It seems like everyone has sleek, smooth hair with plenty of moisture. If you follow celebrities on social media, you’ll be assaulted by a sea of glass hair trends. You don’t have to have your own stylist to achieve a sleek, sexy hair style like your favorite celebrity.

For those with fine or fragile hair, it might seem like a dream to find a gentle flat iron. You can make that dream a reality with a ceramic flat iron. It won’t scorch hair or cause brittle flyaways, either.

In fact, you could end up with healthier hair after applying the right kind of heat. If that seems unbelievable, you should read on to find out about the top 5 ceramic flat irons. It’ll change everything you thought you knew about flat irons.

Comparison Table of Best Ceramic Flat Iron

Iron ModelHeatingPlateFeaturesPrice
HSI Ceramic Flat Iron140F to 450F
1 inch
Argan oil
Check Price
CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron370F to 425F1.25 inches
LED screen
Check Price
LumaBella Keratin Touch300F to 450F1 inch
Smart heat sensor
Check Price
FURIDEN Hair Straightener250F to 450F
1 inch
curling iron
Check Price
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools250F to 410F
1.25 inches
LCD Display
Check Price
BESTOPE Upgraded Flat Iron265F to 450F1 inch
Universal voltage
Check Price
KIPOZI Pro Hair Straightener170F to 450F
1 inch
Quick heat
Check Price
CHI Original Hair IronHeats to 392F
1 inch
Flash heating Check Price
BaBylissPRO Porcelain IronUp to 450F
1 inch
Ceramic heater
Check Price
VOLOOM Volumizing Iron
220F to 395F
1 ½ inch
Patented plates
Check Price

What is a Ceramic Flat Iron?

A ceramic flat iron is a styling tool that straightens hair. It has two plates that heat up to a certain temperature. You can choose the right temperature for the straightening based on your hair texture.

Sectioned hair is placed between the plates near the scalp. The plates should slide effortlessly over the sectioned hair. This leaves behind shiny, bone straight hair.

In the 1970s, women used to place their long hair on an ironing board and use a clothes iron on it. That left them with straight hair. In some cases, it left them with burnt hair, too.

With a ceramic flat iron, the plates are made of ceramic. That material is much better for hair than metal. It’s safer for using every day as well.

Top 10 Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

With infrared heat, this ceramic and tourmaline iron heats very quickly. It provides heating that works very gently, too. The heat ranges from 140F to 450F. Whether you have thin hair or damaged hair, you’re getting a range of temps. You’ll easily pick the right one for your hair type.

The ceramic and tourmaline provides many benefits. The ceramic is gentle on hair. The tourmaline provides ionic conditioning for your thin or damaged hair. Between these two materials, you’re getting a soft heat that will bring your hair a healthy shine and smoothness.

The styling tool is dual voltage. That means you can take it anywhere with you. You can take it on vacation or a work trip out of the country quite easily. It’s 110/220, so anywhere in the world it will work equally well.

The flat iron also comes with plenty of accessories and extras. The flat iron comes with a heat-resistant glove. You can press down on the outside of the plates without burning your fingers. It comes with a sleek, red drawstring bag for travel. There’s also a sample of Argan oil included.

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What I love about this flat iron

The best features of this iron are the gentle heat and ionic properties. The ceramic is giving you a heat that’s distributed evenly across the 1” plates. The ceramic is meant to be incredibly gentle for thin or damaged hair.

The tourmaline provides your hair with negative ions. If you have thin, frizzy hair, this is perfect. It’ll tame your hair by fighting against the positive ions. This results in smooth hair that’s healthier and more moisturized.

The extras are a nice touch. You get a shiny bag for traveling with your flat iron. The glove easily fits in there with the flat iron, too. The company was very thoughtful to have included a sample of oil. Argan oil is meant to protect hair from heat as well as provide a moisturizing product for dry hair.

Minor concern

The temperature dial is inside between the plates. It should be set before the iron begins to heat.

CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron

CHI G2 Hairstyling Iron

The ceramic is infused with titanium. This combination of materials gives you plenty of benefits. You’ll get the gentle heat of the ceramic. It’ll distribute heat evenly across the plates, too. The titanium will give you durability and strength.

