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Best Body Hair Groomers: The Top 5 Manscaping Trimmers Of 2024!

Having the right companion can work wonders, irrespective of agenda. Similarly, for obtaining optimal results when partaking in body grooming, otherwise known as manscaping, ensuring the purchase of a promising gadget in addition to learning about the fundamentals can make users the recipient of good results.

Though the process is time-consuming, the rewards of manscaping remain hefty, starting from esteem benefits to hygienic benefits. However, none of them amount to anything if the right body groomer isn’t in the palm of your hand.

Worry not, however, as this article shapes itself with the help of the best body groomers and manscaping trimmers according to experts and high-profile enthusiasts. For a more proactive touch, I have personally reviewed each of them and put their abilities to the test.

From the golden boy of Meridian to the veteran of the Philips franchise, here’s my mix of the best manscaping tools of 2024!

Sole Purpose of A Manscaping Trimmer: What Is It Good For?

Though most electric gadgets referring to themselves as manscaping tools resemble the silhouettes and properties of beard trimmers, their purpose hardly tend to meet at eye-level in contrast to that of beard trimmers.

Manscaping trimmers are formed with the right blades, ergonomics, as well as the right internal properties to support and perfect a body grooming session, around the exposed areas and the privates.

The ceramic blades, stainless steel blades, and foil systems are rendered safe for body grooming around the upper and lower half of the body, while ceramic blades are often recommended for shaving the groin.

Some body grooming tools also offer the privilege of face shaving with their shaving elements and the comb attachments; an aspect that I will unveil rather shortly!

Highly-successful Body Grooming Trimmers On The Market Right Now: A Series Overview

Highly-successful Body Grooming Trimmer

The need for manscaping is becoming more mandatory with each day. Though one may take help from their beard trimmers, using precise companions, which would be electric body trimmers in this case, should put anyone in a win-win scenario.

The following table contains 5 candidates that I would always suggest to those hoping to replace their current body groomer, and beginners hoping to get their first taste of what it’s like to shave your hair down there!

While the table merely sums up each candidate with an accurate one-liner, move onto the second half of the article to learn more about my two cents on each, and what makes them ideal companions when body grooming.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 Best 2-in-1 Body Groomer For Sensitive Skin
Philips Bodygroom 5000 A Manscaper With Extremely Close-shaving Abilities
Philips OneBlade Most Affordable Manscaper And Face-Shave In One
Meridian Trimmer A Body Groomer Prioritizing Comfort And Skin Protection
MANSPOT Trimmer Razor-sharp Body Trimmer On A Budget

5 Skin-friendly Body Hair Trimmers That Ensure Optimal Results With Each Use!

The first half comprises a preview of what is to be covered throughout this guide.

The second half, on the other hand, carries a deep rewind of the body trimmers and grooming gadgets that are regarded as the best on the market at the moment.

From top to bottom, each body trimmer fits the must-haves and essentials of every top-notch grooming tool, despite carrying different shaving elements. Since each gadget caters to its own kind of scenario, the amount of differences run rather high upon further inspection.

Despite having dissimilarities, they all tend to come together when providing a high-quality body trimming session, and ball shaving session is required.

From two frontrunners from the Philips Bodygroom series to fresh faces such as MANSPOT, here are my reliable candidates when the main task is to obtain razor-sharp body grooming sessions!

Philips Bodygroom 7000

Starting this list is the Philips Bodygroom 7000; a must-have for its split personality as a body grooming tool.

The Philips Bodygroom 7000 is a no-brainer on this list in my eyes for how well it offers an all-round body grooming experience, as well as a great face-shaving experience when used in the right manner.

Two-way grooming elements of Bodygroom 7000

Making up the Bodygroom 7000’s shaving elements are a foil shaver with framing precision blades, and an adjustable trimmer at the base.

The foil shaver is rendered safe for skin, and collaborates with the precision blades to offer a close shave without any hesitation.

Bodygroom 7000’s foil shaver

The precision blades are quite dependable when I shave my face, easily removing the scruffy pieces before bringing all the follicles down to the same length.

That’s when the foil system takes over, wiping out any piece of hair in sight.

Eerily similar results are found when the pairing of the foil system and precision blades are used all over my body, generating razor-sharp results overall.

