Best Cheap Flat Iron: Are They as Good as Expensive Competitors?

The best cheap flat iron will give you a stellar hairstyle. In many cases, it can give you the same beautiful style as a pricier flat iron. You don’t have to bankrupt yourself to get a style that gives you incredible confidence.

The most expensive flat irons have every feature you can imagine. That’s not always something you need or even want. There are inexpensive options that have the most important features like ions for example.

We have narrowed down the list of possibilities for you. Read our reviews and learn what the most important features will give you. The plate materials and heat settings are just a few of the most vital features. Read on to find out more.

Best Cheap Flat Iron Comparison Table

IronMaterialsPlate Size
Heat Price
HSI Glider Flat IronCeramic
1" wide
140F - 450F
Check Price
KIPOZI Titanium Flat IronTitanium1" wide
170F - 450F
Check Price
InfinitiPro Iron by ConairCeramic
1" wide
up to 455F
Check Price
Remington Wet2StraightCeramic
1 ¾ " wideup to 420F
Check Price
BESTOPE Hair StraightenerCeramic
1" wide
265F - 450F Check Price
Xtava Infrared IronCeramic
2" wide
265F - 445F Check Price
Deogra Hair StraightenerTitanium1" wide
300F - 450F Check Price

Top 7 Cheap Hair Straightener Reviews

1. HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

The HSI professional flat iron is an affordable straightener with great features. It’s made with ceramic and tourmaline. Those materials generate negative ions. Dry, frizzy hair is filled with positively charged ions. The negative ions combat the dry, positive ions to provide moisture. It’s a great material.

The plates are 1-inch wide. The plates are rounded on the edges to give you versatility with your styling. With rounded edges, you’ll be able to create curls and waves. You can go without a separate curling iron with this plate shape. The 1-inch plates are good for long or short hair.

Along with the tourmaline for ions, the ceramic is good, too. It heats evenly. Ceramic is known for its gentle heat. There are also microsensors along the plates. The sensors check the temperature and make the right adjustments. The heat ranges from 140F to 450F.

There are helpful accessories included with this flat iron. It provides incredible value for the money. Included with the flat iron is a silk carrying bag. There’s also a sample of Argan oil in the box. For safety, the company threw in a heat glove, too.

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What I love about this flat iron

There’s so much value with this inexpensive flat iron. The flat iron is made from quality materials. The tourmaline alone is a good value. The addition of ceramic materials gives you a gentle heat. With a gentle heat, your hair will never get brittle or overheated.

The extras are ones you’d expect with more expensive flat irons. It’s easier to straighten your hair when you have a heat-resistant glove. The glove will keep you from getting burned. The silk bag is great for travel. You can take this flat iron with you on vacation or work trips. It’s dual voltage.

With the 1-inch plate, short hair will be easy to style. It works great for bangs, too. Straightened hair, curls, and waves are possible with this one device.

Mild Concern

The temperature dial is inside near the plates. They can get very hot, so the temp needs to be set before it gets too warm.

2. KIPOZI 1-Inch Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI 1-Inch Titanium Flat Iron

This flat iron is made with titanium. It’s a strong, durable material that won’t break or crack. High heat doesn’t faze this material. It’s one of the most durable materials on the planet. There’s also a ceramic heater inside the device. The ceramics will provide a gentle heat for healthier hair.

The plates themselves are 1-inch wide. That’s pretty standard for most flat irons. It’s good for bangs as well as short hair. The plates themselves are floating 3D plates. They’ll move with your hair. This allows you to straighten thicker hair easily.

With this straightener, you get a range of temperatures. The LCD screen on the back of the flat iron shows temps. It ranges from 170F to 450F. It’ll also show FRAGILE, DAMAGED, and HEALTHY. At 170F to 320, it’ll say fragile. From 330F to 380F, it’ll show as damaged. Healthy heat is 390F to 450F. You’ll be able to track the right temp for your hair.

This flat iron is dual voltage. It is compatible with areas ranging from 100V to 240V. The plug works in the US, but you can buy an adapter if you plan on traveling. You won’t need to get an electric converter. The locking switch keeps the flat iron closed for traveling. It makes it safe while waiting for the flat iron to cool, too. There’s also a 90-minute shutoff for safety.