There’s an LED screen on the flat iron that will indicate temperatures. The straightener ranges from 0 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll be able to see the temperature at a glance, too. That’s because the LED screen shows colors for temperature ranges.

From 0 to 370F, it’ll say BLUE. The temperature range for the color blue is for fine or fragile hair. That’s hair that might be damaged, too. Green is for 375 to 395F. It’ll say GREEN in the display. It’s meant for normal hair. Red is for temperatures ranging from 400 to 425F. The RED designation is for coarse or hard-to-style hair.

This ceramic and titanium flat iron has plates that float. Floating plates allow the plates to meet evenly over the hair. That’s important for straightening without any missed spots. The floating plates are 1.25 inches. You’re able to straighten more hair with a wider plate. It’s quicker to style your hair with a wide plate.

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What I love about this flat iron

The best part of the ceramic and titanium flat iron is the ability to dial in the temp. It starts at a low level for those with thin hair. People with damaged hair can use the low temperature, too.

It’s easy to keep track by the color-coded light. It goes all the way to a high temperature for coarse hair. The ceramic and titanium flat iron are durable. They’re able to stay evenly heated, too.

The materials generate plenty of negative ions for moisturizing the hair. That’s great for fine, thin hair. That type of hair texture has unique challenges. It can’t handle materials that are too hot. The gentle heat from the ceramic feeds the hair’s unique needs.

Minor concern

This styling tool doesn’t have an automatic shut off. You’ll have to make sure you always shut it down after use.

LumaBella Keratin Touch Series

LumaBella Keratin Touch Series

These are ceramic plates for a smooth styling process. The floating plates fit snugly around the sectioned hair as you style. They provide a healthy shine that you won’t get with many other types of styling tools.

The ceramic styler also has a smart heat sensor. It has a strip of heat sensing nodes. The strip will automatically adjust the temperature to ensure the entire plate is the same temperature. That helps with heat recovery. It’s constantly making minute adjustments to the heat level.

Infused in the ceramic plates are Keratin micro conditioners. Keratin is usually obtained in a salon by professionals. It is a fix for hair that is damaged. It fixes dry and frizzy hair, too. You can’t go wrong with a ceramic plate that is infused with Keratin.

There are 5 heat settings on this flat iron. The settings start at 300F and range all the way to 450F. With fine hair, you’re likely to stay down near the 300 degree range. The styler also has a turbo boost, so you can get the highest setting fast.

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What I love about this flat iron

If you’re looking specifically for a ceramic styler, you know the benefits. You understand that ceramic is important for a consistent heat. This styler goes a step further with its smart heat sensor.

The heat sensor will keep the plates at one temperature at all times. After transferring heat to your hair, the plates might cool. The heat sensor always checks the temp to ensure there are no cool spots.

Another way to keep hair healthy is to have good materials embedded in the plates. The ceramic in this styler is infused with Keratin micro conditioners. It’s an easy way to make your hair healthier. It doesn’t take any extra steps at all.

Minor concern

The flat iron is a bit heavy. You’ll have to rest your arm if you have thick, full hair that takes a long time to straighten.

FURIDEN Professional 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

FURIDEN Professional 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

This 2-in-1 straightener and curling iron is made with quality ceramic and tourmaline. Tourmaline naturally emits negative ions to smooth hair and make it very shiny. The barrel is curved, so that you can straighten and curl at the same time.

It has a range of temperatures for all kinds of hair. The lowest temperature is 250F. That’s best for fine or damaged hair. There are 5 settings on the handy dial. It ranges all the way to 450F for hair that’s hard to straighten. That same temperature can be used for creating curls and waves.

The device heats quickly. By the time you’ve sectioned your hair for straightening, it’ll be ready for you. It heats to your desired temp in just 15 seconds. That’s going to cut down on your overall styling time. You’ll get out the door much faster.

This straightener and curling iron is dual voltage. It doesn’t need a separate piece for adjusting the voltage. It automatically adjusts when it’s plugged into the outlet. It’ll easily fit into your luggage for styling anywhere you go.

