6 Best Beard Trimmer For Short Beards To Style The Most Delicate Beards

If you have noticed that short beards are currently trending now, you must know that their styling and up-keeping are quite a demanding task due to many reasons.

For such tasks, I never settle for anything less than the best beard trimmer for short beards, and neither should you since these trimmers are made specifically to deliver up to expectations.

I can’t stress on how many devices I’ve had to run down for assessment, and how many times I was left with an uneven, crooked or distorted beard design that made me start over again.

After much struggle, I was able to sort down six trimmers of the highest order that transcended beyond my expectations and landed me some of the finest short beard designs I’ve ever produced.

So, have a quick run through my experiences with these devices where I briefly highlight their strong sides as well as their weak to better understand what each of them are capable of doing to your short beard!

Top 6 Beard Trimmer for Short Beard Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Run Time
Notable Features
BabylissPRO Barberology
120 Minutes
knurled Barbell Grip
Check Price
Philips Norelco 9000
120 Minutes
Beard Sense Technology motor
Check Price
Andis 32400 Slimline Pro
2 Hour+
6000 Spm
Check Price
Bevel Beard Trimmer
6 Hours+
Pivot Lock Guards
Check Price
Wahl Aqua Blade
6 Hours
110-220 Worldwide Voltage
Check Price
Brio Beardscape
4 Hours
Ceramic Blade
Check Price

What Are The Essential Qualities For Short Beard Trimmer?

Essential Qualities For Short Beard Trimmer

As you can tell, not all beard trimmers are made for styling short beard styles. Before making your purchase, I’ll ask you to check out the following qualities in your trimmer to guarantee the exquisite short beard style that you were hoping for.

Good Zero Gapping

A good short beard trimmer must be able to zero-gap perfectly. Since you’ll be performing delicate tasks, continuously switching between devices disrupts the flow of your operation. Not all trimmers can live up to the close trim that you’re hoping for, thus picking out a good device is of utmost importance.

Trimmer Different Length Option

Easy Adjustability

Since short beard styles are generally fancier to style than full or long beards, you’ll be demanded to alter between different length settings frequently. A trimmer that can be adjusted easily with a knob or a notch is something I’ll suggest for performing such tasks to make your job less strenuous.

T-Lining Beard Easily

To finalize a short beard style, you must draw the edge-lines perfectly. Such a delicate task requires good T-lining blades that you won’t find in every device you see in the market. Thus, the trimmers I’ve enlisted down below are grand for this task as they are hand-tested by myself to deliver flawlessly.

Best Trimmers for Short Beards That Are Currently Trending

These are the commendable devices, each of which I deem worthy of regarding as the best beard trimmer for short beards. Let’s dig through them from my point of view after spending a sufficient amount of time with them.

BaBylissPRO Barberology GoldFX Outlining Trimmer

BaBylissPRO has been shaking up the beard grooming industry in recent times with their premium Barberology GoldFX series trimmer. It’s classy, performs supremely and contains all the necessary features to land the most ravishing short beard styles that are trending right now. Whether you are a barber or a home consumer, this trimmer has the capabilities to satisfy your every need!

BaBylissPRO Barberology GoldFX

Get BabylissPRO Barberology at Amazon

Elegant Design With Equal Grip For Short Beard Styling

If you’re someone who’s drawn towards attractive things, then this GoldFX trimmer with a T-blade will definitely win over your heart. It certainly did for mine, with the posh golden housing that’s endowed with a textured finish. These textures ensure that my grip level is at the highest at all times even when my hands are sweating, and it’s very important for performing delicate & precise short beard lining tasks.

Premium T-Liner That Edges Beard Lines Perfectly

I must further describe the efficiency of the T-Liner because it’s one of the most important aspects of this trimmer. The blades are very narrow and sharp, which enables me to reach near the ear or trim the mustache lines neatly. Usually in cases like these, multiple passes tend to disrupt such designs, and this GoldFX trimmer delivers with a single pass like a solid pro! Kudos to BaByliss for making the blades in such a way!

Italian-Design Engine For High Torque Performance

Whether it’s a large chunk removal or delicate lining, the brushless motor helps out significantly well. The Italian-design motor generates torque high enough to chop through any density of bush effortlessly. I’ve asked all of my customers if the noise-level is causing them any discomfort and they’ve always assured me that it’s good enough. It’s a treat really to be trimming & lining your short beard with such a quality device!

What Could Be Improved?

This trimmer does come with a lot of features and positives, like a hanging hook or a 360 degree blade, but what puts most people off is its price. You must remember that this device is mainly made for professional barbers and it’s made to last. Still, I would’ve appreciated it if it came with a charging dock that would complete the package, but for the housing & performance, I’ll still take it to be my primary short beard trimmer.

