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Reviewing The Best Andis Clippers That Run Big On Perfection!

Andis is a brand I will always vouch for when it comes to hair clippers. It is very straightforward as a company, and only settles for nothing but the best, which is a mantra that anyone should follow when aiming for ideal results.

The clippers belonging to Andis not only have set the family business up for life and enabled the company to reach new milestones from a monetary standpoint, but have also rejuvenated the confidence of those that once suffered from crippling anxiety and low self-esteem, like me.

When thinking of some of the frontrunners that propel Andis to success on a daily basis, I can only think of three powerful hair clippers: Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li. While cut from the same cloth, each clipper serves a different purpose, possessing drastically different pros and cons at the same time.

If you’re intrigued and curious to learn more, consider this guide of mine an answer to your prayers, since this article will solely tackle the experience I had with Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li, alongside a thorough triple-threat showdown!

What Gives Andis The Right To Be The Frontrunner?

Best andis clipper

If you ask me about Andis, I’d definitely compare the brand and their hair clippers against some of the best in the business. Why, you ask? Well, it all starts with the family business itself, which recently celebrated a century of being one of the most prominent personal care brands to exist as of 2024.

One of its iconic aspects is its housing, which offers durability and resilience for years to come. The weight could take a toll on your wrist and forearm when you’re using a clipper as premium as Andis Master.

However, don’t feel hesitant to drop it, as not a single scratch will be obtained by the device.

Another aspect that I’d like to point out is its unbeatable user interface, which remains incomplete if I don’t mention their housing.

The configuration, even the design of each gadget reminds me of Wahl, as each item contains a traditional vibe.

Most clippers representing the brand carry just a power button, and a lever for adjustment; which is enough if you want incredible results like I generate.

In my opinion, the motor incorporated into the devices of Andis is the reason behind the hefty price tag each item possesses.

The motor complements the blades, offering them a consistent and powerful runtime whenever the clippers are used. This could seem redundant if you’re nothing but a consumer, but should be music to the ears of those pursuing hairdressing as a profession over a hobby.

Last but not least is the lifespan of each Andis clipper, which provides longevity using its metal-infused body kit, and self-cleaning ceramic blades. I personally replace the blades once every three to four months, but I have yet to purchase a second for the Andis clippers I’ve got in my collection.

Outstanding Andis Clippers That You Need In 2024: A Summary Overview

Andis clipper reviewWhile you’ll learn every intricate piece of info behind Andis clippers and why I believe that they should be invested in with the help of the latter segments, it might be tough to read through each piece if your schedule is as packed as they come.

Worry not, however, as the upcoming list will enable you to learn everything about each Andis clipper mentioned in this guide, that too through the help of one statement!

NameBest ForPrice
Andis MasterA Top Grade Tool That Guarantees Versatility See On Amazon
Andis Fade MasterA Specialist In The Art Of Fading And Close Shaves See On Amazon
Andis Envy LiA Clipper And A One-man Army At The Same Time See On Amazon

Andis Master, Fade Master, And Envy Li: Unveiling My Experience With Each Candidate!

I personally feel that Andis hit the jackpot with the Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li. While the Fade Master and Master are separated by a very thin line, the Envy Li feels like a concept that Andis merely created to have the edge over its competitors.

Over the upcoming portions, not only will you read through some of the obvious features that make Andis clippers the best in the business, but you’ll also learn why I’m particularly in favor of Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li when it’s time to walk the walk.

Without further ado, here is a glimpse of my experience with the best of Andis clippers, alongside a list of pros and cons that could help the viewers in establishing a better understanding!

Andis Master Clipper

Andis Master 1

Check Price On Amazon

Among the frontrunners of Andis clippers, the Master appears to be the leader. Despite being a corded clipper, Andis Master beats out its peers, as well as its competitors, mainly due to its adjustable blade.

