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7 Best Barber Beard Trimmers Of Premium Quality & Utmost Precision

There are so many types and varieties of trimmers in the world that distinguishing between them has become near-impossible for anyone out there due to numerous factors.

Yet, as a professional groomer, I’ve mustered up the determination to do in-depth research online, talk to other barbers and sort down a list of potential trimmers that are up to the mark for such delicate yet heavy-duty tasks.

From that list, I’ve purchased all of the devices with my own money to test them out on my clients and generate honest reviews so that other barbers can benefit from my hard work.

I’ve learned a lot in the process and I’ll encourage other barbers to follow in my footsteps to reach the level of expertise that’ll help you out in your career.

But for now, I’ll elaborate on the 7 best barber trimmers that I was able to conclude upon, and you can see for yourself in this article how each of them stack up to professional grooming tasks!

Top 7 Professional Beard Trimmers Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
BabylissPRO Barberology
2 Hour
360 Degree T- Blade
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Brio Beardscape
4 Hour
Five Speed Settings
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StyleCraft Absolute Hitter
4 Hour
Universal Micro USB Charger
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BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3
3 hour
High-Torque Engines
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Andis 32400 Slimline Pro
Upto 2 Hour
Dual Voltage(110v & 220V)
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Philips Multigroom 7000
Upto 5 Hour
DualCut Trimmer Blades
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GAMMA+ Protégé
4 Hour
Supercharged Rotary Motor
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What Makes Barber Trimmers So Unique?

What Makes Barber Trimmers Unique

While there are many upsides of a beard trimmer for a barber, there are a few factors that I can’t and shouldn’t look past while picking the best barber trimmer. Here are three major things that I always consider before making a trimmer purchase.


Reliability has always been a major concern for me as a barber. I can’t have my trimmer betray my taks mid-trim, pose discomfort to my client or run out of battery while I’m performing something.

Thus, I keep the devices with a longer battery life, durable housing and easy charging capabilities always around me. Also, this is something I keep in mind while purchasing and reviewing my trimmers.


Performance in my dictionary comes hand in hand with reliability. I see this as a crime to make nicks or tugs to my clients, or to disturb the sensitive skins after a trimming session.

Trimmers with a powerful motor and premium blades spare me these issues and make my task worthwhile from a barber’s point of view. This is why all the trimmers I’ve enlisted below have powerful motors that at bare minimum reach past 6,000 RPM without any hiccup.


In my salon, I’m frequently asked to produce some of the most unique styles, many of which I haven’t even seen before. So I have to always keep myself prepared for the most unknown challenge.

To meet the expectations of my clients, I have to own a wide variety of accessories for my trimmers, apart from a good device. I always appreciate the trimmers that come with their own accessories because that’s the best way to go about it instead of using aftermarket props.

Best Barber Trimmers For Longer Operations

Among the large number of barber trimmers available on the market, I’ve used and hand-picked these 7 supreme devices that are going to make your grooming life tons more comfortable!

BaBylissPRO Barberology GOLDFX Collection

The GOLDFX series from BaBylissPRO is specifically made for barbers to offer them comfort and ease while performing grooming tasks on customers frequently. This is why it’s named as Barberology to attract the professional groomers, and with its unique design and premium features – it surely has attracted me!

BaBylissPro GoldFX

Tiny Device With Powerful Trimming Abilities

Although in pictures the GOLDFX trimmer may seem like a substantial shape, it’s actually a very compact device. It fits easily in the palm of my hands, yet it never bothered any maneuverability due to its size. I was able to perform every bit of trimming, drawing edges and other necessary tasks that I would do with other trimmers conveniently.

In terms of performance, the motor delivers raw power to the deep tooth graphite blades that my customers have rated as highly comforting. A note of caution that I must add, if you’re new to using trimmers or applying it on yourself, be as gentle as you possibly can. Otherwise, any movement out of line may end up leaving you bleeding which none of us prefers.

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Luxurious Design & Equally Upgraded Grip Level

Apart from the monstrous performance, I consider the GOLDFX device to be one of the best barber trimmers because of the way it looks. It’s beyond stylish to the point that people might mistake it for a collector’s edition. The golden body with shiny, premium finish has always given my customers an added degree of admiration while using it on them.

The grip level is something I’ve been really pleased about for the GOLDFX trimmer. The textured housing has made my job significantly easier and the light weight only adds to that. Storing it has never been a problem because of this, and with the hook that’s attached to the bottom, I was even able to hang it beside the mirror to put the aesthetics on display!

