Best 1 Inch Curling Iron: Premium Tools At Every Price Point

In this era of modern styling, there are so many products that are constantly being launched, it’s really difficult to keep track of all of them. When it comes to picking the best 1 in curling iron, the challenges are almost identical.

I have been using quite a few variants of 1 in curling irons in my styling store. Some of which were gifted to me, while I purchased the others based on recommendation and online research.

My goal was to find two or three of the most useful devices so that I can keep them around in my shop and use them on myself from time to time.

Then it crossed my mind that I should be doing this for my readers as well. Additionally, it could be helpful if I included curling irons from different price ranges so that everyone can pick one from their preference.

Thus, I present you with my top choices for your evaluation and gaining necessary knowledge beforehand – because that’s the smartest approach.

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What Are The Advantages Of 1 Inch Curling Irons?

At this point, it’s not your fault to wonder whether you actually need a 1 in curling iron or would you just accommodate other curling irons or a simple flat iron to do the curls.

Let me tell you three good reasons that a curling iron is necessary for curls which other categories simply cannot offer:

  • Firstly, it’s very easy & effortless to curl & wave using a curling iron, even for the amateurs. You just wrap your hair around the iron, let it heat and let go – voila!
  • Secondly, 1 in curling irons don’t pull on your hair, be that long hair or short. It’s very risky to have your hair pulled while it’s being subjected to heat, so these irons get the tick boxes in the safety department.
  • Lastly, you can determine the type of your curls, whether it’s a loose wave or a tight curl. Also, a 1 in flat iron is the standard radius for every design. Other irons are more specific and caters highly toward professional use over home utilization.

Thus, you can make out the good sides about owning a 1 in curling iron and it’s placed at the stylistically more advantageous position than the rest.

Name & BrandRod Material Max. TemperaturePrice
T3 – SinglePass CurlCeraGloss Ceramic500 F Check Price
BaBylissPRO NanoNano-Titanium/Ceramic450 F Check Price
Beachwaver Co. S1Ceramic410 F Check Price
CHI 3-In-1 Tourmaline Ceramic410 F Check Price
Hot Tools 24K GoldGold430 F Check Price
Hoson Curling IronTourmaline Ceramic450 F Check Price

Perfect 1 In Curling Iron Units: Used & Reviewed

As I always do, I’ll be speaking from my experience with these 6 curling irons as I don’t prefer reviewing a product without hand-testing them. From my assessment, they have the needed qualities to be among the best, and let me enlighten you why I think so.

T3 – SinglePass Curl Professional

T3 SinglePass Curling Iron

Get T3 SinglePass Curl at Amazon

If you want your curler to speak elegance from the word go, this T3 unit places itself at the ideal position for such a supposition. I’ll personally claim it as one of the best 1 in curling iron devices due to a stupendous amount of reasons. This is THE ONE device I always keep around my store because of the flexibilities and dynamics T3 has to offer. It’s ranked among one of the highest of its class not only by me, but also by other professional stylists across the world!

CeraGloss Ceramic Barrels Hold Curls For 24 Hours

Not all curler barrels are well-made and deliver the finest outcome in the shortest time. The T3 excels in this regard due to the CeraGloss Ceramic barrels that maintain a sustained heat up to 410 F. It never risks your hair toward damage yet renders the desired style with only one pass! You have no idea what a blessing it is to treat your customers everyday with such a handy device. And on top of that, the style lasts for the entire day and makes the hair look healthy!

One Pass Creates Every Kind Of Style On All Hair Types

This T3 unit comes with 5 adjustable heat settings to secure that all hair types can be treated firmly with only one device. It’s helped me out greatly as I can keep on using the same device for each of my customers without having to spend time shifting from one curler to the other. I can create something like tight curls to loose waves using this with only one pass. Check the manual for heat settings guidelines.

Quality, Professional Products Are Generally Pricey For A Reason

Since I’m a professional stylist, I am bound to keep the most premium products at my arm’s reach as these devices are constantly tested everyday. This T3 curler has stood up to the task for the past year in my shop and never faltered from delivering the goods. It’s built well, heats up fast, produces ideal results and with all of these qualities, it’s very light weight! You do realize that no one gets all of these features in one curler, and thus it’s priced around $170 which is quite justifiable from my perspective.

