10 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Machines For 2023

Shaving sucks! Running a shaver across your leg to nick yourself is an all too common occurrence. And if you’re going to be shelling out the money for monthly waxing, then you’re in for a world of pain!

But what if you could remove your hair quickly, and efficiently? And what if that removal could be permanent?

There’s a new player in the hair removal industry; laser hair removal.

With social media we’ve seen the rise of an increasingly appearance-conscious generation, resulting in a surge of at-home procedures that have made hair removal more accessible to people all over the world. By 2023, the value of the hair removal industry is expected to reach $1.35 billion.

Laser hair removal machines have introduced a fresh new solution to an age-old problem.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the 10 best at-home laser hair removal machines on the market.

Comparison Table Of Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

ModelFDA cleared ?Notable Feature Price
Tria Hair Removal Laser 4XYesCordless 30 minutes Check Price
BoSidin Facial and BodyNoBuilt in cooling System Check Price
Gillette Venus Silk ExpertNo2 Modes with Razor Check Price
Remington iLIGHT ProYes3 cartridges includes Check Price
MLAY Hair Removal System
YesLcd Display Check Price
LumaRx IPL Hair RemovalYesQuick flashes Check Price
Philips BRI956 Lumea Prestige No4 attachments Check Price
U-Kiss Hair Removal SystemNo5 Face Settings Check Price
DEESS Device Series 3 PlusYes350,000 Flash life Check Price
Veezy Ultra Hair RemovalNo350,000 Flash life Check Price

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

According to the National Laser Institute, the year 2016 saw over 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures performed in the United States. It’s the next best thing in personal grooming.

What Is Laser Hair Removal

The name speaks for itself—laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses laser light energy to remove body hair. Over the span of eight or more treatments, people are able to permanently remove unwanted hair on their body.

While it may come with a bigger price tag than conventional hair removal methods, the results are definitely worth it. Most people report a 90% permanent reduction in hair growth in their treated areas.

Laser hair removal treatment works by targeting the melanin found in dark hair follicles with pulses of light. Since it specifically works on heating up the melanin in your hair, it does not have any effect on the surrounding skin.

Top 10 Home-Based Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Tech developments in the hair removal industry have come leaps and bounds over the past few years, and as a result, there are countless hair removal machine choices available on the market. I’ve compared hundreds of devices to find the top 10—these 10 machines have consistently proven themselves to have a level of quality and reliability that’s a cut above the rest.

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria has been at the forefront of the beauty and skincare industry for years. Their products are known to be efficient and reliable, especially when it comes to anti-aging formulas and their line of cosmetics. Now, they’re working on women’s personal grooming with a laser hair removal device, the Tria Laser 4X. This has quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed laser hair removal machines in the world.

Its unique shape isn’t just for design… It’s been engineered to be ergonomic and comfortable. I really appreciated how well this device fits into my hand. It’s lightweight, compact, and gently funnels towards the laser treatment window. This build was super helpful in focusing in on specific hairs and zapping them away.

Tria Laser 4X

Another strong selling point from the Tria is the balance between light emission and hair-eliminating energy. The product is safe enough for you to use on your face, but can still deliver strong bursts of laser that do their work destroying the hair follicles.

The Tria 4X comes with a skin sensor technology. This determines the type of skin you have and the settings that you should run your device on. Once it has verified that a certain area is good for treatment, the device unlocks itself. From there, you can set the device to the desired intensity and get started.

Most laser hair removal devices need to be plugged into a wall point, making it difficult to maneuver around certain areas on your body. With this in mind, I love how all Tria devices are powered by an internal battery. Its impressive 30-minute battery life means you can cover multiple areas on your face and body in a single treatment.

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In fact, the Tria 4X is one of only two products in our top 10 list that can run on battery!

The Tria 4X comes with an LED display to help you monitor the device. Aside from the power button, the display showcases five features: the battery indicator, pulse counter, skin sensor, treatment level, lock, and power button.

The indicators are well designed and don’t feel too crowded in the display. I love how everything metric you need to know on the device is given to you in a single glance.