Sufficient Battery Backup Runs Through The Day

I’ve used the GOLDFX as my primary trimmer for a couple of months to see how it really stands up against other prominent trimmers. I must say, the battery backup has been better than I had expected in such a visually appealing device. It lasts me around 2 hours if I use it relentlessly, or an entire day with pauses in-between. I made an additional purchase for the trimmer base to make charging effortless on the busiest days.

What Could Be Better?

I kept looking for the areas that would require an upgrade, but for the price I’ve had to pay, there’s not really much to complain about in this GOLDFX trimmer. As it’s particularly made for barbers, I reckon it could come with the charger base without having to pay extra. But other than that, it has catered to my style of trimming and I’m sure you’ll feel the same once you get used to it.

Overall Assessment

If I have to sum the GOLDFX trimmer up in a few words, then I’ll point out two things – the fine quality of trims and the ecstatic, captivating design. Other features are standard and up to the mark – not only good enough for home consumers, but also for professional barbers who would use it extra hard. Holding these against the price renders it one of THE trimmers to have, and it can change the game of any professional groomer any day!

1. Captivating design & color1. Charging dock not included
2. Fine grip
3. Good battery with powerful motor

Brio Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Brio’s Beardscape trimmer is probably the handiest device I’ve played around in a while that comes at the $100 price range. It’s sturdy, durable and delivers fine trim each time with features that I wasn’t ready to see in an affordable trimmer. It’s been so good to me that I can recommend any professional barbers to endorse it as their regular trimmer for the job.

Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer

Premium Packaging For Deluxe Designed Trimmer

The packaging took my full attention after receiving it, because I didn’t think it would be so premium for an affordable trimmer device. Solidly built package with protective covers for each of the accessories. The box closes with a magnetic notch and it’ll instantly melt your heart because of how satisfying this can make one feel.

Usually trimmer devices lack one thing or the other, either it’s good looking or it’s well-performing. This beardscape trimmer actually ticks both of these marks in my opinion, delivering a smooth housing paired by supreme features as well as performance. Let me emphasize on how it stands out as a barber trimmer to help you get the full picture.

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Ceramic Blades, Powerful Battery & Enhanced Trimming Capabilities

I prefer ceramic blades over steel blades at times for two reasons – I can use it to trim my customers with sensitive skin and it lasts way longer than steel blades before looking for replacements. Also, the trimmer blade is wide enough for me to trim under the neck while keeping a beard quicker than regular trimmers.

What I must admit that I truly admire about this trimmer is its battery. The battery is a gigantic one that supports me for nearly four hours before draining out completely. This trimmer allows me to alter between 5000 RPM and 7000 RPM, and for the latter it lasts for around 3 hours. It also allows me to trim between 1 mm – 18 mm, which is a huge range from my perspective!

Digital Display Is A Gamechanger!

This trimmer device includes a digital display that tells me when the battery is going to die or when I have to clean out the blades. Cleaning doesn’t require any water, the brush suffices nicely with a touch of oil after every hour’s trim. Brio recommends not to charge it frequently, rather charge it when it’s down to 20% and I’ve been following that to last the battery longer.

What Could Be Improved?

There are a couple of things I want to address that Brio should look into. First and foremost, the blade attachment is very tricky to get right and it’s a matter of concern for me during my sessions in the salon. Another downside is that it ran out of juice a few times before hitting 0%, so that’s something you should be aware of as well. As it can function with a cable attached, it’s not a dealbreaker for me at this price range.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, the Beardscape trimmer never tugs, nick and it’s very comfortable to get trimmed by – as it’s certified by numerous customers I’ve had over. The battery life is extraordinary and the motor is powerful enough to trim through the densest of beards. With sufficient attachments and stubble gapping abilities, I’ll keep it as one of my regular trimmers for daily tasks at my store.

1. Ceramic blades for sensitive skin1. Tricky blade attachment
2. Digital display
3. Fine packaging

StyleCraft Absolute Hitter Professional Trimmer

StyleCraft lands into the market just like they’re named – in complete style with an alluring designed trimmer unit built specifically for barbers. This Absolute Hitter device promises to deliver what a professional groomer always expects, and my review will inform you whether they have been able to live up to their words, and to what extent if so.

