Best Beard Trimmer Reviews: The Perfect Tools for Grooming Your Face

As great as your beard looks, you surely don’t want it to get out of hand. I’ve found that trimming a beard is harder to do than to shave the full surface. It’s tough to get that beard to look smooth and even. The point especially comes as women prefer men who have a little more control over their beards. But the good news is that you don’t have to struggle with keeping your beard looking its best.

You will find that there are many beard trimmers from many of the world’s top brands. Each model is designed to give you the best experience possible when getting your beard to look its slimmest and finest. But what is the best beard trimmer you can use today?

You must find a useful trimmer that is not only easy to hold and apply, but also provides you with several cutting choices. You must also have a model that can run for a while on a battery charge. This report offers ten quality choices you can use when you need to get the best shave possible.

A Quick Summary of the Best Beard Trimmers

Top 10 Beard Trimmer Reviews

Wahl Clipper and Beard Trimmer #9818

Having a simple groomer that not only works well but also keeps on running for hours on end always helps. This Wahl groomer is an ideal choice to have.

The Wahl Clipper trimmer features a smooth surface that comes with a brilliant stainless-steel body. The smooth grip provides you with a better hold all the way through.

Wahl Clipper and Beard Trimmer for Men #9818

It is annoying to bear with a beard trimmer whose battery dies out midway through the job. But the Wahl Clipper uses a firm Lithium Ion 2.0 battery and motor that powers the trimmer for up to four hours on a full charge. Wahl markets this as an improvement over the original rechargeable battery the company has been using. The battery helps produce more torque on the trimmer. The Lithium-Ion battery will not lose its charge even when you aren’t using it.

It takes about an hour to charger up the battery, but you can use a one-minute quick charge option to get about three minutes of battery power when you need it. The Smart LED light also blinks when you need to charge up the trimmer.

Four detachable blades are included on this trimmer set. Each blade is a self-sharpening unit that produces a firm cutting surface every time.

The four blades offered are:

  1. The T-Blade is designed for general trimming, although it can be used for touchups.
  2. The Precision Detailer works around the brows, nose, and ears to trim the slimmest spots. The blades on this attachment are smaller and narrower in size.
  3. A Detail Shaver includes a traditional roller surface for shaving needs.
  4. An Ear and Nose Trimmer offers a hygienic surface for cutting the hair around the brows, ears, and nose without getting caught in anything.

These all come with twelve guide combs for convenience. A beard comb can help with guiding the hair during the shave or trim process.

The trimmer also turns itself off automatically when you’ve finished charging the unit. The trimmer will not be at risk of overheating. The Smart LED light also lets you know when the charging is complete.

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My Impression

My favorite part of this trimmer is that I can replace blade heads in moments. The snapping sound lets me note when the trimmer head is secure. The assorted variety of blade combs helps me keep a clean shave too.

I’ve struggled with far too many trimmers that slow down when they get into the deepest parts of my beard. But this Wahl unit didn’t slow down when I tried it. The torque was strong enough to keep on moving without the blade locking up or struggling to cut the beard.

The lightweight design of the trimmer was also a massive plus for me. The trimmer could move from one part of my beard to the next without much time. The trimmer is not all that noisy for me to use either.

What Could Be Better?

The handle is smooth, but it does not have much of a curve. I would have liked a curve to make the handle more comfortable to grip. The included storage case is too small for all of the attachments.

Panasonic Precision + Power Beard Trimmer ER-SB40-K

Panasonic is frequently at the forefront of personal care technology. This Precision + Power trimmer is an ideal choice that produces a firm body that gives you extra control over the cutting process. More importantly, the trimmer doesn’t stop working even when you’ve got coarser or harder to cut hair.

You will immediately notice some features on the base of the trimmer, including a control speed knob and a few lights showing how powerful the trimmer is. You will need that display when the speed produced by the groomer motor is considered.

Panasonic Men’s Power Beard Trimmer

The blades on this Panasonic trimmer are rounded and broader than what you will find elsewhere. The hypoallergenic stainless steel blades use wide bodies to assist in lifting hair so the space can be cleanly cut. Even beard whiskers that are stuck flat on one’s skin can be raised and shaved. The rounded features on the blade tips allow the beard lines to look sharper.

Panasonic rates the motor inside the trimmer at 9,800 CPM. The quick speed helps the trimmer with moving through tight hair spots.

The trimmer uses a snap-on comb attachment to help you move the trimmer along your beard. You will use the control on the base to switch to one of 19 different hair settings. You can trim at a length of 0.5mm without the snap-on feature, but you can go up to 10mm when the attachment is added.

The lithium ion battery inside the trimmer lasts for an hour on a full charge. It also takes an hour to charge up the battery. The LED light on the bottom lets you know how the battery is charging; the light is found under the three-part guide showing you how much power the trimmer generates.

A water drain is found on the end part. The drain lets you add water through the blades to clear out the trimmer body. You can wash off the trimmer under your sink as needed. You can also use trimmer blade oil, which is included, to keep the blades lubricated well.

Get Panasonic Precision ER-SB40-K at Amazon

My Impression

The simple control mechanism on this trimmer was one of my favorite features. The versatile array of cutting options ensured that I could keep my beard trimmed down well.

Although the battery does last for a while and doesn’t take long to charge, I appreciated the option to use the trimmer while it was plugged in and charged. The charging cord is long enough to where I don’t have to struggle with moving it around while trimming with it plugged in.