Overall Assessment

I’ll say, this GoldFX trimmer has a great price to quality ratio despite being in the high limits of pricing. It’s effortless to use, line any design of short beard and maintain the perfect length of desire. The blades are sharp, the motor is efficient and a battery life that’s lasted me around 2 hours at a stretch – all things combined together pose it as a worthwhile investment.

  • Captivating golden housing
  • Fine blades with a powerful motor
  • Perfect lining for short beard
  • Quite expensive

Philips Norelco Series 9000 Beard Trimmer

The Norelco series by Philips has always been there for me whenever I needed a grooming device for short beards. This is much different than regular trimmers in many aspects - it’s made to last a long time and built with durable materials, not some cheap plastic or metal. Remove the plastic comb guard and turn this 9000 device into a zero-gap beast for your salon or for personal use!

Philips Norelco Series 9000 Beard Trimmer

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Self-Sharpening, Skin-Friendly Blades For Sensitive Skin

This Norelco device has some of the most unique blades I’ve ever encountered! You can judge by the look of it that these blades are made to perform and last anything that you throw at it. I’ve had it perform on the most sensitive skins and it chopped through the beard like carving through butter! And my clients ensured they felt almost nothing on their skin - no tug or discomfort of any sort!

30 Length Settings Render It A Killer Trimmer!

A common complaint that I have about other short beard trimmers is that - most of them come with so many attachments that I lose track of them very easily. I even lose a few parts or can’t find the right one at the moment of necessity. The Norelco 9000 lets me adjust the length settings with an adjustable dial that locks in at 0.2mm (1/128"), which is essential for short beards.

Additionally, the length settings increment between 1/64" to 25/64" precisely and it enables me to style short beards at perfect lengths. There is one reinforced guard attached in the combo and it’s built with sturdy material. Overall, the length settings and the ease of tweaking between them is something that stands out over many trimmers at this price range for me.

GQ Grooming Award Winner For A Reason!

This unit has the latest Philips Beard Sense technology that identifies beard density and adjusts motor power accordingly. The battery lasts me almost 2 hours at one charge and I’m satisfied with it since it takes so little time for me to get my job done with this. The housing offers a solid grip, comes with a carry pouch and blade oil, and the performance it generates has landed not only my approval, but also from the likes of GQ Magazine as well!

What Could Be Improved?

There’s literally no flaw in the design, features or utilities that the Norelco 9000 gives us. Only minor downside is that the carry pouch is so compact that there’s only room for the trimmer device itself and not the guard comb, oil or cleaning brush. So carrying can turn a little hectic if you’re planning on stashing everything inside the pouch.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, it’s really a catch for the amount of money I had to pay for it. I’ll definitely keep it around for styling all the short beards, for myself and my customers. It’s comfortable, my skin feels good after using it and so do all my clients’. The design is captivating & unique - and in total it’s a complete package for your beard grooming needs that’s made to last a long, long time.

  • Good for sensitive skin
  • 30 length setting ideal for short beards
  • No hassle with extra attachments
  • Carry pouch has limited capacity

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless Beard Trimmer

The Andis Slimline is a professional grade trimmer that comes at a very affordable price point. From its scratched-silver housing to its top-notch performance, Andis has created a beast device that’s perfect for trimming your short beards. Every box is a tick mark for this unit which makes it a highly desirable product in the market and I couldn’t have been happier for making this purchase.

Andis 32400 Slimline Pro

Get Andis 32400 Slimline Pro at Amazon

Exceptional Exterior With Good Grip Level

The silver lining on this beard trimmer is the silver housing itself. It’s scratched metal which enhances the looks even more. Usually such shiny housings make me lose grip after using them for extended hours. But this device has a scratched texture on the body which not only reinforces the grip level, but also retains the body’s smoothness without embedding any thumbprint on it!

6,000 RPM Motor Is Perfect For Any Type Of Short Beard

This Andis trimmer is made to give you a clean shave, almost zero-gapped to be precise. The adjustable blades allow for styling different types of short beard with varying beard length all over the face. The 6,000 RPM motor enables these blades to achieve the cleanest, tug & nick free trim with the minimum number of passes. I’ve never doubted any Andis motor, and this one lives up to my professional grade expectation.

Lightweight, Professional Trimmer With Good Battery Life

Another captivating aspect of this trimmer is its weight. It’s super light and maintains the professional standard for prolonged use. It has never exhausted my hand, for which I’m grateful to Andis & their design department. This is indeed a professional device in many regards, but beginners might need to learn a few tips and tricks to refine their short beard at first go.

The battery life has always been optimum that lasted me around 2 hours with no ill-powered motor at the last minute. It also has a good charge to output ratio, meaning it charges up comparatively faster than other devices. A good news for barbers who are into short beard styling is that it comes with a handy charging dock that’ll allow you to juice it up in between trimmer to scissors switching to keep it at full power.

