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Braun Shavers Comparison: Top 10 Braun Shavers That Will Never Let You Down!

The art of personal grooming has been propelled to prominence over the past few years. Its consistent rise isn’t just heavily influenced by the importance of taking care of one’s skin and appearance but is also heavily dependent on the tools available for use.

While skincare products like face wash, moisturizers and toners are essential items needed to make one’s skin look younger, a clean-shaven look is known for further adding to the youthful components. And when it comes to rocking a clean-shaven look, Braun is perhaps the best brand to place your trust in!

German shaver brand Braun has been an icon in the world of Personal grooming for ages. It has skin-friendly and durable shavers with abilities that can be utilised to obtain accurate results.

As of 2024, Braun offers a series of shavers that can be used on a daily basis to achieve optimal results in no time. Moreover, if you’re curious to learn about Braun’s current shavers in their top 10 list, be sure to read this article thoroughly!

The Best Braun Shavers At The Moment: A Series Overview

If you’re a reader with tons of knowledge regarding the foil shavers of Braun, the following table can be equivalent to a revision for you.

However, if you stumbled upon this article with zero preparation, carefully read every material mentioned in the following table to get a sneak peek of all the models we’ll unveil in this article!

ModelsFoil SystemBattery LifePrice
Braun Series 9 Pro 10-D90 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 Sport10-D60 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 9 9370CC10-D60 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 8 8457CC8-D60 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 7 7085cc8-D50 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 7 7071cc8-D50 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 6 6020s8-D50 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 5 5050cs8-D50 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 3 310s3-D45 minutes See On Amazon
Braun Series 1 190s1-D20 – 30 Minutes See On Amazon

Best Braun Shaver: A Side-by-side Comparison For a Better Understanding

Multiple reasons could be used to justify Braun’s dominant presence in the beauty industry. However, if you’d like to learn about the simplest one, look into the specification of all their installments.

Whether you’re looking at the Series 1 or the latest version of Series 9, you’ll find multiple advantageous qualities when inspecting the options. And if you’d like to replace your existing piece of equipment with a shaver of Braun, read through the following reviews of the best Braun shavers currently up for grabs!

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465CC

In the midst of 2022 came the Braun Series 9 Pro, which stood out immensely due to its performance and dominant battery life of 90 whopping minutes. In addition, it also has a leaner button configuration for the travel-lock button than the 9 Sport and 9 models, a feature that hasn’t been replicated since.

Braun’s Series 9 Pro has everything that veterans, as well as newbies, can make use of. It is curated with housing made from resilient materials, which Braun insists will last for over 7 whopping years. This shaver also features a free-flowing, 10-D, 4-in-1 foil system, which can be utilized to create a clean-shaven appearance.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc

On average, just like models 9 and 9 Sport, the Series 9 Pro creates over 40,000 cutting actions per minute, securing its place as a time-friendly device. Sonic and AutoSense technology assists the device, which analyses the fullness of the facial hair before making useful adjustments to bring accurate results with the foil system. Despite running a bit large in size, the Series 9 Pro remains the best shaver of the Braun franchise.

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You can take your time with the 9465CC, as it can run for 60 minutes on average. Furthermore, if you’d like to take your companion out on a 3-day trip, don’t forget to take the new power2go travel case with you to bless your 9 Pro model with an hour and thirty minutes of battery health!

On top of having a travel-lock feature with a leaner button configuration, the device comes with a 5-in-1 SmartCare Center, which can be important for longevity. The device can definitely be a bit tough to purchase due to its significantly high price tag, but it is a must-have in our book due to how powerful it is overall.


  • Powered by a sublime Li-Ion battery with a running time of 90 minutes,
  • The device comprises a lean travel-lock feature to shield the tool during long journeys.
  • A new power2go travel case to make replenishing the device easier on the road.
  • Unbeatable materials that can last for 7 years.
  • 10-D Flex Head that can provide a serence shave without tugging.


  • The device is quite huge, making it difficult to travel with.
  • Carries a price tag that could seem unaffordable in the eyes of many.

Braun Series 9 Sport 9310CC

A special edition under Braun Series 9 is the Series 9 Sport, which isn’t any different as opposed to the Series 9. In fact, the only difference lies within its paint job, which features a jet-black colour scheme instead of a chrome hue.

The device comprises a 4-in-1 shaving system that can shave the hair using 10 different ways, thanks to its 10-D flex head. The device is as bulky as the old-gen models of Series 9, losing the edge over the upgraded model of Series 9 Pro.