What Could Be Improved?

It’s not a downside of the product, rather a precautionary talk for home consumers which I’m drawing from the price point. Spending this much money on a curler to use casually at home might not be everyone’s forte and I totally understand that. That said, professionals can’t really settle for cheaper alternatives because this T3 unit is made to endure and last a long time while delivering the best at each occasion.

Overall Assessment

Let me get this straight out – the T3 device is mainly a professional curler with everything a hair stylist may require embedded in it. It’s super light with a captivating housing that curls equally well to produce any desired style. Even if you’re a home consumer and are looking for a long-term investment, then I’d definitely suggest this one because it’s basically going to be a one-time investment for years to come where you might have to replace your cheaper device 2-3 times.

1. Very flexible & convenient for use 1. Quite expensive for home consumers
2. One pass creates fancy results
3. CeraGloss ceramic barrels for safest heat treatment

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Get BabylissPRO Nano Titanium at Amazon

As BaByliss rises in demand as a brand, the curlers they’ve been producing have drastically increased in quality very recently. They aim at bringing professional grade curlers to the hands of every consumer, thus creating an impact that has many people see them as the producers of the best 1 in curling iron units. I personally had a fair share of using this nano titanium device in my store, and it was a blissful experience for everyone involved!

Nano-Titanium/Ceramic Coated Rods Add Shine To Curls

As you know, titanium curlers heat up real high very fast, and thus have a tendency of burning hair if you’re not careful enough. On the other hand, ceramics tend to heat up slower which results in lengthy styling processes for curly/kinky hair. This particular Sol-Gel nano-titanium iron coated with ceramics make the best of both worlds meet. It has the properties for faster styling yet I don’t have to compromise with the risk that generic titanium irons possess.

Lightweight Device & Long Cable Ensures Boundless Maneuver

Despite having a rod fused with titanium and ceramic, this is surprisingly lightweight in terms of most other curling irons at such a price. Paired with this is an 8 feet long swivel cable that enables me to move it around just the way I want! 450 F maximum heat capacity with a turbo-boost button is like cherry on top for this device, rendering it an ideal 1 in curling iron in the current market.

Durable Housing For Professional Use Within Budget

I have to admire BaByliss for not compromising with the housing quality as it’s made with durable materials for each of its parts. The handle radiates a good grip level that’s expected of a professional grade curling iron. I even dropped it once off of my counter by accident, but it absorbed all of it like a champ! I’m not encouraging you to throw your curling iron to test its strengths, rather place the idea behind your head that it’s made to last.

What Could Be Improved?

Some of my clients with larger hands have informed me that they’d much rather have a curling iron with a slightly longer handle. It’s actually a matter of preference and not a design flaw. Which BaByliss should work on is, if it’s left plugged into a socket, the device remains quite warm even when it’s turned off. It can become a safety concern for ones who leave it plugged and forget about it, so be sure to unplug it when the job is done!

Overall Assessment

Based on my experience, it has so many positive sides that the minor negatives are easily outweighed by them. Also, despite being a professional quality curling iron, it doesn’t cross the threshold of $50 which renders it very affordable for many consumers and professionals alike. If you receive my take on this, I can assure you that it’ll be worth your investment both for quality and longevity of the style as well as the product itself.

Pros Cons
1. Good for overall price to performance ratio 1. Grip issue with larger hands
2. Lightweight makes it easy to maneuver
3. High heat, up to 450 F

The Beachwaver Co. S1

The Beachwaver Co S1

Get Beachwaver Co. S1 at Amazon

The Beachwaver S1 has entered the race for being the best 1 in curling iron in the professional level. It’s surely going to give the T3 iron a run for its money as the S1’s price point suggests so. But is it worth the price, should you settle for something cheaper or is it going to stand as an alternative to the T3? I was fortunate enough to put my hands on this S1 unit as my husband gifted me this on our anniversary (cliche), but hey, at least I’ll be able to write this review authentically!

