Best Balding Clippers: Get the Perfect Haircut Every Time

Best Balding Clippers

Aging sucks! Most men have to deal with hair loss as they age, and thinning wispy locks can have a drastic effect on self-confidence!

However, with today’s developments in grooming and technology, it’s not the threat that it once was. There’s a whole new world of options we have for exploring how we can look good even with a balding head. If you want to look sexy even with a patchy head of hair, you need to get yourself the right kind of balding clippers to achieve that cold, smooth, and close head shave.

You might be thinking that you don’t need to invest in clippers because the barber’s shop has always got your back. However, constantly going to the barber over every little adjustment can take a lot out of your wallet, and there are chances that you won’t get the look that you were thinking of. Regardless of your own skill level, it’s a better investment in the long term if you take it upon yourself right now to learn how to use a pair of balding clippers.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more about how to go bald with style with the best balding clippers for you!

The Most Critical Features for Your Balding Clippers

Clipper ModelNumber of Comb Lengths
Run time
Remington HC4250
9 (1.5-15mm)
40 min
Check price
Wahl 5-Star 8148
8 (3-25mm)
90 min
Check price
Norelco QC5580/40
2 plus a foil trimmer
60 min
Check price
Wahl 5-Star 8110
50 min
Check price
Andis Outliner II
Corded Check price
Wahl Clipper 79602
10 (1.5-25mm)
Corded Check price
Oster Classic 76
2 (0.5 and 2.4mm)
Corded Check price

The Seven Best Clippers For a Bald Head

1. Remington HC4250 Shortcut – A Smaller Choice

Remington produces quality shaving tools for the face, but the Shortcut works with the head in mind. The clipper uses a shorter body than what you’d find elsewhere. Specifically, the body is made to fit in your hand.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut

The Shortcut uses a body that is around half the length of an average clipper model. The unit features a smooth gripping surface that you would grip around the outside so you can reach spots around the back end of your head and other spaces that you might regularly struggle to trim.

The blade offers a small curve. The bend allows the clipper to slide along your head and to contour with its shape. The curve allows you to target areas behind the ears, around the neck, and spots near the sideburns.

The clipper uses nine comb lengths for your comfort. You can use cuts from 1.5 to 15mm long to achieve a look where a small bit of hair might be left if desired. The flexibility of the comb setup makes it an indispensable item for your cutting needs.

The cordless body can work for 40 minutes on a full charge. You also have the option to use the clipper while you plug it into a wall outlet.

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My Impression

I enjoyed how this trimmer works in either hand and does not produce lots of vibrations as I hold onto it. The trimmer battery does not create lots of heat as I am using it either, so I don’t have to worry about the clipper breaking down while I use it.

The clipper speed was consistent through each use that I had with this. The pace was fast and capable of giving me a clean cut every time without struggling to move through. The quick action was a real positive for me as I don’t necessarily have a regular shaving schedule.

The gentle grip also helps me with taking extra care around my sideburns. I can trim the sideburns to the length that I want while having more control over the cutting unit. The added comb ensures that I keep an even cut through the entire sideburn surface.

What Could Be Better?

Although it is easy to wash off the main body of the Shortcut, the blades should be removed beforehand and then cleaned separately. It is not all that easy to take off those blades, let along clean them.

2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip #8148 – A Long-Lasting Choice

Sometimes the clipping task takes a little longer than you might expect. That’s where this Wahl clipper comes in handy. The Magic Clip has one of the longest charges around, not to mention a firm body.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip #8148

You don’t have to worry about the Magic Clip running out of battery power as you use it. The clipper works for 90 minutes on average before needing a charge.

The 10-ounce body of the Magic Clip features a slightly curved shape on its sides. A lever is included on the top to adjust the length of the cutting blade. The lever helps you to produce better tapers and fades, a necessity when you’re trying to get your sideburns trimmed well or you want to create a blend from the bald space to your hair itself.

The fast-operating blades offer a clean cut every time. The blades work quickly and do not overlap with each other. Eight attachment combs of up to 25mm in length are also included for your guide cutting needs.

The lithium-ion battery is a big point to see regarding this clipper. The battery can last for 90 minutes and will maintain the same speed throughout its operation. You can also use this while it is charging up on a wall outlet, thus adding to its versatility.

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My Impression

I appreciate how this clipper gives me support for fades through the small lever at the top area. The clipper locks into either of its two positions and stays there during the entire trimming process.

The lack of heat from the clipper is also a plus, as I continue to remain comfortable while using the clipper set. I did not feel lots of annoying vibrations while I was using the clipper either.

The design is easy for me to clean off too. I can dip the blade area into a cleaning fluid and then dry it off in moments. I can also oil the clipper in moments to keep it comfortable and unlikely to rust or wear out from excess use.

