Best Blow Dryer For 4C Hair: We Did ALL The Research For You!

When you have 4c hair, you are not able to grab any old hair dryer from a department store. You can’t even take recommendations from your friends unless they have the same hair texture and concerns as you. Instead, you’ll have to do a ton of research with your hair challenges in mind.

First, you’ll have to concern yourself with the amount of temperature settings. You can’t turn the heat on your hair to full blast. It’ll cause things like hair breakage and brittle, dry hair. So, for that reason, you’ll need some medium and cool air options. They’re harder to find.

You’ll also need to think about the speed settings and technology. As an added bonus, there are cold shot options on many dryers. These are professional style blow dryers like those used in salons. They understand the challenges you face with 4c hair.

We’ve gathered some of the best blow dryers for 4c hair and its many challenges in this list. We hope to take away the hours of research you would have had to do. It’s all been done for you.

Comparison Table for Best Blow Dryer for 4C Hair

ModelTemp. SettingSpeed SettingVoltagePrice
Turbo Power Twin4
110-120 v Check Price
Remington Dryer D31903 2
220-240 v Check Price
BaBylissPRO Ceramix3 3 110-120 v Check Price
JIEUSDIRECT Professional3 2
125 v Check Price
NITION Negative Ions3 2
100-127 v Check Price

Top 5 Hair Dryers for 4C Hair Reviews

1. Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

This lightweight hair dryer works beautifully on 4c hair. It has 1700 watts of drying power without overheating your hair. It has a safety thermostat to ensure your hair isn’t damaged by the heat. This also protects the hair dryer itself from overheating. That prolongs the life of the device.

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 2600 Hair Dryer

The 2600 is considered a professional-quality blow dryer. It’s perfect for salon use. Home users are getting that same salon quality in their own homes. The AC motor is the K-Lamination, which is a patented motor made by the Turbo Power company.

There are 4 temperature settings as well as an instant cold shot button. Natural 4c hair will retain its moisture when cool air is used for drying. The cold shot button will then seal in the final style. There are also 2 speeds for drying, which are medium and max.

It comes with 2 concentrator nozzles. There’s a wide concentrator nozzle for drying. It also includes an extra-wide nozzle. This will concentrate the air directly on the hair you’re styling/drying at the moment. There’s a removable stainless steel filter. It’s not an attachment, but it’s a great feature.

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Great positives

For 4c hair, you’ll want a hair dryer with a number of heat settings. This one has cooler settings as well as a cold shot button. That’s important when you want to avoid heat damage. 4c hair has a tendency to get dried out and brittle with too much heat.

The attachments are good for styling. The two concentrator nozzles give you variety. They’re both wide enough for creating your exact style while keeping the rest of your hair from becoming overheated and dry.

The removable filter is a nice added bonus. It allows for cleaning. Your hair dryer can become clogged with lint and dust over time. The filter ensures you won’t end up with any dirt or lint flowing onto your hair.

Important Concern

Cord doesn’t swivel for moving around while styling.

2. Remington Hair Dryer D3190

The Remington D3190 has technologies that give ionics. The ionics come from the ceramic and tourmaline used in the blow dryer. It reduces frizz, static, and dryness. With your 4c hair, you’re getting more moisture even when using a higher heat.

Remington Hair Dryer D3190

There are 3 heat settings for drying your hair. Those heat settings also come with 2 speeds. It’s great for customizing the amount of heat and speed of the air flow. Your unique hair needs are met with this amount of variety. There’s also a cold shot button for sealing your style in the roots.

Attachments included with this blow dryer are perfect for creating your style. There’s a concentrator for focusing the air. The diffuser will reduce the frizz in your curly hair. It creates volume and boosts your curls without flattening them.

The blow dryer comes with additional features like a removable air filter. It can be cleaned routinely to remove dust and dirt. There’s a hang loop and a really long cord for styling and storage. The motor provides 1875 watts of drying power that will dry hair much faster. That’s even at lower heat settings.

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Great positives

The heat settings are varied enough for your 4c hair. You won’t have to worry about overheating your curls. There are times you want a stretched style. That style shouldn’t ruin your natural hair. There are also 2 speed settings and a cold shot button.

When drying your natural hair, the attachments will make a difference. Especially with this ionic ceramic and tourmaline dryer. You can use the concentrator or diffuser depending on the style you want.

