Best Cartridge Razor to Root for in 2023 and Beyond!

“You’re writing about best cartridge razors? Seriously?”

“These things are not exactly what a wet shave purist would suggest.”

Yes. These are things I heard from my friends when writing on this topic. I agree with some of their notions.

Cartridge razors aren’t exactly what you’d suggest to a wet shaver. They don’t give you the true feeling of wet shaving. You won’t feel the sharp blade cutting through your stubble or the slow descent of the razor head down your facial contours.

Yet, these have been around since 1971. The market will not diminish anytime soon. That’s because, at a measly price, you can get razor systems that last for a long time.

Also, one can get the best of both worlds by pairing a sharp cartridge of blades with the best-made razor handle. That’s why companies like Schick, Gillette, and Ultimate Shave® are patrons to some of the top products currently on market.

Believe me, every big name is fighting for the top spot. So, there are a lot of products to pick from. I figured, without a guide on top cartridge razor brands and models, my readers will make bad choices.

So, here we are! This is sort of a “Pathfinder” with a buying guide.

Top 6 Cartridge Razor – Comparison table

Product Name & Brand
Our rating
Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide
2.4 ounces
Check price
Dorco Pace 6 Plus
7 ounces
Check price
Schick Hydro 5 
3.52 ounces
Check price
All Metal Trac 2 
4.8 ounces
Check price
Schick Hydro 5 Set
8 ounces
Check price
The Ultimate Shave
4 ounces
Check price

What Do I Get Out of This Product?

You mean, besides the fact that these are cheap and can be used “Forever? (figuratively)”

As I said, you can juxtapose and experiment with a company’s handle and another one’s cartridge. Some of the franchises have handles that can accommodate cartridges from different manufacturers.

These things are lightweight than the single blade razors. What they lack in weight, they give back in control and blade count. Each cartridge can have two to five blades. One can amplify the “Closeness” of a shave up to five times. Not to mention, these blades are easy to control and maneuver around faces.

Ladies will find these things easy to handle as well. Most of such razor systems have rubber grips installed on the handlebars. Our female counterparts will be able to use these without reservations. By that I mean, using them on body parts other than faces.

It’s not only a matter of using these things. With such razors, one can pick up a thing or two about shaving. You don’t have to use these for months to become experts on using these. Cartridge razors have a shallow learning curve compared to traditional single blade razors.

So, which are the Top Cartridge Razors Currently in Business?

Although it is hard to put any of the top brands on a numbered list, I’ve decided to do the impossible. This shaving enthusiast has ranked seven of the top cartridge razor brands in terms of price and performance. Please note that the rank is in no specific order.

1. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

We’re here to discuss cartridge razors and I didn’t include Gillette Fusion5. Does that sound right? Obviously not! Just so we don’t go down the wrong path from the beginning, here’s Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor in all its glory. Yes, you’ll have two refill cartridges as well!

The thing that interests me about Gillette cartridges is the amount of care put in individual blades. These are few of the sharpest blades in the shaving industry. The makers put five of these together for a comprehensive shaving experience.

The blades at the top draw out lying or ingrown hairs and the next three cut them. It’s easy!

Now, the next question: How’ll Gillette tackle the “Hard-to-reach” areas like nose and our sideburns?

The answer is easy! The flexball technology. The entire head pivots with the help of a ball. This allows Fusion5 ProGlide to dance to the tune of your face and respond to the contours. No hair will be left uncut.

Furthermore, there is a trimmer at the back of this razor. It allows the razor to pass through nostrils and sideburns to trim the hair there. Maneuvering it is also easy thanks to the FlexBall technology. I didn’t face nicks and cuts in those regions whatsoever. Even then, I’d advise my readers to be careful.

One more thing that impressed me is the fact that Gillette put in enhanced lubrastrip. This helps in shaving my softening your beard or mustache to the point where the blades can cut them. Also, it reduces razor burns, bumps, nicks, and cuts in a significant manner.

I liked the textured handle. It will help people in gripping the razor. Fitting the handle with the cartridge is very easy. In fact, the handle can be paired up with any Gillette cartridge that people can think of.

