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Best Cheap Electric Shavers Of 2024: Spending Big On A Budget Using 7 Grooming Legends!

Often, it seems as though the impression of grooming tools, especially those involving shavers, is shaped by the price tag. In other words, the more expensive a shaver is, the better it tends to perform.

However, if you ask me, expensive doesn’t always gravitate towards good. Likewise, cheap doesn’t always mean horrendous.

In fact, when it comes to shaving the face, there are tons of shavers that prioritize serving users with optimal shaving results, that too without leaving a dent on their savings or wallet. Alongside providing a financially feasible scenario, the affordable companions also carry noteworthy qualities within and on the surface of their build.

From the first successful project of Braun Shavers to the best shaver of Andis, tons of candidates render themselves eligible on this list that I like to call the best cheap shavers on the market.

Stay tuned until the end to learn about the titbits regarding each candidate, especially if you’re planning to invest your moderate sum into a trustworthy, cost-saving shaver!

Series Overview: Top-grade Inexpensive Shavers Of 2024 Summed Up In A Line!

Top-grade Inexpensive Shavers

This guide contains the essential shavers one can count on if a hefty budget and spending large sums aren’t on their mind, offering the best grooming companions that save chunks of expenses by offering tech-friendly attributes and promising shaving elements.

While the purpose of each shaver is to provide praiseworthy aesthetics without charging an incomprehensible sum, each candidate also has a series of unique qualities that it’s known for in the world of personal care.

Though going through the upcoming segments is mandatory for meeting one’s cravings for extensive knowledge regarding each cost-friendly shaver, the following one-liners can be a great way to come to a conclusion for each candidate, which can help those coping with a tight schedule.

Shaver NameOtherwise Known As
Braun Series 3Best Foil Shaver For Sensitive Skin
Remington F5Inexpensive Way Of Obtaining Quick Close-shaves
Andis ProfoilMost efficient Foil Shaver At A Cost-friendly Sum
Handyman by Manscaped An Affordable Shaver And A Travel Buddy In One
Philips Norelco 3800Tech-savvy Rotary Shaver With Seamless Handling
Philips Norelco 2300Cheapest Rotary Shaver For Beginners
Philips OneBladeMost Versatile Traditional And Modernized Shaver On A Lenient Budget

Affordable Shavers Under $100: Best Investments For A Starter’s Budget!

Affordable Shavers Under $100

While going all out with one’s budget might seem justified for enthusiasts who have been actively partaking in personal care through shaving for years, it might not feel as worthy and appealing for those who have yet to get a taste of what it’s like to practice self-care in the form of face shaving.

If you agree with the latter half of the previous remark, know that there are tons of shavers that can meet your need for wearing close and skin-friendly shaves, that too for just a sum that doesn’t even cross a $100!

From Braun Series 3 to new faces involving MANSCAPED’s two-in-one foil shaver, here are some of the must-have shavers that can save you money and serve you with aesthetically pleasing facial hair at the same time!

Braun Series 3

Starting off this list is a representative of the Braun franchise, otherwise known as the Series 3. While the hardware is backdated and the technical attributes remain minimal, the Braun Series 3 is the ultimate foil shaver that caters to users with sensitive skin on a budget.

Shaving elements of Braun Series 3

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The device contains a triple-collateral foil system that is similar to that of the Braun Series 7, with less powerful software to run the show.

The SensoFoils feel rather soothing on my eczema-prone skin, meshing rather well onto the surface for a clean shave.

Braun series 3 pressed against the skin

Though the device is slow, I believe that a close shave is very much on the radar of the Braun Series 3, especially when the middle comb trimmer is acknowledged.

Braun series 3's precision trimmer

Braun series 3’s precision trimmer

The middleman captures scruffy hair like no other, providing smooth results without requiring shaving foam. When struggling to trim the facial hair down, all it requires is a splash of water to regain control of the results.

I’m a big fan of the ergonomic design that Braun provides with the Series 3, which not only has the weightlessness of a foil shaver, but also an incredible grip with the help of the rubberized surface.

Braun series 3 in hand

For a cheap shaver, the experience this Braun gives is nothing short of admirable. The device does lack speed, but provides users on a tight budget with a smooth shaving experience nonetheless, offering them tons of freedom to go their own way as well.