Advanced Technology For Heat Setting, Auto Turn-Off Feature Included

I was literally surprised when I started using the S1 on my own hair. It’s actually very handy and unique because the iron itself rotates, which renders manually wrapping your hair around the iron unnecessary. Clamp the tip of your hair strands and just press the rotation button, the iron will do the rest for you. To top that off, the advanced technology automatically switches off the device, so the risk of leaving it on by accident is mitigated completely.

Digital Temperature Lock With Numeric Display Of Dual Units

Another issue that I’ve faced with not only the 1 in curlers, but also the 3 barrel ones is the digital display showing temperature in Celcius. For native Americans, it’s a big issue and I’ve had to keep on converting the units to Fahrenheit at the beginning of it. The S1 here shows temperature in both units, so it’s universally accessible. The digital temperature setting locks in at the precise temperature I pick, so styling becomes very accurate and efficient.

Safety Stand, Good Grip, 1 Year Warranty & Whatnot

If you prefer to use the S1 device in a professional space, you’ll find the safety stand to be very useful. Instead of placing the hot iron on the surface, you can simply place it on the stand to let it cool off nicely. Additionally, it offers a good grip to be classified as a complete professional curler and the 1 year warranty provided officially speaks for its durability. All in all, it has every bit of comfort you might demand from your curling iron.

What Could Be Improved?

People with curly hair have rarely faced a unique issue that I’ve never heard before. The home button resets the curling position, and for dense hair it sometimes presses down on that automatically upon fully wrapping these thick strands. What it does is, it triggers the reset by accident and puts the setting back to neutral. You need to be cautious to avoid that, and I hope the team will take into consideration to implement a design upgrade in their following units.

Overall Assessment

The S1 has accessibility to the general consumers’ market more because of the compromised price point. It’s a sturdy curling iron that’s made to endure the perils of time and deliver the finest curls or waves in the minimum amount of time. Based on all the pros that place it alongside the most desired, I’ll most certainly encourage you to grab a Beachwaver S1 to keep in your daily styling arsenal!

1. Lower-priced professional iron 1. Dense hair sometimes reaches reset button
2. Dual temperature unit on screen
3. Includes resting stand

CHI 3-In-1 Hairstyling Iron

Chi 3 in 1 hairstyling Iron

For ones who are hesitant to make a big purchase because they think a rod iron is monotonous for their styling process, then Chi is here to offer you an escape. If you are a diverse stylist or have to run a shop like myself to meet every demand, this device is capable of performing every need you can think of. It has the ability to curl, straighten, wave or flip just the way you want it to, doing the task of 3 different devices in one!

Versatile Styling Potential Makes It An All-In-One Device

As I just mentioned, you can almost create any style you like with this Chi device due to its flexibility of design. It has tourmaline ceramic plates on the insides for straightening tasks and ceramic iron on the outsides. If you feel like curling your hair, simply close the clamps and wrap your hair firmly, just the way you would with a regular iron. This has enabled me to draw out even textured styles that I’d never be able to do with a regular iron.

Digital Temperature Control To Adjust Heat, 30 Second Heat-up Time

Much like the most other irons, this unit too has a digital display of heat level that shows precisely where I’m at in terms of temperature. Also, there are dedicated buttons that I use to either pick smooth mode or curl mode based on my operation and the mode setting is also shown in the panel for clarity. Another stand out feature I found is the heat up time, which is absurdly short – only 30 seconds!

Negative Ions Reduce Frizz & Adds Shine To Any Hair Type

You can activate both the smooth and curl mode together to heat up the device on all fronts. This lets me style freely with hair if I’m looking for diversity. Be sure to keep your hand safe when you go all out as it’s really hot and can burn you instantly! But on both sides, it dissipates negative ions and it leaves a long-term, frizz-free, shiny smooth hair that’s unforeseen in devices as such.

What Could Be Improved?