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What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • I love the FlexBall technology from Gillette and how well it adjusts to my facial contours.
  • There are as many as five blades that carry out different functions when one is shaving.
  • You have the rubber inlay and the lubricated strip to make sure the shaving goes as planned.
  • The trimmer works well when one is removing hair from a tough spot on face or in nostrils.
  • ProGlide’s blades are sharp. You’d need one or two (maximum) passes to have a clean shave.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • Some of the reviewers pointed out that this cartridge razor gets dull after just 8 – 10 shaves.
  • It may cost you some extra bucks in the long run due to the cartridges running out sooner than expected.

2. Dorco Pace 6 Plus- Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer

Dorco Pace 6 Plus

Those of you who are hearing the name for the first time, Dorco Pace is a good cartridge razor brand that’s handing out huge bonuses (in terms of accessories) when you buy its razor system. The razor itself is great when used in tandem with quality shaving equipment out there.

If Gillette got you 5, Dorco Pace will get you 6 sharp blades for your shaving AND a trimmer. Don’t roll your eyes backward yet. This one actually works. Having six blades means we, the users, won’t have to struggle with multiple passes. One good pass is enough to grant us the close shave we need.

When I say these blades are “Sharp,” I mean it. These blades have angulated spots where they sit. These spots have a patented design. The way they are designed leaves less space for debris to be accumulated. As a result, one can clean these things by rinsing under water for about 5 – 10 seconds.

For the same reason, these blades won’t go dull anytime soon. I’m not pulling a fast one on you here. These 6 blades are low-maintenance and easily cleanable. Keep these dry after shaving and you’re in for a long string of successful shaves. One cartridge goes a long way when taken proper care of.

Blades aren’t the only thing contributing to a fine shave. More often than not, it’s the razor head itself! And the head, in this case, tilts accurately to go with our facial contours. An 8/10 from me in terms of performance.

The handle is one of a kind too. It has rubber cushioning and fin to make sure you don’t get tired while holding it for too long. Then, there’s the patented docking system. It allows the handle to sit well with any type of razor heads from Dorco Pace. Also, it is ergonomic in design. What could go wrong?

How could I not talk about the lubricated strip? I mean, the makers have put in Aloe Vera essence, Vitamin E, and lavender oil. If you don’t know, the lavender oil smells nice and moisturizes the skin along with Aloe Vera. These two lubricate the face to reduce friction, nicks, cuts, and razor burns.

Vitamin E is in to lend some of its revitalizing power to the face after the shave.

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What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • Patented blade design works well to navigate our facial contours better than well-known brands.
  • You have as many as six blades embedded in the cartridge. One stroke is all it takes for a clean shave.
  • I find the handle easy to grip and navigate while I’m shaving thanks to the design and cushioning.
  • The makers even cared for the lubricated strip embedding various natural ingredients inside.
  • I found it very easy to clean and maintain while trying the razor out for this review.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • My neighbor found the blades to be inconsistent in quality. Some were great while others tugged the skin.
  • A few of the users found the razor to be bulkier than what they bargained for.

3. Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor for Men

Schick Hydro 5

I’m done recommending Gillette and Dorco Pace as part of this article. When it comes to number 3, I rarely trust anything more than Schick Hydro razor. You have five blades working in tandem to give you a clean shave. On top of that, you get a “Flip-Style” trimmer and two refills.

So, is it the best cartridge razor around? Well, it certainly has the legs to be in top 3 that’s for sure. Dermatologists are picky fellows who don’t approve of the razors that much. In case of Schick Hydro, they did! It is doctor tested to be a good product to have for people with sensitive skins.

Why wouldn’t it be? You have a gel reservoir at the top (besides the lubricated area). This works wonders when people are shaving by countering the irritation from razor burns. The benefit of having it is 40% less friction than a standard lubrastrip. Then, the lubricated surface comes into play.

Makers increased the surface area by 80% than the normal razors. This helps. People with sensitive skin will feel a cool vibe even after an hour of their shaving. This is some feature!

We have as many as 5 different blades working to deliver us a clean shave. More blades equal to more irritation, right? Under normal circumstances, that’d be true. But Schick blades feature skin guards that defend the skin against the friction of these things. They do this through increased contact points than before.

The guard bar allows our skins to stretch to a point where shaving becomes easy. Also, the width of the blades has been reduced. This cuts down on the angle at which these blades come down on our beards.

I liked the handle too. This one is ergonomically designed so our fingers and palm can sit in a comfortable position. It works well to reinforce our grip without putting too much strain on the hand.

