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The Best Butt Shaver Tools for Your Personal Grooming

Shaving is an art!

Okay! Maybe not… even I hate the thought of shaving every day!

But it sure can be a pain in the ass!

This is especially true when you have to shave your butt… a task which many will not be a fan of. But in dealing with a hairy body, grooming your body is a basic necessity.

Studies suggest that below the neck grooming for men has become the new standard and around 95% men reported that they groom their body below the neck.

Today, we will look at the best butt shavers of 2024 in a detailed review of these amazing products. Not only are we going to discuss the best tools for shaving your butt, we will also focus on the guidelines for how to shave your butt for getting it nice and clean shaven. Also, we will discuss the best practices of personal grooming to ensure that your health and safety is of top priority.

Now without any further delay, let’s take a look at your hairy bum and how you can deal with the unruly body hair in your down there region!

Comparison Table of the Best Butt Shavers of 2024

Shaver ModelNotable FeaturesRun TimePrice
Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.07000 Rpm Motor90 Minutes See On Amazon
Olov Groin TrimmerCeramic Blades90 Minutes See On Amazon
Happy Nuts The Ballber30 degree Blade150 90 Minutes See On Amazon
Norelco BG2040Dual Voltage50 Minutes See On Amazon
Norelco Oneblade Pro4 trimming Length60 Minutes See On Amazon
Philips Norelco 5100Chromium Steel Blades60 Minutes See On Amazon
Wahl All-in-One Trimmer5-Position Beard Length3 Hours See On Amazon
Braun MGK3060Includes 4 Combs60 Minutes See On Amazon
Norelco MG7750DualCut Technology5 Hours See On Amazon
Hatteker Body GrommerAlloy Steel Blade60 Minutes See On Amazon

Top 10 Best Butt Shaver Tools for Men

An ideal ass shaver shouldn’t just look good but should also comprise blades that offer safety to users. Additionally, since the region we’re talking about is known for being difficult to work around, a butt shaver with a great lifespan should also be prioritized. 

Moving on, if you’ve finally decided to ditch the pair of scissors you usually clean your rear with for a butt shaver that will take care of your bottom in a flawless manner, reward yourself by considering these butt shavers as contenders!

The Lawn Mower 4.0 By MANSCAPED

If you’re a fan of Manscaped and have been following the release of their products for quite some time now, a great tool that will clean your garden without an issue is The Lawn Mower 4.0!

The Lawn Mower 4.0 By MANSCAPED

The Lawn Mower 4.0 uses SkinSafe Technology to wipe out the growth of your bush, but can even provide you a quick and effective trim with the assistance of two attachments. The motor runs at a speed of 7,000 RPM and comes with QuietStroke technology, enabling the device to be time-friendly in the bathroom by offering a quick, efficient, and flawless grooming session.

Despite being a cleaning tool for the groin area or a desirable butt shaver, the Lawn Mower 4.0 is also adequate for being a body grooming tool. The ceramic blades it contains are durable and the device is waterproof, making it eligible to use in the shower.

Traveling is quite easy when you have the Lawn Mower 4.0, especially due to its travel-lock feature, which allows the device to fit inside a duffel bag without unintentionally powering up. All you have to do is press the power button thrice.

The sleek hardware of the device is presentable on its own but also includes an LED that follows the status of the Li-Ion battery, which has a running time of 90 minutes!

Check Price On Amazon

My impression 

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is a must-have in my diary because of its SkinSafe technology, which provides a good shave on sensitive skin without causing any harm. The travel-lock system that it comes with also makes it a great travel buddy.

Alongside feeling extremely light when put to use, the Lawn Mower 4.0 also comes with a powerful battery with a running time of 90 minutes. The battery life could be like music in the ears of those that are rookies like myself, but it can also be a pleasant quality to look forward to for veterans!

Furthermore, if you have sensitive hearing, this device should be your perfect match. While it does contain a powerful motor that moves at 7,000 RPM, its QuietStroke technology blocks out the noise completely, making the device as silent as a library!

