Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men: 5 Top-grade Trimmers That Can Clean Your Beard With Ease!

When it comes to shaving or trimming, there’s nothing more hectic than dealing with thick beards, specifically when it comprises natural and coarse afro hair. On average, a mediocre trimmer requires multiple strokes to get rid of the beard of black men, even when the facial hair is hydrated and the blades are sharpened.

While trimming facial hair strands remains a tough task to this day, the objective that was once almost impossible to perform is slowly but surely becoming a somewhat bearable activity to carry out, thanks to the substantial progress trimmers have made in a technological aspect. Not only do the trimmers comprise effective blades that are sharp enough to glide past a bulky set of beard, but they also feel more premium in the hand and offer tons of freedom when being used.

Additionally, if you’re currently tired of being let down by your pre-existing trimmer that constantly fails to give you the perfect trim and shape your beard up nicely, perhaps it’s time that you give yourself and your male grooming needs a fresh start; preferably by placing your trust in a new beard trimmer. And if the previous suggestion did enlighten you quite a bit, buckle up and stick around until the end of this issue as we unveil to you 5 exceptional beard trimmers that were specifically curated for black men!

Black Men Beard Trimmers Comparison Chart

To really understand the potential that each beard trimmer carries, and the ways in which it can shape up your thick beard, having sufficient amounts of info regarding each product’s key features, benefits, and drawbacks is absolutely mandatory. However, if you stumbled upon this article without carrying out any prior research, don’t forget to skim through the next table to keep yourself in the loop!

Model BabylissPRO FX3Andis Slimline ProWahl Professional DetailerGAMMA+ Absolute HitterBabylissPro GoldFX
Key Features High torque engine; ergonomic build; good for coarse beard.Rotary motor; Close cutting T-blade; LightweightRotary motor; Compact trimmer; 100 minute battery lifeBlack diamond carbon blade; Removable drop top lidNarrow build; Barbell grip; High torque engine
Pros 1. 3 hour runtime
2. Quiet and compact
3. Premium build
1. Affordable
2. Easy to use
3. Charging indicator
1. 45 minute quick charge
2. Comfortable to use
3. Inexpensive
1. Low battery notification
2. 4 hour battery life
3. Super Fast
1. Silent engine
2. Good for removing bulk
3. Durable
Cons No guards or replacement chargersSuper loud; Might be tough to obtain a clean shave.Better options exist; Not sufficient for a clean shave.Expensive; Heats up pretty quicklyPoor battery life
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Top 5 Beard Trimmers For Black Men To Try Out This Year!

The densely packed beard of black men can definitely be sought after from afar, and can easily be something to behold in theory. However, in reality, maintaining the shape at all times could be one of the most challenging tasks that this world has to offer. In fact, even a semi-decent trimmer with a remarkable blade may end up struggling quite a bit before chopping up the facial hair of black men.

Worry not however, as the following list doesn’t just comprise a series of models that contain premium-quality materials, but are also renowned for handling the stubborn and coarse beard of black men with ease! From two outstanding models of Babyliss to a surprisingly affordable model of Wahl, here are 5 excellent trimmers that can deliver the best shave possible, especially if your beard is as thick as it gets!

BabylissPRO Barberology FX3

BaBylissPRO Barberology FX3

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The first entry on the list is the BabylissPRO Barberology, FX3, which has remarkable visuals and contains a sublime set of technicalities. It can clean a thick beard rigorously with its high-torque engine, and can even serve to users for 3 long hours with the help of its Li-Ion battery.

While this option could seem a bit too pricey for many, the ergonomic build and compact nature of the product definitely make the product sought-after and worthwhile. In addition to fitting in one’s hand without an issue, it is also one of the lightest trimmers out there, standing at 0.58 lbs!