Key Features Of Andis Master

Model Andis Master
Blade TypeAdjustable Blade (22 Tooth Master)
Weight 20 oz.
Standout Feature Deep Lever
Suitable for Creating fades with guidelines
What’s included Blade oil, blade guard

Andis Master travels solo as opposed to the Fade Master and Envy Li, offering just a blade oil and clipper guard alongside the machine itself.

Containing no comb guards is a bold move for the brand image of Andis, but is also a bit unnecessary, in my opinion.

With a ceramic Master blade, the Andis Master runs the show in multiple ways. The clipper, in my eyes, offers the best guidelines for a fade, having the edge over Oster 76 in some ways. The adjustable lever is what makes the difference, being able to cover 5 guard lengths in a jiffy.

Andis Master 3

In addition to creating top-notch guidelines, I believe that Andis Master stands out when reducing bulk from hair. Providing seamless navigation at all times, I can reduce awkward lengths around short to medium hair using the Andis Master within minutes.

Performance-wise, I feel that it has the edge not only over the Envy Li and Fade Master, but also compares well with Wahl Senior. The blade of the device is made of ceramic, which subsides heat to provide a cold compress-like feel on the scalp. Andis Master has been in my arsenal for quite some time now, and has yet to injure anyone I’ve worked with.

Using the device should be a breeze for everyone, since Andis Master guarantees salon-like fades in the span of seconds. Overall, catering to local barbers as well as professionals can be a regular when using the Master.

Andis Master 2

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What concerns me is the weight, however, which is tough to work with. If I were to compare its weight to that of any other clipper, I’d put this in the same box as Oster 76, another heavyweight among hair clippers.

Nonetheless, in due time, adjusting to the hefty build should be possible. The metal casing is a win in my eyes still, since the materials used for the handle are unbreakable and untouchable.

The motor and speed of the Master are outstanding, to say the least. It’s a bit loud in contrast to Wahl Magic Clip, but it can provide the same performance at a lower price.

I absolutely adore its gleaming handle, which contains a bulky build at the top and a tapered base at the bottom. The Master is easy to use as well, carrying only a power button and an adjustable lever.

Andis Master 4

Since the device is corded and possesses a ceramic blade that remains composed at all times, Andis Master has enough in its tank to go the distance.

However, don’t test your luck too much. If you ask me, the sweet spot stands somewhere between fifty minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.

Moreover, to avoid damage, I would advise you to blade the oil every day. The ceramic blade stays cool, but is also prone to dryness, exposing the device to deterioration.

Don’t worry about the previous issue too much, though. Just oil the blade religiously.

As opposed to Envy Li, this device probably loses out due to carrying insufficient attachments. Moreover, Master also falls short of providing a close shave as jarring as Fade Master, which carries a sharper blade.

Andis Master 5

However, I still would rely on the Master, though. It may fall short of providing more elevation and density to fine hair when cropped, but gets the job done without inducing any nicks or cuts.

Based on what it provides, I would suggest anyone with a knack for creating a proper mid fade to high fade to invest in this clipper. Since it covers 5 lengths already, saving time shouldn’t be an issue.

Andis Master 6

Additionally, had Andis Master carried attachments and a body kit that was lighter than the one that was manufactured, I feel that this clipper would have been untouchable. You’ll still find the silver lining of its heavy-duty housing at one point, however, since it is immune to fall damage.

Overall, Andis Master is a prodigy that can bring in promising results without signs of inaccuracy. Sure, the device is quite heavy, but is a must-have if you’re hoping to be a facilitator of the best fade the world has to offer.

All-rounder among Andis ClippersFeels extremely heavy; can easily ruin results
Solid runtime with efficient performance Lacks attachments, especially comb guards 
Has an adjustable lever that covers five lengths Ceramic blade requires regular oiling
Blade cuts the surface without causing any damage

Andis Fade Master


Andis fade master 6

Check Price On Amazon

Next in line is Andis Fade Master, the best gadget to rely on for creating minimal to maximum lengths in a jiffy. The Fade Master is a close second on this list, but is regarded as a selling point in my eyes due to how effective it is in reducing maximum volume.