What Could Be Better?

The cord is short and keeps me from getting around some narrow spaces. Also, a speed control option would have been nice for some of the tightest or more sensitive spots.

3. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Hair Clipper Pro – More Lengths Built In

You have to use a good clipper for hairs of all lengths, even for shorter hairs that are thicker in size. But in many cases, you need to use comb attachments. This Philips Norelco set works a little differently from other items.

Philips Norelco QC5580/40

A series of small grooves can be found on the handle. The grooves are consistently shaped and spaced apart from one another to help you hold the trimmer.

The Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro includes fourteen built-in length settings ranging from 0 to 19/32-inch lengths. Rotate the head on the top part to adjust the length of the trimmer. You can use this for either clean head shave or a slight fade effect.

The 180-degree rotating head is a vital feature that targets more spaces around your head. The design bends well around all the curves on your head.

You also have the option to add one of two shaving combs. The foil trimmer feature is a unique point to see as well. The foil trimmer is made mainly for beard shaving.

The self-sharpening stainless steel blades sharpen themselves with each movement. You can wash the top part off with water or a cleaning solution so long as you do not immerse the entire clipper.

My Impression

The versatility of this trimmer is a point about this set that I love. The rotating head feature was very convenient for helping me to adjust the setup. The labels are easy to read as well.

Another thing I like is that I can remove the cutting head off of the clipper and replace it in moments. Each piece is also easy to clean off. I don’t have to hold the clipper base while cleaning off any of the parts.

The grip on the trimmer works in either hand as well. I did not feel uncomfortable when using the trimmer. The design did not leave any indentations on my hand after I let go of it either. That is a relatively minor quibble, but at least the design is comfortable enough for me to hold.

What Could Be Better?

It is often easy for hair to get stuck in either guide comb. I had to stop a few times during use clean it out. At least the clipper always cuts evenly no matter how many times I wash it.

4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – A Faster Choice

Many of the best bald head clippers around feature pivot motors that cut through hair in moments. But this Wahl model designed specifically with balding needs in mind features a different layout. This design cuts through hair even faster while using titanium materials.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

The ergonomic body of the 5-Star Balding Clipper features some small bends on its sides for helping you to grip the unit in your hand. The power lever sticks out well and is far down on the housing to where it will not get caught on anything or get in the way of your hand as you use this.

An electromagnetic motor is utilized to produce a smoother cut that operates well. There are fewer moving parts, thus keeping the clipper from vibrating or creating lots of heat. The clipper is also quieter and uses less energy on average.

The titanium blades are self-sharpening models that are firm and can go through the coarsest bits of hair. Some round cutting attachments can also be utilized to create a better and faster trim every time you need it.

My Impression

Every cut that I get off of this is clipper is smooth. I can move the clipper around my head in moments to produce a firm cut that is easy on the skin. I did not experience any redness around my head as I used this clipper.

The blades remain sharp throughout the cutting process. The design was comfortable and easy for me to handle without struggling to get a clear cut going. I also enjoyed how the blades did not feel rough and stayed sharp during the full cut.

The physical body on this Wahl trimmer adds a gentle design that I can hold without issues. The firm design helped me with keeping a great hold on the trimmer without risking it slipping out or being too hard to hold onto.

What Could Be Improved?

As appealing as it is for this model to use less power, the battery only runs for about 50 minutes. It takes a while for the battery to be charged up too.

5. Andis 04603 Outliner II Square Blade Trimmer– Suitable For All Uses

The all-around nature of this Andis trimmer is suitable for various cutting requirements. The slim design provides support for just about all your cutting demands.

Andis 04603

The slim body has a small oval-like curve around its whole layout. The knob on the bottom offers a simple power mechanism. The unit is designed with an eight-foot cord.

The outlining support is possible with a square blade shape. The blade cuts near the skin without producing irritation.

You could use this trimmer for shaving your beard, sideburns, and the areas around your ears. The unit works for wet and dry shaving needs alike so you will stay comfortable all the way through.

The powerful magnetic motor runs quietly and does not generate lots of vibrations as you use it. The fast speed maintains its consistent throughout each use to produce a sound design for your cutting needs. The carbon-steel blade also provides a substantial cut that does not wear out or fatigue easily. You can particularly use the device to trim through sideburns and other surfaces in moments without worrying about cutting your skin.

My Impression

I enjoyed how the trimmer gives me an even cut and can be used anywhere around my head or my face. The smooth design provides a gentle surface that adds a better setup for cutting.

The close-cutting blades were easy for me to handle, but one thing I liked was how well the blades were able to get through various types of hair. In addition to going through my coarse beard hair, the Andis clipper also went through my sideburns and spots around the top of my head without slowing down.

It is easy for me to maintain the clipper too. I can use blade oil to keep the blade layout smooth and working quickly. It is also easy to remove and replace the blade for when I need to do that.

