Best Andis Dog Clippers: 5 Clippers Groom Your Dog The Right Way

For their unconditional loyalty and lovable personalities, dogs are known for being everyone’s best friends, not just a man’s. They come in different shapes and sizes and blow us away with their wholesome mannerisms, childlike behavior, and friendly aura.

Unlike most animals, dogs are often the beings that people side with when getting pets. While most of them are known for their relatively long lifespan and active lifestyle, we believe that having a dog as a pet doesn’t just give you a companion for passing lonely days, but also gives you a friend for life!

Although dogs are low-maintenance and tend to find entertainment in the silliest of things, one of the very few drawbacks that you have to cope with lies behind their thick coats, which are often hard to maintain. And while you can always maintain the length using a pair of scissors, you should always resort to Andis dog clippers if you want to groom your dog in the best possible manner!

From offering clippers that bring forward exceptional clean-up results to having options with sharp, effective blades, Andis dog clippers contain every useful aspect and more. Additionally, if you too want to stop using cutting shears on your dog and replace the tool with something that is electronic and easy to use, stay tuned in as we unveil to you 5 of the best dog clippers of Andis!

Best Andis Dog Clippers: A Brief Overview

All the models discussed in this article will effectively solve your dog’s “furry situation,”  and each contains a series of unique attributes that separate the models from one another.

While most of them can be used on any dog regardless of their coat’s density, a handful will only be effective if your dog is of a specific breed. To learn all about it, be sure to read through each portion of the table placed below!

ModelKey featuresSuitable for Value
Andis 23275 Ultra Edge Carbon edged blades; 14” cord; 3400 – 4400 SPM Every breed Check Price
Andis Excel Detachable ceramic blades; 5 power settings; 2400 – 4400 SPMEvery breed Check Price
Andis 2269 EasyClip Pro Ceramic blades; 12” cord; Corded electric clipper Shih Tzu, Maltese, Poodle, Terrier Check Price
Andis 22330 ProClipUltra-edge T84 blade; slim design; Two speed rotary motor Mini Schnauzer, Bichon Frise Check Price
Andis 23280 Pro ClipVersatile head; durable housing; #10 ultraedge blade Every breed Check Price

5 Exceptional Andis Dog Clippers That Make Grooming Look Easy!

If you’ve skimmed through the former table, we assume you know about the key features of each product that we’ve recommended in this article. However, if you’re eager to know about everything that they have under their belts, consider reading through the following materials!

Andis 23275 Ultra Edge

Andis 23275 Ultra Edge

The first dog clipper of Andis is the 2375 Ultra edge, which is known for being silent but effective. With a 14-inch cord and carbon-edged blades, the device trims a dog’s coat rather seamlessly, that too without causing any injuries. The blades are curated with narrow teeth that specialize in reducing friction.

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The durable housing is another impressive aspect of the Andis Ultra Edge, as it adapts well to different breeds and does so in a matter of minutes. Underneath the clipper head is a two-speed rotary motor, which can move at a speed of 3400 – 4400 SPM at its peak.

In addition to being blown away by the device’s abilities, you will also receive useful metal combing attachments with this Andis dog clipper, which are easy to use and even easier to clean. The noise-friendly motor won’t just make dog grooming a peaceful activity for you, but will also make the whole activity less anxiety-inducing for your pet dog.

Product Summary:
  • 14-inch cord
  • Detachable blade
  • Durable housing, suitable for any breed
  • Two-speed rotary motor
  • 3400 – 4400 spm
  • Metal combing attachments; easy to remove for convenient clean-up process
  • Teeth of the blade are narrow for reducing friction
  • Silent motor
  • 2.05 pounds
  • Made of heavy materials

Andis Excel Pro

Andis Excel Pro

Next up on our list is the Andis Excel, which comes with exceptional qualities as well as a hefty price tag.

The Andis Excel Pro trims and cleans dog coats with ceramic blades that are skin-friendly, low-maintenance, and move like butter around the body.

In addition to being a specialist at removing strands from a thick and coarse coat, the Andis Excel contains a rotary motor that prevents the tool from getting stuck when dealing with “hairy situations.”

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While it consistently moves at 2400 RPM, this dog clipper amps up to 4400 RPM at its peak to make the grooming session more time-friendly. To deal with all hair types, the device also offers 5-speed settings to each user.

With an anti-slip soft grip and a slender body, the Andis Excel fits perfectly in the palms. The blades are also extremely easy to remove and replace, making the device even more user-friendly.

Despite weighing in at 2.2 pounds, users believe that the Excel feels relatively weightless. And while the highly-powerful motor does heat up at times, this dog clipper is a bang for its buck since it can shave the coat of any breed!