Key Features Of Andis Fade Master

Model Andis Fade Master
Blade TypeAdjustable Master Fade 
Weight 20 oz.
Standout Feature Close shaving abilities 
Suitable for Creating all kinds of fade
What’s included Blade oil, blade guard

Just like the Master, the Fade Master is a corded device that rides on its own. In other words, it comes with no attachments, and only relies on its flat Andis blade to run the show.


Andis fade master 5

Once again, the Fade Master proves that Andis mostly caters to barbers who are already knowledgeable when it comes to being a hairdresser, offering comb guards. That shouldn’t be the case, however, as Wahl Legend, known for being a specialist in creating fades, offers multiple comb guards just to make things easier for even an expert.

In contrast to the Master, Andis Fade Master provides a blade that runs deep, almost like the Wahl Balding.

For me, creating skin fades is a bit difficult, even when the lever is closed. However, a close shave is possible with this Andis clipper, which is non-existent on the other two, to be frank.

If you’re seeking a disconnection that will give your beard more density, and your facial structure more definition, the Andis Fade Master can easily guide you home. The blade can sweep even the coarsest head of hair, and is a specialist in creating low-length designs such as a disconnected undercut.

When put to the test, Andis Fade Master never fails to create clean-cut results within minutes, which can be further deepened or softened if you like using adjustable levers like I do. During longer hours, however, not only does the motor seem louder, but the blade also accumulates tons of heat, which may cause burns or nicks on a sensitive scalp.


Andis fade master 3

If you’ve already used heavyweight gadgets like the Magic Clip or body groomers like Philips Bodygroom 7000, you might get used to the weight this device carries. Since the Fade Master is corded just like the former candidate, it took my forearms a while to adjust to the hefty nature of the metal-infused housing of this shaver.

Andis Fade Master is a must-have for anyone who creates either zero or skin fades, especially if the client happens to be a professional hairdresser. Even if you’re a local barber, know that the Fade Master is a long-term investment, which will only make the contrast of each fade higher and better, when push comes to shove.


Andis fade master 4

Check Price On Amazon

Apart from the blade, there’s very little that one can count to differentiate Fade Master from the Master, which is what I have an issue with.

Since Andis is a company that only offers premium-quality devices, with the price tag it charges, Andis should have made some changes to the housing of the device, at least. Even a different button for the power in addition to a different lever would’ve made me lean more towards the device.

Similar to the Envy Li and the Master, this Andis clipper is immune to damage.

The weight took a toll on my form multiple times, so much so that, in some cases, I even dropped the device by mistake. It came out of the crime scene unscathed, however, which was an instant win in my eyes.


Andis fade master 1

The device also feels a bit more slender when the handle is assessed, beating the bulky builds of both the Envy and Master when push comes to shove. Navigating the device and Master feels the same, however, mainly due to the similarities they have in weight and cord size.

Since the device is cordless, you may think that it can serve for hours.

In my experience, however, the device should only run for an hour and forty minutes at most. Anything over that might ruin the results, or injure your clients due to the heated nature of the flat blade.

To keep the experience as positive as possible, I suggest you oil the blades after each use. Take your time as well, since this device doesn’t provide a compartment for an incredible grip for the weight it carries.


Andis fade master 2

In contrast to its peers, the Fade Master seems more dependable when going for shorter looks that increase the density. It can even be used to reduce body and density from hair, that too at a rapid rate.

However, the guards could have saved the blades from causing injury, which is one of the weak points of Fade Master. The lever is also very stiff in contrast to some of the best hair clippers I’ve used of Andis and Oster.

Taking into account how crucial its blade is for creating a close shave, I still believe that Fade Master is worth the purchase.

When used with a slow yet steady form, it always makes any hairstyle look good around each side. The lever also allows me to seal most hairstyles with tons of texture, which is what many crave at the moment.