One drawback I found in the Tria Laser 4X device was the target area. The laser window is smaller than a dime and treating large areas can become tedious. Even on a full charge, it may be difficult to finish treating your legs or chest in a single treatment.

2. BoSidin Facial and Body Hair Removal

The BoSidin Facial and Body is the ideal device for people with pale to medium skin types. It uses the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology to get the job done. The IPL method is popular because it’s capable of covering large patches of hair in one go. For those concerned with budget, it’s also slightly more affordable than most products.

BoSidin Facial and Body

One thing I love about the BoSidin Facial and Body—and in fact, all BoSidin IPL devices—is that they come equipped with unique cooldown features. The light outlet is built with sapphire, helping it maintain a low skin surface temperature. It’s a useful feature to have while you’re doing your treatment because it gives a cold compression effect. This makes BoSidin IPL devices more suited for sensitive skin types than other devices.

On that note, you can choose from five different intensity levels on the BoSidin. I like the variety because this gives you the opportunity to start off slow and then build things up at your own pace. This is an important feature for people with low pain tolerance or skin issues.

Also, you don’t need to worry about this device running out of juice anytime soon. The BoSidin does not need a replacement cartridge and is capable of delivering up to 300,000 flashes.

Get BoSidin Hair Removal at Amazon

That’s the equivalent of at least 12 years worth of full body treatments! Your hairy situations are solved for life with this device.

The BoSidin comes with a pair of eye protection glasses and a shaver. These are two important tools to have because you do need to take extra safety precautions with your eyes during the treatment. You also need to shave the area you want to treat beforehand.

One downside of this device is that it simply isn’t effective on light-colored hairs or on darker skin tones. These include blonde, red, grey, or white hairs. This is because these strands have lower amounts of melanin stored within and they will be unable to fully absorb the light. When it is used on a darker skin complexion, there may be an increased risk for irritation. This is attributed to the increased concentration of melanin in the skin.

Either way, because it comes with a year warranty, there really is no risk taking the plunge!

3. Gillette Venus Silk-Expert BD 5008

The sleek and self-proclaimed Silk-Expert lives up to its name. It’s modeled closely after the devices used in professional salons and works just as efficiently—if not more.

What I appreciated the most about this product was how seamlessly it could identify skin tone and then calculate the right light intensity. Built with the brand’s unique SensoAdapt technology, it continuously analyzes your skin tone as you are using it. It is capable of ‘reading’ your skin up to 80 times per second.

Gillette Venus Silk-Expert BD 5008

This is a strong selling point for me because it removes the hassle of figuring out what my skin tone is. It gets straight to the point and lets you get zapping straight away. Some other laser hair removal products have skin sensors as well, but they have yet to beat the positioning and efficiency achieved by the Silk-Expert BD 5008.

In addition to these capabilities, the skin contact sensors make sure that the device only works when it is in contact with the skin, and the light that is visible during the treatment is safe for your eyes.

The Silk-Expert BD 5008 is an IPL machine, so it comes with all the benefits of IPL hair removal. This includes increased affordability, as well as an increased coverage area. It’s a fast device, and you can finish an entire leg or arm in less than ten minutes.

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With this model, you have two modes to choose from: a normal mode and a gentle mode. I’m giving the gentle mode a special mention here because while you’re using it, it reduces the energy levels released from the device.

This is perfect if you’re transitioning into the maintenance phase of your treatments. It is also good for beginners and for sensitive target areas.

Finally, the Silk-Expert BD 5008 is corded. This can be a downside, because it can be a bit difficult to work around the cord as you work the machine. However, this means that it is connected to a reliable power source and is capable of pumping out a consistent amount of power throughout the treatment.

4. Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

You may have heard of this brand already. It’s one of the frontrunners in the male grooming industry. Now that they’ve expanded, the introduction of the Remington iLight has definitely grabbed the attention of the hair removal industry!