What Could Be Better?

The lack of any attachments or cutting length options was an issue. Although fading is possible with this clipper, it requires a little more effort than what I expected to use.

6. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Haircut Kit – Covers All Your Haircut Needs

This Wahl Clipper Elite Pro set is a little more thorough than what you’d expect out of a hair trimmer set. This product uses several pieces to complete a perfect haircut every time, even if you are trying to shave off your hair.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Haircut Kit #79602

The central unit offers a black body with metal accents. The design gets wider as you move along the length of the setup. The taper lever on the top moves the positioning of the blades for your tapering and fade needs.

The features that come with the clipper include ten guide combs from 1.5 to 25mm in length. A premium-grade comb is added for sorting one’s hair. Styling shears are also a part of the set for the tightest spots.

The eight-foot cord is thick and stays intact while still being flexible to where you can position the clipper anywhere around a person’s head. The ground blades are also self-sharpening units that remain firm during every cut.

You can use this with dry or wet hair as needed. The maintenance process is also easy to manage, what with the clipper using blade oil to stay lubricated. The cleaning process takes a few seconds as well; you can dry off the clipper right after each washing.

My Impression

My favorite part about this clipper entails how I can move from on comb head to another in moments. I can use different combs for various parts of my hair to create a better style all around, not to mention to produce an even layout.

The blades remained consistent throughout the entire cutting process for me. Those blades would not become dull or worn out, nor did they slow down or stop working when I was cutting my hair.

The levers on the side were easy to use. The taper lever locks firmly in place and does not become dislodged by accident. The power lever did not get in my way either.

The diverse array of attachments and features in this set was impressive. I like how Wahl went as far as to include a haircutting cape.

What Could Be Better?

The clipper could be better if the body had a better groove in the middle part of its housing unit. The groove could help with improving upon my grip all around.

7. Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper – Works All Day In Many Ways

The last choice to see is this Oster model that is inspired by many classic-style clippers you might have seen at an old barbershop. The clipper fits in with some of those old clippers in that it is highly reliable and will last all day long, and that entails more than just the motor.

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

The burgundy and black housing features a circular design with small grooved lines on its body. The lines give you a firm hold over the clipper so you can use it as evenly and carefully as possible. The design works in either hand and prevents fatigue. The housing is very sturdy, as is the nine-foot power cord that this trimmer uses.

Oster makes this with two separate blades. These 0.5 and 2.4mm or size 000 and 1 blades are both detachable. You can detach the blade on the unit and replace it in moments. You can also blade each blade without having to hold the cutting unit, although you can do that as well by dipping the blade into a cleaning solution while the power is on. The heavy-duty motor also produces a stronger cutting motion that lasts throughout the day.

My Impression

The sleek design of the cutter offers more than just a classy look. I love how the body provides a comfortable layout that does not cause fatigue around my hand or wrist. The power knob does not get in my way as I use it, nor does the power cord.

The basic layout of the trimmer offers enough helps for cutting through hair in minutes. I felt that the trimmer was easy to move through my hair and could produce a gentle cut all the way. I did not have much trouble with running from one blade option to the other either. I found I could mix the two to create a better fade around my head to keep my balding area from looking far too pronounced.

What Could Be Better?

As sturdy as the cord for the clipper is, the cable could be a little slimmer or lighter in weight. There are no added guide combs included with this clipper either.

What You Have To Look At When Finding the Best Balding Clippers

The balding clippers can be found with many features in mind. Here are a few things to note when finding your clippers:

What You Have To Look At When Finding the Best Balding Clippers


  • Physical Design

The design of the clippers should be ergonomic and easy to hold in your hand. You need a firm grip that you will not lose so you can keep the clipper set going over your head without any struggles. Some models come with shorter bodies that are easy to grip in the palm of your hand. Others come with grooved lines or indentations to create a firm hold. You should also look at how the buttons and levers on a clipper body are laid out so they don’t get in your way while using this.

  • Cutting Blade

The blades on your clipper set should be firm and capable of going through all sorts of hair. The blades can be self-sharpening and may be made with sturdy metals, including stainless steel or titanium. The blade should be consistently sharp while maintaining its edge for as long as possible. You would have to support the blades by oiling them regularly so they will stay sharp.

  • Attachments

Various attachments may be found on your balding clipper set. You may find multiple blades that cut based on specific lengths of that you can work with. Other models use guide combs that you can attach onto the end to help you with guiding the clipper through longer hair spots or for when you need a better fade. Some clipper sets do not come with any attachments, so always look to see if your clipper of interest has them.