Braun series 3's handle

Braun series 3’s handle

To educate and facilitate, the Braun Series 3 also carries a reliable display for its Li-Ion battery, which is supported by a status indicator. The status indicator might seem more of a touch of elegance, but appears to be more than just a prop when working with newbies.

In addition to breaking the battery life down into 3 status indicators, the Braun Series 3 also educates users on its runtime, which can prove to be pivotal during prolonged sessions.

Braun series 3's status indicator

Braun series 3’s status indicator

In times of need, the Braun Series 3 goes a long way without asking questions, thanks to a Li-Ion battery with a battery life of 45 minutes. While it might fall short of supporting dense facial hair to obtain a close shave on 15 different occasions, it works well with my sensitive skin, and has supported me for 20 sessions on a full battery life.

Series 3 is deprived of a travel lock feature and software like Synchro Sonic technology, but is a great device that will always accompany you somehow, even in the shower.

Wet shave with Braun Series 3 

With an IPX7 housing, weightless build, and a foil system prioritizing skin safety, Braun Series 3 remains an ideal budget-friendly shaver for users with sensitive skin.

Great foil system for sensitive skinMight require a couple of swipes for hairless results
Rubberized undercoating provides an incredible grip
Similar shaving results as Braun Series 7

Overall Rating

Remington F5

A surprise entry on this list is Remington’s F5 foil shaver, which is one of the first successful concepts of the brand after the Remington Self cut and Balder Pro, two jarring solutions for those desiring electric head shavers.

Remington F5 design

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In my opinion, the Remington F5 is a great foil shaver that strictly caters to those desiring a close shave, providing eerily similar results to the Handyman by MANSCAPED, if you ask me.

The shaver follows a similar structure as the Braun Series 3 and Handyman when it comes to the shaving elements, with two flex foils that rotate in various directions to cover a series of angles.
Shaving elements of Remington

Shaving elements of Remington

Though the foil system does feel better than the blades of a traditional razor, I feel that they’re not structured with enough care for sensitive skin.

Don’t get me wrong, the three-in-one shaving head with the precision trimmer in the middle has what it takes to provide a clean shave to even the coarsest piece of facial hair.

Remington F5 in hand

Since it lacks technological means, however, the Remington F5 fails to analyse skin type, exposing those with susceptible faces to temporary nicks, but permanent scarring.

I am rather impressed by how it’s built, even after how stocky it looks. The pristine-hued chrome paint job really soothes my eyes, while the grip around the handle provides reliable control time for a relatively affordable shaver.

What really keeps the tempo going in my eyes is its battery indicator, which features an LED system with not one, not two, but 6 status bars.

LED Status indicator of Remington F5

LED Status indicator of Remington F5

This really is a signature component of the Remington F5, which might be great for those seeking functionality when working around a tight budget.

Alongside the additives is a pop-up trimmer, with relatively sharp edges that work together to provide a clean and mean shape-up for the beard. I would avoid using it if you have dry skin, however, since the sharpness of the added component can really scratch the skin.

While the device is a bit louder than the rest due to being free of having a motion sensor or shaving technological advancements for the motor, I quite like how the F5 keeps up with the rest in terms of endurance, with a Li-Ion battery that provides non-stop operation for 60 whole minutes.

Remington F5 in motion

Remington F5 in motion

With the lateral quickness of the Remington F5, I believe that it’s quite possible for users to reach out to this foil shaver for 25 sessions at least, especially for those who only believe in growing stubbles.

This extremely cheap yet exquisite foil shaver is a one-man army, it seems, obtaining the ability to act as a head shaver, just like the Remington Balder Pro. The shaves aren’t as close though, so be sure to prepare your hair with some scissor work beforehand.

Remington F5 being rinsed in water

Remington F5 being rinsed in water

Maneuvering the foil system might feel stiff and difficult, but what isn’t difficult is the clean-up process of Remington F5, which only requires a rinse to stay put.

The device appears to be an underdog for those who prioritize skin safety, but can be a fruitful affordable shaver for those who prefer rocking scaly skin with no hair follicles in sight!

Best foil shaver for a close shaveThe foil system might expose users to damage due to lacking sensors
6-level battery status indicator is great for beginners
The interceptor deals with coarse hair in seconds

Overall Rating

Andis Profoil Shaver

With a slightly higher value, the Andis Profoil makes an appearance on this list as one of the cheapest foil shavers that stays within a mid-range budget. When push comes to shove, the device is a powerhouse among time-efficient shavers, with a rotary motor that often propels the Andis shaver to stardom.