I quite fancy the texture of the foil system, as it is fused with hypoallergenic properties, rendering the Bodygroom 7000 safe for those with sensitive skin.

Bodygroom 7000’s foil shaver when pressed against the skin

The shaving head is surprisingly fluid as well, moving in 4 directions to promote shaving comfort as well as efficiency with the foil elements.

On the flipside is an adjustable trimmer, formed with stainless steel blades. The cover is on at all times, which is yet again great if you have sensitive skin.

Adjustable trimmer of Bodygroom 7000

As opposed to the multi purposeful foil system, the adjustable trimmer acts more as just a body trimmer, feeling best when aiming for neat manscaping results, but not enough for a hairless look.

Having the cover of the adjustable guard does feel more reliable when being used around my privates, as it hardly ever comes in contact with direct skin.

Attachment of Bodygroom 7000’s adjustable trimmer

The 3mm guard works best if you’re aiming to rock a clean look eventually, but using the 5mm guard is ideal for a neat maintenance session.

I appreciate how thoughtful the Bodygroom 7000 is with its housing, which supports the shaving elements with a metal-infused body, and two power buttons.

Philips Bodygroom 7000 in hand

Despite carrying a team of two, the Philips Bodygroom 7000 is surprisingly light, weighing in at only 7 ounces.

The 7-inch long handle is a bit tough to navigate around due to its vertical, but provides tons of shaving comfort and reliability nonetheless.

Rubberized grip of Bodygroom 7000

I’m hardly ever stressed about dropping the Bodygroom 7000, as the device carries a textured rubber grip at the back of the handle.

To make the foil system more easy to work with, the Bodygroom 7000 also attaches a soothing rubber-coated grip on the neck of the device, which, I believe, promotes close-shaves.

For a tool that peaked in 2018, the Bodygroom 7000 has a staggering amount of stamina, with enough power in its Li-Ion battery to run for 80 straight minutes.

While the runtime provided is tough to notice when accommodating short sessions, the 80-minute battery life comes to full bloom when I’m body grooming in the shower.

Speaking of showers, just like most personal grooming performers of Philips Norelco series, the Bodygroom 7000 has a waterproof body. But if you’d like to avoid using the tool for wet-shaving, try to rely on its rubberized grip, which harnesses incredible friction, even when wet.

Design of Bodygroom 7000

One thing that can make body grooming and manscaping with the Bodygroom 7000 is the absence of a battery status indicator on the surface. Keep an eye on the LED blinker around the power button during that time, as it typically flashes red when the Bodygroom 7000 is running on low battery.

Truth be told, getting used to the size of the device wasn’t easy for me, and took me hours of practice to adjust.

However, as long as you grab the device by the neck while foil shaving, and make use of the grip at the back when using the adjustable trimmer, you too can see the potential of the Philips Bodygroom 7000 as a personalized grooming tool, and a reliable manscaping option.

Pros Cons
Offers a flexible foil shaver for comfort and close results The two-way shaving elements may be difficult to get used to for beginners
The adjustable trimmer saves time with reliable and effective sizes
Provides a great battery life of 80 minutes for a full face and body shave

Overall Rating of Philips Bodygroom 7000

Philips Bodygroom 5000

Up next is the Bodygroom 5000, which would be my suggestion to enthusiasts who are obsessed about using body groomers reprising traditional razor-like qualities, but are miles better as well with mechanical upgrades.

It adopts the same blade system as the Bodygroom 7000, but is much better as a performer around the body; not so much around the privates.

Foil system of Bodygroom 5000

Though the foil system and the dual-set of precision blades surrounding it are rendered skin-safe, the shaving head is immobile, which, in my opinion, is a win-lose situation in the grand scheme of things.

The firmness of the hypoallergenic foil system promotes a close-shave everywhere, though, especially if the neck of the device is gripped and pressed towards the skin.

Bodygroom 5000 being used on the face

This not only allows the device to rise above as a grooming tool, it seems, as the firmness of the shaving head also makes the Bodygroom 5000 a great companion for clean-shaven results in the face.

Implementing the shaving elements around the privates is risky territory, especially given how sensitive and susceptible the privates are to injuries.

Bodygroom 5000 with attachment

That’s when the attachments come into play, however, carrying bi-sided compartments, covering sizes between 3mm and 7mm. They hold their guard, even in the shower, which has always helped me with trimming the bush in the shower.