Andis Slimline Pro

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro

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If your facial hair issues are going out of hand, but you’re also working around a tight budget, then the Andis Slimline Pro can definitely be one of the ideal trimmers that you can add to your list! It has a close cutting t-blade with a narrow zero gap, which can be used to give razor sharp clean ups and clear out a dense set of facial hair strands. It also has an exceptional battery life, which can operate without interval for 2 straight hours and contains a rotary motor that makes the blade more efficient.

Although the former features definitely add to the trimmer’s appeal, the best part about the Slimline Pro is the price tag it carries. At the moment, this product carries a generous value of $59.99, which not only makes the Slimline Pro a bang for its buck, but also makes it one of a kind due to all the top-grade attributes it carries.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer

Wahl Professional 5-Star

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If you recently started practising the art of trimming but are having a difficult time with the pre-existing device you use to take care of your beard, another affordable option that you can take into consideration as a black man is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Detailer!

As opposed to the other entries on this list, the Detailer is easily the most inexpensive item. It is also extremely lean in terms of size, and tends to feel comfortable in the hand due to its seamless build.

The Wahl Detailer can be a great tool to place your trust in due to its rotary motor and its close cutting abilities which can help with trimming uneven patches of thick hair, but can also enable users to take their time due to its outstanding battery, which typically allows the gadget to run for 100 minutes! When plugged in, the Wahl Detailer only takes 45 minutes to reach a full battery life, which can very well be another incentive to look forward to! 

GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter

GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter

When push comes to shove, the GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter is definitely a trimmer that has anything and everything within its system. It has a rather unique design that can easily compete with the visuals of the leading beard trimmers out there, and tends to earn bonus points with its removable drop top lid.

The black diamond carbon blade that it comprises specialises in being sharp, which can be more than sufficient when eliminating bulks of thick facial hair. It can sweep you off your feet with its heat absorbing and rust free properties, which can serve you well for an extensive period of time. When put to use, the efficiency of the blade and the powerful motor it carries can also bring forward noticeable trimming results in a short span of time.

On this list, the GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter can definitely seem like an issue due to its hefty price for many, but also has exceptional characteristics that justify its price. In addition to containing all the promising attributes mentioned in the previous paragraph, the GAMMA+ has an unbeatable battery life of 4 hours, which can be refilled to the fullest in under 2 hours. It also has bonus features like a low battery indicator, which seems to be absent within the groundwork of the other candidates.

BabylissPRO Barberology GoldFX

BabylissPRO Barberology GOLDFX

If your budget is as lenient as it gets, investing in the priciest gadget could very well be an excellent move to go forward with. And if the previous suggestion does seem somewhat promising, let us present to you the BabylissPRO Barberology, GoldFX!

The GoldFX isn’t just the priciest gadget on this list, but can also offer the best user-experience when used properly. The gold coloured trimmer might feel a bit heavy in the hand, but has a barbell grip that one can definitely hold onto for a lifetime!

While the narrow build of the trimmer is also a great feature that many can find comfort in, the newly upgraded T-blade of the trimmer, which can rotate 360 degrees, can also be the perfect match for those seeking to wipe away their coarse beard. The high torque engine does compromise its battery life by a tad bit, giving it a total running time of 2 hours, but also seems extremely favourable due to its noise-cancelling properties!

Things To Consider Before Picking Between The Big 5

Regardless of which option you choose to side with, we assure you that one of these 5 trimmers can surely be enough to handle and clean up the stubborn pieces of facial hair around your face and help you with obtaining a presentable look. However, before we reveal our personal favourite amongst the crew, be sure to check out the series of instructions below, as they will be of tremendous help during the decision making process!


The first thing you should prioritise before making your purchase should be the budget you have or how much you’re willing to spend. For instance, if your budget has a very loose rope and can even extend if you allow it to, try looking into the two trimmers of Babyliss and picking one out of the two candidates. However, if your budget is just a tad bit lower than $180, you can also explore the thought of purchasing the GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter.

On another note, if you happen to be working around a tight budget and would like to keep your savings as intact as possible, consider siding with Wahl’s Detailer or the Andis Slimline Pro.

