Best Bonnet Hair Dryer: Comparing the Top 10 Models

What if I told you that you won’t have to manually move around your blow dryer anymore for hours and get the job done swiftly while you did the crossword?

In hindsight, it sounds too good to be true, but there exists some of the best bonnet & hooded hair dryers who seem to have stepped up to make your toils go away!

Before compiling my list of the most effective products, I have either used the device myself or borrowed knowledge from fellow stylists to give you the most transparent insight.

Some of these devices are so good that I’d keep them around my salon if I hadn’t already invested in professional graded, high priced dryers.

However, you can still grab any of them that fits your description of the best bonnet/hooded hair dryer and make your hair drying effortless!

Bonnet Hair Dryers Comparison Table

Name & BrandPowerSpecial FeaturesPrice
Gold ‘N Hot Professional800 WattsIonic Technology Check Price
Red by Kiss Professional1875 Watts4 Heat Settings Check Price
Infinitipro By Conair Gold1875 Watts4-Foot Flexible Hose Check Price
Nova Hooded Bonnet Dryer1300 WattsTime & temp control
Check Price
Conair Pro Bonnet Dryer1875 WattsCollapsible
Check Price
OMWAH Standing Box Dryer1300 WattsDetachable wheels
Check Price

Top 10 Hooded Hair Dryers Review

Whether you prefer hooded or bonnet dryers, my list has picked out the best from both worlds. Take a look at their goods as well as the bads before making your investment.

Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

In an ideal situation, the Gold ‘N Hot’s product would be widely regarded as the best bonnet hair dryer due to its functionality and durability. Since it’s not utopia, I’m having to break down the superior features it contains and how they changed the way I go about my hair. From regular drying to applying treatments effortlessly, very few would be able to transcend beyond its capability!Gold N Hot Bonnet Hair Dryer

At the very first, I must address how the heated air works inside the soft bonnet. It dissipates neutral charge that goes through strand by strand. It not only dries out hair faster, but also makes it look conditioned. Ones with frizzy or coarse hair can draw great benefit from this superior feature.

Another aspect is that the drawstrings are decently sized to accommodate any shape of head. So there won’t be any slipping off if you make sure to fasten the bonnet firmly in position. Adjusting it at first can seem tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it to be your daily after shower companion!

A great thing about this bonnet hair dryer is that it contains 4 heat levels of settings: cool, low, medium, and high. You’ll settle for the precise level based on your hair type and intensity of dampness. Don’t go too harsh with fine hair and apply heat protectant serum if deemed necessary.

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Great positives

Aside from the quality features and hair drying comforts this unit offers, one of my reliefs is that the dryer fits all roller sizes. Meaning, you can either replace or use your favorite rollers easily with a purchase of the Gold ‘N Hot device.

Also, everything is detachable which makes storage very easy! The pipe can be retracted and folded to make more room and I stash my unit in a small cupboard very conveniently! It’s truly a grand home companion for ones who prefer to watch TV while their hair dried up.

Speaking of drying, it takes only a few minutes to get the job done perfectly! Ones with coarse hair might have to spend around half an hour. It’s easier than manually going through your thick hair body and sore muscles as the machine gets it done for you automatically!

Mild concern

I’ve heard a couple of people complaining about the bonnet being too tight or too loose. You’ll have to pick a prime location around your head to fasten it and move it around a little to get the most comfortable result.

Red by Kiss Professional Hood Dryer

When it comes to the best hood dryers, you’ll find the name Red from Kiss uttered by the fashion enthusiasts who are concerned about their hair’s quality. It’s a dryer that mimics the professional designs and grants home users the access to some comfortable drying and styling sessions. I’d call it a worthy investment because it delivers more than what it costs!Red by Kiss 1875 Watt Hood Dryer

As the foundation, the dryer consists of two very powerful motors that perform the obligations. These motors are built to last and don’t usually seek replacement within years despite frequent use. The ceramic colored hood is made with plastic material and it too aims at lasting a long time.