The smooth surface of the blades did not irritate my skin as I used the trimmer. If anything, the trimmer did not hesitate or slow down as it was using it. The design makes it even easier for me to use on even the thickest spots I was trimming.

What Could Be Better

I would prefer it if the control dial listed the specific length that the trimmer works at. It also takes a while for the trimmer to dry out after you’re done watering it out.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7100

Versatility is a must for a beard trimmer. You’ve got to have a trimmer that can handle your beard no matter how long it is. This Philips Norelco set includes pieces for all of those body hair spots you might normally struggle with trimming.

You’ll notice the mix of steel and black surfaces on the trimmer. The set doesn’t need a power base; you would plug the power cord into the bottom part of the trimmer.

Philips Norelco 7100

What makes the Multigroom Series 7100 so interesting to me is how this trimmer set comes with several attachments. The pieces are sorted by body section and cover an assortment of trimming lengths. The trimmer feature supports four separate combs that can handle up to 18 lengths. There are different combs for the following needs with each coming with support for separate trimming lengths:

  1. General beard trimming from 1 to 18mm
  2. Goatee and mustache needs at 1 to 12mm
  3. Regular hair trimming from 3 to 20mm
  4. Body grooming at 3 to 12mm

Each setting on the trimmer combs moves in increments of 1mm each. The precision ensures you will have a closer shave every time you use the product.

A precision trimmer and a nose trimmer are valuable features to find. The Bodygroom shaver is a slightly wider attachment that comes with a hypo-allergenic foil cover. Rounded tips are added to assist in shaving one’s body hair evenly. The Bodygroom attachment is designed for hair below the neck.

In addition to the standard power button, the Multigroom set also comes with a Turbo Boost setup. The control is under the main power base. The added power will increase the motor’s cutting speed, thus cutting through the most stubborn hairs in moments. The trimmer uses extra battery power to increase the speed.

The battery runs for up to 60 minutes. It also takes an hour to charge the setup, although the Quick Charge option lets you get a few minutes of power added to the battery in a minute.

Get Norelco Multigroom 7100 at Amazon

My Impression

This model is one of the best beard trimmers for how it offers a simple design with a precise approach to handling your trimming needs. I appreciate how easy it is to switch lengths on each of the guide combs. The base of each comb lets me see what I am using so I can get the proper cut every time I use the set.

The ability to use this in wet and dry conditions helps too. I had an easy time cleaning out the trimmer after I was using it.

The blades feel smooth all the way through each cut. The self-sharpening design of each edge ensures that I don’t struggle with getting a good cut going. Also, the separate combs for traditional hair and body hair were a nice touch to the set.

What Could Be Better

The Bodygroom attachment struggles with leg hair. I assume this is due to that hair being thicker. The trimmer also makes more noise than most of the others I have tried out.

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG7750/49

One thing that bothers me about various trimmer sets is that they don’t cover very specific parts of the body. Philips Norelco has resolved this issue by providing the user with a diverse assortment of trimming attachments.

Designed with a stainless steel body with a black accent at the top, the trimmer will stand out in your bathroom. You can store it elsewhere when you’re not charging it, what with the set being cordless.

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG7750/49

The diverse array of attachments on this Philips Norelco set is the first thing you will notice here. The features included provide you with a comprehensive approach to grooming so you can trim and shave evenly all around The Multi Groomer set features the following pieces:

  1. Fourteen trimming guards from 1 to 16mm in length, each made with reinforced bodies to prevent bending
  2. A steel trimmer with self-sharpening blades
  3. A foil shaver for producing simple lines
  4. A steel precision cutter for handling narrow spots around the body
  5. Nose and ear cutter with a covered base
  6. Extra-wide trimmer for sideburns and other long hair spots

Each guide comb is labeled on the bottom to let you see what you will use. The different lengths of each guard are helpful in letting you see how long you need your beard trimmed. There is even a separate guide comb for your eyebrows.

The Lithium-Ion battery on this groomer set lasts for about five hours on a full charge. This makes it one of the longest-running batteries on the market. You can also use the groomer while it is plugged in and charging if you wish. The trimmer will not run any slower if you use the setup that way.

This all works with the DualCut blade system. DualCut blades are arranged with twice as many blades as what you’ll find elsewhere. The edges are tight together to where these pieces sharpen themselves during the grooming process. The blades remain sharp no matter how many times you use the trimmer.

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My Impression

The blades are among the strongest that I have seen out there in the trimmer world. The blades move quickly and cut cleanly every time to give me a smooth finish all around. Even with all that, I did not experience cuts or any irritation.

I can remove each part on the trimmer in moments. The pieces can be washed off in moments too. I did not struggle with washing off the main trimmer on the base of the set.

I was especially surprised with how well the trimmer can work even after I used it a few times. The trimmer continues to produce a fast speed even after I use the unit for a while even when it has not been charged. Still, the ability to use this while it is plugged in helped. The power cord is also long enough to help me keep the trimmer moving well.

What Could Be Better?

The option to control the speed on the trimmer would be great. The cutter is too fast for some sensitive spots around the body.

The body feels hard to handle as well. It is also easy to lose track of where all those attachments are.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100

This is yet another Multigroom set, although this choice has fewer attachments. Having fewer attachments may be to your benefit, as you can keep the set a little more organized. The attachments that Philips Norelco offers here are easy items to use.