Braun Series 9 Sport 9310cc

Braun Series 9 Sport is built with Synchro Sonic technology, allowing it to be a specialist at dealing with a thick beard. The device also reprises AutoSense technology, enabling it to generate accurate shaving outcomes without any bumps.

The design of the Series 9 Sport can be great to look at, but it feels quite heavy during operation. Don’t stress about dropping the device, however, as its ergonomic handle offers an amazing amount of grip.

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Just like the original models under Braun’s Series 9, the Sport provides a battery life of 60 minutes. The device is also curated with quick charging abilities, requiring a 5-minute charge to provide an unforgettable shaving session.

The Series 9 Sport is perceived as a great option due to how cost-efficient it is, and it even comes with necessities like a SmartCare Center for upkeep. However, it lacks major components in its hardware that eventually hampers its impression. It doesn’t have a travel lock feature, making it quite unreliable when travelling overseas.


  • Infused with a matte-black colour scheme that can be easy to look at.
  • It is the most affordable model among the Series 9 models.
  • Contains Synchro Sonic technology, enabling the device to work its way around a thick beard.
  • Has a quick-charge feature that can cater to one session.


  • Lacks power-saving features such as a travel-lock button, exposing the device to unintentional power-ups.

Braun Series 9 9370CC

The first entry in the top 3 is the old-gen Braun Series 9, which seems to be a handy tool in the modern era as well. It is the first Braun device to have a 10-D flexible shaving head, and the first Braun shaver with 5-shaving elements. It also comes with a toggling travel-lock feature, which was non-existent in the previous models (Series 1 to 8).

The device consists of an outstanding shaving head with 5 components, making it worth every penny. The device covers 40,000 sonic vibrations per minute, just like the Series 8, but is much more reliable than its predecessor with an additional SkinGuard, an element that ensures safety to users and a smooth operation. Constructed with hypoallergenic foils, this device is the man for the job if you desire effective results with zero irritation.

Braun Series 9 9370cc

Prior to allowing the foils to collect hair and carry out their tasks, Braun Series 9 relies on AutoSense technology, a feature needed for inspecting the density of facial hair.

Additionally, the device counts on Sonic technology to shave the face with precision and accuracy, even on narrow surfaces. The newly added 10-D flexible shaving head can seem redundant on most occasions due to the existing accuracy of the previous shavers of Braun, but it can be a crucial companion if you’re dealing with a coarse beard or a 7-day stubble!

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The first generation of Series 9 is also infused with a dominant battery, providing it with an hour’s worth of runtime. The device could have a hard time when fitting inside a tightly packed duffle bag, but shouldn’t have a problem with dismissing accidental power-ups using the travel lock feature, which lays firmly on top of its power button.

Like most variants of Braun, the device is quite easy to maintain. While users can give the waterproof device a quick rinse in the shower, they can also count on its 5-in-1 SmartCare Center to get the job done in no time.


  • A 5-in-1 SmartCare Center that hydrates, rinses, lubricates. charges and dries the shaver after use.
  • Contains an accessible travel-lock feature with a toggle button.
  • Hard metal casing that is resilient against damage.
  • It is the first device with a 10-D shaving head.
  • Skin Guard technology that caters to sensitive layers.


  • Is a bit heavier than its predecessors.
  • Carries a hefty price tag.

Braun Series 8 8457CC

When push comes to shove, the Series 8 8457cc is definitely better than its predecessors, mainly due to the newly crafted Sonic technology within its design. The Series 8 comes with a classic LED charging indicator, and a stocky handle with an excellent grip, making it different from the previous models. To have the edge over its ascendants, this Series 8 model is curated with 4 shaving elements.

Comprising a foil system that covers 40,000 cutting actions per minute to remove the growth of ingrown hair pieces and improve one’s facial structure, the device is a professional at its job. Attached to the device is a sublime 8-dimensional flex-head, which goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable shaving session with no room for error.

Braun Series 8 8457cc

The presence of Sonic technology enables the 8-D flexible shaving head of this device to cover more ground, collecting more pieces of hair as a result. Furthermore, to make the cheekbones and jawline sharper, the models forming the Series 8 provide a pop-up trimmer.

Using this device can be quite beneficial, especially if you’re not technologically adept. This Series 8 model has a design that is quite easy to understand, coming with a precision switch to introduce more control during each shave. The device also reprises the older SmartCare Center, which runs a bit bulky. the device specialises in rejuvenating and hydrating the foil shaver.