This device is part of the iLight series, and stands with two other products: the iLight Pro Plus Quartz and the iLight Ultra. Between the three, the iLight Pro comes with the least number of flashes. However, what it lacks in flashes it makes up for in power. This IPL device comes with a powerful 16 Joules per flash. This allows for greater, more effective hair reduction with fewer treatments.

Remington iLIGHT Pro

It comes with a Proprietary ProPulse Technology, the brand’s adaptation on the technology used by certified medical professionals in clinic and spas. The results of their development led to this handy machine that can deliver permanent results without leaving a permanent dent on your budget.

The iLight Pro comes in two modes: single flash and multi-flash. Single flash is for when you have more time to dedicate to a treatment. You activate this device by positioning the window over the area and then pressing the button—do not hold your finger on the button, the device will then flash once.

Multi-flash can be for larger areas where you don’t have the patience nor the luxury of time for your treatment. The multi-flash mode will flash every two seconds, and all you need to do is move the device from one spot to the next before the next flash occurs.

The Remington iLight lasts up to 6,000 total flashes. When you run out, you can easily find the replacement bulbs online.

The iLIGHT name is likely a reference to the intensity of the model’s laser light, because it definitely isn’t a reference to the device’s weight. This model weighs 4.9 pounds and is the heaviest device on this list. This can make it uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time. As a result, this probably isn’t the best choice for those who travel frequently. I would recommend this model for anyone who is just looking for a home-based laser hair removal product that covers relatively small areas of skin.

5. MLAY by Tomakou Hair Removal System

This machine has quickly become popular among women in Hong-Kong. This is because it is so incredibly simple and easy to use.

It may not have the same sleek and shiny design as other entries on this list, but in terms of performance it’s still a strong contender for the best laser hair removal device. The MLAY Hair Removal System comes with five energy levels so you can steadily adjust the intensity as you go through your treatments.

MLAY by Tomakou Hair Removal System

This device stood out due to its three unique replaceable laser heads. One is the standard hair removal laser head, the second designed for skin rejuvenation, and the third for acne clearance. I like how this adds another layer of customization to the experience of laser hair treatment.

You can easily swap them in and out depending on the head you need to use. They are clearly marked so you can identify them quickly.

Another strong advantage to the MLAY Hair Removal System is its compact build. This is the ideal laser hair removal machine for anyone who travels frequently or wants a new addition to their grooming kit.

The LCD display is straight to the point. It has indicators for the laser head you’re using, the number of pulses left, the energy level, temperature status, and fan status. The inclusion of the device temperature and fan makes it easy to keep track of your device’s health.

The MLAY Hair Removal System offers 300,000 flashes, which is equivalent to over ten years’ worth of effective laser hair removal.

This device is corded, which means you won’t be able to use it on-the-go… However, it does guarantee you will get consistent and powerful results due to a stable source of power.

6. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal

The LumaRx is a simple yet stunning device. I would recommend this if you need a model that can quickly go over larger areas with ease or if you need enough power to handle the treatment of two people simultaneously. Unlike other home-devices, this device definitely has the ability to power through multiple intensive treatments with ease.

LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal

The LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal device comes with two treatment caps: one for the face, while the other is for the body. I like this feature in particular because they draw a clear line of differentiation between two very different parts of your body. You won’t have to worry about being unable to find a calibration gentle enough for your face with these caps.

To add to this, the LumaRx comes with five different energy levels to choose from. This gives you additional control over your laser hair removal treatment.

Next, its Comfort Filter technology works to block out any harmful UV rays and infrared energy generated during the treatment—I love how they went the extra mile to safeguard the user from any adverse effects.

This precaution is especially handy because this device has one of the largest treatment window times in the industry. To supplement this advantage, the LumaRx operates with a cord. This ensures that a consistent amount of power is always surging through the device.

One of the downsides to the LumaRx is that it can only give 65,000 flashes. This is significantly lower than the usually recommended 200,000 to 300,000 flashes. However, you can easily buy replacement cartridges online.

Furthermore, the initial learning curve for the LumaRx is a bit steep. The device can be difficult to understand for people who are new to laser hair removal. Because of this, I would recommend this to those who are more experienced with the procedure.