You’ll first see that the groomer has a series of lines to help you keep your grip. This comes with a power button with some grooves on its top.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100

There are two separate guide combs on this model. The beard comb uses 18 settings from 1 to 18mm. The hair comb has 18 measurements from 3 to 20mm. A basic trimmer and a precision trimmer are also included. The precision unit has a flexible neck that bends based on the surface of your skin and how you position the trimmer. A nose trimmer is also among the pieces in the set.

The blades include sturdy chromium steel materials. The blades sharpen themselves while in use and will last for years. Every shave I had with this model felt smooth and comfortable.

The head designs bend well around the skin and keep the trimmer from digging deep into the user’s skin. The smooth surface provides you with a better trim on every angle.

The blades and combs are easy to clean off. You only have to add them under running water. The surfaces will wash off in moments to ensure you get better control over the cleaning experience.

The combs can handle various cleaning materials and both cool and warm water surfaces. The combs will not warp or crack apart when you clean them off.

The power button on the body activates through a switch on and off design. You can quickly turn on the trimmer, but you won’t have to worry about the trimmer prematurely turning off from pressure added on the surface. The power remains consistent while the trimmer is on.

Get Norelco Multigroom 3100 at Amazon

My Impression

The simplicity of this trimmer is useful, especially when that last set with nearly twenty pieces is considered. I like how I can use separate guide combs while using a simplified approach for controlling each comb length.

The flexible head surface on this trimmer was a great plus for me. Being able to position the trimmer by a certain angle made it easier for me to keep a firm hold on the device. I could also clearly see what I was doing when trimming.

The smooth design of the trimmer body was a plus for me. The slight grooves on the surface ensure I can keep the trimmer in my hand without it slipping off. The simple button setup helps as well for letting me keep the trimmer active without losing power.

What Could Be Better?

It takes a while for the battery to charge up. I had to wait ten hours for the battery to charge to use this for 60 minutes. The process of shifting the length of each comb can also be a challenge.

Gillette Fusion Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

Whereas the beard trimmer reviews you have read so far focus on bodies with individual razors, this Gillette model works a little differently. The set works with replaceable blades produced by one of the country’s top shaving companies.

You will notice how easy it is for you to keep a grip on the trimmer. The many gripping points on the groomer provide you with a better hold. Don’t forget ab out the power base.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

You can start by using the Fusion ProGlide blades that operate with a Braun-powered trimmer for your closer shaving or trimming needs. Three combs are included to help you shave at varying lengths. It takes a few moments to switch from one comb or attachment to the next. The locking mechanism for each item ensures the base will charge up the trimmer in moments.

But what makes this Gillette ProGlide design distinct is that the trimmer works with Gillette Fusion blades. To use this, you will remove the main blade connection and replace it with the specific Fusion blade of your choice. You can use the trimmer with one of many Fusion blades that use several layers of blades for your cutting needs. The aloe-based cooling bars on each blade add a comfortable space. This option works well when you’re trying to shave particular parts of your face.

The design comes with a dedicated charging station that includes room for all the attachments, thus producing a convenient design for handling your trimming requirements.

The trimmer can work on not only your face but also around other parts of your body. The product is also safe to use in the shower. It is best to use Gillette Fusion ProGlide Clear Shave Gel for the best results if you’re going to use the trimmer in the shower.

My Impression

The best part of this trimmer for me is that this model offers a comfortable arrangement that makes it easier for me to switch blades. The soft grip provides me with a simple handle, so it is not too hard to use.

I was curious about the Fusion blades, but I was impressed with how well they work. These blades move along evenly along my skin and do not produce bothersome cuts. The soothing bar helped to keep me from feeling irritated. I even enjoyed the small edging bar at the end of one of the Fusion blades; that bar helped me with cutting some of the tightest spots around my face.

I also like how the trimmer works well with many gels. The setup does best with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide gel, but it can work with many other shaving gels just as well. It is easy to clean off the trimmer after I use alongside a shaving gel.

What Could Be Better?

The Fusion blade attachments can weaken pretty quickly. I would prefer it if the setup could use different types of blades as well, although the attachment is not compatible with other choices.

Philips Norelco Beard and Hair Trimmer BT5215/41

You have to ensure that your beard hair is lifted accordingly so you won’t be at risk of cutting the hair improperly. Failing to cut the hair right will cause irritation and possible ingrown hairs. This Philips Norelco trimmer helps you with the lifting process for a safer cut.

The body features a curnved look with a knob in the middle. The knob lets you switch the cutting length.

Philips Norelco Beard BT5215/41

The lift and trim feature on this Philips Norelco trimmer lifts hairs and then guide the hair towards each blade for a smoother cut. The contour combs are also curved and rounded to produce a better trim without bothering the skin.

The base of the trimmer uses steel blades that are partially covered to prevent skin irritation. The self-sharpening blades are sharp on both sides to produce a cleaner cut.

The comb choices include a firm body comb that works on most parts of the skin. The facial comb features a zoom wheel that lets you adjust the length of the comb to one of 17 lengths. Those measurements go from 0.4mm to 13mm.

The two hair clipping combs are designed for short and long hair alike. The shorter comb works with settings from 0.4 to 7mm. The longer unit operates from 7 to 13mm. Each comb uses the same setup for lifting up hair and allowing for even the most stubborn bits of hair to be cut accordingly.