What I love about this flat iron

Another great thing about this device is the cord. It’s a 360 degree swiveling cord. You’ll be able to curl or straighten anywhere on your head without getting tangled. The cord is extra long at 97 inches, too. The company has thought of all the conveniences you’ll need when styling.

It’s a fantastic travel straightener. Automatically adjusting to the voltage of the country you’re in is so convenient. It doesn’t require any additional purchases or hassle. It’s a good travel size of 12 inches. It’ll fit in any bag. It has a safety lock for travel, too.

The other place where the straightening really shines is the heat. It has a wide range of temperatures for all kinds of hair types. From fine to coarse hair, it will style them all beautifully. It heats quickly, so you can look your best while still being on time.

Minor concern

The entire barrel gets extremely hot. You’ll need a glove to handle the straightener/curling iron.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell Flat Iron

The ceramic plates are 1.25 inches, so more hair can be straightened at a time. The edges are beveled. With beveled edges, you’re not going to get lines in your hair from straightening. The plates are infused with an Express Ion Complex to protect your hair from damage.

The temperature of this straightener starts at 250F. There are 5 settings. Temps between 250F and 290F are for fragile or very fine hair. From 290F to 330F is for fine hair. Temps 330F to 370F are for medium hair. The range of 370F to 410F is for thick hair. The last setting is 410F and is for very thick, coarse hair.

This straightener has a premium heater for distributing heat evenly across the plates. That’s also a feature of ceramic plates in general. The heater will deliver up to 410F in just 60 seconds. It also has a fast recovery time. It’ll get back up to the right temperature within 6 seconds.

The styling tool has an automatic shut off. It’s set for one hour, so it’ll shut itself down at 60 minutes. If you take longer to do your hair, you can alter the time to 120 minutes. Having a safety shut off is important if you tend to leave devices running.

What I love about this flat iron

The ceramic plates have a few great features to them. They’re 1.25 inches, which is wider than some other devices. That will give you plenty of width for straightening long hair. The material is infused with ionic technology. You’re getting smoother hair with ions than without.

The safety feature is essential for a person who tends to leave devices on. You never have to worry about leaving this one. It’ll shut itself down.

Lastly, the heater is impressive. It heats from a low 250F for very fragile or fine hair. It goes all the way to 410F for thick hair. There’s a heat setting for all hair textures and types. It’ll heat very quickly, too. You won’t spend 10 minutes waiting for the device to get hot.

Minor concern

The buttons to change the heat are inside the handle. It can be hard to reach. You’ll have to make sure it’s on the correct temperature before it gets hot.

BESTOPE Upgraded Professional Hair Flat Iron


The ceramic tourmaline plate on this flat iron floats. A floating 3D plate will move with your hair. The plates clamp around the hair and touch each other when straightening. This ensures that spots aren’t missed when passing the plates down the hair. It won’t pull hair when straightening, either.

Negative ions are generated in two ways with this straightener. The ceramic plate is infused with tourmaline. That generates negative ions. The heater also releases negative ions through a vent. It floats over the hair as it passes through the plates.

There are 6 heat settings for this straightener. It starts at 265F to 300F. That’s for fine, fragile hair. The next is 300F to 340F. That’s for fine, normal hair. The 355F setting is for normal hair that’s a bit damaged. The next setting is 375F to 410F. That’s for normal hair. The 430F setting is for thick hair. The 450F setting is meant for hair that’s resistant to straightening.

The straightener comes with worldwide voltage. This makes it a great travel device. You can take it with you on work trips or vacations. The styling tool will automatically convert to the voltage needed in that country. It ranges from 100v to 240v.

What I love about this flat iron

The amount of negative ions that this emits will smooth your hair beautifully. The plate itself is infused with tourmaline. It naturally generates tons of negative ions. The system itself with produce negative ions and push them through the vent.

That results in millions of negative ions. Those will combat all the positive ions in your dry hair. Dry, frizzy hair is full of positive ions. Negative ions combat them and moisturize the hair. Your hair will be healthier when you’re done.