Do you know that there’s a flip trimmer that works well with the razor? All you need to do is to flip your thumb. The hydrating reservoir will get to the back. The five blades will then work in tandem to trim the sideburns and other areas that need the service.

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What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • I like how five different blades work to shave flat and in-grown hairs flawlessly without troubles.
  • You have a nice razor that fits within travel bags so that people can take it to vacations as well.
  • The makers included the flip trimmer where these five blades do wonderful trimming.
  • Schick features an ergonomic handle. This allows people to grip the razor well without slipping up.
  • The lubrastrip and hydrating gel reservoir work in tandem with each other for an irritation-free shave.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • Apparently, the blades have a “Longevity” problem. They don’t last that long.
  • Few users have found the blade not cutting as close as they’d have liked.

4. All Metal Trac 2 (Trac II) Compatible Razor

All Metal Trac 2

When it comes to “Super Blades,” very often, they offer quality products with lucrative deals. The Trac II is a cartridge razor which comes with the added bonus of 10 Persona blade cartridges. The razor itself is great. The addition of 10 cartridges makes the deal even sweeter.

This is the first company that introduced the concept of twin blades. The legacy continues with this razor as it supports twin blades too. I must mention that the razor is heavy. It weighs as much as 3 ounces in hand. Many might not like the fact. Yet, Its useful considering accidents happen while shaving.

The chrome handle gives it a sleek look. The weight of Trac II fulfills a crucial role. Thanks to the weight, people won’t have to put too much of pressure on the razor head when they are shaving. It helps people in avoiding nicks, cuts, rashes, skin tugs, and bruises. This razor shines in all its glory!

However, I must mention that the head DOES NOT pivot in case of Trac II. The blades slide in place of the head. People looking for a pivoting head should turn their attention elsewhere.

The handle performs well in tandem with the razor head. The makers included rubber “Ring-style” grip to help people grasp this “All Metal” handle well. This handle is one of the three reasons (besides the blades and the razor head) that people can enjoy a super close shave.

Chrome doesn’t succumb to rust or damages due to weather. Even if tiny water drops remain on the razor after shaving, it’s not a big deal. Also, the “Polished” look doesn’t fade that quickly. One razor looks the part and stays like that for years before growing old on people.

Despite what anyone might think, this old yet trustworthy horse (metaphor) doesn’t lag behind when it comes to delivering quality shaves. The handle is compatible with Gillette Trac II blades. It comes with Persona blades as I told you before.

These Twin II blades work wonders when cutting through tough stubbles and trimming the tight corners. No, you won’t get a travel case with it. Trac II razor is the royalty of these types. The franchise exclusively focuses on delivering a clean shave.

However, there’s a fancy stand for this product. This is an 8mm curved stand. People will have to buy this thing separately. It goes well with a classy bathroom and a state-of-the-art shaving set.

What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • The Trac II looks, feels, and IS the quality razor with a polished chrome handle and great blades!
  • The handle is heavy which makes users exert less pressure when cutting through tough beard.
  • Rubber Ring system grip prevents the razor from falling or from causing accidental nicks or cuts.
  • This razor is compatible with numerous blades from reputed companies like Gillette and Persona
  • Twin blades work well to shave and trim the beard to the users’ liking.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • One bad thing about the razor is that the head doesn’t pivot. People might face problems while controlling this thing.

5. Schick Hydro 5 Shaving Starter Gift Set for Men

Schick Hydro 5 Gift Set

Before you confuse yourselves and think, “What is another Schick razor doing on this guy’s Cartridge Razors’ list,” let me clarify certain aspects first. This one is the “Normal” version of the Hydro 5 razor. The earlier one was for “Sensitive” skins. Now that we’re in the clear, let’s move on.

This is a “Set.” That means you have the razor and as many as 5 cartridges of the blade with this thing. All you need is a shaving bowl and a soap, gel or cream and you are well set for a good dose of wet shaving.

As always, this Schick razor grants users a hydrating shave. This is thanks to the gel reservoir that’s at the top. Whenever people shave, gel secretes from their creating a moist area working in tandem with the lather. Your face will feel cool after during and after you shave minimizing razor burns, nicks, and cuts.

The blades are just as you expect them to be. Like the “Sensitive” version, these blades provide you a smooth glide. Face bumps are things of the past with these blades. The razor head works well to reduce the friction of the face with these blades. 5 blades grant people the closest of shaves possible.