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What I love about this flat iron

The floating plates are 1 inch, which is a common size. It will work for short hair, bangs, or long hair. The titanium plates are smooth and won’t snag or pull hair. That’s also due to the floating nature of the plates. They’ll glide over your sectioned hair.

This flat iron will get up to 380F in just 15 seconds. That’s a good temperature for almost everyone. By the time you’ve sectioned your hair, the straightener will be ready to rock and roll.

For temperature settings, there are 3 preset modes. You can choose 270F for fragile hair, 350F for damaged hair, or 410F for healthy hair. You can use the + or – button to alter the temp as needed. It makes it much easier to dial in the exact temp to give you healthy hair.

Mild Concern

The outside of the flat iron gets extremely hot at the high range of temps. Consider purchasing a heat-resistant glove with this flat iron.

3. INFINITIPRO by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

INFINITIPRO Ceramic Flat Iron

This inexpensive straightener is made with quality materials. The tourmaline ceramic plates will glide smoothly over your hair. Tourmaline emits negative ions for smooth hair that won’t frizz. If you tend to have dry hair, this will infuse your hair with moisture.

There are 30 heat settings going all the way to 455 degrees Fahrenheit. The 15-second heat up will go all the way to 455F. You will be able to section your hair and almost immediately be ready to straighten. The ceramic-infused tourmaline will heat evenly, too.

The 1-inch plate is rounded for a variety of styles. The plate is extended, too. You’ll be able to straighten large sections of hair. The plates are floating. It’ll provide you with plates that float and glide over hair. It won’t skip any parts of the sectioned hair.

The round plate can be used to flip and curl hair. It can give you incredibly straight hair. It can also give you beachy waves. This is an affordable option for people that don’t want to buy a second styling tool. This one does the work of 2 devices.

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What I love about this flat iron

There are many features that give great value with this inexpensive flat iron. The heat settings hit the highest range available for flat irons. You won’t find many that go all the way to 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

The extended plates allow you to part hair into large sections. You’ll end up with great style in less time. The 15-second heat is a feature that will get you styled and out the door fast. There’s also an automatic shut off in case you’re running so fast that you forget.

There’s also a bonus of Argan oil for moisturizing hair. Between the tourmaline ions and the oil, you’re going to have the silkiest hair imaginable.

Mild Concern

The 30 settings don’t have a specific temperature associated with them. You’ll have to estimate the heat by how it works on your hair.

4. Remington 1 ¾ Wet2Straight Flat Iron

Remington 1 ¾ Wet2Straight Flat Iron

With this inexpensive flat iron, you’re getting ceramic and titanium plates. The titanium is durable and will keep the plates from cracking or breaking. The ceramic makes the plates glide effortlessly over your hair.

The ceramic/titanium plates are 1 ¾ inches wide. That will help with long hair. It won’t take as long to slide the plates over your hair. If you have long hair, it will apply more heat. That helps straighten hair much faster. Coarse, curly hair will benefit from this width.

Blow drying then applying a flat iron to hair can leave it overheated and damaged. Drying and straightening will expose hair to 60 percent more damage. This flat iron has steam vents that remove water from hair. The steam vents turn water into steam without damaging your strands.

The straightener goes all the way to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 30 heat settings to choose from when straightening. You can start low and move the temperature higher as needed for your hair. It’ll remove water and straighten hair gently. It heats in 30 seconds for quick styling, too.

What I love about this flat iron

The wet/dry indicator will let you know whether you’re removing water or straightening alone. It’s designed to remove water without damaging hair. When you dry first then straighten, you’re exposing your hair to intense heat for a longer period of time.

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to use a flat iron on wet hair. This flat iron performs 2 functions. The steam vents will take the water and vent it as steam. It protects hair from serious damage while straightening. It dries hair and styles in one pass.

When you dry and straighten in the same pass, you’re using less heat. You’re spending less time getting ready for work, dates, or nights out with friends. It’ll give you more time for other things.

Mild Concern

The end of the straightener gets very hot. You won’t be able to hold it closed for straightening. It’s easy to buy a heat-resistant glove, though.

5. BESTOPE 1-Inch Hair Straightener

BESTOPE 1-Inch Hair Straightener

Quality materials in a flat iron don’t have to equal a huge price tag. The BESTOPE straightener has ceramic plates that will glide effortlessly over your hair. It won’t tug or pull, either. Ceramic is known to heat gently and evenly, which is vital for quick straightening.