7. Philips BRI956/00 Lumea Prestige Epilateur

The Philips BRI956/00 is the device to go for if you want to take advantage of the latest developers in the hair removal industry. The Dutch multitech brand instantly evokes a feeling of security and stability due to years of releasing trustworthy and forward thinking devices.

Philips BRI956/00

This model comes with four uniquely curved attachments with different specializations. There’s one for the body, face, bikini, and underarms. The hair on our body is exposed to different environments and goes through different rates of growth. With this in mind, I like how these attachments are separate from one another because it makes hair removal even more hygienic and efficient.

This model also comes with a SmartSkin sensor, which recommends the ideal setting for your skin tone. With this, you won’t need to worry about figuring it out for yourself.

In terms of versatility, the Philips BRI956/00 has a clear edge over the rest of the models on this list due to its dual corded and cordless functionality. This makes it a great option for travel despite not being the lightest device on the list. If you’re willing to take on 3.7 pounds, then this can be the perfect travel companion for you.

It may look a bit unwieldy at first because of its size, but I found it had a good grip and a balanced body. It’s a bit like holding a sturdy blow dryer or a gun. The equal distribution of weight makes it easier to point and control.

Instead of having one LCD or LED display for the features, the controls are at the top of the device with their corresponding light indicators. This does make choosing features and monitoring performance a tad difficult.

8. U-Kiss IPL Hair Removal System

You can kiss those pesky hairs away with the U-Kiss Hair Removal System! Don’t let its small size fool you. This little gadget comes with a whopping 40,000 flash capacity and has replaceable lamps in case you need backup.

U-Kiss IPL Hair Removal System

This device comes with fitted with five energy levels. You are free to adjust it according to your pain tolerance as well as the area you plan on treating. While going through your treatment, you can choose either flash mode or slide mode. Flash mode releases a single precise pulse for the face, underarm, and bikini lines. Slide mode delivers a steady stream of pulses at regular intervals for bigger areas such as the back, legs, and arms.

One thing I loved was about this device was how easy it was to follow their user manual. The process of laser hair removal was explained in a clear and concise manner. The model’s features were quickly listed in another page. From the get-go, a comprehensive yet concise user manual helps customers make the most out of their experience with the product.

The device has two different modes. The first is the manual mode, where you press the flash button every time you want the machine to flash. The second is the automatic mode, where you just press and hold the flash button. After three seconds, it will automatically flash in similar intervals so you don’t have to press down each time.

One small issue I had with this product was the persistently loud fan noise that buzzes while it’s in use—perhaps this is because of its small build. With that said, the U-Kiss is still a hair removal powerhouse that you should definitely consider if you don’t mind the noise.

9. DEESS IPL Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus

The DEESS IPL Series 3 Plus is a reliable option for beginners in home-based laser hair removal. It is recommended for people who have sensitive skin because compared to other entries on this list, its laser light pulses are relatively painless. It also comes in five intensity levels, leaving you with the choice on how far you’re prepared to go with your treatments.

DEESS IPL Hair Removal Device Series 3 Plus

This device goes well above and beyond the flash capacity test. It offers 350,000 flashes and even has replacement lamps in case it runs out. I mentioned previously that the 200,000 to 300,000 range of flashes can accommodate more than ten years’ worth of laser hair removal treatments. With a superior flash capacity and the availability of backup lamps online, this will definitely help you save on the expenses associated with hair removal.

I appreciate how the DEESS hair removal device is UV filtered. This means that there is an additional layer of protection against harmful chemicals as you go through your treatment.

The DEESS is corded, and while this is reassuring because it is ranked to a steady source of power, you may need to be more alert with handling the device and with working it around your body. One common complaint I found about the DEESS is that it is a bit slow. This is probably the trade-off for being able to cater to people with sensitive skin.

10. Veezy Ultra Light Face and Body IPL Laser Hair Removal

California-based Veezy is to thank for this pretty in pink laser hair removal bar. It’s a beautiful and minimalistic device that gets the job done fast! I would recommend this model to anyone who is into the minimalist aesthetic, but still wants a device that can zap those pesky hairs away.

