Best Beachwaver Curling Irons: 5 Models That Serve Beginners And Veterans!

While trendy designs will eventually become redundant, timeless looks will stay young until eternity. Similarly, while hairdos like crop cuts and edgy shags with streaks are two of the trendiest designs in the fashion scene, beachy waves, and even loose curls are two timeless options. And if you’re hoping to give in to the latter set of options this summer, let me present to you Beachwaver.

In short, Beachwaver is the best possible styling tool if you fancy a head full of curls. Whether you’re seeking to replicate glam waves, defined curls, or beachy tresses, any curling iron of Beachwaver should be sufficient.

Moving on, if you’d like to replace your pre-existing curling iron with a tool from Beachwaver’s finest product line, consider getting a glimpse of the following curling irons by the brand, otherwise known as the 5 best Beachwaver curling irons of 2023!

Top 5 Beachwaver Curling Irons: A Series Overview

Beachwaver is an American beauty brand that strictly focuses on manufacturing styling products, but is on another level when it comes to curating curling irons. Despite being a fresh face in the industry, the amount of recognition Beachwaver has garnered so far is impeccable, and its accomplishments so far can only be replicated by a handful of prominent brands.

Before you get a thorough explanation of the moments I had with the 5 best Beachwaver curling irons, give the following table a glare. It contains delicate pieces of information regarding each product I’ll be covering today, which can come in handy if you’ll eventually be making a purchase.

ModelB1 Midnight RoseCo. S 1.25Co. S1Co. S.75 B1 Pink Sunset
Barrel Size1”1.25”1”0.75”1”
Temp. Settings3AdjustableAdjustableAdjustable3
Auto Shut-offUnavailableAvailableAvailableAvailableUnavailable
Swivel Cord8 ft.8 ft.8 ft.8 ft.8 ft.
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Beachwaver Curling Irons: 5 Tools for 5 Occasions!

The following models of Beachwaver are the same in terms of quality, since the quality of the plates on each item is infused with ceramic technology. However, as the models belong to different product lines and have different release dates, some features are non-existent in a few of their curling irons.

Whether you’re seeking a styling tool that is versatile or a cutting-edge curling iron with premium-quality attributes, one of Beachwaver’s curling irons can easily solve all your styling issues. And if you’re certain about your desire of investing in one of the options, don’t forget to skim through my recommended list before finalizing your decision!

Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose

The first optimal curling iron on this list is Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose, one of the latter models under the Beachwaver franchise. The device contains a massive 5.5-inch ceramic barrel, which can be the perfect companion for fine to thick hair.

Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose

Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose is quite a feast for the eyes, mainly due to its neutral colour scheme. The device is curated with an ergonomic handle, feeling as light as a feather during operation. Alongside the barrel come two adjustable buttons for rotation, and a power button that can also be used to pick between the three heat settings it offers. I personally prefer the low heat setting, since it creates highly defined curls with zero signs of damage.

In addition to being a specialist in generating textured curls, the Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose can also bring forward marvelously put glam waves and highly voluminous beachy waves. Although the bevelled handle can fit perfectly with the silhouettes of any hair type, the Beachwaver B1 Midnight Rose pairs best with short to medium-length hair.

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Carrying this device overseas should also be a breeze, as the B1 Midnight Rose is dual voltage. With its 8ft swivel cord, handling the device is typically effortless. The device could be a bit challenging, however, especially due to the LCD it lacks for the temperature setting. This could be a small issue for veterans like myself, but a buzz kill for newbies.

Beachwaver Co. S1.25

Next up on this list is the Beachwaver Co. S1.25, which is a massive upgrade from the B1 models, especially in terms of technological means. The barrel of this device runs slightly larger in contrast to the latter and former entries on this list, and is often compatible with medium to thick hair.

Beachwaver Co S1.25

Upon using this device, I learned how easy it is to curl one’s hair. It lacks a medium heat setting, but can cover a minimum temperature of 290°F and a maximum temperature of 410°F. If I were to give my two cents on those that are eligible for this tool, I’d recommend this option to those with shoulder-length hair or long hair.

Just like the rest of the curling irons for Beachwaver, the S 1.25 is ergonomic and feels almost weightless to use. It is also curated with a ceramic-infused barrel and plates, both of which feel good on my hair during styling. With the help of the S 1.25, I’m usually able to create curls with tons of moisture retention.