If you’re open to taking my suggestion, invest in Fade Master, especially if you have an Andis Master in your arsenal. If you have Wahl Senior, collaborating with a Fade Master will allow you to be the talk of the town for the high-contrast hairstyles you’ll be able to provide.

Perfect tool for creating high-contrast cuts like zero to bald fade Can cause cuts when moving upwards and downwards 
Sharp blade that is almost as good as Wahl’s 6x0 surgical bladeThe lever is too stiff; may waste time during rush hour
Heavy-metal handle that is lean in contrast to Andis Master and Envy Li

Andis Envy Li

Andis Envy 18

Check Price On Amazon

Andis Envy Li is the last competitor on this list, which probably creates a better first impression in contrast to its companions due to carrying a cordless design.

Despite being a comparatively new member to the Andis family, I believe that it’s unbelievably well equipped in contrast to the former candidates, cancelling out all the issues that make its peers more of a liability in some scenarios.

Key Features Of Andis Envy Li

Model Andis Envy Li
Blade TypeAdjustable Blade
Weight 9.9 ounces
Standout Feature Cord/Cordless Design
Suitable for Close
What’s included 11 comb attachments, blade oil, charger 

Unlike Andis Fade Master and Master, this device breaks the curse of Andis clippers by adding not one, not two, but ten different attachments; each of which covers a separate length.

Due to being one of the first premium-grade Andis devices so far, this device is supported by a charger, which fits into the packaging perfectly.

From afar, this Andis reminds me of Wahl Senior cordless, but only when you take into account its housing and color scheme. The matte-based plastic flooring is supported by a glossy metal-infused handle at the back, carrying a shade of black and grey, similar to Wahl Senior.

Andis Envy 20

What makes things more obvious is the lever, which runs quite deep, just like the one incorporated into Wahl Senior.

While Fade Master and Master can only bring about a close shave with tons of effort, the 0 blade of Envy Li is strictly made for generating a clean yet effective bald shave.

Andis Envy 17

I pitted it against the Fade Master once, and boy was I surprised by how fast Envy Li’s blade and motor were in shaving the sides clean. It left no crumbs or awkward pieces of hair that I had to swipe twice for, which makes it quite credible in my eyes.

The handle feels better too, and lighter, if I may add. While the Li-Ion battery does reprise its role on Andis Envy Li, the fact that it’s made of plastic and metal could be the reason behind its massive weight loss, which makes navigation easier.


Andis Envy 15

Check Price On Amazon

What really makes me happy is the motor, which, despite being more powerful as opposed to the other two, is very soothing to the ears. The buzzing sound of this clipper is bearable, which can be of great help if you’re sensitive to noise after one point, just like me.

Let’s talk about the battery life for a bit, which isn’t too necessary to think about when using Fade Master or Master. However, since this device runs independently without needing a cord for guidance, it feels more than mandatory to talk about its lifespan.

Andis Envy Li offers the same runtime as some of the bests in the business, which would be Wahl’s Legend, and the Cordless Magic Clip, possessing the ability to run for over a 100 whole minutes. Altogether, at one point, I was able to serve around 20 clients when using Andis Envy Li, which could have increased had I not needed their attachments.

Andis Envy 19

The lightweight housing mixed with the razor-sharp blade can call for amazing results, espeically in summer, which is when buzz cuts are high in demand.

The attachments make the experience a breeze, enabling this cordless clipper to provide blends, tapers, high to low-positioned fades, and so on. With an 8 guard, I even removed flyaways and awkward pieces too at one point.

With a modern-day build, I’d suggest Andis Envy Li to everyone, even more so if they’ve used Andis Fade Master or Master in their previous life.

Andis Envy 21

Alongside offering new upgrades such as ergonomic build, 10 comb attachments, lightweight navigation, and so on, Andis Envy Li is considerably affordable in comparison to Andis Master or Fade Master, so don’t forget to squeeze it in between your moderately challenging budget.

