Best 2-Inch Curling Irons That Will Change Your Hair Game Forever!

Since curls are always on trend, experimenting with them can never be bad. Although natural curls tend to look better than variations with tons of elevation and enhanced appearances, the latter could still be a good option to settle for if your hair type belongs to a different category. However, investing in a curling iron may be necessary to meet that criterion.

While regular-sized curling irons with 1-inch barrels can be sufficient for short hair to blunt cuts, a piece of slightly overgrown equipment with 1.5-inch barrels could cater to medium-sized hair.  But if your hair extends the length requirements for both of the formerly mentioned options, only a 2-inch curling iron can be your saviour and suitable companion.

When push comes to shove, 2-inch curling irons aren’t any different from their predecessors and counterparts in terms of performance, as all three of them comprise the same technological advantages. However, due to having slightly longer plates, 2-inch curling irons tend to be more adept at bringing exceptional results in a faster amount of time. Move on to the upcoming portions to learn about our favourites among the best 2-inch curling irons currently up for grabs!

Best 2-inch Curling Irons: A Sneak Peek Of All The Contenders

2-inch curling irons may run big in size, but can be excellent devices to place your trust in for a quick and easy hair transformation. While they’re mainly structured to create waves and curls on long strands, the devices can also be used on medium-length hair, as long as you’re sectioning them into smaller portions.

While the tool has yet to become a prominent face in the styling world, there are tons of top-grade 2-inch curling irons you can invest in today! And although you’ll completely be in the loop once you read through the upcoming portions of this material, go through the table below to get a glimpse of the basic traits that they have under their belts!

ModelMax Temperature Auto Shut-off FeaturePrice
Ghd Max Styler365°F 30-minute Check Price
Hot Tools Pro Artis430°F Unavailable Check Price
Hoson Pro450°F 60-minute Check Price
IKV Professional450°F 60-minute Check Price
Kristin Ess425°F 60-minute Check Price

5 Top-notch 2-Inch Curling Irons Of 2023: Our Two Cents On Each Option!

Believe it or not, finding the right 2-inch curling iron could be easier than it seems. And if you’ve stumbled upon this article, the previous segment should definitely be of some help.

On the other hand, if you’ve taken a glimpse at the former table, we assume you’ve already found the right tool for your hair type and styling preferences. However, to shield yourself from a regrettable decision, try skimming through the descriptions we’ve left in the following sections. In addition to having all the major selling points of each 2-inch curling iron, we’ve also left our two cents on its hardware and the performance attributes that shape up the styling results they tend to bring!

ghd 2-inch Max Styler

Ghd 2 Inch Max Styler

Get ghd 2-inch Max Styler at Amazon

Starting off our list is ghd’s 2-inch Max Styler, which goes above and beyond to generate professionally sculpted hairstyles!

The ceramic curling iron comprises jumbo-sized plates, both of which are infused with Dual Zone technology. With the help of Dual Zone technology on each plate, the ghd Max Styler possesses the ability to generate frizz-free, healthy-looking straight-cut looks and loose curls, that too in a rapid fast time frame.

To have time on its side, this ghd model comes with a Pre-set Temperature feature with a default setting of 365°F, an ideal setup for every hair type. The ghd Max Styler is also known for its rapid 30-second heat-up time, which mainly exists due to its powerful motor.

While this ghd model will surely sweep you off your feet by creating hairdos with tons of flair, shine, and natural volume, the device will also last you a few good years. The reason behind it lies in its auto shut-off feature, which commences after 30 minutes of inactivity in order to preserve the styling tool’s stamina.

Although its price tag could be an obvious deal breaker in the eyes of many, the ghd 2-inch Max Styler is a must-have for every avid hair enthusiast out there. The ceramic-infused plates can manipulate the structure of even the coarsest set of hair with ease with the help of Dual Zone technology. The device also has multiple temperature settings, which can cater to damaged and fine pieces of hair without an issue!

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Curling Iron

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Curling Iron

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If you’ve been following curling irons for quite some time now, Hot Tools should definitely ring a few bells. And if you’re unaware of its potential as a styling tool, don’t forget to take a look at the jumbo 2-inch curling iron under their Pro Artist 24k series.

The 24k Gold Pro Artist curling iron is just as good on the outside as it is on the inside, mainly due to its gold-plated barrel. The barrel is taped with a tight hinge, which allows this styling tool to create highly defined curls in no time.