It’s a straightener that you can take with you anywhere in the world. You don’t have to sacrifice your style because you’re away from home. This will go anywhere and automatically switch to the right voltage for the country. You won’t have to research the voltage of the country. You don’t have to purchase adapters, either.

Minor concern

It can take some time for the device to heat. It doesn’t have an instant heat like some others.

KIPOZI 1-Inch Pro Hair Straightener

KIPOZI Hair Straightener

The ceramic plates have a nano-titanium coating. This gives you a very smooth surface. The plates won’t snag or pull your hair when straightening. The plates are 3D floating ones. They’ll move with your hair to stay in contact.

As far as the temperatures, this one has a huge range. The adjustable temps range from 170F – 320F for fine, fragile hair. There’s 330F – 380F for damaged hair. Lastly, there’s 390F – 450F for healthy hair. It’s easy to find the right temperature based on the health and texture of your hair.

The heater will bring the temperature up to 380F almost instantly. It only takes 15 seconds to get to 380F. It doesn’t take much longer to get to the highest temp of 450F. The temperature will stay constant after heating, too.

There are many safety features with this straightener. The temperature settings will say “fragile”, “damaged”, or “healthy”, so you will always pick the right heat. There’s a locking switch for keeping the device closed when not in use. It also has an automatic safety shut off after 90 minutes.

What I love about this flat iron

The 3D floating plates produce negative ions for smoother hair. It’ll be shiny and beautiful when you’ve finished. The plates won’t snag or pull your hair when straightening. The plates will stay smooth and hair will glide right through them.

The LCD screen will show you the temperature you’re using as well as whether it’s for healthy, damaged, or fragile hair. That will ensure that you’re not going too high in the heat. Temperatures that are too high will burn your hair.

The heater can bring it up to the desired temperature fairly quickly. That will cut down on your styling time. You can spend less time getting ready in the morning and more time doing other things. It’ll get you out the door fast.

Minor concern

The handle of the straightener can get really hot. You might need to purchase a heat-resistant glove to handle the device.

CHI Original 1” Hair Straightening Iron

CHI Hair Straightening Iron

This is a ceramic straightener with plates that are coated in tourmaline. The materials work together to provide negative ions for frizzy hair. The negative ions add plenty of moisture for the elimination of dry, frizzy hair.

The heater is also ceramic. It produces an infrared heat that penetrates the hair. It heats hair from the inside, which helps to retain moisture. The device will heat to 392F for many hair types and textures. The flash heating element will bring the device to max temperature in 60 seconds.

It’s a straightener that can be used as a styling tool. It’s great for curling hair, too. The plates are curved on the edges to provide more styling options. You can create beautiful waves or straighten your hair with a small flip at the end. It’s a professional salon device that creates versatile styles.

The straightener comes with the ability to be used in other countries. It’s dual voltage, so you can use it anywhere. All you need to do is purchase an adapter for the plug. It’s easy to travel with this flat iron. Whether you’re going on vacation or a work trip, it’s definitely worthy of traveling.

What I love about this flat iron

The floating plates gently skim over the hair while delivering penetrating heat. The infrared heater doesn’t remove moisture from the hair when straightening. The negative ions also create shiny hair that’s moisturized.

After using this device, you’ll have shiny, moisturized hair. It’s gentle on hair while giving you the straightest hair possible. It won’t require multiple passes to deliver the stick-straight hair that you want. If you’ve ever wanted to try glass hair styles, this is a terrific styler to use.

It will work quickly, too. You don’t have to spend hours doing your hair every morning. It heats to the max temperature very quickly. It has a quick recovery between sections, too.

Minor concern

There’s no temperature control. You have one temperature with this flat iron.

BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

BaByliss Ceramic Straightening Iron

The porcelain ceramic plates are 1 inch wide. That’s good for all hair lengths. It’ll allow you to get really close to the roots for straightening. The ceramic plates are an extended length. It’ll straighten more hair in each section. The styler produces negative ions, too.

