which are non-existent on the Deep Waver Blue.


In terms of versatility, the Deep Waver Purple can bring forward healthy results irrespective of the hair type involved. With its deep barrel and wide plates, the Deep Waver purple can change the fiber of the hair into deep waves, beachy waves, and subtle waves with the help of its heat settings. The Deep Waver Blue, on the other hand, can only produce beachy waves with its technological attributes.

Styling Results

Bed Head Deep Waver Blue contains tourmaline ceramic technology, two heat settings, and deep barrels. With the plate locking system, it can produce beachy waves on coarse hair without stripping the natural oil from the strands. Furthermore, with the low heat setting, it can even curate beachy waves on fine hair.

Additionally, when it comes to Deep Waver Purple, the results are slightly better. This is because of the technological features of this device, which has double the amount of tourmaline ceramic technology in contrast to the former. The device also produces waves with tons of shine and moisture, and does so in quick successions.

Additionally, in contrast to Deep Waver Blue, Deep Waver Purple produces results that last for longer time period.


When it comes to value, both of them are quite reasonable, hardly leaving a dent in anyone’s pocket. However, since the Bed Head Deep Waver Blue does have slightly compromised attributes, it is the better option to go for if you’re working around a tight budget, since it is more affordable than its counterpart.

Frequently Asked Question

Among the prominent faces in personal and hair care, Bed Head can be the perfect brand to rely on for their hair styling tools.

Additionally, while I;ve covered everything that one needs to know regarding the ceramic irons from the Bed Head Wave Artist series, it could still be normal to have pending feelings of doubt and conflict. Worry not, however, as the segment below will be helpful enough to tackle and solve each and every one of them!

Q: Is the Bed Head Wave Artist any different from the Massive Shine Wave Artist?

A: Bed Head Wave Artist Blue and Purple are like two sides of the same coin. Since they belong to the same brand, both of them share tons of attributes in common, from having the same maximum temperature setting to having the same materials for the hardware.

And while they also look eerily similar, Bed Head Purple is drastically different than Bed Head Blue in terms of technology, containing the power of two Bed Head Blue styling tools in the groundwork of one. Bed Head Purple also has an auto shut-off feature that preserves its energy, and is also considered a dual-voltage styling tool, both of which the Bed Head Blue isn’t known to have.

Q: How do I use Bed Head Wave Artist properly?

A: Bed Head is a compelling brand to turn to for styling hair. Although both models from their Waver Artist series can generate memorable waves in no time, using the tools might backfire if you fail to follow their instructions.

Instead of manipulating a series of strands with one swipe, try breaking the hair down into smaller sections before using the tools of Bed Head Waver Artist. While you may leave your hair damp before using one of the two styling tools, don’t apply them to your strands while they’re dripping wet, as the stands might become frizzy or suffer from first-degree burns!

Final Verdict

The Bed Head Wave Artist and Bed Head Massive Shine Wave Artist are two of the leading styling equipment from the brand. In addition to being glorified for the way in which they bring forward exceptional waves in no time, the two irons are also known for their budget-friendly pricing, skin-friendly technology, and versatility. However, due to multiple reasons and more, the Massive Shine Wave Artist remains the better option.
They offer the same temperature settings, and usually style the hair without absorbing the natural moisture from the strands by using tourmaline ceramic technology.

However, in contrast to Wave Artist, the Massive Shine Wave Artist is the better gadget to rely on for safety and precision, as the latter comprises Ceramic Tourmaline Technology that has two times the power than the former. Furthermore, in my opinion, the Bed Head Purple also has a better feel, and tends to generate healthier waves.

Additionally, while both of them are also structured with exceptionally efficient plates, the Massive Shine Wave Artist has the edge once again with its Plate Locking Switch, which allows the tool to produce tighter waves with even heat distribution, rendering the Bed Head Purple as my personal pick in this bout!

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