Binoculars are pretty vital for many outdoor activities. For you to truly enjoy the experience of hunting or birdwatching, binoculars are a necessity. They show the upclose details like the colors of a bird’s wings. They bring out details from the shadows, too.

Hunting, birding, or hiking are activities that require the best binoculars under 200. That’s a good price point for beginning and intermediate watchers who want to start identifying birds or tracking subjects.

For the money, you want value with a wide field of view and a lightweight device. There should be advanced features that make you feel like you’re holding an expensive piece of equipment. It should have crisp magnification and great color.

We’ve narrowed the crowded list down to the best binoculars on the market for that price point.

Comparison Table of Best Binoculars Under $200

Nikon 8252 ACULON50 mm10x - 22x
199 feet
Check Price
Vortex Optics28 mm10x273 feet
Check Price
Nikon Prostaff 3s42 mm10x367 feet
Check Price
Bushnell Legend42 mm10x340 feet
Check Price
Nikon Prostaff 7s42 mm10x324 feet
Check Price
Wingspan Optics42 mm8x430 feet
Check Price
Celestron Nature DX42 mm8x388 feet
Check Price

Top 7 Binoculars Under $200 Reviews

Nikon 8252 ACULON A211

The ACULON A211 is a lightweight set of binoculars with incredible features. The binoculars have comfortable rubber eyecups. The eye relief comes from the turn and slide of the eyecups. They have multiple positions for complete eye comfort – even if you wear eyeglasses while viewing.

Nikon 8252 ACULON A211

Lens multicoating on the binoculars will enhance the brightness of the image. It’s Nikon’s Eco-Glass that are lightweight lead. They’re also free of arsenic for eco-friendly materials while you’re out in the wilds. They use Nikon’s extra-low dispersion glass.

Magnification ranges from 10x to 22x. You’ll be able to view animals from a distance before narrowing in for a closer look. The focus knob moves smoothly and quickly, so you’ll never lose sight of your subject. You only need one finger to change the zoom while looking through the eyecups.

The casing on the binoculars are made from a rubber-armor coating. They’re light but also incredibly durable. They provide a non-slip grip, so you won’t drop them. It’s a weather proof set of binoculars that you can take with you anywhere.

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What I love about this binocular 

With a product from Nikon, you know you’re getting all their combined wisdom on lenses. They have very popular cameras, too. The multicoated glass really deliver clarity to your images. The 50mm diameter lens brings in plenty of light.

These are easily adjustable for people who wear glasses. The eye relief is great with a sliding adjustment with multiple clicks available. You’ll find them incredibly comfortable for using an extended period of time.

With all that light coming in through the 50mm lens, these can be used during low-light times. If you want to use them for hunting at dawn, they’re going to be an asset. Birds that gather at dusk can be seen clearly with these binoculars.

Important concern

The zoom lever can be tight out of the box. Takes some time to loosen.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

This is the ideal pair of binoculars for hiking and sightseeing. The lenses are multicoated and enhanced dielectric. When you’re under trees, these will perform well in low-light situations. It has a center focus wheel for adjusting the view. It also has a diopter on the right for further adjustments.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

You’ll get a wide field of view. It’s 273 feet. You’ll be able to view 1000 yards out while finding your subject. Once you’re ready to focus on your target, you’ll get up to 10x magnification. For close focus, it’s 6.5 feet. Subjects near and far will have the same clear, crisp view.

The outer casing of the binoculars are made of a rubber armor. That kind of casing will keep them safe if they’re dropped. They shouldn’t be slippery, though. The rubber gives it a non-slip grip. In case they accidentally fall, though, the armor will protect the binoculars.

The eyecups twist up and down. Whether you wear eyeglasses or not, you’ll find the right comfort level with the adjustable eyecups. These slim, compact binoculars will rest easy against your eyes. They’re waterproof and fog proof, so the lenses will never get condensation.

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What I love about this binocular 

These compact binoculars can be tossed into your bag when hiking. They won’t weigh you down or be bulky and awkward in your hand, either. You’ll be able to carry them, so you’ll have quick access for bird or animal watching.

There are many comfort accessories included with these binoculars. The binoculars have a rainguard eyepiece cover. There’s also a lens cover that’s attached to the binoculars. The cover will never get lost when it’s attached. It comes with a custom carrying case, too.