The ceramic plate is a 1-inch floating plate. A 3D floating plate will move with your hair. The flat iron will close around any thickness of hair. It moves to accommodate the amount of hair between the plates. This is helpful for straightening and curling with the same device.

This flat iron has a range of temperatures for all types of hair. Thin, fine hair needs low temperatures to stay healthy. This straightener starts at 265F to 300F for fragile, fine hair. The temperatures between 300F and 340F are meant for fine, strong hair. Normal, fragile hair can be straightened at 355F. Normal hair has a range of 375F to 410F. Thick hair has the setting of 430F. At 450F, any resistant hair will be straightened.

It has a tourmaline system to generate millions of ions. It’s dispersed on the hair through a vent. That ion system can bring your hair from dry, brittle, and frizzy to moisturized. At the end of the straightening, you’ll have beautiful, silky hair.

What I love about this flat iron

The range of temperatures for this flat iron are great. You might not think you need all of the temperatures, but you can use many of them. After coloring, you want to be gentle on your hair.

This will go to a lower temperature easily. If your hair feels brittle for any reason, you can start low. Over time, you’re going to get healthier hair. That means raising the temp. The flat iron will heat up to 355F in 30 seconds. You’ll be able to style and go quickly.

This is an inexpensive flat iron, but it’s not cheaply made. It has great materials like tourmaline and ceramic. The straightener will last for a long time. It’s also a lovely rose gold color combined with black. It’s sleek and beautiful. That’s how your hair will look after using this, too.

Mild Concern

The flat iron needs a few seconds of recovery time between each section. It’s easy to comb through each section before applying the flat iron again. That will take the recovery into account.

6. Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

Xtava Professional Infrared Hair Straightener

This affordable flat iron has a unique design. It’s made with ceramic and tourmaline plates. Ceramic is a material that glides over hair. The tourmaline gives you plenty of negative ions. The ions will combat the dryness of your hair.

Through the middle of the plates is an infrared heating system. That’s the unique part of this flat iron. The infrared system heats the hair from the inside. This uses the hair’s natural oils to prevent damage. Hair that heats from the inside doesn’t leak moisture.

The heat of this extra-wide plate is a gentle heat. It ranges from very low to very high. There are 10 settings that can be seen with the LCD screen. It ranges from 265F to 445F. Delicate hair will keep the user in the heat under 300F. From 300F to 380F, that is where normal hair will be getting the best heat. Coarse or thick hair will flourish between 380F and 445F.

With this flat iron, you’re getting many great safety features. There’s an automatic shut off. That’s a good feature for women who are always rushing around. You might forget to unplug or shut down the flat iron. That won’t be a problem. The flat iron shuts down after 60 minutes of non-use.

What I love about this flat iron

The range of heat is important to straightening hair properly. It’s based on the texture and health of your hair. Some hair is coarse, but it’s damaged. You’d need a lower temperature than what you’d normally use for coarse hair.

Any heat you use will be gentle. That’s because of the ceramic used in the plates. It’s a gentle, even heat throughout the plates. The flat iron will heat up to a high temperature in only 90 seconds. Anyone who is always running at high speed will appreciate this feature.

The 2-inch plates are able to hold a lot more hair. They’re floating plates, too. Floating plates are able to flex with the amount of hair. You want the best grip possible for your flat iron. 3D floating plates are going to give you that flexibility.

Mild Concern

The thick plates make it a bit difficult to get close to the scalp. It’s definitely achievable, but you have to do it very carefully.

7. Deogra Professional Hair Straightener

Deogra Professional Hair Straightener

This inexpensive hair straightener is made with nano titanium. It’s a 1-inch plate that is quite beautiful. It’s a rose gold with a mirror shine. The titanium is incredibly strong. That technology keeps hair from sticking to the plates. It provides smooth heating that is very durable.

With this flat iron, there’s a professional-quality heat. It has 5 heat settings. The settings range from 300F to 450F. There’s a 300F setting, 340F, 375F, 410F, and 450F. All types of hair are safe with this variety of heating. Fine hair through coarse hair will get a gentle, yet powerful heat with these settings.

The 1-inch plates are rounded on the edges for use as a curling iron. When you’re on a budget, it’s important to have a styling tool that can perform more functions. The floating plates allow for curling as well as straightening.