The Veezy is equipped with an Anti-Scald Technology that works to lessen pain and focus more on the hair follicles. There’s a filter built into the laser head specifically for this purpose!

Veezy Ultra Light Face and Body IPL Laser Hair Removal

In terms of longevity, this device is built to give 350,000 flashes. This is well over the usual flash capacity for home laser treatments, so once you buy the Veezy, it’s definitely going to be with you for the long run.

I appreciate how responsive the company’s customer service team is. They are quick to reach out to any complaints regarding the product and are willing to remedy the situation. It’s an indication of how much they value their relationships with customers, and how committed they are to building positive consumer experiences.

This device only operates when plugged into an outlet, which is both a good and a bad feature. You will have less mobility and it will be difficult to maneuver it around your body. However, it is connected to a stable source of power and this is reflected in its performance.

When you order a Veezy, the package includes a shaver, a power adaptor, and a user manual. These are all you’ll need to jumpstart your home-based laser hair removal work.

One disadvantage I found with the Veezy is that it is prone to overheating after prolonged use. Make sure to give it some rest in between uses so it has the time to cool down.

What Should You Look Out For When Choosing Your Device?

There are many factors that go into choosing the best laser hair removal device. To make the most out of your purchase, you need to narrow down certain qualities you would want in your new device before looking. This way, you won’t get lost in all the different models available on the market.

Laser ahir removal machine buying guide


  • How Big The Flash Capacity Is

These laser hair removal machines operate by emitting bright pulses of light, known as flashes, to damage the hair follicles. The number of flashes it promises can give you a rough idea of the device’s lifespan.

I recommend setting the benchmark between 200,000 to 300,000 flashes. This is above and beyond what you will need—it means that the device will be able to continue giving hair treatments for more than ten years.

If you’re not willing to make such a long term commitment, you can go for devices with lower flashes. Some come with the option to purchase replacement bulbs.

  • What Type Of Laser It Comes With

There are five different laser wavelengths that are used for hair removal, and each one specializes in different skin types. Alexandrite is a reliable all-around wavelength you can look out for in your devices. If you’re pale; look for ruby, pulsed diode array, or IPL lasers. If you have a darker complexion. I’d recommend looking for an ND:YAG laser.

  • How It Feels In Your Hand

You’ll be working your device across some difficult parts of your body. These include the underarms, the back, the legs, and the contours of your face. It’s important that you can confidently handle the device so you don’t put yourself at risk. The best laser hair removal machine should feel like it’s an extension of your hand.

To figure out what works for you, consider the device’s dimensions, weight, and overall build.

  • Whether It Comes With A Cooling System

Because of the way that these devices work, it’s important that it comes with safeguards to prevent it from overheating so that it doesn’t cause a breakdown. It’s possible that an overheated device can even malfunction and damage your skin while using it. A cooling system ensures both you and your device are safe from injury.

  • How Durable The Device Is

Your laser device needs to last as long as possible, especially since it’s a significant financial investment. I recommend looking for products with a hard plastic exterior. This helps make sure that the device remains lightweight yet durable.

Rubber is also a good material to look out for, because it helps with the grip. It can also function as a shock absorber in case you accidentally drop your device.

  • Whether It Comes With Any Additional Features

Additional features are a bonus with any purchase! While it may be tempting to just go for the device that’s decked out with all the bells and whistles, it may not always be practical. Some basic features you should look out for are a clear LED display, a lock, and at least two intensity modes.

  • Whether It Supports Your Skin Tone

Not all lasers are made equal, and the same goes for the devices that channel it. There may be some devices that cater specifically to certain complexions because they’re wired to emit laser light at a certain wavelength. Alexandrite is the wavelength to go for if you want a device that can cater to all skin types. The ND:YAG works best on darker complexions. Ruby, on the other hand, is the best wavelength for pale skin types.