Conversely, the firm hold of the shaving head provides seamless navigation around the upper body, and the lower body, especially when used in a stroking motion.

Bodygroom 5000 vs Bodygroom 7000
Bodygroom 5000 vs Bodygroom 7000

The device is slightly larger than the OneBlade, but a bit more size-friendly in contrast to the Bodygroom 7000, failing to reach 7 inches in length.

Using it is a breeze, however, as this body groomer only weighs a little over 4.7 ounces, making it the third lightest after the Philips OneBlade, MANSPOT, and Meridian’s body trimmer (tied with MANSPOT).

Bodygroom 5000 next to OneBlade, Meridian and MANSPOT
Bodygroom 5000 next to OneBlade, Meridian and MANSPOT

And though it is a bit loud, I feel that the device makes up for it by ensuring a great experience, mainly by adopting the same hard-rubberized coating used on the Bodygroom 7000.

Since the foil system of the Bodygroom 5000 is a bit narrow when pitted against that of the Multigroom 7000, the placement of the rubberized grip is more prominent around the upper half of the neck, hardening in terms of feel as it reaches the power button of the device, which is one of the two compartments found on the handle.

This allows the Bodygroom 5000 to support sharper shaving sessions in contrast to the Bodygroom 7000, as the device, in my opinion, is easier to move around the face and the body.

Design of Bodygroom 5000

Due to being the predecessor in this scenario, the Bodygroom 5000 isn’t of much help if you’re seeking helpful additives such as a battery status bar, but reprises the blinking LED to denote a low battery to inform users.

While almost all the body groomers on this list have something compelling to offer, the Bodygroom 5000 finds a witty way of standing out by providing a Philips-only back attachment, with an incredible vertical to promote an effortless back-shaving experience.

Bodygroom 5000’s back attachment

Just like the OneBlade shavers, the device offers a sufficient battery life of 60-minutes, which, once again, is rather impressive when you have a peak at its release date.

Apart from concerning me with its rather-empty layout, the Bodygroom 5000 might also feel like a hesitant purchase for those possessing the OneBlade or OneBlade Pro, offering just an improved foil system and a back attachment to stand out from the former two.

However, since the foil system is more reliable to use on the legs, abdomen, and even sensitive areas such as the armpits, the Bodygroom 5000 is something I would always vouch for!

Pros Cons
The shaving head is immobile, providing close-shaves with ease The foil system can scratch sensitive skin
Has a rubberized thumb-grip that ensures shaving comfort when groin trimming
Provides an effective back-shaving experience with an ultra-long back attachment

Overall Rating of Philips Bodygroom 5000

Philips OneBlade

When push comes to shove, the closest electric shaver possessing the traditions and attributes of a one-time razor is the Philips OneBlade, one of my top picks for a body groomer and manscaping agent.

What wins me over is not the fact that it is one of the most affordable electric shavers out there, nor the fact that it’s a great razor for teenagers, but all that it provides to generate impressive results, skin protection, and comfort all at once.

OneBlade in hand

The OneBlade, in spite of being the oldest in this lot of best body groomers, remains a promising contender on this list, and is subsequently one of the best shavers in the Philips Norelco franchise. And here’s why.

For a lenient price, the OneBlade offers its renowned rectangular blade system, which mimics the housing of a manual razor, as well as the performance.

Shaving elements of OneBlade

The shaving head of the OneBlade provides extremely close results on the face, and all over the body when used correctly.

While it had issues with creating close-shaves in the past, what really made a difference was a change of the agility of the blade system, which, in recent times, ditched the stiffness of the previous structure for a 360 blade system, allowing the OneBlade to move in four directions.

OneBlade when used on the forearm

What makes things even better is the involvement of OneBlade technology, which features rounded edges to provide a close shave with the abilities of a foil system.

In other words, the OneBlade is a reliable candidate for damage-prone and acne-prone skin, with hypoallergenic properties to prevent any nicks, cuts, and bruises.

At first, I used to see the OneBlade as a reliable counterpart for my stubble. However, once I started learning more about the mechanics of its blade system, the OneBlade became my go-to partner for enabling body grooming on a budget.

OneBlade next to attachments

The blade system cuts close, but feels extremely safe to use on my forearms, chest, abdomen, and especially my legs. Unlike the Bodygroom 5000, the OneBlade is also a connoisseur in ball trimming, especially if the attachments are used.

