Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron For Effortless Curls & Waves

If you have stumbled upon my article on the best 3 barrel curling iron, you’re most certainly a curling enthusiast and looking forward to assessing which products in the market are currently trending.

Well, you’ve most certainly come to the right place! Because here you’ll find realistic reviews on some of the best 3 barrel curling irons I’ve ever used professionally!

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t a paid review article from any of the sellers, rather I want my fellow styling enthusiasts to learn what’s best for them – both in terms of performance & safety.

Thus, I’ve not only mentioned all the highlighting factors from these 5 irons, but also went the distance to draw out some of the aspects that require improvement or a little bit of practice.

So hop on to my journey with these premium devices and find out which one should serve you the best and for the longest possible time!

What Is A 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

3 barrel curling irons are exactly what they sound like – three rod induced curlers which function more effectively and efficiently than the single rod devices.

It’s designed at catering to beginners more than professionals, but it doesn’t mean regular stylists will get lesser output from it.

These devices aim at creating every sort of curl or wave on almost every hair type. With the 3 barrels guiding the hair through heat, it ends up being a 5-minute task for everyone.

Basic function of these irons is to place the hair strands in-between the three rods that automatically form a wavy pattern. Applying heat to that seals in the style for a prolonged duration!

3 Barrel Curling Irons Comparison Chart

Name & BrandHeats UpNotable FeaturesPrice
Alure Three Barrel0 to 410FLCD Display Check Price
REVLON 3 Barrel0 to 420FTangle Free Swivel Cord  Check Price
Aleath 3 Barrel 0 to 410FCeramic Glaze Coating Technology Check Price
Bestope Curling Iron0 to 410FLong 360° Swivel Power Cord Check Price
Conair Three Barrel0 to 375F 30 Heat Settings Check Price

Defining 3 Barrel Curling Irons: Expert Review

My top 5 list consists of differently equipped and oriented 3 barrel curling irons that have unique traits to separate from one another. As I’ve broken down my experience with each of them, it’ll give you a much needed insight to understand which one is more suitable for your needs.

Alure Three Barrel

Alure Three Barrel

Get Alure Three Barrel at Amazon

Alure’s 3 barrel curling iron comes in right under the $30 mark in the hair care market. This is one of those devices that I made prolonged use out of for my curly hair. Also, I generally turn to this one when I’m catering to my clients with fine hair. As it’s made to serve a wide variety of hair textures and work up multiple styles with one device, it’s actually a cost-effective curler that you can utilize for multiple tasks.

Welcomes Every Hair Type With Open Arms

As mentioned earlier, this comes in handy for all hair types. You might wonder, how can curly hair benefit from this? The answer is, if you’re like me who prefers to braid hair before going to sleep or keep it braided for easy maintenance, this iron fills in the gap where I’ve missed my braiding. It helps to maintain the integrity of those hair portions. And for ones having fine hair, you can stylize your hair any way you want, be that creating beach waves or complete curls.

Digital Control Renders Using Very Convenient

During my early days as a hairstylist, I’d have to seek refuge in ancient irons that I hand-tested to assess whether it’s optimally heated up. But this device has a digital display which allows me to pick the desired temperature and this iron maintains that perfectly. I use the two knobs on either side of the power button to select the heat level. It heats up significantly fast – within one minute of setting temperature up to 410F (210C) – it’s a grand feature for stylists who perform tasks frequently.

Four Color Options To Choose From

If looks matter to you, then you’re in for a treat! Because this Alure iron comes in four different colors at the same time! The base device is pink & black with another variant that replaces the black with white. Other than these two, you can pick the one I have draped in gold, or you can go for a premium black to design in style! For all of these devices, you’ll get a firm grip with the rubber-padded handle & ceramic plates that are highly durable – the lifetime warranty vouches for it all!

What Could Be Improved?

An area for improvement that I can say is mainly for consumers like myself who live in the US region. The temperature on the LCD display is shown in Celcius, which is the standard in European and most Asian countries. However, I’d prefer if it showed the heat level in Fahrenheit, then I wouldn’t have to bring out my phone to convert it each time. One trick you can use is – start from the lowest temperature and keep going up until you find the required level.

Overall Assessment

In total, it’s been a great value for money out of this investment for me. Trust me, I use it more frequently than any of the home consumers and it’s yet to run into any hiccups. It heats up efficiently, delivers some fine outcomes and the durability is simply made to last the longest time. For what it’s worth, I don’t really see any need to go for more expensive devices if your needs are simply curling and waving your hair, and Alure has me satisfied in this regard completely!