  • Your Pain Tolerance

While most laser devices offer at least two intensity settings you can switch back and forth from, the procedure is bound to hurt either way. It’s important that you know how much pain you can take in the areas you want to treat before you choose your device.

What Makes The Laser Hair Removal Procedure Stand Out?

Waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams simply remove hairs at the surface. With traditional hair removal techniques. hair can still grow back!

Laser hair removal is different from other traditional forms of hair removal because it goes straight to the hair follicle and disables its ability to grow back.

Hair grows in three main phases: anagen, telogen, and catagen. The laser light can only hit hairs that are actively growing or hairs that are in the early anagen phase. Even if they’re in the same area, the hairs on your body do not necessarily grow through the same phases at the same time. This is why you need several laser removal sessions.

The procedure can permanently eliminate unwanted hairs. It eliminates the risk of getting those pesky ingrown hairs and tiny stubs that you normally get with other methods.

Why You Should Go For Laser Hair Removal Devices

You now know what laser hair removal is, how it works and the top 10 hair removal devices on the market. If you’re still on the fence on whether you’re to invest in a laser removal device, these 6 benefits will be sure to win you over.

Why You Should Go For Laser Hair Removal Devices

  • Targets Precise Spots

These devices can pinpoint the hair follicles and deliver the zap just to these specific parts, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Traditional hair removal methods such as tweezing, waxing, and shaving can lead to a variety of skin problems. These can include rashes, stumps, ingrown hair, and cuts.

  • Helps You Save Money

While a laser hair removal tool might require a sizable investment in the beginning, it does end up saving you money in the long run. You can take control of your hair removal routine and you won’t have to consistently rely on disposable shavers, waxing kits and depilatory cream.

Statistics show that the average lifetime cost of a laser hair removal technique is $3,000. When you choose to shave, those figures jump up to $10,000. It’s worse when you’re waxing, because the numbers more than double—you’ll be spending $23,000 to maintain your hairlessness.

  • Works With Sensitive Skin

Admittedly, there are some side effects of laser hair removal. Your skin will be hypersensitive to heat for the next day or two, so you need to plan ahead. However, this is still a good trade-off if you look at the drawbacks that come with the conventional hair removal methods, that can cause ingrown hairs and open microabrasions. Laser hair removal is targeted exclusively towards hair follicles and does not come with these risks.

  • Permanently Removes Hair

Think of all the outfits you can choose to wear when you don’t have to worry about unnecessary hair growth! It can give you a considerable boost in confidence while also toning down your grooming expenses in the long run.

Fluctuating hormones, however, can cause some of the hair to grow back. Some people may even see additional hair growth. Keep your laser device well-maintained in case this happens!

  • Long Term Investments

The price of treatment can be affected by many different factors. These can include location and desired treatment area. However, studies show that the average price of treatment for arm hair costs around $125. In comparison, the average price of treatment for back hair is estimated to be around $420.

Overall, the average lifetime cost to remove unwanted hair by laser removal is just $3,000. This is what you’ll have to shell out to get a clinic or spa to do the job for you. If you invest in a device of your own, however, you can reduce your expenses significantly. You are in complete control of those pesky unwanted hairs and your wallet will thank you for it.

  • YOU Are In Control

Extra body hair can be a common cause of anxiety and insecurity. As a result, it can be easy to spend time and money chasing quick fixes and pricey treatments to try to remedy the situation.

This changes when you choose to invest in a laser hair removal device.

It’s not just an investment you make with your money—it’s an investment you make on your personal appearance, self-confidence and grooming as well. Once you understand how it works and follow through with treatments, it will be so satisfying to see those hairs thin out and fall off.

Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Laser Hair Removal

Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Laser Hair Removal


  • It Works On Light-Colored Hairs

Laser hair removal has definitely come a long way since it was founded in the ‘90s, but as of now, it is still difficult to get the job done on lightly-colored hair strands. These include white, gray, red, and blonde colors.