What could be better?

Since the area around the groin is the most sensitive part of one’s body, using the Lawn Mower 4.0 around the rear with too much pressure could result in nicks and cuts, regardless of its SkinSafe technology.

Furthermore, while its groundwork is aesthetically pleasing, the compact nature Lawn Mower 4.0 could struggle to shave off all the strands around the areas below the belt!

OLOV Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Having overly sensitive skin down there is not something out of the ordinary. However, if you’d like to obtain remarkable shaving results around your rear end without attaining nicks, cuts, or scratches on the surface, a great butt shaver you can consider is OLOV’s Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, which can be a bang for its buck!

OLOV Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

In addition to being extremely affordable, this butt shaver contains technological features that can give a thorough clean-up almost flawlessly! Its ceramic blade is shielded with a titanium protective guard, enabling the device to run seamlessly around the groin area without leaving nicks and cuts around the edges.

On top of being a one-man army in the bathroom, it can also be used in the shower due to its ability to be waterproof. Grooming sessions can also be as lengthy as you want them to be when you’re using this trimmer of OLOV, which has a running time of 90 minutes due to its powerful Li-Ion battery!

The device’s housing is also quite remarkable and comes with a quiet motor. Additionally, since it only weighs 0.26 lbs, it’s quite easy to use this device without losing control. The matte groundwork doesn’t just look easy on the eyes, but also assists users by providing them with a good grip!

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My impression 

OLOV’s Electric Groin Hair Trimmer is definitely a worthy device because of its price tag and the results it brings to the table. It only weighs 0.26 lbs, making it easy to use, even for those with small hands.

This waterproof device contains ceramic blades with a titanium cover that makes each session injury-free and rapid fast. It also has a sublime running time of 90 minutes, making this a must-have purchase for those that believe in taking their time!

What could be better?

While it is safe to shave towards and against the grain with OLOV’s Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, the dual-sided blade of this device might cause nicks and cuts on sensitive skin. To tackle that issue, however, consider using shaving foam or gel.

“The Ballber” By Happy Nuts

A great tool that traditional shavers can consider incorporating into their grooming routine to clean the areas below the belt is The Ballber, a one-blade shaver manufactured by Happy Nuts!

HAPPY NUTS ball trimmer

This ergonomic design comprises a dual-sided blade that is safe for the skin around the buttocks and is flexible to use against and towards the grain without causing cuts, nicks, pulling, and tugging. The shaver is also relatively narrow and compact, making it a comfortable tool around hard-to-reach areas. Using it in a room full of acoustics shouldn’t be an issue either, as this device’s powerful 7000 RPM motor is also noise-friendly.

A great aspect of this already-likable device is its Li-ion battery, which powers the device for 1 hour and 30 minutes! Furthermore, on top of receiving the device itself, users will also get three attachments to clean the unruly strands of hair around their pubes, rear, and all over their bodies! While the battery indicator it lacks could be difficult for beginners, the grip, usability, skin-safe blade, and exceptional running time surely make up for what it doesn’t have!

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My impression

With its dual-sided blade, Happy Nuts’ Ballber is miles ahead of the rest when it comes to removing ingrown hair. When the skin is stretched taut, this candidate can be used as a butt shaver without bringing forward any consequences.

Due to its lean and narrow build, gliding it through any area feels like a breeze. The attachments can be used to give the bottom a quick-clean up. However, due to its unfathomable battery life of an hour and thirty minutes, you can surely take all the time you need, especially if you lack experience.

What could be better?

As stated earlier, Happy Nuts’ Ballber is surely a great purchase for traditional shavers who prefer using narrow-shaped electric razors over clippers. And while this one-blade shaver is a specialist in dealing with hard-to-reach areas, the LED display it lacks could make it difficult to monitor the device’s battery life.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

The Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is a butt shaver by the renowned electronics manufacturer Philips. It is an all-in-one body groomer made to be used for shaving any and all body parts. It requires 24 hour charge before its first use. However after that, it provides 50 minutes of usage per one hour of charge.