The only downside to this device is the unique approach toward the design – it needs some getting used to for the existent learning curve. When I got it first, it didn’t feel anything like the irons I’m used to as it’s also a straightener. But over time, I was able to get the hang of it and now I can use it as efficiently as regular hair treatment devices. With practice, I can vouch that you’ll reach the same degree of expertise and generate salon-grade outcomes!

Overall Assessment

The credibility of Chi devices are spoken through the duration of their official warranty period. This iron, sitting a little over $100 comes with a solid 2-year warranty from the company. From this, you can guess how much trust they’ve put into their product. I witnessed its prowess and durability first hand and you can too should you prefer to make this purchase. From my side, I do encourage you to get one if you’re into a wide variety of styling!

Pros Cons
1. 2-year company warranty 1. Demands a learning curve
2. Flat iron, curler – all in one device
3. 30 second heat-up time

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24k Gold

The Hot Tools 24K gold curling iron looks nothing short of a magic wand from Harry Potter, and it does produce magical styles with its deluxe features! The barrel on this device is completely different to the regular ones you’ll find in the market and the product as a whole does look fancy! And the styling outcomes – out of the world marvelous! I’m most certainly loving it, and so will you!

Barrel Made With 24K Gold At An Affordable Price Range

After having a glance at this posh barrel, you might think that the price might be off the roof. To your (and mine too) surprise, Hot Tools have actually kept it within consumer reach, setting the price at around $40! How cool is that, right? And when you use such a classy curling iron in front of your friends, they’ll end up regarding you as a princess with the golden wand who radiates elegance!

Heats Up Fast & Locks In Style For Longer Durations

For a product that looks like a rich person’s toy, it does crank up the temperature significantly fast. I was able to get done with regular curling for an entire head within 10 minutes, and that too by taking my sweet time. While other customers complained about short-lasting curls made with other devices, the ones who received the 24K treatment told me stories that are the exact opposites. It lasts for hours and even retains the curl through a full sleep – that’s what I call impressive!

Fancy Design & Good Grip Marks It As Consumers’ Choice Device

The housing department has done a fabulous job at designing this 1 in curler, and the level of grip is equally astonishing even for professionals. It’s easy to hold on to, lightweight enough to maneuver around and nothing in the body gets into the way of styling. The round knob that adjusts heat is placed well clear of the thumb rest. No wonder the consumers prefer it over most other units to be used at home!

What Could Be Improved?

Ones who aren’t aware of using precise temperature settings for curling and are familiar with the basic high-med-low options, you’ll need some getting used to. My advice is to start less, at 200 F for fine hair and over 250 F for thick or coarse textured hair. As you wrap your hair and start rotating, increase the heat gradually to 300 F or at the maximum to seal the effect. Be cautious with fine hair and don’t keep your hair exposed to heat longer than necessary.

Overall Assessment

A great customer satisfaction has been the success story for this 24K gold device. Let me tell you a secret of my own: I bring this out at special occasions to surprise my customers, and the ones who aren’t familiar with this device feel remarkable to be the recipient of a superior iron. Considering all the relevant & necessary features added to the design, I’ll firmly place it among the best 1 in curling iron list with zero hesitation.

1. Looks stunningly gorgeous 1. Requires precise heat level understanding
2. Rod infused with 24K gold
3. Faster heat up time

Hoson 1 Inch Curling Iron

Hoson 1 Inch Curling Iron

The last product in my top list makes room for the budget-friendly Hoson curling iron that’s equipped to compete against the big fishes in the market. Priced at a little shy of $30, this baby is the prime example of what a company can produce within customer reach. The design is master-class and the performance is an absolute killer at this reach. I’ll definitely say that it’s one of those greatest value for money curling irons in 2023!

LCD Display Shows Accurate Temperature For Safe Styling

I generally don’t expect out of a budget-friendly curling iron to have an LCD panel and for that panel to show the accurate heat level. This Hoson device has surpassed all of my conjectures to deliver a solid 10/10 regarding these two concerns. The LCD panel is very helpful for regular consumers as it aids them with particular heat settings, while at the same time it remains safe since it doesn’t overheat being stationary at the same setting.