This beauty can perform different hair treatments apart from simple drying. Matching with the industry standards, it holds 4 heat settings between low to very high. Low settings would be the ideal for fine haired consumers. It takes around half an hour for shoulder length hair, slightly more with the increased length.

I wouldn’t recommend going over low for fine hair to cut down on time because it can be damaging to the strands. Ones with thicker texture can explore the higher settings. Since it’s a solid structured hood over the head, you won’t need to worry about adjustments around your scalp or volume of hair.

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Great positives

One thing I like about this dryer is the ability to adjust height. Not all the budget dryers allow me to do that, but it stands out for the Red model. It’s not too long though, so don’t expect much. I have it placed over a stool near a power outlet where I dry my hair and do the nails or read a book to increase productivity.

Consumers who usually use hair curling clips, this is THE ONE for you! According to Kiss, the hood area is 15% more than average dryers, allowing you to apply as many clips as you want on your hair. It’ll accommodate all of it and spare you the pain of manually going over all of them individually with a hand dryer.

Mild concern

A minor issue with the design is that the hood doesn’t cover beyond your chin line and the air flow comes from the only openings at the top. You can walk past this by draping a large towel over the hood to cover all of your hair body. I’ve checked, it doesn’t hamper with your airflow.


Conair has been in the hair styling industry since 1959, so their long journey is a living evidence that their products are built using years of experience. The InfinityPro lands as a brain child of this revered company which hosts every feature that a classic hair salon hood does. If you take a look at the description, you’ll realize why I’ve ranked it among the best bonnet hair dryers.Infinitipro by Conair Bonnet Dryer

Conair’s recent developments have been done around customer feedback. For instance, most bonnet dryers come with a typical 2 foot hose which makes placing the dryer quite challenging. But the InfinityPro carries a lengthy 4 foot hose that’s flexible enough to let you sit comfortably. An easy lock clips the hose with the dryer and delivers hot air instantly!

To add to this placement and setup comfort, the machine hauls a 6 foot long power cord. Meaning, you can situate yourself quite further from a power outlet and it won’t hamper with your convenience. This unit can be stashed inside a storage case that’s shaped like a luxury purse and consumes very little space when it rests through the idle hours.

Products of such quality are usually pricey and take a big hit at your wallet. However, Conair aimed at making this a consumer friendly product by tagging it with slightly over $40 dollars price. It’s amazing how they manage to make it so easy going yet dynamic at such a budget. A truly remarkable gift of technological advancement it seems.

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Great positives

I like the attachments very much because they often render owning a separate blow dryer redundant. For instance, the package contains a heating brush which can be snapped to the hose after removing the bonnet. It can be used for volumizing the hair and even sketching out a few different styles that would require other expensive tools.

Heat settings are optimum and cater to every hair type known to the human race. The casing is very lightweight so carrying it from one place to another isn’t a big issue. Add that to the storage purse and be on your way to traveling remote locations in a heartbeat. Or just place the bonnet over your head and do your homeworks within the comforts of your home.

Mild concern

One thing you should note down is that the size of the bonnet is slightly smaller than professional ones. It will still hold your wide, thick hair but once you start applying hair curling clips in large numbers, you may have to make some adjustments for fitting them in.

Nova Professional Adjustable Hooded Bonnet Dryer

The Nova bonnet dryer has a hard helmet that hovers above your head. It’s a 1000w motor that will deliver tons of warm air. It has a stainless steel element for heating. This gives you the perfect temperature when you start the dryer. It has time and temperature controls.

Nova Professional Adjustable Hooded Bonnet Dryer

With this hood, you’re getting a ton of features. It swivels with the turn of a button. It can be tilted up or down to accommodate any angle. This can be much easier than trying to tilt or move the stand. It can be done with you sitting under the dryer. The hood also has a hinged visor. It’ll be easy to enter and exit.