Prefer to hang your clippers as opposed to keeping them inside a container? Use the rear end of the Envy Li. The kettlebell-like opening allowed me to hang the device multiple times when there wasn’t enough space in my closet.

If you’re seeking my two cents, here it is; Obtain this device before it shoots up in price! The gadget offers all the necessities for barbers to have a good time and create even better results.


Andis Envy 16

Moreover, if you’re desperate to replace your Fast Feed or Balding, consider Andis Envy Li to take charge and fill your land with positive designs and seamless performance.

I do wish it had a better charging cable, though, since the one they provided lacks quality. Since it creases easily, prepare to invest money in a replacement early on when you sign up to use this device.

Pros Cons
The device is weightless in contrast to Fade Master and MasterCharging cable creases easily 
Provides 11 attachments to cover any and every length in the span of secondsA battery indicator should have been implemented for awareness
Cost-effective replacement for Fast Feed and Balding

Andis Master vs. Fade Master vs. Envy Li: A Thorough Comparison For A Better Interpretation!

Andis clipper comparison

Model Andis MasterAndis Fade MasterAndis Envy Li
Blade TypeAdjustable Blade Adjustable Blade Adjustable Blade 
Weight 20 oz.20 oz.9.9 ounces
Standout Feature Deep LeverClose shaving abilities Cord/Cordless Design
Suitable for Creating fades with guidelinesCreating all kinds of fadeZero-gap fades
What’s included Blade oil, blade guardBlade oil, blade guard11 comb attachments, blade oil, charger 
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon See On Amazon

Due to being cut from the same cloth, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern if you find tons of common ground between Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li. Conversely, the fact that they carry qualities that may be non-existent on the groundwork of the rest should be just as normal.

If you’ve read through each point and paragraph mentioned in the previous segments carefully, this assessment should count as an effective recap. However, this area remains relevant to the T, as it covers some of the most noticeable differences and staggering similarities shared between Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li, respectively.

Be sure to read through it if you’re merely seeking more knowledge, or are hoping to invest in one of the three candidates at some point in the future.

All three are durable 

One thing that brings all three of these Andis clippers together is their housing, which is as solid as a rock. Often, Andis fuses their groundwork with heavy notes of metal, which could weigh one down, literally. However, fall damage seems non-existent on Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li, earning a brownie point in my eyes.

The devices are easy to work with

Many grooming tools often try to offer as much as they can to win over the fans. However, in my opinion, more is less when it comes to Andis, which is why I admire the brand so much.

Andis offers minimal aesthetic in the design behind Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li, each of which only carries a power button, along with a lever for repositioning the blade. The buttons are based around limit switches, comprising two compartments for turning the device on and off.

While the visuals of each lever differs, using them feels the same. The one on Fade Master is perhaps the most impressive one out of them all, despite feeling a bit stiff in contrast to the other two.

Andis Master offers functionality, while Envy Li offers ease of use

With its adjustable lever, Andis Master offers five different ways in which one can change the shape and outlook of one’s hair. The Fade Master also reprises that role, but leans more towards providing a close shave as opposed to prioritizing the importance of accurate guidelines.

The Envy Li, on the other hand, offers comfort first, carrying 11 attachments that cover a series of lengths, a Li-Ion battery with cordless use of over 90 minutes, and a handle that is significantly lighter in contrast to the Master and Fade Master.

Andis Envy Li is significantly cheaper than the rest

Andis Envy Li initially raised concerns when I first put it to the test, as the charging adaptor often failed to sync when the device was running out of charge. Despite that fumble, I would still recommend everyone to invest in Andis Envy Li at least once in their life.

The Envy Li is significantly cheaper in comparison with Andis Master and Fade Master. This, alongside the way in which it prioritizes the fundamentals of hairstyling, makes Andis Envy Li a banger for its buck.

Andis Master and Fade Master provide more runtime 

With cordless use, Andis Envy Li has the edge over Master and Fade Master, according to those that count flexibility as an important factor. However, what they don’t realize is that Andis Envy Li can only serve for a limited amount of time.