What Could Be Improved?

For all the enhanced features it comes with, there is a certain limitation that I must address. The motor in this trimmer makes a little louder noise compared to other trimmers that I currently possess. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it felt like something you should know if you’re sensitive to motor noise. But the constant performance this motor is able to generate for me, I’m happy to concede the level of noise it makes.

Overall Assessment

This trimmer is a full-set to deliver you the finest looking short beards, whichever style may come to your mind. The blades are good, you can even attach replacement blades if you want to for an even better outcome. Good battery life with a charging and low-battery indicator tagged with a fine design sets it up to be the best beard trimmer for short beards in the professional scale overall.

  • Scratched-silver exterior with good grip
  • Motor good for short beard styling
  • Very lightweight
  • Louder noise while trimming

Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men

Bevel has reinvented the beard grooming approach with their trimmer device which I feel can easily be regarded as the best beard trimmer for short beards! It’s constantly evolving and is endowed with the latest technology that has rendered my short beard trimming effective and convenient. I’ll say, for the price I’m paying for this trimmer, I’m getting nothing less in return!

Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men

Snap Lock & Zero Gapping Make It Supreme!

Among the tons of things I can say about this trimmer, I must highlight its zero gapping ability prior to anything else. Firstly, the blade and attachments are magnetic and they snap in place very easily! As a barber, I’m constantly having to swap between such things in a hurry while trimming short beards. Bevel has saved my life with their magnetic attachments that don’t demand any screw involvement!

When it comes to zero gapping, many trimmers that I’ve used don’t deliver as promised. They often deviate from the zero gap which is a headache for grooming a delicate short beard. But Bevel has done a tremendous job at maintaining that zero gap throughout the entire session with sharp blades that have taken a recent upgrade to match with their reputation!

Out Of The World Design Maintaining Solid Grip

When you look at the device, you’ll probably feel the same excitement that I had felt. It’s round-ish, made of premium aluminum that never heats up and offers a really firm grip. Such a degree of grip is very important when I’m lining those edges of a really short beard, or performing delicate trimming to ensure a specific beard length. The design itself looks extraordinarily gorgeous, and I’ll say a big Kudos to the Bevel team for making it so.

Enormous Battery Life That’ll Last For Months

If you are a home user, you’ll probably forget where you put your charger because its battery lasts so long! While the company advertises it to last 8 hours, I’ve had it running around the 7 hour mark. Still, it’s a great feat that’ll let you take it on long travels and you can use it with a cord even. When running in battery, the motor maintains the same RPM, so that’s never caused me any trouble.

What Could Be Improved?

The initial blade unit Bevel used to provide was quite average. Then they started including the v2 blade which is quite effective. I still prefer making an aftermarket purchase for their T-blade which knocks every other trimmer at this range out of the park! Also, a thorough instruction manual would help beginners maintain their short beards better, so Bevel can take that into consideration.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, the Bevel trimmer has done me some magnificent short beard trimmings and is still a part of my regular devices. For the price, I’ll say, it’s worth the investment as it comes with features like adjustable length with an LED ring and in the middle the digital display states power and what not. It’s made to last a long time and with Bevel’s constant upgrades, it’ll only keep getting better in your hand!

  • Snap-lock for zero gapping
  • 7 hour battery life
  • Great grip level
  • No detailed instruction manual

Wahl Aqua Blade Beard Grooming, Model 9899-100

Wahl is such a name in the grooming industry that Stands the compliment for itself. The Aqua Blade variant Is a specialized trimmer that's made specifically for beard grooming needs. Economic design with accessories for maintaining and detailing short beards, I can certify it to be one of the best beard trimmers for short beards anytime of the day.

Wahl Aqua Blade Beard Grooming

Extreme Precision Blade Great For Ultra Close Trim

The precision blades this trimmer comes with allowed me to detail very short beards in the most convenient manner. I’ve treated numerous clients with this trimmer, resized and edge-lined their short beard with utmost precision and to the particular length of their desire. While I generally take refuge in manual shavers to clean up the rest of the area, these extreme precision blades have rendered that redundant which saves a lot of time!

Both Wet & Dry Compatible

I usually don’t go wet while sizing up short beards with a trimmer, but there are certain cases where this mode comes in handy. For instance, I’ve had a few customers who had large chunks of full beards and were looking to reduce it down to a French cut. In cases as such, removing the bulk area in dry mode and cleaning it up completely in the wets is a delightful gift I’ll never reject. Also, wet mode means it's waterproof, thus I could wash the blades & the head without any worry.

Detachable Heads With Tons Of Accessories

The Aqua Blade device comes with 3 separate attachments : a T-blade, rotary trimmer and detail trimmer. If you are a short beard enthusiast, you know these are everything that you need to style and maintain designs as such. As an addition, the battery adds up to the performance that runs over 2 hours for me at one stretch. You won’t need to recharge it within a month’s time - that I can assure you!