StyleCraft Professional Trimmer

Vibrant Trimmer Replacements To Keep Your Mind Fresh!

There are some debates regarding the trimming quality of the Absolute Hitter unit, but I’ll get to that after I stress on the replaceable lids. Originally it’s a matte black trimmer with two complete lids of metallic blue and metallic pink. Also, there are additional axis shields and when all of these come together, I permute and combine them in 12 different ways. They felt like a new trimmer every now and then and that happens according to my mood!

Strong Enough Motor To Trim Hair In Bulk

Trimmers vary from one person to another due to their skin type and hair texture. Absolute Hitter is no different than that, and that’s why you must understand its potential before reaching a verdict. I’ve used it on a lot of my clients to check out whom it caters to better, and from what I’ve understood is that it is a great tool for removing hair in bulk quantities.

Does it mean this can’t edge or line precisely, or fails to trim at varying lengths? Not at all! The diamond fixed blade along with the stainless steel blade can almost zero gap any density of beard. The 3 attachment combs of different guard sizes have allowed me to trim at different lengths which never felt anything short for a $100 trimmer unit.

Check Price On Amazon

Standard Features For A Professional Trimmer

Almost all the standard features are available in this trimmer unit. It has an astonishing battery life of almost 4 hours that’s more than necessary for a barber like myself. To add to it, StyleCraft has included a charging stand where I keep it docked between my trimming sessions. A SuperCharged rotary motor manages to grab all the hair without any disturbances, but it’ll require some finesse on your end to get used to its nature.

What Could Be Improved?

I won’t say there’s anything in particular that StyleCraft can improve on this, but don’t raise your expectations too high to have it perform like a BaByliss or Philips device because of the price point. Also, it requires some practice not to tug or nick using this trimmer so you have to make room for that as well. Other than that, it’s really a great device for barbers all across the world in my opinion.

Overall Assessment

To briefly state, this StyleCraft trimmer can serve a barber in the long run like it has done for me. It’s fun to play with due to the modular design, it trims well and gives an almost clean shave while zero gapped. The battery in this unit is a magnificent one as it’s a sweet dream for any barber I know, and the lightweight along with low noise makes it one of the best barber trimmers inside budget!

1. Modular design1. Requires some practice for perfection
2. Removes hair in bulk
3. Every standard feature included

BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3 Collection

While the BaBylissPRO Barberology GOLDFX is draped in a shiny golden housing, the FX3 on the other hand comes in striking scarlet, as if to pay homage to their Ferrari-inspired motor inside the device. Apart from its looks, the superlative performance this FX3 trimmer has been able to generate goes beyond my appreciation with words.

BaaBylissPro FX3

Close Trim Without Any Nicks, Tugs Or Pulls

I was thoroughly impressed to witness how close this FX3 trimmer was able to reach, it’s almost like shaving with a manual razor! If you think I’m bluffing, you should strike a conversation with my clients who feel the same way! It’s smooth, it’s solid and so satisfying to trim with that I’ve never enjoyed my work this much until I had this trimmer as my regular device.

I have to factor in two things here for the performance that this trimmer is able to deliver – a powerful motor that cranks up to 7,000 RPM with ease and sharp T-blades to convert that power into smooth action. Even ones with the most sensitive skin have left my shop with baby-like skin smoothness and I can’t ask for more from a specialized barber trimmer.

Fitting Design For Monster Trimmer With Sleek Ergonomics

The FX3 device generates a completely different feel whenever I lay my hand on it. It’s sleek, lightweight, yet it has enough gravity to generate a premium feel to it. It’s never been tiring to use or even to look at, and I must concede that BaByliss has done a marvelous job in their designing department to give it such a posh look!

High-Performing Features For Professional Arena

To start off the performance evaluation, I’ll have to state its battery-life that goes relentlessly for over 2.30 hours with one charge. I’ve used it for bulk removal, stubble-shaving, edging and trimming the lines – and in every department it has transcended past my expectations. Battery indicator lights are a lifesaver during hectic days, and I can’t ask for anything more out of this luxury barber trimmer!

What Could Be Improved?

My common issue with every BaByliss trimmer is that they don’t come with charging docks and it needs to be purchased additionally. That’s the same for this trimmer unit too, and it’s a lot to ask after spending around $170 on the device itself. Other than that, there’s nothing that I can really complain about this device – looks and performance-wise as BaByliss has done a solid job here!