The design of the 7100 is ergonomic to allow maximum reach with its 3D pivoting head. The shaving head’s pivoting design makes it appropriate for various movement across all body parts without irritating the skin. The groomer is equipped with high performance rounded blades and combs. The length of the trimmer can be chosen between 5 settings from zero up to 11mm.

It is an exclusively designed product for below the neck shaving including chest, abs, under arms, legs, groin area, back, shoulders and for shaving your butt. The dual sided design is good for either a trim or a shave. The water resistant material allows it to be used in the shower as well.

My impression

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is the right choice anyone who wants the smooth and clean look without too much hassle. It is an all-in-one groomer which is excellent for getting a trim in various lengths or even a smooth clean shave. It is very easy and quick to use.

The use of it is appropriate for various body parts due to its ergonomic design. The cordless unit allows you maximum reach anywhere on your body. It also works well for either a wet shave or a dry shave, whichever is your preference.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 comes with a charging stand and a cleaning brush in its box.

What could be better?

The battery life or the rechargeable batteries included with the body groomer could use an update. The batteries are not reliable for more than a few months. This will hurt the popularity of the rechargeable body groomer as most units offer decent battery backup.

Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro

Philips Norelco Oneblade QP6520/70 Pro

We have discussed quite a few Philips items so far, and here is another in the form of the Norelco OneBlade Pro Rechargeable OneBlade. It is also a full body groomer which is capable of trimming, detailing as well as shaving for both your body and head.

The trimmer runs on voltage of 100-240 Volts for maximum power consuming just less than 6 watts. This is incredible for such a powerful machine featuring lithium ion battery for good backup of 90 minutes of high performance usage.

This Philips tool is completely waterproof allowing you to use it for either a wet or dry shave after just one hour of charge. The one blade hybrid design allows you to get complete control of all the contours of your face or any body part that you are working on.

The unit is beautified with ergonomic design for a stylish look and comfortable grip. There is a LED display for power and battery status. Choose from the variable 14 lengths for the perfect styling of any hair all over your body.

My impression

Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro gives a great impression, being a revolutionary hybrid trimmer which is very much unlike the traditional shavers. It is one tool for multiple purposes such as trimming, detailing (edging), and shaving any length of hair on your head or body. It is unique in offering a technology which allows an incredibly fast motor that can rotate up to 200 times per second.

The protection system with dual comfort gives comfortable shave which is close but not too close to harm your skin. The blades included can last up to 4 months giving it a very good lasting. But it also means you will need to fill up on replacement blades if you need to shave more often.

What could be better?

The unit itself is not built with the strongest material to give it a brittle feel and performance. Also, in competition with other premium electric trimmers, the battery backup needs significant improvements.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100 Grooming Kit

Philips Norelco Multigroom 5100

The Philips Norelco Multi-groom 5100 is actually seven tools in one. Whether you need a face or head styling, or body hair trimming such as your nose, armpits, chest, and butt or anywhere down there, it can all be done easily with this multi-grooming unit by Philips.

The trimmer is made of strong Chromium steel material with self-sharpening blades which guarantees long-lasting performance. The rounded blade tips and various sizes of combs prevent all sort of skin irritation and other potential damages.

There is a total of 18 built-in settings for achieving various lengths of hair trimming. Ideal for styling your hair, you beard or getting rid of unruly body hair in even sensitive parts such as your genitals or behind. The performance of the blade is high and a turbo power mode is available for thicker or denser hair.

The Lithium-ion battery gives it a very prolonged power backup of up to 60 minutes after 1 hour of full charge. It is suited to the varying worldwide voltage between 100-240 Volts for safe charging.