The Li-Ion battery can last for about 70 minutes on a full charge. You only need to charge the battery for a full hour to get the power source charged up all the way. A battery indicator light is included on the base to help you see how well the battery is being powered up. You can also use the trimmer while it is plugged in to ensure you can keep it running no matter what the battery power is.

My Impression

The solid body on the trimmer made it easy for me to wash the unit off. I only had to hold the trimmer under the tap to wash it off. No water appeared to get inside the unit. I was even able to use this on parts of my chest while taking a shower without any hassles.

The smooth cutting texture on this trimmer was a great positive for me. The trimmer lifted my hair well and allows for an even cut all the way through. It only took a few moments for the trimmer to work for me.

The powerful motor is a feature that I liked in particular. I enjoyed how the trimmer provided me with a good cut for keeping my beard even without catching any snags or tearing anything up.

What Could Be Better?

It was tough to figure out what the zoom wheel on the comb was set at. The numbers are pretty small. It is easy for the wheel to slip and to shift to a different length as well.

ConairMAN Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Many trimmers are designed for helping a man to develop a good stubble cut. This cut layout works best for men who want a slight bit of a beard effect to look attractive. ConairMAN makes this trimmer as a unit for keeping that stubble trim going.

You’ll first notice that this trimmer offers a slight curve on its body. The button layout is paired with a helpful digital display.

ConairMAN Stubble Trimmer

This choice among the best beard trimmers is made mainly for helping you to get a better stubble cut. A series of deep trimming arcs are included along the head to produce a cleaner and sharper cut every time.

You have the option to control the cutting length from 0.4mm to 5mm, thus giving you the power to produce the best stubble or five o’clock shadow effect you want. A memory setting is included in the setup too. When you open the attachment up, the base will remember the last setting that you kept the trimmer at. You can ensure you trimming action will stay consistent. Flip the comb guide back, and you will have more control with grooming along the neckline, jawline, and any other sensitive spots that are tough to trim.

The contoured surface of the ConairMAN trimmer provides you with a secure grip in either hand. The layout helps you to position the trimmer in any way you see fit.

The digital display also lets you know how the trimmer is positioned. Located in the middle part of the body, the display shows the measurement of the trimmer and the approximate amount of battery power that is left.

Speaking of the battery, this unit runs for 70 minutes on an 80-minute charge. A quick-charge feature works in about five minutes for a full stubble shave.

The trimmer is also fully waterproof. You can use the trimmer in the shower if desired. Water will not enter into the chassis of the trimmer.

My Impression

I found it easy for me to adjust the length of the cutting mechanism. The simple buttons on the base and the digital display both let me know how well the cutting process was working so I could keep a consistent cut going.

The guide comb was easy for me to operate. The simple design let me keep the trimming process running as smoothly and evenly as I could handle it. The design was also convenient for ensuring the design would maintain the same cutting length.

The included base was helpful as it let me charge up the trimmer in moments. The cordless design was also helpful, what with me being able to hold the trimmer in any position I wanted.

The trimmer does need lubricating on occasion. Fortunately, the lubricant oil moves along well.

What Could Be Better?

The amount of time I get for trimming on a quick charge does not quite get through an entire stubble trimming session. I am willing to bet the mileage of the quick charge varies for each user.

Remington PG6170 Beard Trimmer

Remington recognizes that men have various needs for getting their beards groomed accordingly. This beard groomer set gives you a comfortable surface for your beard to thrive with.

The groomer features a wood-influenced body that adds a sense of refinement. The body is paired with a simple button layout for quick activation.

Remington PG6170 Beard Trimmer

The Beard Boss trimmer from Remington includes various helpful pieces, each of which can fit well into the carrying case that comes with the set:

  1. Five guide combs from 1.5 to 12mm in length are included.
  2. A precision trimmer helps for narrow spots.
  3. The clear-bodied hair comb trimmer uses several length adjustments from 2mm to 20mm.
  4. A foil guard-covered body hair trimmer entails a smooth surface that glides along your skin.
  5. The nose and ear trimmer include blades through various openings to increase the unit’s penetration.

These items are paired alongside the titanium-coated blades on the base of the device. The blades are coated securely to produce a firm body that does not wear out. The materials are also self-sharpening and maintain their power throughout each shaving task.

The Li-Ion battery runs for three hours on a full charge. You can also use a five-minute quick charge option for when you need a quick shave.

The shaver neck on the top part produces more room for your shaving needs. The space stretches out far enough to provide space for shaving even the tightest or hardest to reach spots around the face and neck.

The Turbo Mode option lets you power up the trimmer so it can cut faster. The setting works best for people who have dense hair spots that need to be trimmed. The added power allows the setup to move along in moments.

A fully waterproof body is included in this setup. The design ensures the unit keeps while in the shower.

My Impression

The extended neck on this trimmer was a big deal for me. I had an easier time with trimming some of the tightest spots around my neck thanks to this. I did not end up missing any places around the ends of my neck near the ears as I used the groomer.

The Crafter gives me a smooth cut that does not produce irritation. The copper surface and titanium coating on the blades made it easier for me to create a better cut every time I use this. I did not struggle when trying to get a better cut here.

The quick-charge setup worked better here than it did with some other models. I was able to get a full shave with one brief charge. The motor kept working at the same quick speed all the way through. I could have used the Turbo Mode option if I had more power. But the basic setup was strong enough for my basic grooming needs.

What Could Be Better?

The trimmer does not work too well on dry skin. Although I appreciate how this is a waterproof trimmer, it would be better if I could use it on the fly without adding water.