The power of this hair dryer will remove water pretty fast. Even when you’re using a colder setting to reduce heat damage. It’ll still lower your drying time compared to other hair dryers with lower watts.

Important Concern

Attachments need to be put on with a lot of pressure to ensure they stay in place.

3. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

This blow dryer from BaByliss is made with porcelain and ceramic. It’s an ionic hair dryer that will moisturize and remove frizz. Your 4c hair won’t have the natural moisture taken out. Drying your hair of water doesn’t mean you have to take out the natural moisture.

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The dryer has 3 temperature settings. It has 3 speed settings, too. Behind the heat and speed settings is an AC motor that can deliver 2000 watts of power. You can choose low temps and high speed or vice versa. This hair dryer can work with any combination of heat and speed that you need. It even has a cold shot button.

For extra bonus features, you’re getting a removable filter. This filter will stop any dirt or dust from being pushed through the dryer. Dusty outer filters don’t have to be cleaned with a small cotton swab. It’s easy to take off and clean.

You’re also getting a concentrator attachment. With this attachment, your 4c hair will never get extra heat. You can direct the heat only on the hair in your comb or brush at the moment. It keeps your hair from getting overheated and brittle.

Great positives

One of the best things about this dryer is the fact that you’re getting ionic air. The porcelain ceramic inner workings of the dryer is helped by the 2000 watts and varied speed. All of it works together to give you shinier hair with less frizz. It’ll also keep your hair from being overheated.

The cold shot button will work to seal off your style. It’s a nice touch at the end of your styling routine. The shot of cold air is like a stamp of approval on your hair style. It’s one of the best parts of any professional hair dryer.

In the past, hair dryers would have dusty, dirty filters on the back of the machine. You’d have to get in there with a cotton swab to remove it. Now, there are machines like this with removable filters. It’s easier to clean, and it’ll keep your hair healthier.

Important Concern

The rubber outer case of the device is hard to keep free of dust and lint.

4. JIEUSDIRECT Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has a DC motor, but it’s a good one. It’s a high quality motor with 1875 watts of power. That will significantly reduce the time it takes to dry your hair. Your 4c hair will be dried on a lower temp and needs that kind of power to reduce drying time.

JIEUSDIRECT Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The tourmaline produces negative ions. Dry hair has positive ions that make it brittle and lack moisture. The negative ions are there to counteract the positive ones in your hair currently. It’ll give you more shine because it infuses your hair with moisture.

There are a variety of heat and power settings for this dryer. You’ll be able to pick the heat setting and power that suits your hair type. There’s also a cool shot button for locking in your style at the roots.

It has great features like the removable air filter. That’s a safety net that will stop dust and dirt from getting into the motor. It comes with a concentrator and diffuser, too. The diffuser will dry your curls without causing flatness. The concentrator will give you a stretched style that won’t ruin those natural curls.

Great positives

The addition of negative ions to your style will counter the positive ions. Everyone with dry hair has those positive ions. This dryer will actually put moisture back into your hair. You’ll be removing water at the same time you’re adding moisture and shine.

With the concentrator and diffuser, you’re able to hone in on a single sectioned bit of hair. Without the attachments, the air is going to attack all parts of your hair. It leads to overheating and frizziness.

While this is a DC motor, it has tons of power. The watts are 1875, which rivals most AC motors. The entire device only weighs 1.46 pounds, so it doesn’t add a lot of weight to the dryer. It’ll be comfortable to hold as long as you need.

Important Concern

It takes a bit of strength to add the attachments so they don’t fall off.

5. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

This is a ceramic tourmaline hair dryer with negative ions. The hair dryer has nano silver, tourmaline and Argan oil to infuse your hair with moisture. It’ll repair your 4c hair while reducing static and adding moisture. After using heat, your hair will be healthier and shinier than before.

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

There are 3 attachments for this hair dryer. There’s the concentrator that will focus the air on the sectioned hair you’re working on. The second attachment is a pick for separating hair without damaging it. The third is the diffuser. It will create the exact style of waves or curls you want in your natural hair.

There are 3 heat settings and 2 speeds. You can choose between low, medium, and high heat. It’s a lightweight hair dryer weighing approximately 1 pound. It provides 1875 watts of power for the heat and speed you want.

For your 4c hair, it’s important to avoid heat damage. Keeping it on the low heat setting will reduce damage. There’s also a cool shot button that will move from cool to warm for setting your style.