Overall Assessment

A Ferrari-themed engine and housing with solid grip and captivating shape – these are just the icings on top. What this FX3 trimmer can do is nothing short of a miracle to me as it has been for my clients. Whether you use it personally or in your barber shop, I can guarantee that with its out of the world performance and comfort, you’ll never want to settle for anything less!

1. Ferrari-inspired powerful motors1. No charging dock included
2. Breathtaking scarlet design
3. Sleek ergonomics

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer

The elegant, silver Andis Slimline trimmer can kill you with its looks – it’s that beautiful in person! The housing reflects everything like a mirror and the mechanisms inside compliment this heart-wrenchingly aesthetic trimmer unit equally. For me, this has been one of the best investments I’ve made as a barber because very few can come this close to this when it comes to value for money.

Andis Slimline Pro

Premium Beard Trimmer At The Most Affordable Range

Not all the good beard trimmers are expensive and not all the expensive ones are up to par – trust me, I’ve learned it the hard way. This Slimline trimmer is surely going to ruin the market for the rest of the trimmers at this price range because it’s so well-built and durable that it can replace the likes of Wahl devices with almost similar prowess.

I’m calling it premium not only because of its build quality or the aesthetics, but also for the way it has performed on my account. For clients with a beard ranging between short to large, or even ones wanting to get a goatee, I could make it work with trimming, lining, or edging without having to run into any sort of trouble, and that’s a big ask for a trimmer priced at such a point!

Both Corded & Cordless Operations Make A Barber’s Life Easier

As it’s mentioned in the title, this trimmer unit can perform both corded and cordless operations simultaneously. Without the power cord, it has lasted me around 2 hours straight, and with interval I was able to make it through a casual day with ease. If I saw signs of the motor’s weakening, I directly connected the power cord and kept my task running without any issue!

Every Necessary Attachment Is Included In The Package

Unlike a lot of trimmers, Andis never disappoints with trimmer attachments and their guidelines. It comes with 4 attachment combs – all of which I’ve used on multiple occasions successfully, a charging stand that comes in handy during shaving intervals, power cord, cleaning brush that’s very nifty and oil that I apply on the blades after each hour of trimming to make them durable.

What Could Be Better?

The way this Andis trimmer has been made, it’s really difficult for me to not call it the best barber trimmer I’ve put my hands on. But nothing in this world is perfect, thus it too has its own limitation one way or another. The only thing I found Andis could do better with is the grip level. It’s so smooth and shiny that I almost had it slip out once while I held it with my slippery hand. If your palms sweat a lot, make sure to keep a napkin around to make your task a lot easier.

Overall Assessment

This trimmer as a whole sits in the perfect gradient for a regular device due to its price, build and outcome. It can pretty much do everything an expensive one does with similar expertise. It’s durable and lasts a surprisingly long time without running into trouble and the price point is just a killer for such a high-class trimmer! Andis surely knows what they’re doing with their devices!

1. Highly affordable1. Above average grip level
2. Corded & cordless operations
3. Necessary attachments included

Philips Norelco Multigroom Men’s Beard Grooming Trimmer Series 7000

Norelco is such a series that requires no introduction to the groomer community. The name itself has significance in terms of performance, and the Series 7000 trimmer is no different than that. This low-maintenance high-outcome trimmer is like a sweet dream for barbers like us, and the comfort it has added to my daily tasks can never be overlooked.

Philips Norelco Multigroom

23 Attachments To Serve Every Possible Trimming Purpose

No matter what type of trim I was asked to perform, this Philips device has got everything covered! It can effortlessly trim the beard edges, create different lengths of stubble and bulk-remove simultaneously. That’s not all! It has the capability to trim hair, even eyebrows and body hair removal is a part of its utility that leaves nothing else for desire!

While I don’t perform body grooming in my salon, if you are a body care expert or looking to buy a trimmer that’ll take care of your manscaping needs – I’ll sign you up with this one without a second’s delay. As a barber, these attachments come in handy so much that I didn’t have to opt for my separate premium attachments that I keep around for particular needs.

Low-Maintenance Makes Life So Much Easier!

As I’ve mentioned, it’s really low on maintenance due to the nature of the blades. You can understand how difficult it gets when I have to oil the blades every hour to keep the blades smooth & sharp. Philips here has incorporated self-sharpening trimmer blades that don’t require such delicate treatment frequently and it cuts down on my maintenance time by an immense margin!