Product Summary:
  • 5 speed settings
  • Detachable Ceramic blades; smooth to use and easy to clean
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • 2400 – 4400 RPM
  • Rotary motor prevents the tool from getting stuck on a coarse coat
  • On/Off System that makes replacing the blade easier
  • Anti-slip soft grip with a slender body fits easily in the palms
  • Lightweight despite weighing 2.2 pounds
  • Good for dense coats
  • The motor and blades heat up really fast

Andis 2269 EasyClip Pro

Andis 2269 Easyclip Pro

If you own a smaller breed with a playful coat, you might want something that lasts longer. And if we took the words right out of your mouth, reward yourself with the Andis 2269 EasyClip Pro!

This Andis Clipper is a corded electric clipper with a powerful motor. The ceramic blades it comprises glide through a coat with ease and tend to stay fresh for longer periods of time. While the clipper is compatible with any blade of Andis, the pre-existing blades attached to this tool could be hard to get rid of.

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In addition to being made of long-lasting, robust materials, this Andis dog clipper comes with a 12 inch cord. The power button is placed around the side, which is relatively easier to get access to when grooming a dog.

Inside the packaging, users are provided with a storage case and 4 attachments alongside the clipper itself. The blades are also detachable, making the Andis EasyClip Pro an easy device to look after.

Although it can deal with the fur of any breed, the Andis EasyClip Pro is an unbeatable model when dealing with a Shih Tzu or a Maltese!

Product Summary:

  • 2.5 lb corded electric clipper
  • Multiple attachments
  • Durable and long-lasting housing
  • 12’ cord
  • Storage case and 4 attachments
  • Detachable ceramic blades
  • Suitable for Shih Tzu and Maltese
  • Interchangeable blades are difficult to replace
  • Might need a different blade for trimming thicker coats.

Andis 22330 ProClip

Andis 22330Proclip

A great dog clipper of Andis that is often dismissed is the Andis 22330, which could be perfect for your Mini Schnauzer or Bichon Frise. The two speed rotary motor doesn’t just allow its extra-wide, ultraedge T84 to cover more ground in a matter of minutes, but also operates in a silent manner.

When used heavily, the blade of this Andis dog clipper maintains a cool and manageable temperature. The device is also compatible with every blade of Andis, enhancing the likability of this contender.

The Andis 22330 contains a 14 inch cord just like most dog clippers of the American brand. However, in contrast to most entries on this list, this piece of equipment feels like a feather with a weight of 1.1 pounds.

Alongside looking forward to its lightweight build and precise blade, you will be swept away by  the materials used for this dog clipper, which are resilient and durable. If you’re worried about damaging the tool, we also hope you find contentment in its one-year warranty!

Product Summary:
  • Cool and quiet two-speed rotary motor
  • 1.1 pounds
  • Slim and compact design
  • Extra blade, hard case and clipper oil
  • Two speed rotary motor
  • Alloy steel, Extra wide Ultraedge T84 blade
  • One-year warranty
  • Typically known for running perfectly even after 2 years
  • Suitable for a Mini Schnauzer and Bichon Frise
  • Compatible with other blades of Andis
  • Ineffective for heavy and thick haircoat

Andis 23280 Clipper

Andis 23280 Clipper

The last model of Andis that can be the perfect clipper for grooming your dog is the Andis 23280 clipper, another corded electric clipper from this lot.

Mostly known for cleaning the fur of Terriers, Spaniels, and Poodles, this clipper uses a “#10” blade to work its way through the coat as well as the undercoat of a dog. The rotary motor it comes with is mostly renowned for its lateral quickness but can also be counted on for the cool temperature it maintains at all times.

While finding a 14 inch cord won’t really sweep you off your feet, its shatterproof materials surely will! Since the device also weighs a little over a pound, using it should be as easy as pie!

Although the blade it contains mostly stands out when it’s time to maintain the undercoat and the overcoat of a breed, you can replace the attachment and experiment with any and every blade manufactured by Andis on this device, mainly due to its compatibility.

On top of having a versatile clipping head, this Andis dog clipper comes with an easy maintenance routine. To maintain the efficiency of the blade, all you have to do is make use of the clipper oil. Additionally, once the blade has run its course, consider making use of the extra ultraedge blade that comes with its packaging.