My impression

The Philips Norelco Multi-groom 5100 is an excellent unit which is an all-in-one solution to getting rid of all and any hair on your body. It is a massive unit in the box with the full size metal trimmer, a detail trimmer, a mini foil shaver, a nose trimmer, a beard comb, a stubble comb, a hair comb, and a pouch for keeping all your little comb heads safely in one place.

In addition to all this, there is a turbo button which is ideal for those of you like my hair which are thicker than the average person. Also, the adjustable comb heads of more than 18 different sizes and settings are ideal for just about any hair removal job throughout your body. The unit is water resistant making it washable under any circumstances.

What could be better?

The battery life could sure use a boost on such a multipurpose trimming unit. Being a multi-groomer, it fails to impress in any one specific area which is disappointing as none of the multi-features will be the best available option for you. All features are the bare minimum.

Wahl All-in-One Trimmer

Wahl All-in-One Trimmer #9867-300

The Wahl’s Lithium Ion All-in-One Trimmer boasts to provide 3 times the run time of average electrical clippers or trimmers and almost twice the torque. It also has quick charging capability to give users a 1 minute quick charge feature suitable for an instant 5-minute usage.

The all-in-one trimmer by Wahl’s focuses on dealing with facial hair, but it is also a good product for touch up and cutting hair on your head and body. For its variations, it provides 7 guide combs to get different styles. It features a 1-inch cutting length comb to get the slightest of the stubble look.

The design is all about simplicity in getting the job done for users. There are three different heads which are most suitable for a particular job. The trimmer head comes with pro-grade blades for definitive facial hairstyle, the Precision detailer head allows detailing for the ear, nose & brow and the dual shaver head is built with ultra-close design for irritation-free shaving of other body hair.

My impression

The Wahl’s All-in-One trimmer with its integrated high power lithium ion technology for maximum power and battery backup is an excellent product. With the trend of the beard look not going anywhere for now, this is one of those products that gives you the power to do it all when it comes to grooming.

The lithium ion technology used to power the unit allows almost 3 hours of runtime. The sleek body design makes it an overall attractive unit to own. Since it is made for use in USA, the electrical outlets available internationally is not suitable but travelling within the country there will not be any problems.

What could be better?

The biggest disadvantage of this All-in-One trimmer by Wahl’s is the lack of water resistance. A multipurpose trimmer, clipper or shaver which is not waterproof is a liability in the bathroom when all you are dealing with is water all around.

Braun MGK3060 Men’s Grooming Kit

Braun MGK3060

This Multi Grooming Kit is an incredible 8-in-1 beard and hair trimming product by Braun. The complete grooming kit comes with every imaginable attachment for achieving more than 8 different body grooming jobs for you. It allows users to get stubble, very short, medium & long beards, hair clipping & contouring, detailing for ear & nose, clean shaving and body hair removal with precision.

All of this is offered with its precision blades that are lifetime long lasting the ultimate sharp blades. In addition to all the grooming capabilities, it has the added bonus of a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology for the cleanest and closest shave.

There are four head combs included with the unit in 13 varying lengths and the entire product is fully waterproof allowing you to use it with freedom under running water. It offers up to 60 minutes of runtime with no loss in its performance for a hassle free complete grooming experience.

My impression

The 8-in-1 Braun multi grooming kit is perfect as a complete solution. You can clip you hair for nay desired style from 0.5 mm length up to 21 mm length. The blades are extremely sharp and durable which means you will feel no painful pulling or tugging.

This Braun complete kit is built for precision trimming and high performance requiring a long charge for its high power output. The design is simplistic and practical with LED lights for indicating charging status at all times. The free inclusion of the Gillette Fusion razor is the big bonus, the cherry on the cake!

What could be better?

The Braun grooming kit is the full package but it lacks fast charging capability. For it to provide 60 minutes of performance, it requires an outrageous 8 hours of charging. This is simply not acceptable, so the charging needs a massive upgrade.