Aside from the great features like the wide field of view, there’s also a lifetime warranty. That means the company stands behind their products. You want a device that’s going to last a lifetime, so you’ll want to be covered for the entire time it’s used.

Important concern

The focus knob is very easy to move, which some might people might feel isn’t ideal.

Nikon Prostaff 3s Binocular

This pair of binoculars from Nikon is seriously lightweight. You’ll be able to hold this for hours without muscle strain. Whether you’re hunting, birding, or watching sports, your arms will never tire. The reason it’s so light is the roof prism. It’s a thin optical tube without much weight to it.

Nikon Prostaff 3s Binocular

At 1000 feet of distance, you’re getting 367 feet for your wide field of view. At that distance, everything will be sharp and bright. That brightness comes from the fact that you’re getting 42mm of lens diameter. It allows plenty of light into the binoculars.

The multicoated lenses are able to maximize the light entering. But, they are high reflectivity, too. They won’t cause a problem with reflections on the glass itself. The coatings include silver alloy, which improves contrast for better viewing.

The center focus wheel is large and can be used while wearing gloves, which is very convenient. There’s also a right dioptric adjustment knob. The rubber eyecups twist to move for eyeglass wearers.

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What I love about this binocular 

The multicoated lenses are eco-friendly because they’re made without arsenic. They’re also lead free. When you’re out in nature, it’s important to be environmentally responsible.

Binoculars should be lightweight, which these are. But, they have to be solid and durable, too. You never know when they’re going to fall to the ground. Even the most careful person can drop them accidentally. These have a durable reinforced polycarbonate and fiberglass body.

They’re waterproof to a depth of 1 mm for 10 minutes. They’re also incredibly resistant to fog conditions. These are a great little set of binoculars for whatever your hobby is.

Important concern

The simple neck strap can be slightly uncomfortable.

Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars

The multicoated lenses of these binoculars are made with ED fluorite glass. The extra-low dispersion lenses will increase the contrast of the images. It’ll also remove any weird color fringing. The images will be the true color. The 42mm diameter lenses allow plenty of light for incredible images.

Bushnell Legend L-Series Binoculars

The case of the binoculars are lightweight and made from a magnesium alloy. The alloy will resist corrosion, and the entire piece of equipment is waterproof. It’s filled with nitrogen and sealed to be completely fog proof, too. The case has a textured grip to avoid slipping.

There’s a large focus knob on the top of the binoculars. The knob can be manipulated easily even if you’re wearing gloves. That’s great for outdoor sporting events and cool days when you’re out birding. You can stay warm while also getting a close-up view of your subject.

The binoculars have 10x magnification and a BAK4 roof prism. The roof prism is usually seen on really expensive, high-end binoculars. It keeps the binoculars at a low weight and easy to hold for a long period of time.

What I love about this binocular 

Being lightweight with a wide lens makes this a great set of binoculars for all kinds of adventures. Birding, sports watching, and hunting are all things you can do with this set of binoculars. They come in two colors, too. There’s black and camouflage.

They’re only 5.5 inches long, but have a lens diameter of 42mm. That’s going to let in a ton of light for viewing your subjects. You’re also getting a 340 feet field of view. The lenses have a coating that will alleviate any kind of color alteration. You’ll see the true image as if you were standing next to it.

The wide diameter lens and the anti-reflection coating will provide for a huge amount of light. The bright image with true color is incredible. You’ll be able to see all the coloring on your favorite birds with this set of binoculars.

Important concern

Care must be taken when moving the eyecup. The rubber piece can become detached.

Nikon Prostaff 7s Binocular

The 42mm diameter lenses feature roof prisms. These are features you’d normally see on a more expensive set of binoculars. The roof prisms are treated with a coating that makes them more reflective. This helps to give the user bright images with contrast. It’s a boon to low light situations.

Nikon Prostaff 7s Binocular

It’s a durable set of binoculars with quality construction. The casing is made of a reinforced polycarbonate. It resists corrosion and breakage. The edges are rubberized, textured armor that provide a secure grip. They won’t slip out of your hands.

For waterproof and fog resistance, the binoculars are filled with nitrogen. They’re fully sealed. The binoculars could be submerged in water and still come out with no interior damage. There’s also a rain guard to ensure that the eyecups are kept dry for viewing.