The stand is very convenient. The base is spring loaded. It can be moved up and down to suit any need. The tension knob is simple to use, too. The base is incredibly sturdy. There are swivel casters in the 5 wheels. They’ll turn 360 degrees.

The dryer itself has temperature and time controls as mentioned. It delivers up to 60 minutes of ionic technology with your hair drying. Instead of blasting your hair with hot air for 10 minutes, you can sit under the dryer and get a gentle heat with ionics for up to an hour.

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Great positives

It’s hard to compare this to a regular handheld dryer. They are performing different jobs. The handheld dryer is blasting your hair with heat and air. That’s removing the water and getting you ready for more styling.

With the bonnet dryer, you’re taking it down a few notches. You’re delivering ionic technology. It’s a gentle, warm air that won’t do any damage. It’s a great way to set your style without further styling tools.

Damaged hair can be healed with a hooded dryer. The air can be adjusted from 0 degrees to around 160F. It’s a relaxing styling tool that can really bring hair back to life.

Mild concern

There’s a bit of upward air flow to this dryer. Your hair shouldn’t be loose.

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

For such a small dryer, this is a powerhouse. The motor is 1875 watts. That kind of wattage you’d expect in a large dryer with a stand. It’s a motor that’s worthy of being in a professional salon. You’ll have all that power in this home hooded dryer.

Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

It doesn’t have a full stand. It can sit on a table and be directed over your head. It’s completely adjustable for variable heights. There are also heat controls that allow you to change the heat. This makes it great for all kinds of styles and treatments.

The hood itself can be adjusted as needed for your hair. It’s big enough for extra-larger rollers. Jumbo rollers that give loose, wavy styles are perfect with this dryer. You don’t have to worry about sleeping with curlers when you have this dryer.

The hooded dryer can be collapsed for storage. On top of the hood is a carrying handle. The entire dryer collapses into a small domed device that can be stored on a shelf. It can even be taken with you to someone else’s house or on vacation.

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Great positives

This is a fantastic dryer for deep conditioning treatments. You can easily place this anywhere you like. All you have to do is sit in a chair and center this over your head.

It can certainly dry your hair when you’re wearing curlers, too. The hood is wide and deep. It’ll even dry your hair at the base of your neck.

The low heat option is often enough for many people to completely dry their hair. If you’re using a product that’s heat activated like oils, the high heat will be perfect.

Mild concern

The dryer’s motor is pretty noisy. You’ll need to use earbuds to listen to anything on your phone while using.

BaBylissPRO Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

This standup bonnet dryer has a hardhat. It doesn’t touch the hair or weigh heavily on your head. The motor has 2000 watts of power. That’s at a professional level. It’s a quality AC motor that will last for many years.

BaBylissPRO Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

The hooded dryer has a powerful motor. But, the sound isn’t what you’d expect from such power. It has noise reduction technology. That allows you to do anything you want while under the dryer hood. It’s perfect for watching television or scrolling your phone.

The stand has 5 wheels for stability. The stand can be raised or lowered as needed. There’s a shield surrounding the hood. It will keep air from flowing out of the hood. It locks into place and won’t fall or tip over onto the ground.

The hard-hat dryer has ionic technology. Negative ions filter down into the hair and make it shinier and healthier looking. Dry, frizzy hair is full of positive ions. Negatively charged ions will fight the positive ones. At the end of that battle, you’re the winner with soft, shiny hair.

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Great positives

With this standup hair dryer, you’re able to slowly dry your hair. It helps with natural curls. The dryer won’t blast hair with hot, dry hair like a wind tunnel. Instead, you’re getting soft air that won’t damage.

Most people with medium length hair and medium thickness will spend 30 minutes under the dryer. That’s the average time. It could be more or less.

After showering, you can sit under this dryer while drinking your morning coffee. It will allow you to hear the television or scroll on your phone, too. There are speakers in the dryer where you can hook up your phone or mp3 player.

Mild concern

The 5-wheel base is large. It can be awkward to get it in and out of doorways.