Providing sufficient attachments is also a box that the OneBlade checks rather effortlessly, coming in 2 specific comb guards, alongside a 5-way adjustable comb attachment, much like the Philips Bodygroom 7000.

OneBlade with 5-length adjustable comb guard
OneBlade with 5-length adjustable comb guard

The comb guard is perfect for contouring the beard, but also works like a charm in winter, which is when I leave a little bit of length behind in every region of my body.

While the material used for the guard is of admirable quality, minor botches could come to existence if the OneBlade is used in poor form, as the blade will be exposed more than the comb attachment.

The other two attachments work well with stubbles, but can also be ideal if you’d like to trim down volumes of hair from the upper and lower half of your physique.

OneBlade’s design

Regardless of what you’re aiming for, the OneBlade will never let you down, and always provide a top-grade shaving experience, with its ultra-slender build.

The device’s dimensions are quite perfect, too, standing at only 4 inches long, carrying a weight of 3.3 ounces, making this body grooming assistant the lightest in the business.

To abide by old traditions, even the newer upgrade of the OneBlade carries just a power button, making no room for indicators and such.

OneBlade’s handle

The hard rubberized grip around each side of the handle is easy to take help from, especially when you’re seeking more control over close-shaves.

Housed with IPX7 properties, the OneBlade accommodates wet shaves, both inside and outside the shower.

While dry shaving is better for the OneBlade to host, I’d suggest one to use the cleansing advantage and the moisture provided by the shower to promote healthy shaves on sensitive skin!

OneBlade next to Bodygroom 5000
OneBlade next to Bodygroom 5000

Don’t stress on the battery life, as this body groomer adopts the same Li-Ion system as most of the Norelco models, surviving for 60 minutes at a time.

The amount of shaves it offers is significantly less, however, as the motor feels mediocre in contrast to the rotary shavers and Multigroom models belonging to Philips.

Pros Cons
Cuts close with a 360-modeled shaving system The device lacks the speed of a modern-day body trimmer
Is the best face and body trimmer for a low budget
Provides a 5-way comb attachment for maintenance sessions

Overall Rating of Philips OneBlade

Meridian Original Body Trimmer

While the upper half concludes a list of body trimmers that not only list manscaping as their forte, but also adjust well as face shavers, the second half comprises a duo of body trimmers that devote themselves to just improving the appearance of one’s physique, starting with Meridian’s Original body trimmer.

Meridian’s Original body trimmer is one that goes above and beyond to repair and eliminate any stemming body hair issue, including those involved in the private regions.

Shaving element of Meridian Body Trimmer

The ceramic blade is the primary element that ensures promising results without generating minor and major injuries, protecting the extra layers of skin with an anti nick agent at the base of the blade.

The blade cuts close, but not deep enough to form a scratch with redness, as long as the form used doesn’t press onto the skin as much.

While the ceramic blade prevents the Meridian from leaving behind minor bumps, the blade is also housed with hypoallergenic properties to further secure skin protection with ease.

It doesn’t have software additions such as SkinSafe technology like the Lawn Mower by MANSCAPED, however, which can be a bit risky for first-timers.

Meridian next to comb attachments

To prevent and eliminate any sign of bruising, however, you can always make use of the comb attachments, covering 3-12mm respectively.

The guards come in 4 sizes in total, with the 9 and 12mm guard in one, and the 3 and 6mm guard in the other. The former is best for reducing bulk, while the 3 to 6mm guard feels best when I’m maintaining an even length all over my body.

As long as you have the device in control, you are bound to have a great grooming experience! Finding comfort should be as easy as a walk in the park, too, as the Meridian only weighs 4.2 ounces, with a length that barely surpasses 3.5 inches.

Meridian body trimmer in hand

What always helps me stay in control at all times when body grooming with the Meridian is its all-round rubberized housing, which isn’t just soft, but also immune to sweat.

The friction provided by the flooring is tight, making the device easy to manipulate, especially around the privates.

Though the Meridian is praised for its abilities of body grooming, the device feels even better when used as a ball trimmer, which explains its ranking on Groom Shaper’s list of best ball trimmers of 2024!

Meridian being used on the upper arm

The ceramic blade alongside the housing properties make the Meridian a recipe for success as a groin trimmer, being easy to navigate through the thin lining between the nuts as well.