It’s a straightener that works with all hair types, too. It starts at a temperature around 235F for fine, fragile hair. It goes all the way up to 450F. There’s a temperature dial that allows you to hone in on the exact temperature that your hair needs to be healthy.

It comes with a ceramic heater that provides huge benefits. It gives you instant heat when styling. It also has instant recovery. With every pass, the heat will be evenly distributed. Recovery won’t be a problem, so there won’t be any cold spots on the plates.

Styling is easy with an 8-foot cord. You can switch from one side of your head to the other. There won’t be tangles. It’s long enough to go anywhere in the room. You won’t have to hover near the only outlet in the room.

What I love about this flat iron

The porcelain and ceramic plates are longer than others. That allows you to part your hair into larger sections. It speeds up the styling process tremendously. You don’t have to spend hours straightening your hair.

It’s quicker to style hair with the ceramic heater, too. The heater instantly heats to the desired temperature. The dial means that you can tweak the temperature higher or lower as needed. The heater can give you quicker recovery as you’re styling, too.

Everything about this straightener has been engineered to make styling much faster. BaByliss is a company that stands behind its products, too. They’ve been around for years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Minor concern

There’s no automatic shut off for this device. You’ll have to be careful and make sure it’s off after use.

VOLOOM Classic 1 ½ Inch Volumizing Hair Iron

VOLOOM Hair Iron

The plates of this hair iron is made with ceramic. It provides a smooth surface for volumizing styles. The patented checkerboard is a design that you won’t see in any other styling tools. The raised blocks create volume near the roots of your hair.

The raised checkerboard works with your hair near the roots. This is a great place for volumizing since it’s protected by natural oil from your scalp. It provides ions for moisturizing as well. The negative ions will combat your frizzy, dry hair.

There’s a digital LED display on the handle of the styler. The temperature is adjustable based on the texture and health of your hair. It ranges from 220F to 395F. You can adjust as you see fit to find the best temp for your hair.

With this device, you’re getting a few extra features. There’s the automatic shut off for example. It’ll turn itself off after 30 minutes if it hasn’t been used. The cord is 8 feet long. That’s a good length for styling. You can move anywhere with that. It’s a 360 degree swivel cord, too. There’s also a lock on the device.

What I love about this flat iron

The biggest benefit of this device is how unique it is. You don’t need to use oils, sprays, or mousse on your hair. Although you’re applying more heat, you’re actually doing your hair a favor. Less product in your hair means you won’t be weighing your hair down.

Products can also strip your hair of natural moisture. This styling tool will deliver more moisture with its ionic technology. It’s volume that will moisturize your hair naturally without adding weight. In the end, sprays and gel actually weigh hair down and make it flat.

The temperature can be adjusted based on your hair texture and type. You might only want a bit of volume, or you might want loads of volume. You decide how much is enough when it comes to volume. You ultimately have control over your unique style.

Minor concern

It’s important to section hair thoughtfully with this device. It has to be done on the middle and under layers. Otherwise, the pattern is visible.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Ceramic Flat Iron

There’s much to think about when researching flat irons. We’re going to help you make the best choice possible for yourself. These are the things to be considered before buying a new straightener.

  • Ceramic’s Evenness of Heat

The evenness of the heat across the plates is important. You’ll be sectioning your hair to straighten. With uneven heat, there will be spots that aren’t as straight. These spots will require you to go over them again and again with the iron.

You will repeatedly apply heat to the same parts of your hair. This causes serious damage to the strands. With a ceramic flat iron, you’re getting very even heat distribution. There’s no need to repeatedly straighten the same sections. That alleviates the damage to your hair.

  • Transfer of Heat in Ceramic

When straightening, the heat is transferred to the hair. This is what makes the hair straight when passed through the plates. It’s the time that it takes for the heat to penetrate the hair strands.

With ceramic, it’s a gentle infrared heat that enters the hair. Ceramic heats fairly quickly. That will help in the time it takes to straighten. Ceramic is best for fine hair. That’s because it penetrates gently without burning fine hair.