  • It Only Works On Light-Skinned People

It is possible to go for laser hair treatment even if you are dark-skinned. Be careful, though— people with dark skin are more prone to hyperpigmentation. This leads to an increased risk of burns and dark marks. I recommend looking for devices with an ND:YAG laser because they work better on dark skin.

  • I Can Do It Without Training

Even if these laser devices have been optimized for home use, it’s important that you know how to operate it. Otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself or botching the treatment. Make sure that you fully understand the procedures associated with laser hair removal before you try it yourself at home.

  • It Won’t Last Forever

Laser hair removal is capable of permanently removing hair on most areas of the body. This is because the lasers work to destroy the hair follicles. Hair follicles do not regenerate and thus cannot grow more hair.

Unfortunately, this does not hold true for everybody. Women may need to back for touch-up sessions on their facial hair, especially when they’re in the midst of hormone fluctuations. This is when a device of your own can be a particularly valuable investment.

  • It’s Only For Women

Quite the opposite—more men than women are using laser hair removal to remove unwanted hair permanently without the risk of getting ingrown hairs or suffering through razor burns. Men usually need to have their faces, necks, and backs treated. Some even use the procedure to assist in sculpting their beards and neck hair.

  • It’s Super Painful

Once you know your way around your device, laser hair removal does not hurt. At worst, you may experience some mild discomfort. However, this can vary depending on the treated area and an individual’s pain tolerance.

Drawbacks You Need To Keep In Mind

First, laser hair removal procedures at a salon can be super expensive. Because of this, it can be tempting to settle for other forms of traditional hair removal, such as shaving or waxing. However, by doing this, you’ll miss out on the permanent effect and the cost savings that make laser hair removal so efficient.

This dilemma can be solved when you choose to invest in a laser hair removal device of your own for home use. It’s cheaper in the long term and is just as effective as professional machines once you get the hang of it.

Second, this treatment is not for the faint of heart! You need to be both brave and patient enough to complete enough sessions to make the most out of the laser’s effects on your hair follicles. Compared to traditional hair removal methods, your hairs won’t fall off instantly. While you’re waiting for the results, you can shave your body hair.

Lastly, laser hair removal is not recommended on the genitals and eyebrows. Also, the treatment is more likely to be effective on people with thick, dark hair and light skin. Those with light-colored hair may have to go for more sessions to get the results that they’re looking for.

8 Steps To A Successful Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The actual treatment doesn’t usually last more than about twenty minutes. However, laser hair treatment can still be a long process because there are steps you need to follow before, during, and after the treatment to make sure you’re getting the most out of every session. Here’s a quick outline of the 8 steps to a successful laser hair removal treatment:

Step-1: Get Into Position

Get Into Position

Make sure you settle in somewhere that you feel comfortable in and can move around in. Put on some music to lighten the atmosphere and make sure that it is well-lit. Find a nearby outlet you can use if you are using a corded device.

Step-2: Prepare Your Skin

Prepare Your Skin

Limit your skin’s exposure to the sun beforehand. If the device is not equipped with an ND:YAG laser, this treatment can be harsh on dark skin. This is why I recommend starting this procedure during the winter months.

Next, shave the area a day or two before treatment. However, make sure the hair follicles are still visible. Treating the area can be more painful if you have unnecessarily long hairs.

Lastly, before you begin the laser hair treatment, clean the skin at the treatment site. Make sure that it’s dry and free of any cosmetics, lotions, and creams.

Step-3: Pick The Treatment Area

Pick The Treatment Area

Decide where you want to get the laser treatment. Free up the treatment area and make sure that you can access it with ease. Wear shorts if you’re planning to work on your legs, or sleeveless shirts if you’re treating your underarms.

Step-4: Prepare Your Device

Prepare Your Device

Power up your device and place the skin sensor on the area you want to treat. Unlock it and choose the degree of intensity you want to go for.

Step-5: Customize Your Session

Customize Your Session

Position the device carefully. Keep in mind that this may be easier said than done with certain areas of the body. Set the desired treatment level and go for it.