  • Power Source

Today’s best clippers for bald head use come with two kinds of power sources. Many models use batteries that allow for cordless use for a few minutes and can then be recharged on a wall outlet. You can always use that cordless model when it is plugged in if desired. Other models will use a consistent power source that requires you to keep the clipper plugged into an outlet. The cord in this second case should be a few feet long while also being flexible.

  • Maintenance Needs

See what you should be doing when maintaining your clipper. Most models require you to oil the blades before using them. The blades need oil to stay lubricated and capable of sharpening themselves. Speaking of which, you should not have to worry about sharpening the blades, as most models use blade designs that cling to each other to ensure they stay sharp the whole way through while you are shaving.

  • Cutting Lengths

The lengths that are supported by a clipper refer to how close the blades are to one’s skin while cutting. A closer length means that you will get a better trim that removes more hair. But you can also use a further-off length to produce a gentle cut for when you need a tapered or faded effect. Sometimes you might have to replace blades, but you may also use a tapering lever or other knob feature in some cases.

  • Motor Functionality

The motor in your clipper needs to cut well and stay consistent, but the unit must also move along without slowing down. The motor should power the blades to where they will not wear out or slow down during the cutting process. The best units will not generate lots of heat while in use. A motor should not produce too many vibrations either, thus keeping the clipper easy to hold.

Using a Balding Clipper In Nine Easy Steps

Step: 1

Using balding clipper step 1

Get a good feel for how the scalp is laid out before you start clipping the hair. This is to identify any moles, bumps, or other unusual features that might influence the texture of the scalp. You have to recognize how well the scalp is laid out so you can avoid cutting into anything far too hard. Excess pressure or force onto a sensitive spot may cause bleeding or intense irritation.

Step: 2


Moisten the hair slightly before you start clipping the hair. Always comb the hair in its natural growth direction. It is easier for the clipper to move through your hair when it is wet. The moisture will keep the hair in one place so everything can be cut at once.

Step: 3 

Step 3 

Start with a longer length on the clipper if possible. The change helps to remove a bulk of the hair you are aiming to shave off. You may also attach a guide comb if needed. Depending on your clipper model, you may have the option to use a longer length that goes further away from your skin. The longer cutting option would focus on trimming off the highest bits of hair first. This step helps you to create a closer cut.

Step: 4


Wash off the scalp to remove any bits of hair that might be stuck on the skin. This is to create a clean space for the next cutting round. You should only have to go through the scalp once during this part of the cutting process. This is to produce a more comfortable cut without struggling or being hard to follow.

Step: 5


Remove any attachments from the razor and go over the head or targeted area once again. At this point, the razor will move over the skin as uniformly as possible. For clipper models with a taper lever, be sure to adjust the lever to its closest setting. In other cases, the clipper should feature a slim design.

Step: 6


Move the clipper opposite of the direction of the hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs from developing. The motion should lift up the hairs that you are targeting.

Step: 7


Use smaller strokes while you keep the clipper situated on the scalp. Using fast strokes during the cutting process can be dangerous. The quick strokes may cause irritation around the scalp and may increase the risk of bleeding from a cut.

Step: 8


Check for any spots where the skin around the scalp is sagging. You might have to tighten the skin by using your fingers to stretch out the skin so you can target the area. For spots that are sagging, the initial pass over the scalp might not have cut out all of the targeted hair spots. You might have to go over those areas one or two more times to get through the hair.

Step: 9


A shaver may be used on the scalp if desired. Be sure the shaver uses a foil attachment. Although a clipper works best, as you will notice in the next section, a shaver may work if you need to ensure the cut is even all the way through. This step is still best if you’re trying to get rid of all of your hair and not leave just a small bit of space. Avoid using lots of pressure if you want to use this last step.

The process can take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete, although the actual time frame would vary based on how much effort you are putting into the cutting process. It would take longer for a full shave versus a simple approach to trimming some bits of hair.

Which Works Best For Balding People – a Clipper or a Shaver?

Although a shaver can work well with producing a clean and close shave, it is often difficult for a shaver to flex its way over all parts of your head. The foil cover on the shaver may also have a hard time getting through the longest parts of the hair.

A clipper works best as it targets your hair well and moves all around the head. The design goes all through your hair without being likely to produce cuts or redness. You may also use a clipper to get towards tight spots that are hard for a shaver to reach safely.

Also, a clipper does well with leaving some bits of hair around the bald area. By allowing the hair to stand out by a small bit, the clipper will prevent ingrown hairs from developing.


My final verdict is that the Remington HC4250 Shortcut is the best balding clipper for you to use. The smaller design makes it capable of gliding along your head with ease. The naturally curved body also ensures you will get a better cut every time you use this product.

But all of these options on this list of the best balding clippers are useful in various ways. Take a look at what you might consider choosing so you will have an appropriate model that is easy to cut with and helps you produce the best possible trim. You will enjoy looking your best even if you have a bald head when you use the right clipper product.

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