A selling point of this device is its longevity, which can be justified by examining its battery life and housing. The device features a runtime of 60 minutes that can last for multiple weeks at a time, and a material that can last you a decade if it’s maintained properly.


  • Has an 8-D shaving head that can be used towards and against the grain.
  • One of the first shavers with a battery life of 60 minutes.
  • Generates speedy results using Sonic technology.
  • Offers a 4-in-1 SmartCare Center for maintenance.
  • First model that produces 40,000 cutting actions per minute.


  • Replacement shaving heads are expensive.

Braun Series 7 7085CC

While all the Series 7 models have the same software and hardware components, an instalment that stands out exceptionally is the 7085cc, which can be a great tool to invest in with a moderately-low budget. It isn’t any different than the rest of the models under series 7 when its software is taken into account, but offers two new attachments beard trimming and stubble trimming, giving it the ultimate edge.

7085cc isn’t like the average shavers found in Series 7, since it is way more resourceful. To wipe away facial hair without any hiccups, 7085cc uses its 360 flex head with a 3-foil shaving system. This feature makes the device a specialist in providing a close shave, without leaving behind signs of bruises.

Braun Series 7 7085cc

To serve newbies and amateurs partaking in the act of personal grooming, the 7085cc uses its AutoSense technology, a feature that weighs the coarseness of the beard before generating precise results. The waterproof body of the Series 7 allows an easy cleaning process, but it can also be used for participating in wet and dry shaving!

To walk the extra mile on most occasions, the 7085cc also comes with a remarkable Li-Ion battery, providing a running time of 50 minutes.

Braun’s Series 7, 7085cc, is a rewarding companion to invest in, especially if you have a knack for the accessories the brand provides. The device comes with a cleaning brush, a travel case, and a SmartCare Center, like all the models released after the Series 5.

However, as stated earlier, the 7085cc is a must-have because of the two extra comb attachments it provides for handling a beard, and maintaining stubbles!


  • Easy to look after using the SmartCare Center.
  • Offers 2 additional attachments for reducing bulk from a beard and cleaning stubbles.
  • Shaving head that can rotate upto 360 degrees for a flawless session.
  • An expert at wet and dry shaving.
  • Quite affordable for a technically adept shaver.


  • Still reprises 3 shaving elements like its former competitors.

Braun Series 7 7071cc

The Series 7 also hit the shelves around the same time as the Series 5 and 6, but contained dissimilarities within its groundwork to have the edge over its predecessors. It was the first model with an Adaptive Flex head, an element that will be discussed shortly.

Series 7 features the same build as the Series 5 and 6 models, feeling incredible in hand. It also comprises a lenient rubber grip around each side of the handle to maximise control and usability. The device is coated with durable materials, all of which can last for over 7 years on average.

Braun Series 7 7071cc

The biggest attribute making the Series 7 better than the former models lies within its performance attribute, mainly its shaving head. Instead of SensoFlex technology, the Series 7 features an Adaptive Flex Head, which can rotate up to 360 degrees to eliminate hair from the face, especially from the hard-to-reach areas.

Just like most recent models under Braun’s belt, the Series 7 comprises AutoSense technology, which could prove to be crucial for thick beards. It measures the beard density of each user before adjusting the speed and cutting action of the foil system accordingly.

Besides having a big difference in the agility of its shaving head, Braun Series 7 feels the same as Series 6. It has models that come with mandatory upkeep accessories, like a SmartCare Center and offers a pop-up trimmer.

However, if you don’t necessarily need the additional bonuses, consider looking into their “S” models.


  • Contains an Adaptive Flex Head that is in sync with the silhouettes of the user’s face.
  • Specializes in cleaning closed-in areas.
  • Measures beard density using AutoSense technology, enabling it to bring forward specific results.
  • Supplies a pop-up trimmer to fix eyebrows and sideburns.


  • Lacks the extra comb attachments that can be found in the latter models of Series 7.
  • Is as pricey as the 7085cc, which is more polished and resourceful than the 7071cc.

Braun Series 6 6020

Alongside Series 5 came Series 6 of Braun, which was quite difficult to separate on the outside, but easy to acknowledge when put to use. The product entered the market in January 2020, with a new feature called SensoFlex technology.

Long story short, SensoFlex technology monitors the pressure that the foil shaver applies to the skin while accumulating hair. While it doesn’t hamper the shaving speed of Series 6, SensoFlex technology allows the device to get the job done without exposing the users to any discomfort.