What helps shape the user experience into something useful is its 3-bar battery indicator, which fades away only when 33 percent of the battery life is gone.

Battery indicator of the Meridian body trimmer

If you’re worried about the battery life, know that Meridian offers an hour and 30 minutes of runtime, although it only operates at a consistent speed setting for 60 whole minutes before deteriorating.

While the device gleams in the shower when draped in sage, might I also suggest the alternative color choices, one of which is draped in suave black, the other that is surrounded by onyx.

Meridian being used as ball trimmer
Meridian being used as ball trimmer

Moving on, in retrospect, if you’re seeking a body trimmer that only caters to the parts beyond the face and neck, and a companion that is a specialist in mowing the lawn you’re taming in your pubic region, the best bet to make lies on the Meridian Original, with an unbeatable ceramic blade, and soft housing for effortless navigation.

The detachable snap-on blade isn’t just pleasing on the eyes, but also enables a faster cleaning process after each shave, further enhancing the positivity of its reception.

Pros Cons
Great housing for body and groin trimming The handle is prone to sweat stains and oil build-up
Offers an outstanding battery life of 90 minutes
Rubberized grip provides shaving comfort with ease

Overall Rating of Meridian Original Body Trimmer

MANSPOT Body Trimmer

On another note, if you’re seeking a virtually identical body groomer of the Meridian, but carries more functional attributes alongside a more lenient price tag, your investment should revolve around the MANSPOT Electric Trimmer, which shares tons of mutual ground with the previous candidate.

Though the trimmer belongs to a completely different brand aiming to meet dissimilar kind of goals, the MANSPOT trimmer feels just like the Meridian body trimmer when it comes to the ceramic blade. Similar to the Meridian, MANSPOT is also regarded as one of the best pubic hair trimmers out there!

MANSPOT’s blade system

The texture leans more towards sharpness rather than skin safety, but generates the same amount of closeness as the Meridian body trimmer when partaking in body shaves.

Just like the former, the MANSPOT only hosts and accommodates body shaves, aiming to secure some protection with its anti-nick guard.

MANSPOT in motion

I quite like how close each shave is with the MANSPOT trimmer, which trims an inch with each stroke when used properly.

Despite having an extra layer for protection, however, I’d still suggest navigating the MANSPOT trimmer with a soft touch, so that injuries aren’t present, especially in sensitive areas.

MANSPOT vs Meridian Body Trimmer

Using this device should be easy nonetheless, as the MANSPOT body trimmer weighs just 4.2 ounces, being equally light as the Meridian.

In terms of feel, however, it reminds me of the Lawn Mower 3.0, another professional in the manscaping business.

Using the ceramic blade around the privates, typically over the groin area, should be successful in terms of results as long as one doesn’t dig too deep onto the surface of the skin.

MANSPOT and its attachments

Those who feel insecure to use the naked blade might want to rely on the attachments provided by the trimmer, which appears to give the MANSPOT the upper hand over the Meridian.

With bi-sided guards, the MANSPOT trimmer is able to generate lengths resembling 12-9mm, and 3-6mm respectively.

MANSPOT’s attachments

The device takes the lead with two additional bonuses, involving a 3mm guard and 1.5mm guard for a closer shave.

In terms of quality, I believe the comb attachments are above-mediocre, especially when you look into the pricing of the MANSPOT trimmer.

For best results, I’d suggest one takes a shower prior to using the body groomer, as pulling and tugging is a common issue of this trimmer when working with pre-existing build-up.

MANSPOT in hand

The ergonomic design adopts the configuration elements from the Meridian body trimmer, offering only a battery indicator and a power button.

The texture of the flooring offers tons of friction for control, but feels less compelling than the Meridian body trimmer.

Trying to once again be on the same wavelength as the Meridian, the MANSPOT Body trimmer offers a Li-Ion battery with a mean duration of 90 minutes.

MANSPOT when plugged in and charging

And though it does cross the finish line, I always find the power to deteriorate after the groin trimmer has run for 60 minutes.

In retrospect, if you’re seeking a promising alternative of a brand that mimics the same hardware as the Meridian body trimmer, but walks the extra mile when assigned to provide even closer shaves, the MANSPOT body trimmer is probably the best possible tool to rely on.