OMWAH Standing Professional Hooded Box Dryer

The motor of this box dryer is 1300 watts. This is a good motor for drying hair at home. It has enough power to really dry hair. It has a timer that you can set for 0 to 60 minutes. That’s helpful for processes that need a very specific timing.

OMWAH Standing Professional Hooded Box Dryer

This is a box dryer that comes with a few features. Along with the timer, there’s a dial for the heat. You can set it to a temperature ranging from low to high. It’ll depend on the person using the dryer and the process they are having done. These are great for salons since they range in temperatures.

The standup box dryer can be adjusted. The wheel kit adds another 7 inches to the height of the dryer. It’s 24 full inches with the wheels. You’ll have to match the height with your chairs to find a good angle. That’s important for the type of process you’re doing. More or less heat can be finessed with the height.

With the wheels detached, this can be a portable dryer. It’s not going to be able to travel in your suitcase on vacation. It can be moved from one location to another, though. If you’re a home stylist or want to bring this to a friend, it is light and easy to carry.

Great positives

When receiving this dryer, it’s packed really well. The legs and handle are simple to attach. There’s nothing complicated about putting this together. You don’t want a complicated bit of machinery for doing your hair.

The heat and air from this dryer are very consistent. It’s great for processing hair color. You can do your hair at home like a professional would in a salon. It can even be used in a salon.

It’s a dryer that is quiet enough. You’ll be able to have conversations or watch television with this dryer. There won’t be a struggle to hear things while using it.

Mild concern

The angle can’t be adjusted. You’ll have to adjust the feet or move your head a bit.

Mifine Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

This is a bonnet that will fit all size heads. It can even be used with jumbo hair rollers. It’s 9 inches long and 16 inches wide. Once it’s on your head, the warm air will fill the bonnet. There’s an adjustable strap to keep the bonnet on your head. There are also buttons to make sure the bonnet stays in place.

Mifine Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

The hose attaches to a handheld dryer. You’ll have to purchase the dryer separately. The hose is 40 inches long with a 9-inch wide diameter. The collar on the end is 4 inches. That size will fit in any dryer you might have. There’s a strap to hold the hose to your handheld dryer.

With this bonnet, you’re getting waterproof nylon. It’s able to withstand high heat from the dryer. They won’t irritate the skin unless you’re highly sensitive. The materials make it easy to keep the bonnet very clean. It can be hand washed with a wet sponge.

The bonnet comes with extras. While it doesn’t come with a hair dryer, it does come with a storage bag for travel. You can take this with you wherever you go. It comes with a small makeup mirror, too. It’s easy to multi-task your morning routine with this hands-free dryer.

Great positives

This bonnet stays on very well. The company thought of all the features that would make it comfortable, too. The nylon will resist heat as well as water.

It has an adjustable strap for securing it around your head. There’s also a chin strap. You don’t want it to go flying off your head. With these features, it won’t.

It doesn’t take up a ton of space. You can take it with you anywhere. It can be bundled into a convenient carrying case. That case will slip easily into your suitcase or carry-on bag.

Mild concern

The noise and heat will come from the dryer you have. You’ll need to consider a new dryer if the heat and noise are too much.

HOT TOOLS Tourmaline Tools 1059 Salon Dryer

With this standup salon dryer, you’re getting a motor that is 1875w. While this is a salon-quality motor, it can be used at home, too. A motor at that wattage would be a good one in a salon setting. In a home setting, it will last for many years.

HOT TOOLS Tourmaline Tools 1059 Salon Dryer

The helmet of this standup dryer is adjustable. It has a lovely pink visor that is adjustable. It’ll move as needed for rollers and curlers. The helmet itself is pretty wide and deep. It’ll fit most people even with large curlers.

In this dryer, you’re getting 2 speed options. Whether it’s high or low, the air speed will work for most people and the styles they want. There are 4 heat options. Between the heat and the air, there are 8 combinations to be had for air and heat.