But how do they do that? Five blades come with skin guards. These things protect our skins when coming into contact with the cells. Some of the users like my neighbor suggested that the blades get slippery and slimy after shaving soap or cream gets on them. All you need is a good rinse to clean them.

Don’t forget that the razor head features guard bar (like the “Sensitive” version) at the bottom. The reduced width of these blades means the blades won’t fall on our faces at an awkward angle. This also reduces nicks and cuts. Less width means the blades are more manageable than the competitions.

Like the earlier model, there is a switch at the back of this razor too. Once flipped, it pushes the hydrating reservoir to the back. The five blades then act like trimmers that take care of our sideburns and hard to reach areas like it’s nobody’s business!

What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • You have an ergonomic handle that fits the cartridges perfectly and helps us when gripping.
  • I love the inclusion of five blades as a part of the cartridge for a closer and cleaner shaving routine.
  • This combo pack features a total of five cartridges with four refills. It’s the supply for a long run.
  • The blades do have skin guards too. Like the other version, these guards work to reduce friction, nicks, and cuts.
  • I love the hydrating gel reservoir at the top of this razor. It keeps my face cool during and after shave.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • Some of the users ended up struggling with the having close shave they wanted with this razor.
  • The blades get slimy when you shave with them during long passes. Cleaning them is a hassle.

6. The Ultimate Shave® Men’s 5-blade Razor

The Ultimate Shave

But didn’t I see 5-blade cartridge razors on your list earlier? Yes, you did. Trust me, a mere cartridge of five blades didn’t make it a contender for “Best Cartridge Razor” spot for me. With me, it had to do more, and it did! This is the most economical product I’ve found considering it comes with 12 refills.

Also, the razor features five “Ceramic-coated” blades. These blades deliver close shaves without harming our skins. Ceramic coating ensures that there’s minimal friction on our faces and we don’t get nicks and cuts.

These blades are made in the USA. You know I don’t take prisoners when it comes to “Quality” don’t you!

These blades are here to stay for a long time. Why? You get a dispenser with four refills of these cartridges. That makes three dispensers in total with 12. With these, the cartridges are all set of being usable for a while. Also, I am in love with the handle that’s ergonomic in shape.

This ergonomic handle features a “No Slip” grip. It allows us users to steer according to our facial contours. When it comes to changing the cartridge, all we need to do is to push a button at the back of the handle. The blades will come off. A new cartridge fits well with the handle after a “Click.”

There’s a convenient trimmer at the back too. Thanks to this, users won’t have troubles shaving or shaping our sideburns. No, the trimmer doesn’t cut or injure your face when handling a tight spot.

So, what’s the USP of this model, you ask? It lies in price and performance levels. Fusion® and Schick might perform at an entirely different level but The Ultimate Shave® grants people the combination of performance AND price. At a price of just one people will get five blades that shave well too.

What I Liked about the Cartridge Razor

  • The contoured handle is easy on your hands while helping you in navigating your faces.
  • Five blades are nothing new these days. Yet, these deliver cleanest shave with precision.
  • I love the fact that you get three dispensers with 12 refills. It spikes up their longevity as a product.
  • Changing through the cartridges is easy. All one needs is a push at the handle’s back and Tada!
  • This product may be cheap in price but not in quality I can vouch for that myself.

What I Didn’t Like about the Cartridge Razor

  • One must be careful when refilling the razor with the cartridges. One wrong move can break them.
  • For some, the  angle of these cartridges might feel awkward when going through the motions.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – How Did I Stumble Upon These Models?

Have a look at my list and you’ll find Gillette, Schick, Dorco Pace and more! These are some big names! I hate to sound redundant but how did I find these? Simple! I judged cartridge razors according to some parameters I set. I’m more than willing to discuss these parameters here.

  • I Measured the Closeness of the Shaves

I want to be direct. I do own double-edged safety razors. When selecting the cartridge razor for the job, I had to measure the differences in shaving quality. Despite what others might tell you, these cartridges come pretty close to a “Perfect Shave” in just the one pass.

How? Well, most of these have two, three or even six blades in one cartridge. A razor system like Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide or Dorco Pace Six Plus can do five or six times the work any single-blade razor would do in one. Bluntly speaking, a pass from ProGlide makes up five ordinary passes from my grandpa’s brand.