Photo: MANSPOT with its accessories

The blade system isn’t better than the one used on the Meridian body trimmer for safety. However, with more guards for consolation, the MANSPOT trimmer might just feel easier to navigate, especially for beginners.

Pros Cons
Best electric trimmer for beginners The comb attachments lack good quality
The ceramic blade provides similar results as the Meridian body trimmer
Provides sufficient guards to promote safe manscaping sessions

Overall Rating of MANSPOT Body Trimmer

Manscaping 101: 6 Rules To Follow For Safe And Precise Results

Now that I’ve unveiled all the frontrunners on my list of top-notch body groomers and manscaping companions, it is time to rewind to the fundamentals of manscaping, which starts with the process itself.

Believe it or not, manscaping isn’t like rocket science. In fact, if you have the right tool in hand, and make the right moves before, during, and after partaking in personal grooming, you can easily perfect the art of manscaping.

From ensuring positive personal hygiene to finding the right tool for your tushy, here are 6 effective rules to manscaping without any repercussions!

Take a shower

Ensuring good personal hygiene is key to finding success when manscaping, as failing to do so can always result in the development of dirt and oil build-up, which, in return, can trigger and bring forward signs of pulling and tugging.

To prevent the previous cause, use ample amounts of body wash and cleansing agent when in the shower. Use a mix of lukewarm water and cold water to ensure healthy skin without signs of dryness.

Prepare your body part accordingly

Using exfoliants can help establish softer skin if you’re hoping to mow down your privates. In addition, one must ensure the area is dry before letting any kind of grooming tool get in the way, as wet skin is prone to friction, and therefore more exposed to pulling.

Conversely, if you’re dealing with the upper half or the lower half of the body, either wet or dry trimming can be executed.

Trim the length with scissors for private areas

While the ceramic blade and foil systems of body trimmers render them eligible and powerful enough to remove bulks of hair, to promote safety and closeness with ease, taking precautionary measures might help.

Using a pair of scissors to even out the bush can promote an easier procedure. In addition, carrying out the former will also get rid of split ends, erasing signs of tugging and pulling, and therefore reducing pain during the trimming process.

Use the right form

The form you implement should be based on the kind of body groomer you’re using to manscape.

While trimmers with ceramic to stainless steel blades with sharp edges can do a lot of damage through stroking in an upward and downward motion, foil shaves only collect hair in swipes to generate no-contact hairless results.

Match the body trimmer in accordance with your skin type

Inspecting the blade system to find a companion that pairs well with not just your frame, but also the pH levels of your skin can be the perfect way to ensure successful results when partaking in manscaping.

While ceramic blades are great due to absorbing heat to prevent burns when grooming, foil systems tend to be more delicate with acne-prone skin, accumulating hair without making direct contact with the surface of the selected body part.

Take help from protectants for sensitive skin

If your skin is prone to damage irrespective the kind of companion that is used for body grooming, take assistance from defenders such as shaving foam.

Though the session might require more strokes, your skin will be protected from nicks, and burns caused by the body groomer without a doubt.

What You’ll Need:

To swerve past any obstacle when manscaping, the previous notion will require a series of tools, such as:

  • A body trimmer of the person’s choice
  • A pair of cutting scissors
  • Towel
  • Shaving foam (optional)
  • Aftershave (optional)

Pros of Manscaping: 4 Enlightening Perks Of Maintaining Your Bush-length!

Finding balance in everything is essential if you’re hoping to live a life full of contentment. And if you’re hoping to promote hygiene and feel light even during the hottest day of summer, manscaping can be a great solution.

Many often opt out of manscaping due to how time consuming it tends to be. However, if you have enough patience, plenty of rewards await.

From improving one’s esteem to getting rid of horrendous body odor, here are the pros of manscaping!

A Confidence Booster

They say when you look good, you feel good, which is exactly what grooming, otherwise known as manscaping, ensures.

Getting rid of excessive hair doesn’t just make one feel lighter, but also improves one’s appearance, boosting their esteem and confidence as a result.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Too much hair can make you feel more manly, but what won’t is all the chances of infection or rashes caused by the sweat build-up underneath all the follicles.

In other words, when you get rid of excessive hair, you won’t just be feeling lighter, but you’ll also be deducting bacteria from your body, promoting healthier skin as a result.

