Best Aftershave For Men

Men have the choice of using aftershave to close the pours which can sting or after shave balm which many argue is better for the skin , does not sting and soothes irritated skin.

Traditional aftershaves include Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Kelvin Klein Eternity, Ralph Lauren Polo, Jean Paul Gautier, Georgio Armani, Davidoff Silver Shadow and Dolce and Gabbana .They are the aftershaves available at duty free shops and on board airline duty free  sales.

A huge industry has been built up around them and what aftershave men buy is very much a matter of personal choice no doubt influenced by advertising and the opinion of the users wife or girl friend. However aftershave balm which nourishes the skin and does not have the stinging effect of aftershave is becoming more popular.

Aftershaves and eau de toilette which have a longer lasting fragrance are often more popular. The choice is a question of lifestyle and self image and preference as well as sheer habit. Some users of aftershave are brand loyal all their lives others may change because they receive after shave or balm as a present and decide to change.

The top brands of aftershave are quite expensive. Which is also an important factor. What brand to choose is ultimately an individual choice and this is also the battle ground for the advertising industry which influences all our choices to a greater or lesser degree.

L’Occitane CADE After-Shave Balm

0123This has a soothing moisturizing action with vegetable based glycerin and a tree sap which leaves the skin soft and scented without the stinging action associated with after shave. The scent is wood like subtle and not too strong.

The cost is around $34 for 2.5 fl oz. it prevents skin tightness and irritation and leaves no grease on the skin. Wives and girl friends love it according to customer comments on the L’Occitane which is a great testimonial to its poularity.

L’Occitane  comes from the Provence area in the South of France and is made from natural ingredients and essential oils which help to care for the body and essential skincare. The L’Occitane after shave balm can be used in conjunction with L’Occitane shaving gel which transforms to a scented gentle foam for shaving even the thickest beard growth. Other scented L’Occitane products include eau de toilette and shower gel.

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Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian for Men, Aftershave Lotion


This aftershave lotion has a unique lemon flowery scent with a hint of different spices. It is reasonably priced at $17.55 for a four ounce bottle in Amazon well below department store prices. It is also available for $26.49 from

Paul Sebastian began marketing this after shave lotion in 1979.and has an understated refined oriental fragrance laced with ,jasmine, musk sage and lavender. It is recommended for use during the evening. Paul Sebastian after shave lotion is available at the very reasonable price of $14.99 for a 4 oz bottle on the website.

Paul Sebastian also has aftershave at $14.99 and aftershave balm at $13.99 on Paul Sebastian after shave products and cologne are available at many stores including Macys. is another low cost site where you can get great value on Paul Sebastian aftershave products.

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Clubman After Shave Lotion

urlThis  low cost after shave lotion has a mixture of scents from citrus lemon to bergamot and orange. There are also hints geranium, lavender and orange with a musk like scent. It has a smooth and exhilarating affect on the skin when applied.

It has a manly cologne like fragrance which lasts for 5 or 6 hours and is also good for healing shaving cuts. It is very reasonably priced at $6.99 on This is a product which has been around for a long time and is much appreciated by a loyal clientele.

They say its scent is reminiscent of an old style barber’s shop where clients gathered to read the papers before they got their hair cut. It’s also popular because of its extremely reasonable cost. Despite it being alcohol based it still has a good moisturizing effect on the skin and may also be used as a cologne.

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Proraso Aftershave Lotion SV-17X

Proraso After Shave Lotion

Proraso After Shave Lotion

Proraso is a manufacturer of good old fashioned shaving materials including aftershave lotion, shaving cream, aftershave balm and fine shaving brushes. Made in Italy with no mineral oils, artificial coloring or silicons this is how shaving used to be before expensive shaving products and department stores took over.

Proraso aftershave lotion costs no more than $14.00 on It has refreshing scent. You can purchase an original  Escali badger shaving brush with the Proraso after shave lotion for £12.95 for an old style shave.

The stripy Proraso in blue green and read presents a range of old fashioned shaving products such as creams ,lotions which are all great value in these difficult economic times.

Why pay more for your basic shaving needs? You can get great special offers for Proraso shaving products on where you can buy the reliable products your fathers and grandfathers used and relied on.

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