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG7750/49

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG7750/49

This Philips Norelco multi groom series is a truly versatile multi grooming kit with an incredible 23-piece attachments. It guarantees precision performance with all of its attachments. The stainless steel blades offer ultimate precision using DualCut technology. The self-sharpening design ensures that you are getting sharp blades from day 1 up to its 3 years of warranty.

The incredibly powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology provides an unbeatable 5 hours of usage per charge. That’s right, 5 hours! On top of that, it can also be used while plugged in. giving you access to this premium multi groomer anytime and anywhere you many need it.

The trimmer and its attachments are all fully water resistant, giving you the freedom to use it and clean it without any risk of damaging it. The frame is built of durable stainless steel and the rubber grip provides excellent comfort and control for maneuvering.

This Philips all-in-one trimmer is ideal for styling your beard, head, body, and other sensitive areas with its 23 pieces setup for complete grooming needs.

My impression

The Philips Norelco Multi Groomer comes with 23 pieces of attachments for the complete grooming of your face, head and body hair. It is the complete grooming package you need to have. It is capable of delivery maximum power compared to all the available electrical groomers available in the market.

It is built with durable stainless steel and the rubber hold provides supreme grip for complete control over your styling. The comb heads are enforced with ultra-strong fiberglass material which doesn’t bend or buckle and gives you a perfect trim every time. What is absolutely incredible is that it offers up to 5 hours of battery backup!

What could be better?

The comb heads design could be much better to ensure that hair is trimmed in first few attempts and the residue from a cut is not flying all over the place. An incredible product with just tiny flaws found only when really looking for something negative.

Hatteker Mens Body Grommer

Hatteker Mens Body Grommer

The Hatteker is an All-in-One MULTIGROOM trimmer which is not a power player among the big time players like Philips, Norelco or Remington. But it offers all the services like the other premium manufacturers for a fraction of the price.

The multi-groom body trimming kit comes with 5 attachments that takes care of all grooming including your beard, hair, ear, nose, and even your body. The various sizes and lengths of the clips allow you to trim, shave, detail, or simply touch-up your facial hair, body hair or even getting a new hairstyle. It is designed to get rid of hair anywhere in your body.

Like all the other premium trimmers, it comes with self-sharpening steel blades for high performance while ensuring long lasting endurance and skin safety from irritation and cuts. It is also fully water resistant allowing you to wash it inside out and be used both wet and dry shaving.

The max-lithium battery is not as powerful as the lithium-ion batteries, but it still provides 60 minutes of usage after about 90 minutes of charging with USB charging capability. Its highlight is the LED display which indicates useful information such as remaining usage, etc.

My impression

I feel like the Hatteker is a cheaper version of the premium quality body grooming units available in the market. Being a lesser known manufacturer has its risks but it still provides premium features which you will not miss out on.

The quality of the product may not be up to the par with other premium quality manufacturers. But for its reasonable price, it is a more than useful body grooming kit with all the perks you could think of. While most of the other big name manufacturers offer up to 2 years of manufacturer warranty, the Hatteker has a 12 month warranty for its product.

What could be better?

A fairly cheap product which tries to offer all the various hair trimming or clipping or even shaving services but it could definitely do much better. The battery, the blades and the motor all need a power upgrade and the comb heads need better fittings.

Things you can do for your butt hair

There are quite a few options for dealing with your butt hair. There are specific pros and cons of each of the available options and most people usually have a preference to a particular weighing those pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of the things which can be done in dealing with your butt hair:

  • TRIMMER: Easy to tidy up unruly hair

TRIMMER- Easy to tidy up unruly hair

One of the easiest ways to deal with a hairy behind is using a trimmer. A trimmer is easy and quick in giving you a neat look. It is especially helpful for those who are not fans of a clean shaven baby butt. Trimmers allow you to get a stubble look for your bum. In this way, you do not have hair all over your butt as it’s neatly trimmed to a tolerable length. Specifically designed trimmers are more effective in dealing with the varying contours as well as your crack area.