Wahl Clipper and Beard Trimmer No.9864SS

The professional nature of this Wahl Clipper set provides a great build while offering a smooth both. The clipper features not only a sturdy body that lasts for a while on a charge, but also several attachments for many cutting needs.

The last of the beard trimmer reviews to read involves this Wahl Clipper model. Wahl states that the charge lasts longer than what most other trimmer models use. The unit can run for four hours on a single charge and will not lose any battery power even if you store it somewhere for months.

Wahl Clipper nad Beard Trimmer No.9864SS

The battery charges up all the way in one hour. You can also charge the battery for a minute to get five minutes of power for when you need that fast shave right away.

Twelve guide combs for lengths up to 25mm are included. Each comb has a label on the base showing how long the comb is. You can switch from one unit to the next in a few moments.

The standard stainless steel blade setup works with a T-blade trimmer for wide cutting needs, a narrow precision trimmer, and a nose and ear groomer. A dual shaver head is also included; this piece features a foil cover over each half to produce a smooth surface.

The groomer kit is easy to lubricate. The included lubrication oil helps you to clean off the inside part of the groomer cleaned off in a few moments. You also have the option to use the groomer with a shaving gel, but that is not necessary for your shaving needs.

The lightweight design of the groomer body is also a big plus. The groomer weighs a little under a pound, thus allowing you to keep the groomer cleaned out right.

My Impression

My favorite part of this groomer is that it is so easy for me to go from one attachment to another. Each unit is labeled well and starts working to its fullest capacity after I attach it.

The battery power was a big plus for me. I appreciate that Wahl made a model that can last for hours on end and stay ready even in between uses. I can keep the trimmer in a cabinet when not in use instead of having to keep it exposed while it is charging.

I was surprised at how well the carrying case on this groomer worked too. I was able to secure all the parts inside this groomer quite well. This is very convenient for when I need to get out there and travel.

The body groomer feature also moved along my skin without being caught up in anything. The foil cover on the groomer helped me to keep a tight cut all around.

What Could Be Better?

The groomer body does not have much of a curve to it. I think it would be better if the groomer had a gentle curve so I could hold it without trying to reposition the thing so much.

Top 5 Alternative Products for the Best Beard Trimmer

The Philips Consumer Lifestyle G370/60


This is advertised as an all -in- one grooming kit  which is good for a sensitive skin and provides the desired end result allowing you to self style the beard you want it to be. Advantages include a mini shaver  which achieves a close finish to your beard.

The Philips Consumer Lifestyle G370/60 has  sharper cutting blades which provide a close cutting trim. You can create your own style with complete precision. The rounded trimmer prevents skin scratches and ensures a comfortable trim. Attachments are washable for complete convenience.

There is a  ten hour rechargeable cordless application which ensures 35 minutes of continuing use.

The beard and mustache trimmer has 9 different settings for ultimate perfection and individual choice. There is also a nose, ear and brow trimmer for ultimate convenience. Philips provides free ground shipping, all round support and a  30 days return guarantee.

The Philips Norelco QT4000/42


The Norelco Trimmer has  rounded titanium self sharpening blades and gives a close trim without causing skin irritation. The zoom wheel ensures accurate and precise trimming. The blades are self sharpening. The grip design on the handle makes it easy to hold.The rechargeable battery gives 50 minutes of battery life after an hour long recharge.

The Norelco has ten separate settings to tackle different beard and mustache hair lengths and needs no other attachments. It gives a battery life of 35 minutes after a battery charge of ten hours.
The price is $39.49 with free shipping provided for all purchases or $35. The Philips website allows you to register your unique model number so that you can contact Philips for servicing and repairs for your beard trimmer.

The Philips Norelco QT4070 Trimmer


This model has an integrated vacuum system which captures clipped hair. It has eighteen  variable settings and a  special setting to deal with stubble. It also has a turbo power boost button which increases the speed and there is a battery display unit which records status and the length of the hair.

Vacuum system captures cut hairs from trimming. No separate attachments are required. An integrated contour control ensures a consistent length for beard and stubble length. The Lithium battery provides substantially more minutes of cordless shaving power.

It fully charges in 1 hour. It can also be used when plugged in. Cleaning is easy with no oil required. The unit can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. A cleaning brush, blade brush and blade guard is provided.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B005PUZZR8″ locale=”US”  tag=”gar0c-20″ ]Remington MB4040 Lithium  Men’s Rechargeable Trimmer[/easyazon_link]


Men look for a self grooming option which is reliable effective and cost efficient and saves them time. The Remington MB4040 is designed to be multifunctional, easy to use and cost effective.

The Remington MB4040 lithium ion powered rechargeable men’s mustache and beard trimmer is one of the most popular trimmers on the market today. It is precision made and convenient. It ensures a neat looking trim for all beards. It is available for $25 to $35 as per the supplier.

It is light at just 1.6 pounds. There is a two year warranty available for the product. The Remington MB4040 has 3 precision titanium-coated, highly durable self-sharpening blades for effective trimming and cutting.

A variety of hair cutting lengths to suit the individual’s needs are provided with nine different settings for adjustment to individual hair length. The trimmer needs 3 hours of rechargeable battery time.

The Wahl Trimmer all-in -one Lithium Ion


The Wahl Trimmer all-in-one Lithium Ion is lighter than most of its competitors and the lithium rechargeable battery  retains its charge more effectively. The manufacturer says that it provides three times the running time and twice the torque of its competitors.