When plugged-in, the Master and Fade Master can run for over 2 hours, that too without decreasing their efficiency and lateral quickness. In comparison, Andis Envy Li succumbs after 90 minutes of continuous use.

Andis Envy Li prioritizes silence 

If you’ve skimmed through my first impression of Master and Fade Master, you probably noticed how I had an issue with their motor, which is a specialist in ruining the environment with tons of sound leakage.

However, the Envy Li is more of a polar opposite, offering noiseless operation at all times. This could be a small win for veterans, but could be pivotal in shaping the experience of those who suffer from noise anxiety.

About Andis: Sculpting The World Of Hair Care Since 1922

About Andis

Andis recently celebrated its 100th year of being in the business of hair care, but first obtained its breakthrough when Matthew Andis finally ditched his occupation of being a tool maker for Mitchell Motor Car Company to pursue his dreams of being a sole trader.

Prior to running Andis, Matthew Andis invested his time in running Andis O.M. Manufacturing Company alongside fellow companions John Oster and Henry Meltzer. Things quickly fell through in 1921for Andis O.M. Company, so much so that they had to file for bankruptcy.

However, that’s when Matthew Andis took the remains to form the first Andis hair clipper, powered by an electric motor, and supported by a compact build. The device gained local recognition in Pittsburgh almost immediately, beating out other bulky clippers being manufactured in 1921.

After finding a dedicated office facility and factory in the state of Wisconsin in 1926, Andis Company, which had then converted into a family business, was in full bloom. By 1928, not only was Andis a household name, but it was also expanding its clientele by supplying top-grade clippers to customers worldwide.

Their mantra, which is “never settle for enough,” is apparent in almost all their iconic models. All of them are packed with durable housing, in addition to having a super effective motor that covers ground A to Z in a couple of seconds!

Among all the clippers manufactured so far, however, their most popular candidates remain Andis Master, Andis Fade Master, and Andis Envy Li.

However, ever since they started making changes to their technological means in 2014, each device started performing better than ever, and is said to keep improving rapidly over the upcoming years.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that I’ve concluded my review, here are some questions you can look into regarding Andis clippers that can help establish a better understanding.

Q: Is Andis a reliable brand for clippers?

Ans: Andis has been one of the most compelling brands to rely on for grooming since 1922. They guarantee promising results by manufacturing each hair clipper with unbeatable motors, durable housing, and razor-sharp blades. Providing both corded and cordless clippers guaranteeing longevity, Andis is the brand to rely on if you’re seeking a long-term solution.

Q: How is Andis different from Wahl Clippers?

Ans: Andis is considered a very prominent rival of Wahl, having the edge over the US-based company when it comes to durability and power. Unlike the plastic-infused clippers of Wahl, Andis base their clippers with heavy metal, which may feel heavy, but offers survival in the long run.

Andis is also much better if you prioritize technological advancements, carrying more blades and better motors to make each clipping experience better than that provided by household names such as Wahl and Babyliss.

Concluding Remarks

When push comes to shove, it could be difficult to pit Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li against one another. Each item is cut from the same cloth, but moves about with different incentives.

While Master offers more functionality with its 5-step lever system, the Fade Master, in my opinion, helps more if you’re creating details on a high-contrast look.

The Envy Li moves in another lane, however, providing cordless operation and 11 comb guards to compete against models such as the Balding and Fast Feed. If you’re working with a heftier budget, perhaps the Master can be a good replacement too, especially for Fast Feed!

On the contrary, if your budget barely crosses triple digits, consider going for Andis Envy Li, the most cheapest clipper of the three.

However, I would still like to stick to my previous narrative, as I believe that Andis Master, Fade Master, and Envy Li cater to different demographics. However, if you prioritize versatility alongside an effective motor as opposed to weightless operation and modern adjustments, pick the Andis Master to be your first companion before you move on to another hair clipper belonging to the same company.

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