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The hardware of this model has to be my favourite part, comprising various components that can aid an already positive experience. It has an LCD for monitoring the temperature settings, an adjustable speed switch, and a power button-cum-reset button. The device also rotates in two ways, going against and towards the grain to produce effortless curls.

While its hardware is something that I’m a huge fan of, the Beachwaver S 1.25 also comes with an auto shut-off feature, which is a rare find among most models under the Beachwaver franchise. The device also contains smaller clamps, which I believe can create elevated waves, relaxed beachy waves, and voluminous blowouts!

Beachwaver Co. S1 Dual Voltage

To obtain the best-selling item that Beachwaver has manufactured to this day, consider adding the Beachwaver Co. S1 to your list of must-have curling irons. The device was released around the same time as the S 1.25 model, which explains why the two items share so much in common.

Beachwaver Co S1 Dual Voltage

Similar to the S 1.25, the Beachwaver Co. S1 comprises user-friendly housing with an ergonomic coating. The device also reprises the digital temperature clock at the bottom of the handle, with an adjustable speed switch and a multipurpose power button. Even though the Beachwaver Co. S1 brings results as shiny as the formerly mentioned models without hampering the fibre of the shaft, the curls created using its medium-sized barrel are perfect for creating highly-detailed curls on my fine hair. However, for best results, make sure your hair falls somewhere in between a size medium and short.

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Working with this device is as seamless as any other curling iron of Beachwaver, which would be delightful in short. The Co. S1 comprises a narrow clamp that produces tight curls, but also moves like butter through my shaft. It has a rapid fast heat-up time to make each session time-friendly, with an automatic shut-off feature to preserve more stamina and make the hardware sustainable in the long run.

The device claims to cater to all hair types, but its rapid fast heating abilities can backfire on your hair if it’s already thinning or on its way out. For that matter alone, the Beachwaver Co. S1 should only be used by those with fine to coarse hair. Furthermore, if you’re a big fan of the 90s, don’t forget to experiment with the glam waves with this dual-rotating curling iron of Beachwaver!

Beachwaver Co. S.75 Dual Voltage

Standing in the middle is the Beachwaver Co. S.75, which is just as neutral as it sounds. The curling iron reprises multiple signature attributes that Beachwaver is known for, such as the digital temperature clock, adjustable temp switch, and a sizable barrel with ceramic coating. However, unlike the rest of the candidates, the Beachwaver Co. S.75 contains plates with a diameter of 0.75 inches.

Beachwaver Co S.75 Dual Voltage

The plates run quite small, making them a specialist in making texturized curls. When used on my strands, however, the device was only able to make soft yet concentrated waves. Furthermore, based on my experience, this tool seems more compatible with coarse hair, especially those that count as 3c and over. That doesn’t make the tool any one-dimensional, though, as it can also style fine hair with its attributes.

What I really like about this Beachwaver is the build it has, which follows the groundwork of the previously made models.

While the device hardly looks presentable on the outside, it contains all the useful elements such as a versatile power button, an auto shut-off system that commences after 30 minutes of inactivity, and an 8 ft. swivel cord.

It also fits like a glove in my hand, further adding to its positive impression. Beware if you have thin or damaged hair, however, as this tool also heats up as fast as the S1 and S1.25 models respectively.

Beachwaver B1 Pink Sunset

The final recommended pick on this list is all about the visuals, comprising the Beachwaver B1, Pink Sunset. In addition to being one of the more affordable options among the Beachwaver franchise, the Pink Sunset is also the easiest curling iron to comprehend. In fact, if you’ve already viewed my two cents on the B1 Midnight Rose, know that the Pink Sunset is virtually identical to it.

Beachwaver B1 Pink Sunset

The B1 Pink Sunset provides the same optimal results as all the models mentioned on this list, but offers a simpler button configuration that caters to beginners. It lacks a home button unlike the S1 and S1.25 Beachwaver curling irons, but has accessible buttons for dual rotation. The floating plates are once again uneven, making it easier for the device to curl the hair without any tangles.

When put to the test, the Beachwaver B1 Pink Sunset was as seamless as they come. It paired quite well with my trimmed pieces of fine hair, and generated curls with tons of bounce. Even though I used the lowest heat setting, it only took the device two rotations to create defined curls.