Highly Affordable Device With Premium Barrel Materials

The price itself is a great attraction for this device, and I was wondering how much Hoson has compromised in terms of material quality to meet the feature standards. It’s highly unusual that a curler with such access is made with tourmaline ceramics, much like the more expensive ones. It treats hair very gently, reduces frizz to a highly acceptable level and even goes on to adding shine to the curled hair!

Anti-Scald Tip, Resting Stand, 8.3” Barrel Offer Convenient Experience

To further my dropped jaw, this device contains an anti-scalp tip so that it doesn’t burn anything on the other end, be that my finger or the counter-top. It also comes with a resting stand to keep it positioned in-between styling tasks. The 8.3” barrel is long enough to cover between medium and long lengths of hair, and the clamp covers almost the full distance of the iron to keep the hair in place!

What Could Be Improved?

There’s only one design flaw that I was able to find, and it’s the thumb-release button of the clamp. No, no, don’t worry, it works perfectly, just when it’s open, the button covers the major portion of the LCD screen and prevents me from checking out the heat level. It’s not present while the clamp is locked, but only when it’s open. So I have to check beforehand to know where I’m exactly at in terms of temperature.

Overall Assessment

Make every penny’s worth is basically the motto of this Hoson device. From a budget’s point of view, this is undoubtedly the best 1 in curling iron that you can find in the market. It does everything that a professional level device can do, the design is up to the standards and the curl/wave quality isn’t that far off of a salon treatment. To all those home consumers out there, DO go for it if you don’t want to spend over $30 on your

curling iron.

1. Accurate temperature delivery 1. Thumb-rest covered by clamp-release button
2. Highly budget-friendly
3. Contains every standard feature

Best 1 Inch Curling Iron: Vital Qualities For Every Consumer

Vital Quality of 1 Inch Curling Iron

These four qualities I’m going to talk about in this section are absolutely important to have in your curling iron. If the device you’re about to pick has all four of these, then you can determine that’s a great product for regular use.

Rod Material

Different materials react in diverse ways to every hair texture. Going for tourmaline ceramics is the safest approach for you if you have fine hair. And for my clients with thicker hair, I generally opt for metal rods made with titanium or gold.

I’m not saying you won’t be able to style across materials and hair texture, but more novice consumers need to go up a learning curve to be able to perform these perfectly.

Long, Swivel Cord

Longer cords are essential for curling irons in more than one way. For one, it lets me forget about the placement of my power outlet and doesn’t mess with my hand movement. About 6 feet long cord does the trick for most of us.

Long, Swivel Cord

For another, the swivel portion of the cord allows me to rotate the iron freely without making a mess of the cord. This is one of the most vital features to look for in the best 1 in curling iron.

Heat Level

High heat is the trick behind achieving those fancy curls, beach waves or springy kings. So your device must have access to a wide range of heat settings to deliver each of these perfectly.

A rule of thumb that I follow is, picking up a device that has a heat range between 200 F to 400 F. That way, I’ll know surely that it’s going to match my demand for a curling iron.

Temperature Accuracy

This feature is often underlooked but trust me, it’s equally as important as the rest of the aspects I mentioned above. Not all the products in the market can generate heat precisely at the set degree.

Some overheat, which results in hair burn and some underheat to not create curls strong enough. So, make sure to pick the ones who deliver heat exactly as the panel reads or dial is set at.


I’m guessing this is the portion a lot of you have been waiting for, which is my verdict on who sits at the throne of being the best 1 in curling iron this year.

I have an easy winner here but will most certainly include an honorable mention, who fought really close against the victor for a few good reasons.

So, without further ado, the winner that I pick is: T3 – SinglePass Curl Professional! There’s so much I could do with it that goes beyond the ability of most other irons that exist in the market, and even the ones I put into this list.

It’s made with premium materials, contains microchips that maintain the consistency of heat output at every second, and it is indeed made to last a very long time.

The honorable mention here would be the Hoson 1 Inch Curling Iron. I must admit, Hoson has covered every possible ground for a budget curling iron and home consumers will certainly rinse a good use out of it!

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