Braun Series 6 6075cc

The Series 6 contains the same housing as Series 5, with an ergonomic design and a curvy handle. The shaver weighs just as much as Series 5, which can be a win-win due to how light and comfortable the former feels.

However, in terms of performance, Series 6 is miles ahead of Series 5. While both feature a 3-foil shaving system supported by a flexible and agile 8-D shaving head, and AutoSense technology for generating unique results, the overpowered presence SensoFlex technology is what gives the device an upper hand.

Another great element is the additional tools of this device, which can come in handy when travelling overseas and during upkeep. The Series 5 provides users with a cleaning brush for maintenance, but the Series 6 outshines its predecessor by offering a leather-coated travel pouch inside its packaging. Series 6 is also the first model with a fully equipped SmartCare Center, which rinses, washes, and recharges the device after each shave.

The battery life provided by its Li-Ion battery isn’t too bad, either, as it can serve for 50 whole minutes! Moreover, just like the Series 5, the Series 6 comprises quick charging abilities, sealing its win against its former.


  • Includes SensoFlex technology to provide a smooth and efficient shave.
  • Offers a new leather coated pouch for travel.
  • Incorporates a highly-efficient SmartCare Center for keeping the device as good as new with the push of a button.
  • Ergonomic materials with a lightweight feel.
  • High-end device with a reasonable value.


  • Better options exist (see Braun 7071cc).

Braun Series 5 5050cs

Braun kept building on its foil shavers to add to its resume even further. While Series 3 offered new technological bumps like MicroComb technology and a 3-D foil system, the subsequent model, which would be the Series 5, was the first device with AutoSense technology. As opposed to the Series 3 models, the newly improved dimensions of this shaver may also seem quite favourable, trendy and comfortable

AutoSense technology is a component that measures the beard density of each user before generating accurate results in no time. With the help of AutoSense technology, the Series 5 model increases and decreases its speed setting to meet the coarseness of the user’s facial hair, relieving them from botched results, bringing forward desirable results.

Braun Series 5 5050cs

Although the device does feature the same 3-D foil system as the Series 3, results are better with this Series 5 model due to the accuracy of the shaver. On average, the foil system covers over 24,000 cutting actions per minute, making it a specialist in saving time.

The Series 5 5050cs is known as the best solution for 3-day stubbles. However, it also has useful features that enable the shaver to walk the extra mile when necessary. The device has a few comb attachments, which can be used around the ends of one’s facial hair for aesthetic visuals. Since it also comes with an Easy Click feature, removing and attaching accessories feels like a piece of cake!

An astonishing element of the Series 5 is definitely its upgraded hardware, comprising a better and slimmer layout with an ergonomic build, making it better than the Series 3 models. The material is resilient enough to last for years, while the ergonomic handle provides a grip that can work wonders for clumsy beginners in the world of men’s grooming. Furthermore, regardless of whether your palms are small or wide, the silhouettes of Series 5 will fit like a glove!

And if you’re not too impressed, let’s talk about its Li-ion battery and its maintenance. Braun Series 5 is powered by an overpowered battery that reaches a full battery life in just an hour. Once fully charged, the tool can operate for 50 whole minutes without any issues, making it iconic among the Braun franchise.

The post-shaving process is quite easy to carry out as well since the device is fully waterproof. Cleaning it through a rinse is quite possible, while cleaning it in the shower is just as doable.


  • First Braun shaver that allows dry and wet shaving.
  • New build with ergonomic handle.
  • Contains AutoSense technology to read the density of one’s beard.
  • A premium-quality shaver for 3-day stubbles.
  • 50-minute battery life.
  • Affordable model as opposed to most options.


  • Falls short of providing a closer shave than Series 3 models.

Braun Series 3 310s

Following the release of the Braun Series 1, Braun became a household name in Personal grooming. To make things even better for its existing fanbase, Braun manufactured the Series 3, a foil shaver that exceeded expectations with the new MicroComb technology and a shaving system with 3 elements.

In contrast to the Series 1, Braun Series 3 features much better upgrades. The most alluring one is easily its shaving system, consisting of 3 floating blades to battle hairy issues. With the help of its relatively upgraded shaving technology, the Series 3 is regarded as an ideal sidekick for a close shave with no repercussions.