It can provide a one minute boost charge for trimming which standard trimmers cannot match. It has six trimmer guide combs to deal with stubble and interchangeable trimmer heads for trimming and shaving and is highly versatile.

Its accessories include a cleaning brush, cleaning oil ,charger and storage stand for the trimmer and accessories. The Wahl Trimmer all-in-one   Lithium Ion is ideal for traveling because of its lightness and long battery life.

Wahl first patented its electromagnetic  beard trimmer  in 1919.Its four cutting heads offer great versatility in trimming choices which include nose and ear hair trimming. It is a good all rounder.

What to Review When Finding the Best Beard Trimmer For You

It is a necessity to look at what you can find when getting the best beard trimmer possible. Here are a few things you can spot:

What to Review When Finding the Best Beard Trimmer For You

  • Attachments

Review the accessories based on how you can affix them to the base of your trimmer. Each attachment should also come with features for particular trimming tasks. Some pieces are suitable for narrow spots, while others operate with nose and ear hair in mind. Meanwhile, guide comb attachments will help you move your beard hair or any other bit of hair through for a secure cut each time.

  • Battery

The quality of the battery should be explored based on both how long it will last for and how much time is needed to charge the unit up. A power unit may last for hours at a time on a charge, but you would also have to spend hours charging it up. Also, some batteries offer quick-charging features that let you generate a small bit of power for a quick shave. The quick-charge may last for a few minutes and give you enough power for around that same time.

  • Grip

Your ability to hold a firm grip on the groomer is critical to its success. Some trimmers feature grooved bodies that add an extra bit of a hold. Others use curves around their surfaces to fit along with your hand. A quality grip should fit well on either hand. Don’t forget to see if a cord will inhibit your grip and get in the way.

  • Blade Quality

See how well the blades are designed based on how tight or dense they are and how they can be sharpened. In most cases, you will find blades that sharpen themselves with each pass to stay sturdy. Other edges are coated with titanium or other materials to keep them sturdy without rusting or weakening far too quickly as you use it.

  • Maintenance

You might have to maintain your trimmer by using lubricating oil to keep the motor and blades from wearing out. In other cases, you would have to rinse off your trimmer with water to keep the unit active. Either way, you should look at what oils are compatible with your trimmer and if the unit is also waterproof.

  • Shower Functionality

Most trimmers that are waterproof are also models that can work in the shower. You can turn the trimmer on and take care of your grooming needs while washing yourself off; the water will rinse off the skin. Look at whether a trimmer can work in the shower and if the device will maintain the same amount of power.

  • Power Level

The amount of energy generated by the groomer will assist you in creating a better cut. The unit will cut through the thickest or bushiest spots of hair when the power level is higher. Some models come with a “turbo” button or setting that adds extra energy to the motor, thus producing a faster and more powerful cut. The setup requires extra battery power though.

  • Cord

Look at how the cord on your groomer is designed. Many models allow you to keep the groomer plugged in while it is charging. You can use this to get continuous power when grooming. But other models come with cordless designs that require you to keep the trimmer in a charging unit or station when not in use. A cordless design makes it easy for you to keep a firm grip, but you must also watch for how long you can use that trimmer for without having to link it back to the charge.

12 Key Steps for Trimming the Best Beard

It is easy to trim a beard when you use the proper steps. Here is a look at what you have to do when trimming your beard.

Step 1: Review your hair before you start

Review your hair before you start

Look at how well your hair is formed. In some cases, your beard might develop some curls due to the follicles coming in different shapes. Also, your beard hair will grow coarser than any other form of hair on your body, but the beard will also grow slower than other parts. You might need to use a grooming comb to keep the beard hair straight or away from your skin.

Be sure your beard hair is long enough to where it can be trimmed as well. Trimming the beard when it is too short can cause some hairs to become ingrown.

Step 2: Find the right tools for your use

Find the right tools for your use

You have to use the correct tools for your grooming needs. Many trimmers come with various attachments to help you keep the grooming process running smoothly. Figure out how long the guide comb or other feature on an attachment will cut for.

Step 3: Review the style of beard that you want to produce

Review the style of beard that you want to produce

Check around online for inspiration if you wish. The style should be comfortable and capable of moving with your face without looking unusual. You should also plan a beard that you know you can control without the surface getting out of hand.

A good rule of thumb is to look at your facial shape. The shape refers to how your face appears. Your beard of choice should be determined based on how well the face appears and if the shape can handle that style. Remember that the beard should appear symmetrical or identical on each half of your face.

Step 4: Review the neckline and cheek line

Review the neckline and cheek line

You must determine how your face is contoured so you can produce a better cut. Tilt the head downward to find a crease around the underside of the jaw and the top part of the neck. The measurement should provide you with a guide for your success in trimming.

Step 5: Shave the hair on your beard with the grain

Shave the hair on your beard with the grain

Although you can shave against the grain to get closer to the skin, going with the grain ensures you will maintain a comfortable beard. You will also be less likely to experience irritation or ingrown hairs when you shave with the grain.

Don’t forget that you have the option to add a shave gel onto your beard area if desired. This would be utilized for when you have a small amount of hair to work with, although shave gel prevents your skin from being irritated. The gel also lubricates the area for easy shaving. Be sure the gel is compatible with your trimmer and that you can wash off that trimming unit after it glides through.