Lastly, the dryer has tourmaline ionic technology. It’ll dry your hair faster while also giving you a moisturized style. The negative ions will remove the positive ones that cause dryness and frizz. This dryer is good for severely damaged hair.

Great positives

The helmet of this dryer is a cute color. It’ll look good in your salon or in your home. The adjustable visor and large helmet are perfect for all hair styles and head sizes. It can be used with jumbo rollers even.

One of the best parts of this dryer is the tourmaline and ionic technology. It’s going to make your hair smooth, silky, and healthy. If you’re buying this for dry hair treatments, that’s going to be an added bonus.

Along with those features, you’re getting a 9-foot cord as well as a sturdy base. The wheels lock for stability. They can be removed for transport and storage, too.

Mild concern

The roller legs can wear down if moved around too much.

Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

The bonnet of this dryer is large enough to cover your entire head. It will also cover large curlers, so you can get a really soft curl. The bonnet has small holes for good circulation. Your hair can be dry in a short amount of time.

Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

With this bonnet dryer, you’re getting a variety of heats and speeds. It’ll allow you to pick exactly what you want for your specific needs. You might need a low heat and high speed, or the opposite for healthy hair. It can be used for drying and processing treatments.

The bonnet hair dryer is ion infused. Dry hair that needs treatments is plagued by positive ions. This dryer uses negatively charged ions to moisturize and tame dry, flyaway hair. After using this dryer just once, you’ll see a huge difference in the softness. You’ll have a very silky texture.

Some bonnet dryers are hard. This one is soft with the ability to travel anywhere. All the parts of the dryer like the cord, hose, and bonnet fit into the case. It has a handle on top to be carried anywhere. It’s also lightweight. It’s easy to pack and carry in your luggage.

Great positives

The bonnet dryer can be used comfortably for as long as you need. If it takes two hours to dry your hair, you want a soft bonnet. It’s easy to sit and enjoy watching a movie or scrolling social media while drying.

The cap has small holes for enhanced circulation. That helps the hair dry faster. The bonnet itself is large enough for curlers. Even jumbo curlers will fit under this bonnet.

Packaging and storage is simple with this dryer. You can take it anywhere with you. Whether you’re staying over at a boyfriend’s house or traveling for work. It’s light and able to travel.

Mild concern

The hose isn’t as long as it could have been. You’ll need to keep the case close.

What to Think About When Choosing the Best Bonnet Hair Dryer

There’s so much to consider before making your purchase. A bonnet hair dryer can be used for a variety of styling needs. You’ll need to think about how you’ll use one before making a choice. Hopefully, this section helps with your decision.

  • Even Distribution of Warmth

Instead of blasting certain parts of your hair with heat, you’re allowing soft warm air to remove moisture. It’ll speed up the drying process versus air drying. It’s not going to be as strong as handheld dryers. That’s a plus for the bonnet hair dryer.Even Distribution of Warmth Is a Must have Feature for Bonnet Hair Dryer

With even distribution of air, you can create the base of your style. This is especially true with curly hair. Most of the time, handheld dryers just whip hair around your head. It dries quickly, but you have to spend more time styling.

  • The Type of Dryer Materials

When choosing your favorite bonnet dryer, you’ll want to consider the materials. As is the case with other styling tools, ionic technology will create healthy hair. It does this with the same technology as what’s used in flat irons or handheld hair dryers.

For this technology, you should be picking a material like tourmaline. Ceramic will also give you negative ions for smoother hair. It washes over the hair gently instead of being blasted into the hair with a handheld dryer.

  • Heat Settings with Cool Down Mode

The dryer that you choose should have varied heat settings. You’ll want to have full control over the amount of heat applied to your hair. This can only be accomplished with a number of heat settings.

Your hair will need to have the right temperature based on a few factors. The texture and style of your hair needs a certain temp. For example, if you have curly hair, it needs to be a temperature that won’t ruin your curl pattern. The cool down mode will set the style.