  • RAZOR: Difficult angles to work with to get a bare bum

RAZOR- Difficult angles to work with to get a bare bum-2

One of the most used tools by men and women is the razor. But using razors to shave your butt presents a lot of additional challenges. One of the biggest challenges is you will never be able to shave your behind by directly looking at it. While we are used to dealing with the mirror view for our faces, the butt has a lot of different difficult angles that need to be worked with for a nice clean shave. It is extremely important to be safe, steady and patient with every stroke. Regardless of all the efforts, shaving is one of the best ways to get a clean shaven bum.

  • WAX: Much to gain from all the pain

WAX- Much to gain from all the pain

One of the most painful, if not the most painful, techniques is waxing. Using a trimmer will get you a look with stubble to begin with and using a razor will give you stubble within a day or two. So in both of the ways discussed so far, you won’t get a smooth clean shave for long, or at all. Waxing is the solution where you have so much to gain but you must endure a lot of the pain. Waxing will leave you without stubble for up to a few weeks, but in many cases, it cannot be done on your own. It is also important to trim the hair to reasonable length before getting waxed.

  • ALTERNATIVE: Not up for any of these? What else can you do?

ALTERNATIVE- Not up for any of these- What else can you do-

There are a few other ways which are not as popular. One of them is Plucking. Plucking is effective for an odd few hairs but not for your bum with all the hair everywhere. There are tools such as epilator which are trimmers that do not cut your hair, but they Pluck It! Mind you, this may just be a more painful option even compared to waxing.

Another option is creams. You simply apply a cream and simply wipe away your hair as it dissolves from its roots. Now this done sound like a magical solution, but there is a catch. Creams are chemicals which may be threatening to your skin in ways such as irritation, allergies, reactions, etc. So, personally this option is highly discouraged given the various things that can go wrong.

Things to consider while choosing the right butt shaver

It may come to your mind whether I am speaking from experience. Well, how else would these valuable tips come to surface? Whether you are a little or very hairy, this is one thing you can’t just jump into.

As you already know, shaving your ass is a painful task, but here are some things to consider before choosing to shave your ass to ease the journey.

Things to consider while choosing the right butt shaver

  • Are you a first timer?

It is very important to consider your decision of shaving your ass as a first timer. Like all other things, the first time can go wrong in more ways than one. Regardless of all the preparations, tips and tricks, no one can be prepared for the first time to be a flawless experience. You will suffer from cuts, burns, bumps, sitting down, standing up, and wearing clothes with many other struggles. So really do consider if you are ready to shave your hairy butt. Once you shave, you will have to keep doing it!

  • What is your weapon of choice?

Choose your weapon of choice wisely. Choosing a butt shaver whether it is a razor, trimmer, body groomer, or anything else, is a very crucial decision. Also, no one tool is enough to get it done perfectly. You will need a combination of at least two tools for a nice clean shaven ass. You will need to choose the right trimmer, clipper or body groomer to shorten your butt hair to a razor friendly length and then shave it clean with a good quality razor.

  • Do you want to shave everything clean?

While shaving your ass, you will need to make the all-important decision of whether to keep a little or keep nothing there. A trimmer, clipper, or body groomer will give you a clean bum with stubble hair remaining. If you are looking to just shorten your unruly ass hair, then that’s all you need. But if you are looking for a nice, clean, baby-soft behind; then you have to shave everything. By everything, I mean, everything! The butt cheeks, in-between your butt cheeks, the crack and all of it. So, make this decision before you shave your ass.

  • Are you ready to use all the accessories?

Once you have shaved all your ass hair off, it is essential that you use all the necessary accessories for a safe shaving experience. You will need to consider using shaving gel or cream, antibacterial soap, skin moisturizer or razor burn cream, body powder, exfoliating clothe, etc. using these accessories will ensure that your behind is safe for infection, ingrown hairs, chaffing, irritation, etc. So, I STRONGLY recommend using at least some of these items to prevent potential harms.