The reason that Andis is often called one of the best foil shavers is due to its shaving elements, which are carried by two immensely flexible hypoallergenic foils. While the gold-plated color scheme feels like a visual touch at first, it also guarantees the presence of titanium; a recipe that makes Andis Profoil an effective foil shaver for sensitive skin.

Andis Profoil foil system

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For just a reasonable price, the Andis Profoil not only offers hairless results, but also guarantees shaving comfort with extremely flexible foil heads. Although the mobility is compromised for stability, the foils make sure to mesh with my skin to provide a close shave.

The motor allows the device to cover tons of ground within minutes, while the compact nature of the device, which is another strong point that makes the Andis Profoil so prominent in this regard, allows more maneuverability.

Compact housing of Andis

Compact housing of Andis

To be honest, I love the wide and stocky build of the Andis Profoil. Attached to it is the feathery nature of the housing, which further makes the shaving experience easier, bringing better results into existence.

While the device lacks battery indicators, the cordless device is a favorite for its easygoing housing. Indeed, all that this Andis foil shaver carries is a power button, being easy to comprehend for technologically handicapped users.

Andis Profoil when plugged in

Andis Profoil when plugged in

Worried about whether it can go the distance? Worry no more! Andis Profoil has a Li-ion battery that not only enables a consistent speed setting at all times, but also carries enough juice in its system to support Andis generate promising results for 80 straight minutes.

Andis Profoil next to Norelco 3800

Andis Profoil next to Norelco 3800

Among the rest of the prominent foil shavers, I feel that Andis Profoil also ranks high among affordable shavers that can be travelled with. The device weighs only 4 ounces, and measures only 4 inches to provide fruitful results.

A downside is that Andis Profoil is allergic to and prone to water damage. However, the hypoallergenic foils do come in clutch when it matters the most, offering a close shave on any kind of facial hair.

Andis Profoil when pressed against skin

Andis Profoil is a specialist in generating smooth skin, but might require more swipes when working with coarse hair. However, as long as you’re able to pull onto the skin, this Andis model might just remain my favorite among financially feasible foil shavers with an acquired taste for shaving extremely close to the skin.

Double set foil system is fast and safe for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic propertiesThe only electric shaver without waterproof housing
Compact housing is a perfect fit for small hands
An affordable shaver with an 80-minute battery life

Overall Rating


A shaver that doesn’t often get the credit it deserves is the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED, a blockbuster target for users seeking a travel-friendly foil shaver.

Handyman in the palm

From the housing to the dimensions, the HANDYMAN appears to stand tall among this list of affordable foil shavers. What really catches my eye at first is the way in which it fits in the hand, feeling almost like the Andis Profoil, but even smaller and pristine in size.

Battery indicator of Handyman

Battery indicator of Handyman

The HANDYMAN ditches savvy compartments such as an LED battery status, and simplifies the ordeal by offering a battery indicator. It does leave out sensors as well, but makes up for it by reprising SkinSafe technology; a signature piece of MANSCAPED.

Blade system of handyman

Blade system of handyman

In short, SkinSafe technology allows the foil system of the Handyman to carry rounded edges for a close shave, minus all the damage. The leveler, which is another name for a precision comb, is good for narrow areas, it seems, often rising above when dealing with chin hair and such.

Don’t underestimate the speed of this bad boy, as the HANDYMAN is faster than most Norelco shavers on this list. Covering an RPM of 7,000, the HANDYMAN covers more ground than most foil shavers on this list, almost nullifying the shaving results of giants such as Andis Profoil.

Handle of HANDYMAN

Handle of HANDYMAN

The plastic housing feels amazing when infused with the matte-based structure of the design, providing a no-slip grip when it matters the most. Despite being a foil shaver, obtaining positive results feels easier when I press the device against my skin, similar to rotary shavers like the ones involved in the Norelco franchise.

Rejuvenating the blades takes minutes, while recharging the device feels just as effortless when dealing with the HANDYMAN. The reason behind it is not the Li-IOn battery it is based with, but its charging cable, gravitating towards the configurations of a USB C charging cable.

HANDYMAN when plugged in and charging

Thanks to the previous attribute, the HANDYMAN not only possesses fast charging abilities, but also appears to be one of the very few cost-effective shavers that can accommodate and host a quick shaving session after a 5-minute charge.