Blade Type

Another element that you should have a clear vision on is the blade type that you prefer. While almost all of the above-mentioned trimmer are more than safe to be used on one’s face, each option comprises a different kind of blade. Some of them stand out best when it’s time to give your coarse beard a quick maintenance trim, while the rest stand under the spotlight when it’s time to obtain the cleanest shave possible, like the BabylissPRO Barberology, GoldFX.

When it comes to blade type, the GoldFX can surely take care of all the stubborn pieces of facial hair all over your face with its sought after T-blade, which specialises in giving sharp and precise trims in a matter of minutes. On top of being easy to navigate, the flexibility of the blade is also a great aspect to focus on, especially if your thick beard is known for growing tons of uneven strands.

Battery Life

Since a product can only perform well when it has a good support system behind it, you should also compare the battery life of each prospect before finalising your decision.

Within the entries mentioned above, the GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter offers the best battery life, which provides a running time of 4 whopping hours! Behind the Italian-made trimmer is BabylissPRO FX3, which can operate without any interval for 3 straight hours. Despite being the best possible option in this bout, the BabylissPRO GoldFX can only provide a running time of 2 hours; a feat that the Andis Slimline Pro can match without an issue!


If you’re absolutely sure about your desires of wanting to purchase a new trimmer, make sure to either side with an option that provides longevity. Amongst the list, three good options that will serve you for an extensive period of time are the two BabylissPRO models and the GAMMA+ Hitter.

On the other hand, if you want a temporary companion to groom your beard for a relatively short time-frame, consider taking into account the potential of the Andis Slimline and Wahl Detailer.

Bottom Line: The Higher The Price, The Higher The Quality

If you’ve understood the reference used in the heading of this portion, perhaps you’ve already guessed the king of the hill in this bout. However, if you’re on the other end and have no clue about what we’re trying to imply, let us present to you the best trimmer on this list and our top pick in this battle, the BabylissPRO GoldFX!

Although the price tag could seem a bit too hefty at first and when compared with the value of the rest of the products, we believe that it’s a rather fair sum to pay in reality. The BabylissPRO Gold not only offers a modern look with a rock solid barbell grip, but also has a 360 degree T-blade which can give even the coarsest beard a top-notch trim without leaving any room for error. The blade is also very skin-friendly, which can be music to your ears if you’re a black male with sensitive skin.

While the battery life is underwhelming to say the least, it is easier to remove bulky patches of hair with its rotating blade and its high torque engine. And if you’re hesitant because you’re clumsy with a trimmer, know that the BabylissPRO GoldFX has a durable build that withstands not even one scratch!

Furthermore, if you’re working around the same budget, but would like a trimmer that runs for a longer period of time and is a bit lighter than the former, try resorting to the BabylissPRO FX3. It is just as quiet and as compact as the GoldFX, but lacks the one-of-a-kind T-blade that makes our top pick so reliable in terms of performance. However, if you’d like to step away from the trimmers of Babyliss, you can always experiment with the GAMMA+ Absolute Hitter, which is known for its quickness, its razor-sharp carbon blade, and its 4 hour battery life!

Additionally, if your budget is moderately low, and you’re only looking for a new trimmer that will give you a good stubble and keep your scruffy beard in check, you don’t even have to look into the previous paragraphs. Instead, try choosing between the Andis Slimline Pro and Wah’s 5 Star Detailer. Both of them may appear as underdogs in this issue, but are miles ahead from some of the prominent trimmers out there due to their battery life, lightweight nature, close cutting blades, and budget-friendly price!

Overall, if you have coarse facial hair that is unmanageable once it grows in terms of length, you can easily benefit from all 5 of the above-mentioned list of trimmers. However, during the decision making, be sure to side with the model which meshes well with your skin, matches your budget, and pairs well with your intentions, as all 5 of them will be good enough to handle a coarse beard with tons of fullness!

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