Product Summary:
  • 1.1 pound
  • Corded electric
  • Good for grooming Terriers, Spaniels, Poodles
  • Compatible with ultraedge, ceramicedge, and slowedge blades
  • Shatterproof housing
  • 14’ cord
  • Easy to clean
  • Ultra edge blade, Clipper oil
  • Good for undercoats
  • Rotating motor stays cool after continuous usage
  • Existing blade is good for maintenance cuts; not sharp enough for furry coats

How to Groom Your Dog Using Andis Clippers

With the help of this write-up, you’ll be able to garner knowledge on Andis dog clippers and the breeds each model caters to. However, all of the materials in this content will prove to be redundant if you don’t even know how to groom your dog!

If you can work your way around a clipper and know just how your pet reacts to each trimming session, you may skip past this segment. On another note, if you’re inexperienced with a dog clipper and have a challenging time when fixing your dog’s coat, don’t forget to take notes from this guide!

Right Tools for Dog Grooming

Have the right tools

In addition to having a dog clipper, two essentials that you need for achieving a hassle-free dog grooming session are a comb and a pair of scissors. The comb will get rid of any split-ends and detangle any piece of wavy fur that can cause pain to your dog.

Additionally, the scissors will stand out the most when it’s time to give the fur around the ears, nose, and eyes a thorough and neat cut.

Furthermore, if you’re inexperienced with a pair of scissors, consider using combing attachments to clean the sensitive areas. To shield your dog from nicks and cuts, try to hold their chin in a firm position.

Wash your dog beforehand

Due to being highly-active, dogs are known for accumulating tons of sweat, dirt, and buildup. If they’re not washed before being groomed, the unwashed particles of dust and retention of sweat can make it difficult for the dog clipper to work with.

Furthermore, due to the accumulation of dirt, the blades might get stuck during the trimming session, hurting your dog as a result.

Shave towards the grain

In addition to making sure that your Andis dog clipper comprises the right blade, always shave towards the grain so that the clipper shaves off as little as possible. Try using sizable guards if you’re inexperienced.

On the contrary, if you want to groom your dog with a close trim, consider shaving against the grain. While you should avoid this move if your dog’s fur lacks density, you can shave against the grain if the breed you’re dealing with has an endlessly coarse coat.

Take multiple breaks

Andis dog clippers are definitely some of the best tools you can use to groom your pet on a monthly or weekly basis. However, since a dog is much more hairy in contrast to us human beings, the motor of the clipper might gradually heat up, bringing forward repercussions and injuries.

To avoid that scenario fully, break the grooming session down into four smaller segments. Take frequent breaks to avoid botched procedures and shield your dog from cuts, nicks, and the burning sensation from a hot blade.

Give your pet another bath if needed

Once the session is over, use a blow-dryer in low settings to remove tiny pieces of fur from your dog’s coat, especially if you bathed them before the grooming session.

However, if your dog is a Labrador, Maltese or a Golden Retriever, try giving them another bath. Since all three of the former breeds have sensitive skin, not washing them properly after a grooming session might make them suffer from itchiness, redness, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve learned everything about Andis and how good their dog clippers can be as a daily solution for your dog’s furry issues, here are some questions regarding Andis dog clippers that will surely aid you and your pet dog in multiple ways!

Q: Which blade should I use to trim my dog with Andis’ clippers?

A: While #10 blades, Ceramic blades, and Ultra edge blades of Andis can be sufficient in giving your dog a mandatory maintenance cut, our preferred blade of Andis is the Oster blade, known for its precision, efficiency, and skin-friendly nature when working with dog hair.

Q: How do I trim my dog’s thin coat with Andis’ clippers?

A: Although the blades of Andis dog clippers will work wonders if your dog has a furry and coarse coat over its body, make sure you make adjustments to your technique and come up with a different grooming routine if your dog has a thin coat.

Since using the open blade of any Andis dog clipper will clip more hair strands than needed, try attaching the highest combing guard when giving your thin-coated dog a much-needed cleanup, and using a #10 blade to get rid of stray hair strands. You may also consider using haircutting shears in areas that lack density in contrast to the other locations.

Final Takeaway

With the help of this write-up, we hope you’re able to find an Andis dog clipper that makes grooming your dog much easier, and makes the whole activity a fun-loving and safe experience for your pet dog.

While all of them are more than sufficient for regular use and can be utilized to the fullest to get rid of bulk from your dog’s existing coat, the best pick in our eyes is Andis Excel Pro. The ceramic blade could be very friendly on a dog’s skin, and its 5-speed settings can be utilized to the fullest for a shaving session, regardless of the breed type. As opposed to the rest of the options from the lot, the housing of the Andis Excel Pro is more slender around the handles, containing a no-slip grip with tons of control.

Additionally, if you’re working around a relatively lower budget, the best option we can offer you is Andis EasyClip Pro, an affordable corded electric dog clipper with a robust housing, a good cleaning system, and a handful of useful attachments!

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