1. Digital heat control 1. LCD shows temperature in Celsius
2. Four housing colors to choose from
3. Any type of hair can benefit from this

REVLON Hair Waver

Revlon Hair Waver

Get REVLON Hair Waver at Amazon

Revlon’s hair care products are literally blessings for the hair styling enthusiasts, and this particular device can be regarded as the best 3 barrel curling iron for numerous reasons. Large locking clamp followed by the adjustable heat setting knobs place every necessary control unit at finger reach. The 1.5” ceramic heat plates do it for me at the professional level, and as a whole pushes me to place this product inside my all time top 5 list!

Jumbo 3 Barrel Made With Tourmaline Ceramics To Sustain Heat

What I like the most about this iron is the quality of the barrels. These gigantic 1.5 barrels are thick and made with deluxe ceramics plated with tourmaline. This allows for diversity in styling and drawing out designs that aren’t just possible to do with a single barrel iron. From giant curls to fancy waves, I’ve created all of these with the help of only one device. It renders keeping other curling products redundant, and a massive credit goes to these barrels & their nature.

Waves & Curls Drawn With This Last A Long Time

One complaint that heat treatments always generate in my customers is that the curls or waves don’t last long enough. Well, this specific iron answers this particular question as the designs created using it tend to last for hours. Some clients even reported to me that they made their curls last till the end of the night. Also, this iron adds a natural shine to the styled hair which makes the design look even more suave and ideal for parties.

30 Heat Settings Allow For Any Type Of Styling On All Hair

The adjustable knobs let me pick a specific temperature for every hair type and particular designs. This helps in many regards, for instance, it doesn’t overheat and burn my fine textured customers’ hair. Also, the level is enough to play around with curly hairs, but I’d still prefer using a straightener if the texture is overly coily. In my opinion, 30 variable settings are more than enough to cover a wide dynamic of customers, and definitely sufficient for home consumers.

What Could Be Improved?

One thing I noticed about this curling iron is the placement of the heat adjustment knob. It’s placed where I’d rest my thumb so there have been instances when I accidentally switched the heat level. I had to readjust my approach with this device that seems to have resolved the issue. If you’re a new user, it’s not going to bother you as much. For frequent users however, it’ll take some time to get used to the unique orientation.

Overall Assessment

In the jumbo barrel arena, the Revlon curling iron does transcend past most of the products in the current market. It’s safe for any type of hair which I think is a big plus for devices that can go up to 420 F in temperature. Some of you might find the clamps to be rickety, so make sure you have placed enough volume of hair between the rods. It gets the job done in less time and delivers expected results, so I’ll definitely suggest you to go for it for every sort of curling & waving.

1. Tourmaline coated ceramics for extra hair protection 1. Heat adjustment knob placement
2. 30 heat settings for every hair type
3. Long-lasting results

Aleath 3 Barrel

Aleath 3 Barrel Iron Wand

Get Aleath 3 Barrel at Amazon

This is the first ever Aleath device that I brought into my hair dressing store. I have to concede that this is one of the most budget-friendly yet well-built curling iron that’s designed to withstand the pangs of time & extensive use. With the color choices of blank & pink that are priced around $25, this is indeed a great value for money from a general standpoint. If you’re looking for 1” 3 barrel curling irons, then I’d definitely recommend you to snatch this one from the market!

Even Heat Ensures A Safe & Healthy Curling Process

Due to the nature of the barrels and the ceramic material they’re infused with, this device guarantees an even heat treatment all across the hair body. The heat is never excessive and remains at the set temperature at all times. There have been few irons that failed to maintain one temperature and fluctuated one way or the other. But this unit works beyond these limitations and such consistent performance is ideal for any scenario for styling.

LCD Display Shows Specific Temperature For Unique Styles

Similar to the Alure curling iron, this Aleath unit too consists of an LCD panel that shows the exact temperature you set it at. It can crank up to 410 F within a minute which is standard for irons at this price range. For fine hair, you can set the temperature between 200 F to 300 F and for curly hair, you can push it to the absolute limit. Be that strong curls or regular waves, this baby has done me well on numerous customers demanding specific styles!

Easy To Use, Takes Only A Few Minutes To Get The Job Done

One of the key things that place it among the best 3 barrel curling irons is the ease of use. It’s convenient and doesn’t really require much prior knowledge beforehand. You’ll simply turn it on, set the temperature and give it necessary time to heat up – and you’re good to go! And as it’s a 3 barrel ceramic device that retains heat, you’re going to get your job done in a matter of minutes! I’m not reading out the product description, rather speaking from countless experiences!

What Could Be Improved?