This Hot Tools curling iron is the best option to rely on when working around tight schedules, as its Pulse technology allows the styling tool to heat up in no time, and remain hot for an exceptionally lengthy period.

Although the device uses four temperature settings to mesh well with any hair type, this 2-inch curling iron can reach its maximum temperature of 430°F in quick succession. The device also comprises an extra-long cooling tip, shielding users from severe burns during continuous operation.

While the device falls short due to its large dimensions, which could be too difficult to travel with, the Hot Tools Pro Artist Curling Iron can prove to be beneficial for long hair, as its 2-inch barrel can create long-lasting waves and curls on any hair texture!

Hoson Pro

Hoson Pro

Get Hoson Pro at Amazon

The second suggestion on our list of the best 2-inch curling iron is that of Hoson, a fresh face in the hair industry. The curling iron of the brand offers exceptional results with tourmaline ceramic technology, an attribute that is known for creating healthy-looking results. With the power of tourmaline ceramic technology, obtaining a durable look is very much possible.

While the Hoson Pro is a favourable option for the way it destroys frizziness and symptoms of hair damage, the curling iron also contains a simple layout, making it easy for technologically handicapped people to use. On the handle of the curling iron is an LCD display for monitoring the temperature settings, and a few buttons for orchestrating the power and making adjustments to its performance. The device also comes with an anti-skidding handle and a flexible swivel wave, making it a breeze to use.

In addition to offering 9 whopping settings to generate unique hairdos, Hoson Pro is a device that reaches its final form in 60 seconds. When idle for an hour, the device typically preserves its energy with its auto shut-off feature.

On top of offering affordability, Hoson Pro also rewards each user with versatility. The device comes with dual-voltage housing, making it an ideal companion to travel with!

IKV Professional Curling Iron

IKV Professional Curling Iron

For offering multiple useful qualities at a reasonable rate, IKV’s 2-inch Professional Curling Iron isn’t just a personal favorite of ours, but could be yours, too, if you’re willing to go the distance!

The barrels contain a double ceramic coating, which provides even heat distribution from the top half of the shaft to the ends. The device is also a negative-ion generator, protecting the hair’s natural shine and moisture during each use. Producing negative ions can also be good for damaged hair, as they have a habit of removing signs of frizziness, dullness, and split ends!

The IKV is a one-man army for its heat settings, which contains 11 different options in total. Each setting not only specialises in generating curls that last for a lifetime, but is also recognized for being exceptionally fast for the curling iron’s 60-second heat-up time.
With a dual PTC, the IKV 2-inch curling iron offers a temperature between 225°F and 450°F, making it a great styling companion for anyone. The device also comes with an auto shut-off feature, which typically commences after 60 whole minutes of inactivity in order to preserve its battery life.

Just like the rest of the options in the lot, this 2-inch curling iron is also quite simple to use due to its ergonomic slim handle, which feels quite weightless. Thanks to its 360° rotating swivel cord, the device can very well be used to curl in any direction! Since it has an anti-scalding tip as well, you can expect yourself to walk out of the scene unharmed!

Kristin Ess Curling Iron

Kristin Ess Curling Iron

Kristin Ess is, without a doubt, an iconic brand among cruelty-free names, as every product it makes comprises vegan properties. However, an underrated aspect of this brand lies in its line of hair dryers, which typically starts with Kristin Ess’ Soft Bend Curling Iron, one of the 2-inch curling irons that it has manufactured so far.

Unlike the rest of the options, this 2-inch curling iron is constructed with titanium-coated barrels, which are greater at accumulating heat at a faster rate. To enable users to create soft curls and glam waves on their hair, this device beholds them with four equally-compelling heat settings.

A new attribute that this styling tool introduces is Zip-up technology which reduces split-ends drastically after one use only. Since it also helps the hair with retaining natural shine and moisture, this attribute of theirs is eerily similar to the Tourmaline Ceramic technology that the rest of the contenders are built around.

With a silky smooth barrel, a weightless ergonomic handle and a thumb tip, this Kristin Ess curling iron is pretty convenient to fathom and utilize. While the device mostly works well with medium to long hair, the 2-inch curling iron of Kristin Ess can be a great tool nonetheless, especially for creating voluminous curls and extravagant blowouts!