The eyecups are turn-and-slide. Each user can quickly adjust the eyecups for their comfort. It’s easy to adjust the eye relief for those wearing eyeglasses and those without.

What I love about this binocular 

These binoculars can be taken onto a boat for sightseeing. They are equally good for low-light conditions under the canopy of trees. That makes them good for camping, hiking, and hunting. The lenses bring in lots of light for crisp, clear images.

The color you get with these binoculars will not be altered at all. You’ll see exactly what nature has to show you. There won’t be any alterations due to reflections on the glass itself. The light is pure and bright.

It’s important that the binoculars are waterproof and fog proof. The change in temperature can bring about fog conditions. That will never be a concern with these binoculars.

Important concern

The neck strap isn’t very comfortable for long term use.

Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD

The NaturePro was built specifically for outdoor activities. They’re considered professional bird watching binoculars. They provide clarity when viewing your subject. There’s no alteration of the color, but you will find more vibrant and vivid colors through the viewfinder.

Wingspan Optics NaturePro HD

It comes with a wide field of view. The 42mm lens diameter lets in plenty of light. At 1000 feet away, you can get a wide, 430 feet view. You can easily see a bird in flight and narrow in on that bird for the details. The 8x magnification works within 2 meters of where you’re viewing, too.

These are waterproof and fog proof. You don’t want a rainstorm to stop you from viewing your favorite birds. Even changes in temperature won’t impact the view through these binoculars. They have an easy turn knob for focus. There’s also a dioptic ring on the right eyepiece.

The casing is made of materials that create shock protection. They’re virtually indestructible. The binoculars have a grip on the sides that makes them anti-slip. Accidents can happen, though. These will not break. They also have a lifetime warranty.

What I love about this binocular 

There’s nothing you won’t be able to view with these beauties. They have a wide lens to allow in plenty of light. That light gives you a clear image. That image is clear whether you’re looking 1000 feet away or merely 6 feet.

You don’t have to head inside just because it’s started to rain. Animals and birds won’t head inside because a few drops of rain hit them. For some, it’s when they’ll become most active. Take your binoculars out to the beach and never worry about salt air and sea spray.

These are lightweight and can travel with you anywhere. They come with a comfortable neck strap. They also come with lens caps that won’t fall off at the lightest touch.

Important concern

The focus wheel is tight. It needs time and use to loosen.

Celestron Nature DX Binocular

Field of view on these binoculars almost hits the 400-foot mark. That’s a wide field of view. It will allow you to see plenty of your surroundings while looking for a subject. Whether you use these for birding or hunting, you’ll be able to narrow in very close, too.

Celestron Nature DX Binocular

These are waterproof and filled with nitrogen. That alleviates the fog that can build up inside some binoculars. That won’t be a problem with these. The lenses are fully multicoated for crisp, clear images. The casing won’t be disturbed by rain or moisture, either.

The Nature DX binoculars have BaK-4 roof prisms. They’re prisms you’d expect to see in more expensive optics. The lenses and prisms allow for a close viewing distance of 6.5 feet as well as distance viewing.

The focus wheel in the center allows for easy focusing. They have ridges for a better grip while viewing. You can easily use the focus wheel with gloves. There’s a diopter ring on the right that can adjust for people with corrective eye issues.

What I love about this binocular 

The binoculars are very lightweight. They can easily be slipped into the side pocket of a backpack for hiking. Even if you hang them around your neck, they won’t be a burden. You’ll never feel like you’re being choked with the weight of them.

Binoculars are often bought for one purpose or another. Someone wants to go birding. They want to get in close and make identifications based on markings. The person might want to view a sporting event from stadium seats. Or the binoculars might be for finding animals while hunting. These binoculars are ideal for any of these activities.

The wide lens diameter brings in light for good contrast and great colors. You’ll find that they’re easy to hold, too. You’ll be able to see things from as little as 6 feet away with incredible detail. Objects further out will have good detail as well.

Important concern

Strap will likely need to be replaced with a better one. It’s not the most comfortable.

Research Points When Choosing a Binocular Under $200

  • Waterproof

You can’t always predict the weather when you’re outdoors. There could be a light drizzle outside that can get you and your equipment damp. It’s not always necessary to go indoors.

The binoculars chosen should be waterproof to avoid problems. If water gets inside the case or around the lenses, it can cause issues. Condensation is difficult to remove when it’s behind the lens. It could ruin your binoculars.