A couple of issues that could be improved by Aleath are the placement of the on/off button and the tightness of the clamps. These buttons are placed where general users would place their thumbs, which has been my complaint for most of the curling irons at this price range. The clamp tightness can be altered by changing hair volumes that you feed through the irons. Both of these issues are possible to be worked around after some getting used to.

Overall Assessment

Frankly speaking, this product has charmed me due to the features, quality and the price tag. The grip level is good, but you need to place your palms well clear of the barrels otherwise you might feel the heat get to you. As an entry level device, this is very easy to use and the convenience allows for styling within a very short time. If you’re looking for quick curls or waves, you can easily create them without being a veteran stylist!

1. Even heating for healthy curling 1. On/off button placement
2. Heat level shown precisely on display
3. Fast styling

BESTOPE PRO 5 in 1 Curling Wand

Bestope Pro 5 in 1 Curling Iron

Bestope’s curling wand is like the all-round device for every possible curling needs, thus it can easily be classified among the best 3 barrel curling iron list. While it’s priced at a higher level than the rest of the products in my list, that’s justifiable due to the unique features it brings forth to the consumers. This is such a device that can replace multiple irons at not only a consumer’s home, but also a professional store’s like the one I run.

The 5-In-1 Wand Set Breaks Free Styling Possibilities Of All Types

Where most of the 3 barrel curling irons deliver similar outcomes, Bestope has gone the extra distance to introduce a total of five detachable heads. These heads vary in sizes, starting from the 0.35” rod for extra-curly styles to a 1.25” rod for beach waves. Other gradients are placed in-between these, including the 0.85” triple barrel. Thus, styling has been very effective and precise for me, and it’s a piece of delight to have around my styling shop!

Lightweight, Intuitive & Easy Heat Adjustment For Beginners

After having a glance at its potentials, you might think it’s very tough to handle, master and quite hefty to maneuver around. If you assume these, then you’d be wrong on each of these aspects as it’s very lightweight, thus it never exhausts my hand even after operating it for hours. It’s very easy to pick up and use on almost all hair types, something that doesn’t demand a professional for utilization. I can easily scroll through large volumes of hair and meet customer satisfaction!

Quickest Heat-Up Time Delivers Salon Grade Results

Of all the devices I included in this list, this one heats up in the fastest possible time – within 30 seconds! There’s something that plays to the advantage of beginners, and it’s the heat setting. Unlike most other distinctive curling irons, this one has only two heat settings which won’t confuse the majority of consumers. While it can underplay the specificity for professionals, I’ve seen new users drawing great benefits out of this feature!

What Could Be Improved?

Much like everything else in the world, even your priciest product isn’t the perfect one due to subjective preferences. As a professional, I quite often put down my curling iron on my counter during styling and prepping the hair of my clients. While the 3 barrel attachment comes with safety tips on top of the barrels, the rest of the barrel attachments lack this feature. This is something I hope Bestope is going to resolve in their future devices.

Overall Assessment

This device is basically for the ones who take a dynamic approach toward styling their hair. If you’re someone who prefers to wear your hair differently on a regular basis, the 5-in-1 attachments will come in handy. It also caters to the needs of professional stylists as it alone performs the tasks of two/three different curling units. The price is well-justified due to the features, possibilities and the build-quality, and if it matches your criteria, this will indeed be your best 3 barrel curling iron at disposal.

1. Five attachments for a complete tool 1. Barrel attachments don’t include tip
2. Easy to move around for light weight
3. 30 second heat up time

Conair Double Ceramic

Conair Double Ceramic 3 Barrel Waver

Conair is one of those trustworthy, classic hair care producers who has been satisfying customer demands for over 5 decades. This double ceramic unit is a master-class in the design department that has rendered hair styling more efficient within a highly affordable range. From the new interpretation of heat settings to the sturdy build quality, this Conair unit is bound to be the best 3 barrel curling iron within set premises.

Double Ceramic Triple Barrel For Constant, Even Heat

If three barrels weren’t enough, Conair has introduced a double ceramic coated design to ensure that the heat level is sustained and maintained at all times. This embarks on seamless, professional grade styles with frizz-free, natural shines. It also spares both fine & curly textured hair from receiving heat-induced damage. To top that off, such a distribution of heat makes up for swift styling that’ll allow you to head out in less than no time!

Categorized Heat Settings Aid New Consumers

Most of the 3 barrel devices rely heavily on precise temperature settings. As I mentioned earlier, this is preferable to me and my fellow stylists, but it’s really a troubling property for home consumers. This Conair unit has divided these modularity into 30 settings under 5 categories that you can follow in the instruction manual. Pick your hair type, rotate the knob at the precise setting and be on your way without having to dwell with temperature settings for an easy operation!