  • Quiet when Running

There are two different types of bonnet dryers. One can move with you. It’s a soft cap with a portable motor. You won’t be shackled to a single spot. It’s made to move around the room. If it’s quiet, you can watch television or talk to friends.

The other type of bonnet dryer is on a pole. It can be adjusted to any seat. This one isn’t portable, but you still want to be able to do things. Talking to a friend makes the time pass faster. You can’t do that if the dryer is super loud.

  • Storage Concerns

Unless you’re a hairdresser, you don’t want a bonnet hair dryer sitting in your living room. The storage of the dryer shouldn’t be a hassle. There are many that are simple to store. They’re portable. All you have to do is place them under the sink or in a closet.

For the stand-up bonnet dryers, they usually have telescoping stands. If not, you’ll have to think about where you’ll keep it. It can be placed in any location. The only problem is that it’ll stand out.

  • Adjustable Hood

With a soft bonnet, it’s giving freedom of movement. The device is attached to a motor that can move with you. It can take a while to dry your hair with a bonnet dryer. It helps to be able to move around. You can watch television or relax in your bedroom reading.

The ones with adjustable hoods are very comfortable. The hard bonnet, standup dryer isn’t portable at all. It’s fantastic in certain situations. But, the adjustable hood is able to move as you want.

  • Motor or Attached to Home Dryer

The bonnet hair dryer can have a motor that powers the air. It’ll have the same wattage as a regular hair dryer. Some of the best dryer motors will have a wattage around 1875w.

There are times when you don’t want to use a bonnet. For treatments, you might need a bonnet. The rest of the time, you can use a handheld. There are some bonnets that attach to your handheld hair dryer. You’ll need to consider what kind of bonnet is best for your personal needs.

Handheld Versus Bonnet Dryer: Why a Bonnet is the Better Choice

There are quite a few differences between a bonnet dryer and a handheld. You’ll need to decide where a bonnet fits into your life. There are definite circumstances when you should be using a bonnet versus a handheld.

Features of a Handheld Dryer

The handheld has explosive power – In the handheld, you’re getting a blast of air. It’s going to whip your hair around in a whirlwind tunnel. That’s going to cause tangles and dry hair.

It removes moisture – That’s what you want in a dryer. Except that the water isn’t all that is removed. The hair’s natural moisture can be removed with the air that’s pounding it.

A handheld has really high heat – The heat is very high. That high heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. It removes moisture and causes split ends.

Curls can lose their pattern – With a handheld, you’re not doing good things to your curls. They can become straighter and less bouncy. It’s hard to regenerate curls if the pattern is removed time after time with a handheld.

Features of a Bonnet Dryer

The bonnet is slower – With the bonnet dryer, you’re getting air that swirls around your head. It doesn’t blast your hair with intense heat. This leads to more time spent with the dryer.

A bonnet dryer is much healthier – You’re getting a dryer that is less damaging to your hair. The heat is much lower. As mentioned above, it does take longer, but your hair is healthier for it.

There’s no arm workout – You can be doing other things while your hair is drying. It’s a great way to multitask. You don’t have to spend 20 minutes every day holding the dryer up to your head.

Works better for curls – Many styles can benefit from less heat and air. That includes your curls. The dryer will never interrupt your curl pattern. It’s an easy way to add curls without using a curling iron, too.

Better for treatments – Hair treatments like leave-in oils can work better with warmth. Your hair will be healthier due to the amount of heat. It can speed up the coloring process, too.


There are many reasons why you need a bonnet hair dryer. One of those is hair damage from heat and other sources. Hair that’s damaged needs conditioning treatments. A bonnet hair dryer will give you a low level of heat that helps with conditioning. It’ll keep hair from drying and frizzing.

A bonnet dryer will help condition and dry hair without whipping hair everywhere. It’s a good way to develop curls without a ton of heat, too. The best bonnet hair dryer could be a standup unit or a portable one. We’ve provided information on both, so you can decide what you need.

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