From a technological standpoint, it’s the same as any other model. However, unlike the models on the upper echelon, the B1 Pink Sunset lacks a digital temperature clock, which I believe is quite helpful for beginners. The temperature level can only be changed using the power button, which, I believe, is a fair adjustment taking into account the affordable price one has to pay.

Why Beachwaver Is The Best Brand To Rely On For Curling Irons: Pivotal Reasons Behind The Brand’s Success!

Reasons Behind Beachwaver Success

Beachwaver was curated in early 2010 by the Potempa sisters with the aim of making the art of hairstyling easier than ever. While they initially focused on manufacturing styling products that mostly assisted natural hair with retaining moisture and forming water-based items for securing a polished look with tons of hold, it is the brilliant groundwork of their curling irons that gave them their first breakthrough.

As of 2023, each of their curling irons is equally sought-after, with zero signs of decline. Toggle over to the portion below to learn what makes Beachwaver’s curling irons so desirable.

Accuracy of results

The first and foremost reason behind the brand’s success lies in the delivery of its results, which never fails to hit the spot. The device has ceramic technology to provide heat throughout the shaft when styling, not just the surface of the layers.

Furthermore, to bring healthy results irrespective of one’s hair type, Beachwaver offers curling irons with adjustable heat settings.

Easygoing usability

Beachwaver manufactures top-grade styling products that don’t just bring forward salon-grade results, but also have automatic rotating barrels that can be powered up with the press of a button. Each curling iron is a one-man army, as it gets the job done without causing any harm, simultaneously saving tons of time during each styling session.

Sustainable materials

Each curling iron under Beachwaver comprises ergonomically developed materials that aren’t just long-lasting, but relatively weightless. The devices also have button configurations that never crumble and barrels that are fault-free.

Flexible product line

From fine strands to coarse stands, Beachwaver caters to everyone, mainly by offering curling irons with three kinds of floating plates; 1.25-inch plates, 1-inch plates, and 0.75-inch plates.

While 1-inch plates often manipulate any kind of density and length to generate styling results, the 1.25-inch plates strictly serve those with long hair. On the contrary, for creating waves and curls on short hair, Beachwaver provides the abilities of the models with 0.75-inch plates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the reviews have been unveiled, the only thing left is the decision-making. While the models are different in minimal ways, I’m certain that all the formerly mentioned suggestions can make your styling experience even better, especially if you side with a model that caters to your hair length and hair type!

However, if unresolved feelings of doubt and second thoughts are clouding up your vision, and directly hampering the decision-making process, resolve them with the assistance of the following set of questions.

Q: How do I find the right Beachwaver for my hair?

A: To find the best possible Beachwaver curling iron for your hair, consider analyzing your hair length and hair type.

If your hair crosses the length of your shoulders, investing in one of the options with 1-inch plates should be sufficient. If the strands are even longer, consider siding with the Beachwaver Co. S1.25, comprising 1.25-inch plates for maximum coverage.

Additionally, if you have cropped hair that doesn’t even meet the positioning of your eyebrows, the Beachwaver Co. S.75 should be the best bet to make.

Q: How do I use Beachwaver’s curling iron properly?

A: Since Beachwaver’s curling irons often generate results automatically with just the push of a button, the steps you need to take for obtaining ideal results are quite simple. While you can improvise the creation process if you’re in a hurry, consider tying your hair up into a ponytail, or dividing your hair into multiple sections.

Afterwards, take each unit for a ride and curl the pieces of hair for 8 to 10 seconds for optimal styling results.

Remember to use the lowest heat setting if you have thin to fine hair, and move upwards only if you have coarse hair with sizable strands.

Additionally, if you’re more into visual learning, you may also give this video a watch!

Final Takeaway

With the help of this write-up, I hope you’re able to understand just how high the ceiling of each model belonging to Beachwaver can be, especially if you use them in the right manner. Luckily, if you’re not aware of how each curling iron should be utilized, you can always revise the beginner-friendly tutorial that I’ve stated above.

Regardless of which model you side with from this write-up, you must always a) measure your hair length and density, and b) figure out your styling results. While each curling tool of Beachwaver can bring forward all sorts of looks revolving around curls, the models also pair well with specific hair types. Failing to meet that guideline won’t hamper the quality of your hair in any way, but will directly compromise your styling results.

That’s all for now! If you found this issue useful, leave a comment below to let us know. Additionally, if you’d like to explore an array of styling tools that strictly cater to personal grooming, be sure to skim through the existing materials on!

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