Step-6: Position On Skin And Hold

Position On Skin And Hold

Be prepared to feel some pain throughout the procedure. Around 48% of respondents report that they experience mild pain. 36% responded that they experience moderate pain, and only 11% report feeling no pain at all. It’s unavoidable—the pain will definitely be a part of this experience, but always think of the end goal to help you pull through.

Step-7: Follow An Overlapping Pattern

Follow An Overlapping Pattern

Once you place the laser tip on your skin, wait for two beeps. This signals that the laser surge has happened. Lift the laser tip up and then place it back on your skin, roughly a quarter of an inch from the place you just started in. This creates a close overlapping pattern which ensures that you are covering the treatment areas thoroughly.

Step-8: Finish Up With Aftercare

Finish Up With Aftercare

Once you’ve turned off your device and stowed it away, you need to give your skin some time to rest. Refrain from taking hot showers and exposing yourself to the sun. Your skin will remain sensitive to heat for the next 24 to 48 hours.

You can reduce discomfort by applying ice packs or witch hazel to the treated area.

Comparing At-Home Laser Hair Removal Machines With Professional Devices

While home-based laser hair removal machines are usually smaller and less powerful than commercial devices, they still prove to be a remarkably effective hair removal solution. The main benefit to getting treated at a professional salon is that you can be confident that you’ll get a practitioner with years of industry experience. However, the simplicity and ease that comes with home-based devices really do make them a better choice.

This is the biggest compromise you’ll face when comparing the two types of machines. Choosing to invest in a device of your own will be a worthwhile investment, but will likely need more sessions to see the same result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a laser hair removal machine at home safe?

Yes. The FDA works to monitor and approve the devices that are being sold on the market. They make sure that these devices have safeguards and that they are easy to use. Of course, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions prior to operating a laser hair removal machine at home.

How often should I use the laser hair removal machine?

For the first four sessions, use your device once every two weeks. By the end of the fourth session, you should already be seeing results. The hair in the treated area will be thinner and won’t grow out as much.

To maintain these results, the next eight touch-up sessions can be made every four weeks. After this, you should only need your device every six months to continue to stay hair-free.

Is it safe to use laser hair removal machine if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. However, it’s important that you do your research and decide on the perfect device for you before taking the leap. Make sure to read through all of the above reviews to get a feel for the options on the market and which are recommended as the best. From there, you can narrow down a list of devices that have features that cater to your needs; these features may include skin sensor and varied intensity settings.

Does laser hair removal give you cancer?

No. This is a common misconception. There are no studies that have shown any links between laser hair removal procedures and an increased likelihood of getting cancer. The pulses of energy from these devices only heat and destroy hair follicles. They do not go beyond the skin to cause long-lasting damage.

Is it mandatory to shave before laser hair removal?

No. It’s not mandatory, but it is preferred. If your hairs are trimmed down to a shorter size prior to the procedure, less power is needed to course through the hair follicle. This means that you will be exposed to lower levels of laser light.

How long does laser hair removal last per treatment?

It can last anywhere between two minutes to 30 minutes, depending on where you’re treating. The upper lip is the quickest treatment you can go for, while the upper and lower legs both take 25 to 30 minutes.

Can males use female laser hair removal machine?

I would not recommend it, but it’s possible. If you don’t plan on treating many areas of your body, then you can opt for devices that are built for women.

However, keep in mind that men tend to have coarser hair than women. Without the right machine, laser hair removal can cause unnecessary pain. There are many strong devices on the market that are built to cater to men, as well as some unisex ones that can go both ways for the ultimate hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Removal: An Obvious Choice

While it may seem daunting at first, learning how to perform your own laser hair removal treatments at home can be liberating. Many of us have had to deal with the stigma of having hair on our underarms, legs, upper lip, and more. I can personally relate to this as having excess hair has had a massive impact on my confidence and self-esteem.

This is why I’ve gone the extra mile in preparing this guide.

The beauty industry continues to give us more opportunities to shape the way we present ourselves to the world! If you’ve never had a laser hair removal device of your own, now is the time to invest in one. Once you get the hang of using and maintaining it, they’re sure to last you for years to come.

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