Step 6: Take careful control over how you shave the neck area

Take careful control over how you shave the neck area

You would have to tilt your head back to give the trimmer further access to the neck region. Move the trimmer along in a U-shape to target as many hairs as possible.

You can also trim move parts of the beard along the neck to create a fade effect. The fade adds contrast between your face and the rest of the neck.

Step 7: Switch from a larger comb to a small one if you have to

Switch from a larger comb to a small one if you have to

The guide combs that you can use when shaving come in many sizes. When you have passed over your beard with one comb, you will have to switch to the next comb size. Smaller combs work best after you have taken care of a small amount of space.

Step 8: Use the base of your trimmer when you’re trying to shave off anything

Use the base of your trimmer when you’re trying to shave off anything

Sometimes you might want to shave off entire portions of your beard. For cases like this, you have to apply the base of your trimmer onto your face. This means removing any guide combs or guards and then applying the trimmer directly onto the skin. Do not use the base part of the groomer until after you are done trimming other parts of the beard or you have an idea of what you want your beard to look like.

Step 9: Shave the mustache area last

Shave the mustache area last

The mustache area is always the tightest and most difficult part to control on your beard. Use a smaller cutting tool for trimming this part of the beard. Use a beard comb and move the hairs down. Trim the hairs with a downward motion to keep the upper lip area from tearing up.

Your trimmer blades can be utilized around the bottom part of the mustache. Trim off the segments of the hair that gets in the way of your lips so those facial features will not be obstructed.

Step 10: Add an aftershave

Add an aftershave

You can use an aftershave on your skin after you are done so you don’t feel as much irritation around your face. The aftershave should soothe any dryness that might have been produced.

Step 11: Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliate your skin regularly

This next step is optional, but exfoliation helps keep dead skin and hair cells from getting into your pores. The process prevents your skin from being clogged.

Step 12: Add a beard wash product or oil onto your beard

Add a beard wash product or oil onto your beard

You also have the option to add something nice to your beard if you prefer. You can add oil to condition the beard or a wash to help clean the space out. Anything that preserves the quality of the beard and keeps its color intact is always welcome.

The number of passes you take over your beard will vary based on how much of a change you want to put on your beard. You might have to take two or three passes if your beard is long and you need to get it down to a manageable yet even size all the way through.

Extra Tips For Trimming Your Beard

  • Try trimming your beard while it is dry so you can will an easier time seeing how it looks.
  • Gel can be added if you’re working with a thicker surface and you need to cut the beard down to a manageable length for trimming purposes.
  • Use clippers to go with a trimmer for some longer or harder to handle spots.
  • Review the length of each guide comb. Check on the comb length versus your beard; the measurements listed on each comb may be approximate and not necessarily reflective of its exact length.
  • Stretch out any folds of skin that might stick around. Keep track of how your neck responds to shaving and that you go through even the tightest spots.
  • Clean out the trimmer a few times during the grooming process. Keeping the trimmer cleared out ensures the motor will keep working at the same speed all the way through.
  • You can use a straight razor after you are done trimming your beard if necessary. Such a razor may be utilized for taking care of uneven spots or anything that might be too hard for your trimmer to reach.

How the Beard Trimmer Attachments Work

A beard trimmer attachment can be applied onto your groomer to help you shorten your beard hair regardless of how long it is. The design works in the same way as any trimmer attachment you would use on your hair.

  • Trimmer or edger

A trimmer may provide a narrow or wide surface for shaving. The trimmer should work on the tightest spaces.

A separate edger can be utilized as a trimmer. The edger produces a clean line on your sideburns or moustache. You can use this when determining where the outlines on your beard are to be formed.

  • Nose and ear trimmer

A nose and ear trimmer can work on the smallest spots. The trimmer will include a circular cover over the blades to keep the inside part of the ear or nose secure.

  • Beard comb guard

A comb guard goes over the basic cutting mechanism and produces a shield that organizes your beard. The comb will go through your beard and evenly align the hair with the trimmer. The device helps you with grooming the hair without any irregularities in how long the hair is.

Be aware of the number that appears on your comb attachment. The number is a measure of how long the clipper works for. A #4 comb works at about half an inch, while a #1 comb operates at one-eighth of an inch. A higher-number comb is best for those with longer beards who need extra help with the trimming process. A long-toothed attachment works best if you are trying to get a curly look to your beard.

The blades on the base of the trimmer are the #0 blades. These are named for how they entail all parts of the hair getting in contact with the blade. This setting works best when you are trying to shave a spot off as cleanly as possible or if you’re trying to shave off a troubling spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Hair Clipper as a Beard Trimmer?

You have the option to use a hair clipper if your beard is large in size. You would need to use a beard comb guard over the blade though. Also, the hair clipper is mainly for shortening the length of one’s hair. The beard trimmer is for controlling the length of the hair so it will be easier to groom and style to your liking. In other words, the trimmer is made with shorter bits of hair in mind while the hair clipper cuts down the lengthy spots.

Be advised that most hair clippers don’t feature comfortable grips on their bodies. You would need something that includes a better and smoother grip that helps you to carefully trim the hair in moments.

What Makes a Stubble Trimmer Different From a Beard Trimmer?

A stubble trimmer uses a lower depth than a beard trimmer. For instance, a beard trimmer might help you to trim a beard down to 1mm in length. A stubble groomer will go further down to 0.5mm. The stubble groomer will assist in producing a lighter surface around the skin.