All-Round Device With Eye-Catching Design

While there’s a significant difference between a shaver and a trimmer, the Norelco 7000 does go really close to what a shaver can deliver. The powerful motor and an astonishing runtime over 4 hours has literally blown me away! It’s a trimmer that every barber hopes to have but never really finds, and the shiny, silver design with ergonomic thumb rest only enhances its abilities.

What Could Be Improved?

Honestly, I can’t really find anything to complain about regarding this trimmer unit as Philips has done an astounding job within a highly-affordable price range. If I must criticize it anyway, I’ll have to say that its design is a little backdated, making it look like a trimmer from the older generations. Other than that, it’s a solid unit that’s made to last a few years of constant performance.

Overall Assessment

Overall, this trimmer is a STEAL for what it’s worth and the way it performs. The additional 23 attachments may be a little hard to keep track of, but once you get past that, you’ll realize your grooming has taken an upgrade and your precision increased. With the grip level, sharp blades and refined performance, I am bound to give it my highest rating considering every aspect!

1. 23 attachments for barbers1. Design looks a little backdated
2. Low-maintenance
3. An all-round device within budget

GAMMA+ Protégé Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer

The Protégé from GAMMA+ is indeed the most unique-looking trimmer device that I currently possess, and it’s not only because of the color, but also because of its design. This trimmer in my opinion has the potential to revolutionize the trimmer industry due to its features and the way it endorses modern technology within a very reachable price point!

Gamma+ Protege Trimmer

The Most Insane Battery In A Trimmer Device

As a barber, I can’t deny the fact that a good battery life is something that can’t be done without. But often the charging becomes a problem, either it takes a long time to power up or it doesn’t include a charging station. Both of them are inconveniences for me, but GAMMA+ seems to have found a workaround with their technology.

This device has held juice for almost 4 hours with a single charge that’s more than enough to get me through the day. Seems regular, right? Let me add the catch – it can charge up fully with only a couple hours of charge! How cool is that, right? I can’t stress enough how much time it has saved me during the busy days and I’m sure you’ll find the same comfort once you add it to your regular list of trimmers as a barber.

Enhanced Housing For Precision-Based Tasks

Like the StyleCraft trimmer, the GAMMA+ device too comes with a modular kit. But there’s more to it than just fancy looks – a drop top feature has allowed me to perform cool styling on my customers by going closest to the skin and delivering refined sharp lines on beard edges. It’s further endowed with Japanese stainless steel blades that’s up to the mark and my clients never seemed to complain about it!

Low-Noise & Minimum Vibration At All Times

I’ve received complaints with different trimmers that they are making too much noise or vibrating a lot that’s difficult to accept as a customer. Ones who had made such claims found the GAMMA+ to be the most delightful thing in my salon, other than myself. Jokes apart, it doesn’t make any additional sounds with a soothing pitch and the vibration is close to nothing – despite carrying a supercharged rotary motor inside of it.

What Could Be Improved?

The only area I can think of that could be improved in the following designs is the exposed blade root at the top. Since I’m using it daily, it’s not an issue for me, but if you’re planning on keeping it sitting around your closet, it might catch some dirt. So I’ll suggest you keep it inside a pouch for safekeeping. A little note, the zero gap could be somewhat improved, but for the price I’m paying, I can’t really ask for anything more.

Overall Assessment

The way this GAMMA+ trimmer performs and how easy it is to get used to it, it’s not only made for barbers only but also beginners can make a habit out of it with basic knowledge. It’s powerful, fancy and holds juice for so long that I’m constantly mesmerized and re-check the price tag to realize that it’s really this much affordable with so many premium features! This trimmer is a prodigy afterall it seems.

1. Superlative battery1. No pouch included
2. Enhanced housing
3. Low-noise & vibration


Now that I’ve reached the end of my article, I’m supposed to be announcing a winner. But let me admit, all of these 7 trimmers are the best barber trimmers in my opinion.

If I could merge all of these trimmers and make them into one, then I probably would’ve done so and have that announced as THE desirable trimmer unit to have.

But for now, I’ll just say that each of them are justified to their quality against the price point. None of them are overpriced and they cost their worth rightfully so.

Whether you’re looking for a barber trimmer on a budget, or you want to pick the best one for yourself, I leave that choice up to you. What I can give you is my guarantee, that choosing any one from the list will enhance your abilities as a barber, and it’ll last you for a long time.

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