No Clamminess Around The Privates

Having outgrown hair all over the body, even in your privates, can provide you with a warm coat during winter. In summer, however, the amount of clamminess accumulated by the areas can be one’s worst nightmare.

Mowing the lawn can help tremendously in this regard, and can reduce the amount of sweat buildup and lower your body temperature as a result.

Body-odor Eliminator

If you often maintain good personal hygiene, yet have an unpleasant smell on you at all times, the culprit could be the amount of hair you have all over your body, and around your privates.

Any body part, especially when disclosed from the public eye, tends to develop an unpleasant smell when it accumulates enough length, as the amount of build-up tends to increase in accordance with the density of the hair.

To avoid that whole-heartedly, consider using a manscaping trimmer. Shave your problems away to let your natural scent find a glow!

A Buyer’s Guide To Body Grooming Trimmers

If you’re still hustling and bustling while trying to snap out of the dilemma of picking between the best body groomers on the market right now, why not try to simplify what you need to find the right match?

For instance, if you’d like a tool that shaves your bush down there, but also feels just as effective in providing a close shave to your face, the Bodygroom 7000 should meet your requirements rather flawlessly.

Conversely, if you’re seeking something that is lighter on your wrist as well as your wallet, the OneBlade can be a compelling alternative to invest in.

Furthermore, if you want the traditional feel of a razor, but also want technologically advanced boosts such as the presence of a battery indicator along with the benefit of a rubberized grip, the Bodygroom 5000 can be a great pick, as well as a slight upgrade from the OneBlade, having more comforting elements than the Bodygroom 7000.

Finally, if you’d like a device that ensures shaving comfort and accuracy just around the exposed body parts as well as delicacies such as the groin, your ideal pick should either be the MANSPOT trimmer of the Meridian body trimmer; two body trimmers that use their ceramic blades, incredibly rubberized ergonomic grip, and an anti nick guard to ensure a rich and skin-friendly manscaping session only!

Why Trust Getarazor?

In addition to generating opinions that are free of fabrication, Getarazor always ensures content full of quality with insightful reviews.

For this guide regarding the best manscaping trimmers on the market at the moment, the main components that shaped each review are:

  • Shaving elements
  • Ergonomic abilities
  • Underwater durability
  • Battery life
  • Versatility of blade system
  • Quality of attachments and additives

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’re nearing closing time, here is an effective questionnaire that will strengthen your idea of the previously-mentioned list of the best body groomers on the market at the moment.

Q: Which body trimmer works best as a full body shaving tool?

Ans: For a thorough manscaping experience, the best tool to rely on is the Philips Bodygroom 7000, which enables versatility with its two-way shaving elements, carrying a foil shaver that provides close shaves to the face as well as the body, and an adjustable trimmer that crops hair from any given area, even the privates.

Q: Should I use a body trimmer to shave my face?

Ans: Often, it is unwise to use a body trimmer to shave facial hair, as the blade system is strictly fused with skin-friendly properties revolving around the body.

However, among this list are two promising full body trimmers, which would be the Bodygroom 7000 and the OneBlade models.

The OneBlade ensures versatility with its comb attachments and its shaving blade, known for being fused with uber-friendly hypoallergenic properties.

Conversely, the Bodygroom 7000 provides a similar 5-length comb guard, as well as a foil system that is rendered skin-friendly to implement everywhere.

Q: What makes an ideal body trimmer or body groomer?

Ans: Apart from securing the right shaving elements, it is mandatory for body grooming trimmers for manscaping to have the right housing, with the right texture around the handle and the correct size.

Certain elements, such as a promising battery capability, relentless motor power, and relevant attachments can also be a great way to secure the ideal body grooming tool!

Final Takeaway

Covering all the candidates ideal for being the best body groomers on the market is the main agenda of this guide. For some useful insights, along with unveiling specifications regarding each item, I have dug deep into the groomer’s blade system, housing, and how well the pair accommodates a full body trim; the main motive of this guide.

However, if I were to side with one, I would side with the Philips Bodygroom 7000, since its foil system can protect the skin with its flexibility and knack for removing hair without direct contact. In addition, the protection of the foil can also accommodate safe shaving sessions for sensitive skin, on the face and the body.

Conversely, if I were to pick something that was affordable, I’d always suggest the OneBlade, which will always be the best possible face and body groomer with traditional qualities.

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