In total, I’ve received 8 attachment guards to style different lengths of a short beard. The main guard switches between 10 adjustable positions which is something I cherish in this device. In total, there are 19 pieces in this entire kit at a price point that’ll leave many in disbelief!

What Could Be Improved?

A couple of minor issues could be addressed that I noticed while using this trimmer. Firstly, it could include a travel-lock feature with such a long battery life and make my travels less concerning. Also, it’s a little heavier than my regular trimmers, so if you’re a barber, I’ll advise you to be prepared for that. Home users won’t feel it stress you out since you aren’t going to be using it all day long.

Overall Assessment

In total, it’s a complete package for your short beard as it’s specialized in beard trimming and grooming. The battery life is excellent, blades are well-made, don’t pull or tug and cleans up pretty easily. The best thing about this is the price-point that both professionals and home-consumers can appreciate, considering how much it can deliver and the additional things that it comes with!

  • Provides ultra-close trim
  • Accessories for any type of short beard
  • Wet shave compatible
  • No travel lock

Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

Brio’s Beardscape series is one of the most reliable lines of beard trimmers for short beards. It looks classic like a vintage device, but has the capabilities of the latest trimmers on the market with equal capabilities. I’ve been using this trimmer for 6 years now and only had to replace the blades as a regular maintenance procedure and no other repairing job was ever needed!

Beardscape Beard Trimmer

Comfortable Trimmer Teeth & Adjustable Lengths

Since this trimmer goes on the face, having sharp yet comfortable teeth is of essence here and Brio has delivered exactly that. Also, apart from comfort, the adjustable length settings make room for short beard styles tweaking more easy going than ever! The on/off button is perfectly placed and the grip level remains firm at all times. It’s a 10/10 for design in my opinion.

Additionally, the teeth and brush are very easy to clean. The instruction manual has everything you need to know about it. I usually use the brush that comes with the accessories and attachments to brush off the stray hair without using any water for cleaning it. The reason is, it doesn’t store much hair, only a few particles that can easily be brushed off.

Display That Helps You With Everything About This Trimmer

A really good thing I’ve found out about this trimmer at the very beginning is its display. The usual display on trimmers only show RPM and battery level, but the Beardscape goes on to do some extra duties here. The burden meter has an indicator for when the blades need some cleaning and a separate indicator for oiling - both of which have helped me tremendously during my busy days at the store.

Good Battery Helps Out With Two RPM Settings

I always prefer a trimmer with alterable RPM settings. Trimming a short beard isn’t an easy task and different hair textures make it even more challenging. Bearscape lets me choose between 5,000 and 7,000 RPM for specific operations, and the battery supports each of these settings fabulously! For the former, my battery lasted around 4 hours as for the latter, it held juice for 3 hours.

What Could Be Improved?

The only area I think Brio could’ve improved is the re-attachment of the blades after removing them. Brio themselves have pointed out in their instruction manual that this task is somewhat challenging at first. But once you keep at it like I did, it gets easier over time. But note that beginners may have to face this challenge if it’s their first trimmer, so it’s a heads up and not a discouragement.

Overall Assessment

Usually the trimmers I call good contain great price to performance balance. But this one, it goes beyond what a trimmer at this range could possibly offer and more. A simple-looking trimmer with every necessity fulfilled, powerful battery, good blades and durability of many years. What more can you ask out of your daily trimmer to groom your short beard regularly?

  • A solid design for beard styling
  • Adjustable RPM settings
  • Complete display for best maintenance
  • Blade re-attachments need some practise


I’ll answer a couple of FAQs about the best beard trimmer for short beards so that you can generate further insight into this matter.

Q: Is there any difference between body trimmer and beard trimmer?
A: While the properties of these two types of trimmers may seem similar, there are certain differences you should be aware of before making an investment.

Q: How can I trim my beard to style into trendy short beard styles?
A: There are many ways you can land a fancy-looking short beard style at home if you have the right device. I’ll still recommend you to go through an expert’s advice that you can follow through for the perfect outcome.


So we’ve come to the very end of this article on the best beard trimmer for short beards. Were you expecting my verding from the 6 iconic trimmers? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which one’s my favorite from the lot!

I must first tell you one thing - each of these trimmers are capable of catering to short beard styles the best way they can with their unique capabilities, and it’s completely up to your preference in the end.

That said, I’ll pick my victor from the lot that’s been the most satisfying device in my arsenal, and it is the Philips Norelco 9000.

Although my verdict is from a barber’s point of view, home consumers can relate to the level of comfort, performance and price point that this trimmer is set at. This is one of those trimmers that’ll always be my primary until I find the next one that’ll beat it in every aspect!

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