  • The Effectiveness of Ceramic Heat

When thinking about effectiveness, you’re considering the way that the plates transfer heat. You’re also considering the evenness of the plates. Both of these points are directly related to the effectiveness of the iron.

Without cold spots, the ceramic flat iron is going to be more effective than other materials. It’s going to cut down on the passes you’ll have to make. Along with that benefit, you’re also getting a faster morning out of your ceramic flat iron.

  • The Durability of Ceramic

Ceramic might not be the most durable of materials. The styling tool can’t be dropped repeatedly. The ceramic will crack and cause damage to your hair. While it can’t handle repeated dropping, the ceramic iron can last for a very long time.

You’ll have to ensure that you’re caring for it properly. Don’t let it fall to the floor. It’s vital to make sure that you’re maintaining the material. That includes regular cleaning. If you care for the iron properly, it can last for years and years.

  • Ceramic’s Ease of Use

This material for flat irons is very easy to use. Some other materials can get too hot. It can burn the hair as well as the person’s fingers. With ceramic, you’re getting a gentler heat. It won’t burn your hair even if you’re a novice to straightening.

A ceramic iron provides a gentle heat that doesn’t need repeated passes. It’s good for people who are cautious about their straightening routine. Ceramic is easy to use for beginners through experienced beauty tool users.

  • Hair Texture with Ceramic

Many women with fine hair are afraid to straighten their hair. They’re worried about burning their hair. Fine hair can be brittle or hard to manage. It tends to be flyaway, too. While fine-haired women are wary about straightening, they need it, too.

Ceramic is perfect for women with fine hair. It doesn’t matter if the hair is brittle or silky. Fine hair responds very well the material in a ceramic flat iron. There’s no reason to be concerned about applying too much heat.

Step-by-step Guide to Straightening with a Ceramic Flat Iron

The styling process begins in the shower. You’ll want to encourage your hair to be straight. You can start with the right shampoo and conditioner. It should be one that makes for straight hair.

After your shower, dry hair with a towel then blow it dry. It should be completely dry before using the flat iron. If you don’t wait, you’ll end up with hair that’s burned in the process.

During the drying process, you can add protection from heat with serums or oils. If you have fine hair, though, stick with sprays that won’t weigh your hair down.

Once your hair is dry, section it by inches. Thick hair should be sectioned into one-inch bits. With thin hair, you can make the sections about 2 inches. During this time, the iron can be plugged in and turned on to start heating.

It’s best to use clips to move the parts not being straightened. They can be clipped on top of your head. The section to be straightened will be pulled into the front. With this method, you can see what you’re doing.

Grasp the flat iron with one hand. Place the hair between the heated plates. The straightener should be as close to your scalp as possible. The hair should be between the plates when you squeeze it shut. The heated plates should be touching.

Once clamped, move it down your hair to the ends. Never leave the iron in one place too long. It can create lines in your hair if held in one position too long.

You shouldn’t have to make more than one pass with your ceramic flat iron. If you find that you could use more than one or two passes, it might need a rise in temperature.

Take hair out of the clip to straighten an inch at a time. It might take some time if your hair is thick. Thin hair shouldn’t take too long to straighten, though.

You can use a styling spray to hold your style. Your blow dryer’s cool shot can be applied lightly to the straightened hair. This can set your style, too.

Why Should You Use a Ceramic Flat Iron?

The ceramic flat iron has a gentle heat that can penetrate hair without damaging it. It’s best for people with fine, thin hair. It’s also good for people who have damaged hair. If you have hair damaged by color or processing, a ceramic hair straightener can be your best friend.

It’ll provide a smooth surface for lightly skimming the hair. It won’t snag or pull, either. The ceramic surface provides ions and a gentle infrared heat. Both of these features will make any type of hair shiny and healthy.


The best ceramic flat iron will work gently on your hair. You can create any look you want with the right flat iron. Before you get your favorite beachy wave, you’ll need to straighten the hair. Ceramic flat irons create sleek strands and healthy hair.

Ceramic provides a gentle, even heat that won’t scorch the hair. That keeps your hair healthy. With the right materials and heater, it provides ions that will moisturize and bring limp hair back to life.

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