Braun Series 3 310s

As previously mentioned, the Series 3 also features the new MicroComb technology, a feature that makes the device more effective at capturing stubborn strands as opposed to the Series 1. With the help of the leaner outline that it comprises, Braun Series 3 is also an expert at eliminating hair from hard-to-reach areas.

The 3-D foil system also consists of blades that are not quite hypoallergenic like the latest models, but are still quite promising for the price it charges. Featuring the presence of a built-in, sizable precision trimmer, maintaining the length of sideburns as well as eyebrows is quite easy when you have this tool in your arsenal.

The Series 3 is the first shaver of Braun constructed with a waterproof body, encouraging wet as well as dry shaving. Due to the former attribute, cleaning the device after each shave is also a walk in the park!

Since this shaver hit the shelves quite a while ago, this piece of equipment is powered by a NiMH battery. However, the battery life is substantially staggering, providing a 45-minute runtime at its peak!


  • Consists of MicroComb technology, enabling the device to collect more hair than Series 1.
  • Contains a 3-D foil system that can provide a close shave without any repercussions.
  • Has a NiMH battery with a running time of 45 minutes.
  • Can carry out wet and dry shaving without sustaining any damage.


  • The shaving head lacks hypoallergenic foils, exposing the skin to bumps, nicks, and bruises.

Braun Series 1 190s

Prior to becoming a global sensation and perhaps the best possible solution for shaving needs, Braun curated and released Braun Series 1, the first instalment under the Braun franchise, which made its way into the grooming world in 2011.

While it is quite old-fashioned and outdated in contrast to the shavers available today, Braun Series 1 can still be an excellent purchase for traditional veterans and shaving enthusiasts as a timeless model.

Braun Series 1 190s

The Series 1 contains a curvy build with ergonomic housing. While the outline runs quite bulky as opposed to its successors’, the Series 1 can still be relied on to provide a strong grip during operation. The layout on the surface is quite minimalistic, comprising only a power button and the model number. Based on the device’s model number, users may even find a battery indicator, sealed around the border of the power button.

Braun Series 1 has a solo foil system that is study and thorough. It accumulates hair using a FreeFloat System, maximizing flexibility and efficiency with each stroke. The blade is also said to be quite friendly and leaves no signs of irritation or bruises, making it a great investment for first-timers with sensitive skin. Furthermore, to tackle longer strands, this device offers a pop-up long hair trimmer.

Despite being a model that was released in early 2010, Braun Series 1 has an incredible battery life. While the first model under Series 1 has a battery life of 20 minutes, the other two, known as the 1150 and 1190, extend that time limit by 10 minutes. They also have quick charging abilities, making them a great source to rely on for a quick shave.

Containing relatively lightweight materials, Braun Series 1 can be enjoyable to use. The device also enables wet and dry shaving and only requires one thorough rinse for a thorough post-shave cleanup. While Braun Series 1 is over a decade old, the abilities it has can still be compelling enough in the modern era.


  • Attains the FreeFloat System which aligns with the structure of one’s face for promising results.
  • Comprises a NiMH battery that allows the motor to run for 30 whole minutes.
  • Provides a pre-existing long hair trimmer for maintaining thicker strands.
  • Contains a waterproof build; easy to clean.
  • Is cost-efficient.


  • Has an underwhelming battery life compared to the rest of the models.
  • Contains a waterproof build, but can’t be used for wet shaving.

What Makes Braun The Best Shaving Brand Of 2024?

At the end of the day, Braun’s presence in the grooming world can’t be swept under the rug, especially when its shavers are thrown into the mix.

Each device comes with a price tag that could seem a bit hefty in the minds of many. However, once you analyse just how polished their abilities are as shavers, reasoning with the value of each shaver becomes a walk in the park.

From having desirable aesthetics to offering some of the best technological advancements, listed below are some of the compelling aspects that make Braun the best shaving brand of 2024!

Shaving System and Technology

Shaving System and Technological Means 

The biggest highlight of Braun’s foil shavers lies within the shaving experience they offer, which only exists due to their technological benefits.

Regardless of the model’s age, each Braun shaver consists of flexible shaving heads, which started with its Free Float System, moving on to an 8-D flexible shaving head once significant adjustments were made. As of 2024, that feature is held up magnificently by a 10-D Flex Head, sealing its legacy as a brand with efficient foil shavers.

Prior to coming up with shaving heads that could rotate up to 360 degrees, Braun shavers came with SensoFlex technology, an attribute that analysed the pressure applied by the device.