  • Are you prepared to tame the wild look for a clean look?

Shaving your ass is indeed a dangerous task. It has high potentials of injuries but once you have decided to get rid of wild, hairy look then you will more often than not opt for the clean smooth look. If done correctly, you will enjoy the experience and look forward to giving yourself the clean look again in a few weeks’ time when it starts to grow back. So, be prepared to tame that unruly hair on your butt!

How to shave your butt – A step by step guideline

Let’s look at a step by step guideline of how to shave your butt with proper safety and hygiene

Step 1 – Clean yourself with a hot shower & properly dry up

Step 1 – Clean yourself with a hot shower & properly dry up

I have always found showers to be more effective in cleaning myself compared to bath. A nice long bath is relaxing and gives you all the right feels. But a shower is much more effective in cleaning yourself by ridding you off all visible and invisible accumulation on your body such as bacteria. So, it is always best to rinse yourself clean with a nice, hot shower.

Showering is a much more hygienic as you are not sitting around in the bacteria you are trying to get rid of from your body. Hot or warm water also helps to soften your body hair and prepare your skin for a nice smooth shave. It is also ideal to use a good antibacterial soap, if possible.

It is essential that you take care in not introducing new bacteria while you shave. This can be avoided by completely drying yourself. Ideally, you should use a fresh towel to dry yourself thoroughly. Specifically clean your private areas in the front and back.

Step 2 – Clean your equipment and take care in using a disinfectant

Step 2 – Clean your equipment and take care in using a disinfectant

As a rule of thumb, it is best to use a brand new, fresh razor. But if it is the case that you want to use a fairly new razor which may have been used lightly once before then make sure you clean it. Get rid of any hair or debris stuck on it by running water through it. I am a fan of a few gentle taps on the sink.

While the physical debris is important to get rid of, when not using a new razor, it is also best to disinfect your razor. This is not difficult at all! It is as simple as pouring a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the blades. For electric trimmers or butt shavers, you can pour some on a cotton ball and wipe the blades.

Step 3 – Trim off extra-long hair or excess hair for a smoother shave

Step 3 – Trim off extra-long hair or excess hair for a smoother shave

In general, shaving is most effective when the hair is at a minimal length allowing the razor to run through freely on your skin. The longer the hair, the more difficult it is for razors to get hold of the root the hair during a stroke.

If you have long hair on your butt, then it is best to give it a good trim before shaving it. This will help in not clogging your razor with the excess hair and give you better strokes each time. Longer hair getting stuck on razor can also result in painful tugs and may even be the cause of cuts and nicks. Also, for those with thick hair, trimming is a must before a shave.

Step 4 – Lather up and start shaving your butt

Step 4 – Lather up and start shaving your butt

So without any further ado, start shaving after wetting your razor with water. If you want a really close shave then you have to shave against the hair to make sure you don’t leave behind stubble. Your butt should be facing the mirror, so you can get a glimpse of what’s happening back there.

Now, before you shave, you must be sure to use shaving gel or cream to lather up. This will allow a smooth shaving experience and minimize the chances of any cuts or nicks. There is a technique to lathering up, do not lather up both butt cheeks, do one at a time. This will allow you to shave one butt cheek giving you the chance to grip the other one. If both are lathered up then you will get many slips and potentially hurt yourself.

Remember to let the razor do the work and apply minimum pressure against your skin. After each stroke, make sure that the razor blade is clean and any hair stuck to it is removed. Use cold water for rinsing to keep you skin from getting irritated. A gentle and slow approach is safest and will prevent unnecessary cuts.

Another tip to remember is that always use a brand new razor or razor blade. Simply rinsing razor with alcohol or water will not clean it. Don’t take your chances with used razors! The last thing you want is an infection back there or a serious cut from a dull razor blade.