The stubble trimmer has become more popular in recent time as people use this to trim even the smallest bits of hair all around. The trimmer produces a comfortable surface that allows for a five o’clock shadow, thus adding a refined and classy look to one’s face when planned accordingly.

How Will You Take Care of Your Beard Trimmer?

You must look at what you can do when getting your beard trimmed the right way. A few solutions can be utilized for keeping it clean:

  • Use alcohol wipes to kill off germs. Alcohol neutralizes any old bits of bacteria within the trimmer.
  • Run the trimmer under water for a few seconds and then let it air-dry. When cleaned off with hot water, the old hair or skin cells in the trimmer will be killed off. It is also easier for the unit to dry off when you don’t use a towel.
  • A dry paper towel may also be added to remove any old bits of hair that are stuck inside the trimmer.

You can also add oil to your trimmer blades on occasion. Oil can be added every couple of weeks to lubricate the area, thus keeping the blades from being too dry. Although oil is not always required, it is still recommended that you add oil to keep the trimmer active and suitable for your cutting needs.

How Will You Oil Your Blades?

The process for oiling the blades on your trimmer should be easy to follow:

  1. Use the oil that comes with your trimmer. You can buy a refill of oil if needed. Any other type of oil might not work as well on your specific trimmer.
  2. Brush off the hair on the blades before applying the oil.
  3. Turn the power to your trimmer on.
  4. Apply the oil on the blades as they are moving. The motion allows the oil to move through.
  5. Keep the blades running for at least 20 seconds. You should have enough time to allow the oil to move through.
  6. Wipe down the blades after they are oiled. Keep the top parts of the blades dry so nothing can stick to them.

Be sure you also oil the blades regularly so they will continue to work accordingly. I recommend oiling your trimmer every two to four weeks if possible. Again, you are not absolutely required to oil those blades, but I would strongly recommend it so you can allow the blades to keep on working.

Brands That Have Quality Trimmers For You To Check Out

You can find various trimmers from some of the world’s top personal care product companies. Here are some of the top brands to look for as you find a trimmer that fits your needs:

Philips Norelco

As one of the top names in technology and personal care products, Philips is at the forefront of finding smart trimming solutions. Philips and its Norelco brand offer trimmers that are fully adjustable and often include many pieces for taking care of all your hair needs. You can also find OneBlade products from Philips Norelco that will assist you with keeping your skin looking refreshed.


In addition to making television sets and cameras, Panasonic also makes quality personal care products. Panasonic produces trimmers that operate in both wet and dry conditions. You can find many models that feature comb attachments and pop-up trimmers. Various control mechanisms are included with each Panasonic trimmer. Some models operate with special turbo controls to produce a more powerful setup for the trimmer as it goes faster.


Wahl focuses on making professional-grade trimmers and cutting materials for barbers and hair stylists. Today the company makes products that are suitable for use in your home. You can find trimmers and clippers that use many of the same high-quality attachments and guide combs that the experts in the hair styling world have to offer. Each product is made with simplicity in mind while also being easy to wash off.

Braun (Gillette)

Braun has been providing people with personal care products for nearly a century. Braun is owned by The Gillette Company, a subsidiary of Procter and Gamble. The company produces various trimmers that not only use powerful blades, but also work with many detachable Gillette blades. These include some blades in the Fusion line; those blades offer multiple cutting lines for getting a clearer and deeper cut for your trimming needs.


Remington produces various trimmers for men, including many in its Beard Boss line. The trimmers are designed with multiple control features and guide combs to keep the trimming process as secure and even as possible. Corded and cordless models are available for your use. The blades are self-sharpening units that are easy to clean off as well. The smooth grips on each Remington trimmer ensure you can trim everything around your beard quite well.


Conair has evolved to offer more than just hair dryers. Conair also has trimmers in its ConairMAN series of products. In addition to multi-piece trimmer sets, Conair also has i-Stubble trimmers. The i-Stubble trimmer line uses blades that move deeper towards the skin to produce the stubble or five o’clock shadow effect that many men are looking for. The simple control features on each product adds a simple approach for your trimming needs.


Hatteker has become a popular brand name thanks to how it offers detailed and useful trimmer sets that won’t break anyone’s budget. You can find many Hatteker trimmer sets for less than $50 depending on where you go. Various trimmer sets include cordless bodies that can be charged up through a base. You can get a trimmer charged up for hours at a time. The cordless designs also ensure that you can keep a shave working at any angle or position along your beard.


Andis is the last of the companies to look at. Andis focuses on producing groomers for barbers and stylists, hotels, and veterinary office. Today you can find Andis trimmers that will fix up your hair well. These trimmers include some outstanding models that produce an even cut thanks to the assorted variety of guide combs that you can use for your grooming needs.


I feel that the best beard trimmer that I have reviewed here is the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100. This set has a manageable number of pieces that are easy to adjust and maintain. The simplified approach to grooming is prevalent on this groomer. I also appreciate how well the grip on this model is designed.

You have the choice to work with this or any of the other beard trimmers you have read about here. But no matter what you prefer, you will find that it is very easy for you to keep your beard looking its best. You can use many attachments on each of the different trimmers out there. Best of all, these trimmers are designed to be simple and easy to use without struggles. The comfortable designs on many of these trimmers should assist you in getting a cleaner shave every time you use it.

See what is out there the next time you need to find the right beard trimmer that fits your facial needs. You will be surprised with how well your beard will look when you trim it right.