This might not prove to be impactful in the grand scheme of things, but has always come in clutch when I only needed a quick shave.

Just like the Remington F5, the HANDYMAN walks the extra mile by being a body and face shaver at once. It also has the edge over the Andis Profoil in my eyes, mainly due to comprising ability to enable wet shaving in the shower, which is what I prefer when I’m running low on time.

HANDYMAN in action

While the 2-in-1 shaving elements of the HANDYMAN do provide smooth results like its peers on this list, it might struggle to remain consistent on scruffy beards. Don’t stress about it, however, just stretch the skin for clean and clear results.

Has the sharpest two-in-one foil systemStruggles to shave an outgrown beard
Covers ground and shaves coarse hair in seconds
The size enables close shaves with ease

Overall Rating

Philips Norelco 3800

Closing out this list is Philips and their Norelco 3800, which is not only an affordable shaver, but also a long-term investment for sensitive skin.

For a price that charges less than triple digits, the Norelco 3800 offers everything and more, with floating blades prioritizing skin comfort in addition to generating outstanding shaving results.

Comfort cut blades of Norelco 3800

Comfort cut blades of Norelco 3800

The Comfort cut blades provide a close shave when I press them against my skin, moving through a 5-D system to clear out even the narrowest areas. The flex head moves from left to right to ensure promising results without any repercussions.

For a cheap shaver in the industry, I definitely am a huge fan of the ergonomic housing of the Norelco 3800, which ditches the rubberized grip on each side, but a texturized grip around the neck of the shaver.

Ergonomic housing of Norelco 3800

Ergonomic housing of Norelco 3800

This provides sufficient space for my thumb, providing seamless navigation, making the Norelco 3800 a rather demanding shaver in the world of cost-efficient shavers.

Attached to the handle is an LED display, which is only used for the battery. This once again proves that less is more in the world of grooming, and also shows just how well one can save their expenses when they place their trust in the right shaver.

LED display of Norelco 3800

LED display of Norelco 3800

In terms of battery life, the device is also top-notch, providing an hour-long use on a full charge. With just 5 minutes of charge, the Norelco 3800 also accommodates a session without any hesitation.

A trademark attribute found in this device is the fact that it can accommodate wet shaving just as much as dry shaving, thanks to its IPX7 housing. To take care of sensitive skin even further, the Norelco 3800 also enables shaving using assistants such as foam and shaving gel.

Norelco 3800 and 2300

Norelco 3800 and 2300

Now, there aren’t many downsides to this shaver. However, when push comes to shove, the device isn’t much of an upgrade in contrast to the predecessor, which would be the 2300 in this regard.

The shaving elements that the Norelco 3800 offer are the same as those found in the 2300, making the predecessor the better purchase for those looking to obtain the same results but at a lower price.

Norelco 3800 in contrast to HANDYMAN in the palm

Norelco 3800 in contrast to HANDYMAN in the palm

Additionally, when it comes to providing close shaves, the 3800 requires multiple swipes to produce hairless results. In contrast, the HANDYMAN, another shaver that charges an eerily similar price tag, is much faster at producing close shaves, offering more freedom to users.

Nonetheless, for its shelf life and the price it charges, the Norelco 3800 is still a winner in my books.

Norelco 3800 with detached shaving head

Norelco 3800 with detached shaving head

It might feel redundant when you look into its shaving elements and compare them with the ones infused into the 2300, but is still an upgrade due to having more functions in its LED display, a leaner and lighter handle, and flex heads that put the skin type on top of generating aesthetic results!

Great ergonomic design for an affordable price with thumb restGenerates the same shaving results as the 2300
A 60-minute battery life with quick recharging abilities
Easygoing maneuverability and cleanup process

Overall Rating

Flawless Shaving Has Never Been Easier: High-quality Shavers Under $50 And Below!

Now that you’ve made it past the first half of the article, which mainly pins its focus on some of the alluring shavers one can obtain when working around a budget of less than triple digits, it’s time to take a look at the candidates that make shaving and saving easy with their hardware and their convenient pricing.

While the list is rather limited, I guarantee that each shaver is housed with abilities that many might label as astonishing and essential for unprecedented shaving outcomes.