How To Find The Right Tool For Your Demands: Crucial Factors To Consider

Find The Right Tool For Your Demands

When using a 2-inch curling iron, also known as a jumbo-sized curling iron, expecting a fast procedure with presentable visuals should be normal. However, since each option is made with a different set of characteristics, there are tons of elements that you might have to throw into the mix before you ultimately side with one of them.

From taking into account the status of your wallet to contemplating the design, here are some factors that need your attention before you make your pick!

Your budget  

Perhaps the biggest element that shapes the outcome of a purchase is the budget. And while spending more will reward you with better products on most occasions, that theory doesn’t apply when 2-inch curling irons are the main subjects.

In fact, the list of 2-inch curling irons we’ve covered in this article won’t just help you if you’re hoping to improve your styling game over the span of one night, but can also assist you if you happen to be working around a budget. While ghd’s Max Styler may definitely require you to spend all your savings at one go, the rest of the options are quite lenient, fitting in a budget of $50 with ease!

Hair type 

If you have coarse hair, you’ll probably benefit from any 2-inch curling iron with flexible heat and speed settings, as thick strands are known for being resilient against heat damage.

However, if you have fine or thin hair, you might have to settle for a brand like Hoson, which has 9 different settings to adapt to one’s hair quality. You may also resort to ghd’s Max Styler, which has a lenient temperature setting for curling out vulnerable strands.

Groundwork of the barrel 

The quality of the plates can also contribute tremendously to the experience, so make sure to examine them thoroughly.

While titanium plates accumulate heat in a rapid fast manner, the material is not considered too safe for fragile heads of hair. However, that’s where ceramic and tourmaline-infused 2-inch curling irons come in.

Ceramic and tourmaline are two of the best materials to rely on when creating curls, as they provide an even heat distribution throughout the shaft. By collaborating with ionic technology, tourmaline ceramic technology tends to eliminate signs of frizziness, damaged ends, and flyaways. Obtaining shiny results is also easier with tourmaline ceramic technology, as they enable the hair to retain moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to spice up your life by a tad bit, do so by changing the visuals and current layout of your hair. While straightening the ends could be a compelling way to take a break from your heavy head of curls, transforming your plain hairdo with a livelier presence can be the optimal solution for your long hair.

And if a change in color or a quick trim doesn’t seem satisfactory, enhancing the hair with a 2-inch curling iron can be an ideal alternative.

With the help of all that we’ve unveiled so far, we hope you’re able to find a 2-inch curling iron that matches your requirements, personality, and stylistic needs. But if you’re still stuck between a rock and a hard place, don’t lock in your decision without reading through the following questionnaire!

Q: What are 2-inch curling irons good for?

Ans: 2-inch curling irons aren’t any different from those that are regular-sized in terms of performance, as their technical aspects are usually built around the same components. However, due to having larger plates around their build, 2-inch curling irons are often the better options to depend on for creating bouncy tresses on long hair.

Furthermore, due to covering more ground, 2-inch curling irons are also more efficient at creating curls, offering a comparatively shorter styling session!

Q: Are 2-inch curling irons good for travel?

Ans: 2-inch curling irons can be the perfect sidekick for creating sizable and voluminous results on coarse ends, but the devices often lose points when their hardware is assessed.

2-inch curling irons are as big as they sound, making them heavier than regular-sized curling irons. The massive build won’t just take a toll on our wrists when the device is used for a long time, but will also refuse to comply with the dimensions of any suitcase or duffle bag, rendering them ineligible for being ideal travel companions.

Bottom Line

While it could seem redundant in the eyes of many, a 2-inch curling iron might just open new doors if you’re tired of experimenting with your current rotation of hairstyles.

Although using it on short hair won’t seem too smart, a 2-inch curling iron can enhance your long hair magnificently by adding remarkably lively and playful curls as well as waves throughout the shaft. It can also work wonders for you if your hair usually looks worn out, brittle, and dry.

Though all the suggestions we’ve dropped in this write-up are sublime, to say the least, we would definitely select ghd’s 2-inch Max Styler if we were allowed to pick one. The styler is the most expensive one, we’re aware, but it is also the most durable one. With a quick heat-up time, an auto shut-off feature, and a predetermined temperature setting, the ghd 2-inch Max Styler ensures the best styling experience, bringing forward memorable curls at the same time!

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