  • Durability

It’s unfortunate, but you’re likely to drop your binoculars at some point. Even if you’re extremely careful, they could fall out of your hands.

The case itself should be made of a material that won’t break apart on impact. A rubberized casing is one of the best for avoiding breakage. If you don’t choose rubber, pick a material that can handle the reality of being outdoors.

  • Lens Coating

The light gathering nature of binoculars will depend on a few factors. The opening has an impact, of course. The difference between binoculars of the same size often comes down to the lens coating.

Light transmitted through the lens will give an object its brightness. Some light can be reflected off the lens resulting in a loss of light. Most manufacturers put a coating on the lens to improve light. Look for coatings when making your purchase.

  • Magnification

You might believe that you should get the highest magnification possible. That’s not always the case. You will need to decide whether you want a magnification like 8x or 10x. With 10x, you’re going to see a narrow field. It might show the normal shakes in your hand. It can be darker in low light, too.

For 8x, you’re going to have a wider image. It’ll be brighter, too. That might be what you need for following birds as they hop around. The magnification you choose will be based on your reasons for needing the binoculars.

  • Adjustability

For eye relief, the binoculars should have eyecups that adjust. Those who wear glasses need them to retract. Those without will need the shade that eyecups provide.

There should never be black rings around the image you’re seeing. That comes from the eyecups not being adjusted properly. It’s one of the fundamental features you should look for if you wear glasses.

  • Fog Proof

Rapid temperature changes can result in fog on the lenses. If you wear glasses, you’ve seen this happen when going from a cold outdoors to a warm indoors. It can really ruin your lenses if you don’t look for this during purchase.

The manufacturers put an inert gas in the barrels of the binoculars. The gas has no moisture at all, so fog won’t appear on the lens. Most binoculars that are moisture proof are also fog proof, but don’t assume. Make sure it’s listed as a feature of the binoculars.

Features to Look for in $200 and Under Binoculars

  • Lens Size

The size of the binoculars’ lens will impact how much light enters. If you plan on using these in low light conditions, you’ll need a big lens.

The lens comes in millimeter sizes. It’s usually written as 7×35 or 8×40. The magnification strength is the first number. The second number is the size of the lens. Keep that in mind when searching for your new set of binoculars.

  • Wide Field of View

Field of view will define the maximum distance that can be seen. A wide field of view will show more animals or birds in the distance.Once you’ve seen animals in the distance, the view can be narrowed and magnified. It can’t start out at a magnified view or you won’t see anything.

  • Glass Type

Experienced bird watchers or hunters will tell you that the best glass helps in low light conditions. With quality glass, you’ll be able to see details on the bird. It’ll help identify animals for shooting, too.

ED glass is also called extra-low dispersion. It’s the description used for the highest quality glass. It reduces the murkiness and fuzzy view you can experience with low quality glass.

  • Weight

Using a pair of binoculars for a long time can create strain. It can be a strain on your eyes as well as your arms and hands. A lightweight pair of binoculars will be easier to hold.

While high-end binoculars are easier to hold, there comes a balance between price and quality. You can find a good pair of binoculars that are lightweight.

  • Prism Type

There are two types of prisms that can be used in binoculars. The prism is what makes everything right side up when viewed through a lens. There’s the Porro prism and the Roof prism.

The Porro is bulky, but it’s cheaper to make. The Roof prism is thin and easily able to sit inside the binoculars without weighing it down. Porro is normally what you’d see in more inexpensive binoculars. There’s nothing wrong with them. The Porro is just heavier.

  • Focus

The focusing wheel on the top of the binoculars will focus the barrels. They are focused at the same time. For people with different vision in each eye, you’ll need another type of focus.

The diopter adjustment ring will focus one barrel different than the other. You can use the general focus wheel for both lenses or use the diopter for the left or right barrel.


The binoculars you choose will be based on the features that match your interests. If you’re interested in birding, you’ll want one with a wide field of view. You’ll be able to see birds flying and track their movement. Once you’ve gotten one in your sights, you’ll want to get in for a closer look. The best binoculars under 200 will give a range of options.

Hunting and hiking require a wide field of view, too. You might not need to get a close look at the subject. You will definitely want to be able to track a subject and see where it’s headed, though. The best hunting binoculars under 200 will give you all the features needed to come away from a day in the woods happier.

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