Step 5 – Shaving the In-betweens

Step 5 – Shaving the In-betweens

Shaving the butt cheeks may not be the easiest but it is certainly not the hardest area of your back. You will face challenges while shaving the in-between regions. Between the cheeks and all the weird angles is very tough to deal with. With one hand for a good grip, another with the razor, it is very difficult to get the handheld mirror in the right place, wishing you had a third hand to help out. Regardless of the challenges, you cannot ignore this as the in-betweens will poke and bother you the most when not fully shaving and when it’s growing back.

It is also crucial to remember to unclog and clean your razor after every stroke to be safe. Also, you may even opt for using a new razor for your crack area. Since the razor used so far may have gotten clogged with hair depending on the amount of hair you have shaved. Placing the mirror right under and crouching on top of it is the best angle for shaving between the cheeks and around your crack.

Step 6 – Rinse, Dry & Protect Yourself

Step 6 – Rinse, Dry & Protect Yourself

After you know that you have managed to shave yourself clean, rinse off properly. Use cold water and a soap or body wash which is suited to your sensitive skin. You may even use antibacterial soap to fully care for your freshly opened hair follicles and the use of cold water will help to close them up.

Pat-dry with a clean towel, avoid using an old towel for maximum safety. Be gentle with your newly shaven baby-soft buttocks. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing which will irritate your skin. For further safety, you can use antiseptic cream/gel or other treatment for razor bumps, irritation, or other skin sensitivity issues. You can also use body powder for your bum to keep it dry and fresh for preventing any potential chafing or itching. You should use the powder once you are completely dry and the gel is absorbed and dried as well. Daily use of a powder will keep your ass fresh and dry for longer.

So, this is how you shave your ass properly as shown through this step by step guideline. Always check your back for irritation and ingrown hairs after the 1st week of shaving and wear loose, comfort fitting bottoms. Remember these tips, as you will have to shave again in a few weeks!

Should you use a regular shaver for shaving your butt?

Well, think about it… would you use a hairbrush to brush your teeth? How about a good soap for your hair? Or how about bug repellant cream as moisturizer?

Should you use a regular shaver for shaving your butt

The questions are simply ridiculous, but if you think about it, every product has a specific function or a specialty. Unless there is a particular product unavailable for a job, it doesn’t make sense to improvise!

Yes, regular shavers are made for shaving and you can use it to shave your butt. But if there are specifically designed butt shavers or razors specifically for shaving your butt, isn’t that better?

That is exactly why you should always opt for a trimmer or razor which is designed for butt shaving rather than a regular shaver.

There is an unbelievable amount of razors and body groomers available in the market waiting to be chosen by you and put in your cart. There are varying qualities, prices, and types of razors, trimmers, groomers and clippers to choose from as well. But razors are one of the widely popular choices of tools for shaving body hair with the best results because it gets every last bit of hair leaving your skin smooth.

But it is absolutely crucial to pick up a tool such as body groomer for shaving your butt. They have designed keeping in mind the unique structure of our behind and our inability to look at directly for the best shave. So, always choose a razor or you tool of choice which has been made as a butt shaver!


Shaving is one of the finest options available for a clean and smooth look down there. While it is not something that is on display, it is an integral part of your body and every decision must be taken with proper consideration.

When shaving your butt take care of yourself from potential dangers of razor burns, ingrown hairs, bumps, irritated skin, etc.

As discussed in detail throughout this review, your personal safety is the biggest concern. So take good care of yourself using the tips, tricks, and directions as mentioned earlier. As long as you are carefully dealing with your butt hair, then you will save yourself from some nasty results. Proper hygiene will ensure that you do not get irritated skin or other harmful results.

Take a good long look at all the wonderful products discussed in this review to find the best butt shaver for you. Wash and exfoliate your skin before you shave and apply creams afterwards to avoid irritation, rash, etc.

Always use a good quality razor with shaving cream or foam for a nice looking, smooth and clean shaven bum!

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