Great positives

The ceramic tourmaline with nano silver and Argan oil means that you won’t have to add those products to your hair. Oil and product can weigh your hair down. It can look flat and have no movement. With the products coming through the negative ions, it only provides repairing benefits.

The hair dryer itself is a pretty color, too. While that’s not a vital feature, it’ll still look good in your bathroom when it’s hanging from the attached loop.

The attachments are everything you could need for your 4c hair styling. There’s the concentrator, pick, and diffuser. You don’t have to buy any extras when they all come with the dryer. The pick, especially, makes it easier to maintain a style that won’t hurt your curls.

Important Concern

Handle can be a little slippery when hands are wet or have hair product on them.

Considerations for Choosing a Blow Dryer for 4c Hair

  • Number of Heat Settings

Natural 4c hair can be dry, which leads to brittle hair. You have to be able to control the amount of heat in your blow dryer. Otherwise, hair could end up severely damaged and break. It’s incredibly fragile hair.

For natural hair, you shouldn’t use high speed and extreme heat. If the dryer has a simple on and off switch, that’s not going to work for you. Natural hair should be twisted to air dry naturally. The twists will keep the hair from shrinking. Once it’s almost completely dry, you can use the blow dryer.

Choose a dryer with a cool and warm setting as well as varied speeds. It should have a few heat settings like cool and warm, but you will want a bit of heat, too.

  • Wattage of the Blow Dryer

The wattage of the blow dryer is directly related to the speed of the motor. The high wattage will provide the power needed to blow dry hair quickly. That’s the case even if you’re using a cool air setting for drying. It’ll still be the full speed and air temp needed.

A blow dryer with a sluggish motor won’t get the speeds or the heat setting you want. It’ll perform at less than ideal speed settings. You could end up drying the hair for too long with a motor like that. It could cause serious heat damage and breakage.

  • Type of Motor

The motor will come in an AC or DC type. The AC means alternating current. DC means direct current. The AC motor is available in the professional dryers that salons and stylists use. They’re a bit more expensive, but work longer. They’re able to keep up with the demands of drying no matter the temperature.

The DC motor is available in more inexpensive models. They’re a bit heavier than AC motors. That can up the weight of the dryer, but it shouldn’t be a problem. They’re still pretty light in weight. They can provide almost as much wattage as an AC motor.

  • Technology of the Dryer

With blow dryers, you’ll get a choice of certain technology. Much like a flat iron, you can choose between ceramic, tourmaline, or ionic. For natural hair, you’ll want to understand the differences before making a choice.

The ceramic dryer delivers a heat that’s considered softer. It’s evenly distributed heat that won’t concentrate in one part of the hair. Tourmaline boosts negative ions while retaining the moisture of the hair. It won’t cause dryness in the hair itself while removing the water from it.

Ionic dryers remove the water from hair without heat damage. Tourmaline and ionic dryers won’t damage hair that is naturally dry. Many dryers have a few of these options – even all three.

  • Attachments

There are options like diffusers and picks that will give you more control of the air flow. With a diffuser, you’re getting an attachment that controls the air coming out of the nozzle. There are ones with prongs and ones without. The prongs lift the hair while drying for volume.

The pick does the same type of lifting for volume. It also controls the hair flow, but allows more to come through. There are a variety of lengths available for the pick. The length will depend on the length of your hair.

  • Weight and Sound

You’ll want a lightweight dryer if you plan on using it for a long time. To dry your hair without using intense heat, you’ll be holding it for a while. It can cause arm and hand fatigue to hold a heavy dryer for a long time.. Consider that when choosing your hair dryer.

The noise level of the dryer should also be a consideration. It’ll be directly near your ear for a half hour to 45 minutes. Dryers can be louder than sitting next to a concert stage. It can also wake up anyone in your home that’s near the bathroom. All things to consider when picking a blow dryer.


The blow dryer you need for your 4c hair isn’t the same kind of dryer as what your friends use. You have to research the best blow dryers for your hair texture. Your natural hair can’t take a blast of heat. It can cause serious problems like breakage and brittleness.

You’ll want a lightweight device that has cool air options. It should have attachments that make styling easier. When you choose to blow dry your 4c hair, it has to be a gentle process. Any extreme heat or speed can cause issues that could take years to grow out.

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