Perhaps two major technological means that directly allowed Braun to obtain a breakthrough are AutoSense technology and Sonic technology, both of which aid in bringing accurate results. AutoSense technology is a leader in examining the beard density of users, while Sonic technology reduces the timeframe of each shave by making each pass as effective as the rest.

Convenient and Durable Housing 

Regardless of whether you’re investing in the cheapest model from this list or going all in by betting on the biggest and most effective shaver of Braun, you’ll be rewarded with a convenient gadget.

Braun’s foil shavers have handles that vary from bulky to lean, but they provide users with tons of comfort. The device can glide past the surface of one’s face in a matter of minutes, leaving behind zero chances of getting injured.

If you happen to be clumsy, don’t be hesitant to trust one of the many foil shavers of Braun out there, since all of them consist of sturdy materials that survive even the toughest of falls!

Overpowered Battery Life 

In addition to having a skin-friendly foil system and a resilient metal body, Braun is seen as a reliable companion due to its battery life. Almost all of its shavers, even those falling under Series 1, can provide a hefty shaving time of 30 minutes. A majority of the shavers also contain a 5-minute quick charge feature, which can cater to you on busy days and rush hours.

Additionally, almost all the models of Braun, excluding the variants under Series 1 and 3, are capable of providing a time limit of 50+ minutes. In fact, if you bet on the Series 9 Pro, 9465cc, you can use the shaver for 90 incredible minutes!

Special Features

Unlike most brands, Braun provides components that are crucial for maintaining the device’s consistency. A go-to example is its travel-lock feature, which goes above and beyond to preserve the device’s energy. Inside the packaging of most models are SmartCare Centers, a device that rehydrates the blades, washes the device, and dries it off after each shave.

Maintaining Your Braun Shaver At Home: 4 Rules to Abide By

Maintaining Braun Shaver At Home

Irrespective of which shaver you side with, taking care of the shaver after each shave is a mandatory activity to partake in to ensure longevity.

While using a SmartCare Center can be ideal if you have one of the high-end models, you must also carry out some manual objectives to leave no stones unturned. From head to toe rinsing to applying food oils, here are some pointers to note down to maintain your Braun shaver in a better manner.

Rinse the device 

No matter how lengthy or fast your shaving session is, it’s important that you rinse your Braun shaver thoroughly under lukewarm water. Doing so will get rid of gunk or any residue around the shaving head, enabling the device to maintain its consistency.

Use a cleaning brush for compact areas 

On a separate note, to wipe away hair particles from the tricky areas of the device, consider using the cleaning brush found inside the packaging of your Braun model. Since the brush runs small in size, it should be able to successfully clean even the narrowest surface on each Braun shaver.

Keep the blades rust-free

Preventing the shaving head from drying out is crucial if you’d like your device to serve you for a while. Although a SmartCare Center could be sufficient to replenish the blades, you may also use hydrating oils to keep the blades sharper than ever.

A personal pick of ours that can be a great agent to use on Braun’s shaving head is corn oil, known for its lenient acidic properties.

Replace the shaving head every 18 months

All good things come to an end. Similarly, once you start noticing a decrease in its performance attributes, try replacing the shaving head of your Braun. If you’re not good at understanding cues, substitute the shaving head after 18 months of operation to ease your mind.

Final Takeaway: Can’t Go Wrong With Braun

When all is said and done, Braun is the brand to invest in if you’re willing to spend a little extra for a lifetime of benefits. While a handful of them are cost-friendly, most of them comprise performance attributes that can bring forward aesthetically favourable results with sharp disconnections. The foil system used on each model is also quite lenient, making the shavers the best possible solutions for sensitive to injury-prone skin.

Prior to making your pick, measure your budget and make a list of goals that you’d like to accomplish with your latest purchase. If your budget has no rope, and you desire a tool that will be easy to use and maintain, try looking into the models under Series 8 and 9, including the Series 9 Sport and Series 9 Pro. However, if you prefer a lengthy battery life, resorting to Series 9 Pro should be the best possible move.

Investing between Series 1 and 3 can be ideal if you’re a collector hoping to have every single instalment of Braun in your arsenal. Also, if you’re working with a moderately-low budget, the former suggestion can work wonders for you and your pocket.

On another note, if you’d like to see just how well Braun can be as a shaving tool, but remain hesitant to spend big, consider investing in one of the models under Series 5, 6 and 7. Don’t forget to side with the 7085cc model if you’d like to maintain your stubble!

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