There are other great features with this affordable straightener. It has a 360-degree cord for swiveling. That will help when you’re traveling and can’t predict the location of the outlet. It has dual voltage for travel. It comes with a heat-resistant pouch, too.

What I love about this flat iron

This titanium flat iron is made of materials that won’t break. The flat iron made of titanium is using the hardest material on the planet. They’re still gentle on hair, though. The plates give even heat distribution. It’ll make your hair glossy and sleek. They will provide ions for moisturizing, too.

It’s a great flat iron for traveling. There’s the dual voltage and a swivel cord. These are good travel features. The power can go from 100 to 240V automatically. You’ll need to bring an adapter, but otherwise, no other additions are necessary.

The flat iron has a 60-minute automatic shut off. You’ll never have to worry that it’s left on after you’re done. You could run out of the house without shutting it down and never be concerned. The rose-gold color is truly stunning. You can bring it with you anywhere.

Mild Concern

The heat buttons are inside the handle. It can get quite hot inside there, so you’ll have to take care when using them.

Considerations before Purchasing the Best Affordable Flat Iron

There are quite a few things to consider before your purchase. You want to get the best flat iron for your money. An affordable flat iron doesn’t mean you go with the cheapest. You can get a flat iron for little money, but it might not have the best features. There has to be a balance between a good flat iron and price.

  • Ceramic, Tourmaline, or Titanium for Your New Flat Iron

The materials used in the construction of the flat iron can provide a great sleek style. Metal can stick to hair and burn it. The materials have to be gentle on hair. At the same time, they have to heat hair to the right temperature. That’s what makes the hair straight.

For your flat iron, it’s best to get a ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium material. Ceramic is very gentle on your hair. That’s good for fine hair. Tourmaline and titanium are good for hair that needs ions and higher heat. Those materials work well with thick hair.

  • Moving Around with Your New Flat Iron

This is a simple feature that can have a huge impact. The flat iron should have a swivel cord. When the cord swivels, you can move around the bathroom easily.

It should also be long enough to style without having to hover near the outlet. A long, swivel cord makes styling much easier. If it’s not long enough, you’ll be stuck. If you leave a brush or styling product across the room, you’ll have to leave the flat iron and retrieve the brush.

  • The Size and Width of the Plates

The size and width is important to choosing the right flat iron. If you have short hair, the flat iron’s plates should be short and thin. That way you can get close to the scalp for a sleek style. For long, thick hair, a longer plate will make the process much faster.

The right size and width can make the process so much faster. The right width means that you won’t be overheating by going over sections more than once. Overheating your hair can cause serious issues.

  • Plate Shape Matters for Styling

If you have a limited budget for styling tools, the plate of the flat iron can be helpful. A straight-edged flat iron will make hair much straighter than one with a rounded edge. This can eliminate time spent running the flat iron over sectioned hair repeatedly.

A flat iron with a rounded plate can be used for more than straightening. It can give you incredible waves and curls. When you buy only one styling tool, it can perform more than one function. That’s especially true if you’re thoughtful about what’s needed.

  • Who Controls the Heat?

Thin hair can get overheated, dry, and fractured if the heat is too high on your flat iron. You don’t want to end up with hair that’s not healthy after straightening. Thick hair isn’t going to be straightened properly with a flat iron that doesn’t get hot enough.

Each type of hair and its texture will need the right temperature. The flat iron you choose should have the right temp for the style you want. Plus, it has to be good for keeping hair healthy.

  • Value Versus Price for an Affordable Flat Iron

The flat iron can’t just be the cheapest option available. It has to have all the right features. It’s vital that you straighten while keeping hair healthy. The best flat irons that are affordable will provide a good value.

There’s no sense in purchasing a cheap flat iron that doesn’t have temp control if that’s what you need. It should have a high temperature for those with resistant hair. Any features that make your hair manageable are vital for the process. Don’t skimp on any features that are absolutely essential.


Your bank account shouldn’t influence how you look every day. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it does. Shopping around and doing your research is the best way to get a good flat iron. Not every flat iron has to be hundreds of dollars. With that price, you’re getting every feature imaginable.

For those on a budget, you’ll have to consider your most essential, have-to-have-it features. Those features are the ones you can’t do without. You can definitely get a best cheap flat iron that has the ability to give you sleek, shiny, healthy hair.

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