Make sure two to three passes from your chosen brand should deliver you the closest shave you desire.

  • This Brings Me to the Blade Count

The makers are always fussy about their products having more “Blades” than the competition. Does this really matter or is this all a “Gimmick?” As it turns out, having the advantage of numbers is preferable.

The more blades your product has the better it is for you. As I mentioned earlier, it lessens the hassle of conducting multiple passes. The blade count is crucial for frequent shavers.

I prefer razors with five to six blades as I shave every other day. My choice should reflect on the list too. With a number of blades, your probability of catching “Really Small” hairs increases. If you prefer to leave your stubble for three days before shaving it off, go for three-blade systems instead.

  • Blade Quality, My Friends, Is the Big Determinant

People often complain about the cartridges dying “Way too soon.” A big part of it is due to what types of the blade a company uses in them. People speak in favor of thin iron, composite materials, and others. I’m old school. I preferred razors with stainless steel blades while compiling my list.

Yes, they are rust-prone. I agree with that. But then again, razor systems like Schick have skin guards that lay on top of each blade. These barriers prevent moisture, sticky slime, and water from tampering with the blades. As a result, they remain youthful (err… functional) for a long time.

  • My Grip Had to be Great

Although less than a traditional razor, shaving with modern systems do take time. You might have to hold the razor for extended periods of time depending on how thick your beard is. It depends on facial structure and contours (in my case) too. For that, you need a comfortable handle.

I could direct you to an “Ordinary” handle and end it here without getting my word count high for this article. But I won’t. Ordinary handles tend to be soggy and unusable when the time comes. People need to have cartridge razor systems that feature ergonomic handles with rubber grips.

These do a good job of soaking up the sweat and slippery lather. The rubber grip allows for a comfortable position for our palms to be in as well. In short, less strain and more control.

  • The Overall Construction HAD TO BE Great

You can’t pair a “Great” handle with a mediocre razor head. People often complain about the razors wearing down too soon. Let me be blunt with you. These razors are already price-efficient. Opting for cheaper razors at low prices WILL curse your product to an early death and loss in quality.

For example, gambling with plastic razors can lead them to break mid-shave. You can always go for stainless steel or chrome-made ones like Ultimate Shave®. But these increase the weight of your product. An easy way out is going for the composite, lightweight, and durable materials.

Make sure to find out your own shaving style. Depending on that, your affiliations with certain elements will differ.

  • My Choices Won’t Cause Your Sensitive Skin Any Harm

A bold claim, I know. But this is true. People have a long-term complain about these razors being abrasive to our skins. Blade cartridges can cause irritation and red spots when dealing with the sensitive skins. Don’t even get me started on what they can do when the angle of shaving isn’t right (cue: nicks and cuts).

I too have such a skin that needs extra care each time I go under the blade. Naturally, my razors should be able to stand the test as well. Remember I mentioned blades of these razors being coated with skin guards? Well, in addition to saving the blades; they counter skin troubles as well.

Most of the razors on my list don’t have wide blades. That works to minimize the angle that I spoke of. Lubricant strips or hydrating gel reservoirs work to sooth the skin and cool it during and after the shave.

  • I Focused on Additional Things I Could Avail at a Price

Everything you purchase is a bargain. That’s true even with top cartridge razors. Performance meet or exceed the level of price you pay. While this is true, it won’t hurt if you get added benefits that impact the performance positively. For example, number of cartridges.

Everyone knows that the cartridges die a premature death due to blades becoming dull. In my case, getting multiple refills at a measly price proved to be handy. As you might have noticed, I placed a combo pack of the razor, a set of blades, and a pack of refills somewhere in there.

Like me, you guys should pay close attention to what you are getting for the price. If you bump into a razor system that complies with blades or handles from a different but famous franchise, by all means, TAKE THE DEAL. Cross-platform razor systems are the next best thing!

Ending on a High Note!

Despite what people may think, coming up with my own list of best cartridge razors took some doing. It was certainly not a cakewalk. That’s why you’ll find some top names on my list with impressive products. Shaving is the game of razor passes once you master the basics.

Choosing a good cartridge razor is 50% of that game. If it becomes too difficult for people to decide between seven of the heavyweights of razor systems, they should go through the buying guide of mine. I don’t favor a particular razor over another. I go for the features that I prioritized for myself.

I advise you do the same. Choose one that ticks most of your boxes.

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