Powered By Heat Boost That Turns Off Automatically For Safekeeping

Generally, this iron can crank up to 365 F at maximum setting, which is ideal for styling curly hair. But if needs be, it can go beyond this threshold with the Boost button sitting right over the on/off switch. It generates a momentary heat boost up to 400 F and it caters to coarse hair as well as styling the areas that are quite difficult to reach. Such design prowess has made me fall in love with this iron with its flexibility and concern for consumers.

What Could Be Improved?

It’s a differently built device on many fronts. Due to the double ceramic coating, the weight has increased slightly which needs a bit of getting used to. The cord is slightly shorter than the ones I’ve mentioned in this list, so you might need to sit closer to the power outlet. And the thicker your hair, the more time you’ll need to apply it optimally due to the sustained heat nature of the ceramic barrels. None of these are deal breakers really when you look at the price tag to be honest.

Overall Assessment

This device by Conair is designed to style the most generic to the most specific styles, based on customer preference and styling routine. I won’t recommend it to the coarsest of hair possessors if you are planning to run it down within minutes. If that’s not an issue, or you have fine hair, you most certainly have my blessing because you’ll be able to get results that are every penny’s worth out of this A-grade iron!

1. Double ceramic coated barrels 1. Slightly heavier
2. Heat boost for safer approach
3. Heat settings sorted into comprehensive categories

How To Efficiently Use A 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

Well, using a 3 barrel curling iron is somewhat different than the regular ones due to the number of rods. Let me tell you quickly how I go about it, so that you can get the basic idea.

Step1: Pick A Style

First step to every styling process is to select a style that you want to apply on yourself. Choose one according to your taste and hair type, upon which your first step will be completed.

Step 2: Apply Heat Protectant

This is a necessary step that I always follow to preserve the natural characteristics of my clients’ hair. Otherwise, exposure to heat has the tendency to damage the strands, which protectant serums tend to minimize.

Step 3: Place Hair Inside Clamp

Press open the clamp and set your hair evenly there. Start from the top and upon firm placement, turn on the heat. Hold it there for 5-10 seconds (depending on your hair texture and heat setting). Once you undo your clamp, you’ll find nicely curled hair under 3 barrels!

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the third step across the full length of your hair and the rest of your hair body. Dividing the hair into smaller sections is the way I generally go about. Let your hair cool off in-between each repetition.

Optional Step: Final Touches

Once you’ve covered all the desired areas, throw in some volumizing powder and spray some hairspray to hold it in place. Before it dries up, gently brush your hair to smooth out everything with the perfect shine!

Ideal Qualities For Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron

Ideal Qualities For Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron

From my experience, let me tell you the qualities I personally think your ideal 3 barrel curling iron must contain or things that you should assess before making a purchase.

Heat-Up Time

It matters how fast the rods heat up because it’ll determine the duration of your operation as well as how long it’ll retain the heat. The standard is one minute, anything around that should serve you perfectly.


Design matters for such devices for a number of reasons. One, I prefer to have the on/off switch or the heat control buttons away from my thumb placement area to avoid any sort of accidental alteration.

Secondly, a good grip is something I always appreciate to draw out the finest results. Additionally, handles that don’t pass the heat from the rods are the ones you should always opt for before buying your device.

Heating Material

For the best 3 barrel curling iron, I’ll always suggest you to go for ceramic rods or something that’s infused with tourmaline. Don’t go for metal rods as it’ll literally burn your hair due to excessive heat.

Barrel Length

This is actually something subjective, I’ve included this as more of a guideline that you can follow. If you have fine hair or a lower volume of hair, you can pick out any length you may like, just remember that shorter barrels will easily suffice.

For the ones with thicker hair or a larger volume, you should opt for a device with longer rods. I’ll allow you to curl more hair at the same time and spread the heat out evenly.


After this long journey, this marks the endpoint of my article on the best 3 barrel curling iron devices in 2023. At this juncture, I’ll be announcing one ultimate device that’s certainly going to boost up your curling in an instant!

So my verdict for the most efficient & effective 3 barrel iron goes to: the BESTOPE PRO 5 in 1 Curling Wand!

It’s uniquely designed, well-built, serves multiple styling duties with only one device! Despite carrying a sturdy housing, it’s very lightweight which is ideal for home consumers.

From rod quality, grip to the heat up time, this ticks every box of the required features you can ever hope for.

Only thing that might put you off is the price tag as it’s the most expensive one in my list. But as wise people would say – good things are never cheap, and that is indeed the case for this extravagant 3 barrel curling iron!

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