Without further ado, here’s a pair of shavers that will easily satisfy your cravings without requiring you to spend a sum over $50!

Philips OneBlade

Doubling down on all the technological advancements is the OneBlade, which is possibly the best affordable shaver in my books for those seeking to replace their manual razor with an outstanding electric shaver.

The device carries a mix of what I like to call traditional shaver, carrying functional attributes that also gravitate toward producing a modernized shaving experience.

Shaving head of OneBlade

Shaving head of OneBlade

For less than a value of $50, the Philips OneBlade offers tons of perks, one of which starts with its shaving system.

Featuring a rectangular blade with 4-directional mobility, the shaving head of the OneBlade generates results that only a manual razor can provide.

OneBlade in use

Though the device needs to be pressed onto the skin like the rest of the candidates making up the best of the Norelco franchise, the OneBlade feels more proactive on my skin, scraping even the narrow areas underneath my jawline and behind the ear to maximize efficiency.

Though backdated, OneBlade’s shaving system still prioritizes skin protection, mainly through the help of OneBlade technology. In short, OneBlade technology doesn’t necessarily control the speed of the system, but ensures my skin is comfortable by attaching rounded frames around the edges of the shaving system.

OneBlade’s shaving elements

The blade doesn’t have hypoallergenic properties, either, but makes up for that missing piece and ensures more safety with its motor, which is rather slow in contrast to that of the other shavers on this guide.

That’s not too bad, however, as having a slow motor not only prevents injuries, but is also a great element to consider for its noise levels, which remain low even when partaking in heavy-duty operations.

Handle and design of OneBlade

Handle and design of OneBlade

I quite like how it reprises the visuals of a traditional shaver, carrying just a power button for straightforward navigation. The handle is slender and easy to comply with, being a great tool for beginners to adapt to.

By tilting the neck and holding it upwards, generating hairless results with the OneBlade appears to be a walk in the park.

Although the device does lack the fundamentals that prioritizes making users wary of the importance of monitoring battery life, I believe that the duration it provides is outstanding, especially for a shaver that has been in the game of grooming for decades now.

OneBlade after being rinsed in water

OneBlade after being rinsed in water

While the old OneBlade loses out to the OneBlade Pro with its NiMH battery, the upgraded version, which is the one I’m promoting on this list, is fused with a Li-Ion battery, proving to be a banger of a purchase with an offered runtime of 60 minutes.

Though it isn’t as fast as Andis Profoil, the OneBlade still one-ups the former foil shaver with its housing, an element that enables wet shaving in the shower.

Adjustable trimmer of OneBlade when extended

Adjustable trimmer of OneBlade when extended

Perhaps the best part about the OneBlade is its adjustable trimmer, which makes this device the best affordable shaver on this list if you count the additives of the rest.

The OneBlade offers not one, not two, but three comb attachments, with the best one being the adjustable trimmer.

With the help of the adjustable trimmer, the OneBlade not only breaks down the pieces being carried by a scruffy beard, but also offers versatility by covering 5 different length settings.

The former is primarily used to generate a gradually close shave, but can also be used to contour the beard for sharper facial features, which is something I’ve tried out and narrowed out my jawline with!

OneBlade next to comb attachments

In retrospect, the only thing that tampers with the experience of having a shaver as inexpensive as OneBlade as a primary companion is its lack of technological advancements.

However, when you take into account its versatility and ability to generate promising results with just a little bit of skill, the missing piece in having convenient technological features only becomes nullified.

Feels like a manual razorLacks important elements such as a battery indicator
Can generate a variety of results with adjustable comb guard
Narrow handle calls for seamless operation

Overall Rating

Philips Norelco 2300

As opposed to the Norelco 3800, the Norelco 2300 proves to be an even match, especially when you consider the facilitators it contains to ensure a legendary shaving session.

This is because, despite being the supposed predecessor, the Comfort Cut blades working on the Norelco 2300 are the same as that of the successor, which would be the 3800, providing the same results overall.

Comfort cut blades of 2300

Comfort cut blades of 2300

For the cheapest shaver on this list, the Norelco 2300 also offers perks in its ergonomic housing, which is a bit bulky, but lightweight nonetheless. The device offers tons of control time, too, carrying a rubberized flooring under the neck and on either side of the handle.

Housing of Norelco 2300

Housing of Norelco 2300

The Noreclo 2300 isn’t as technically adept as the Norelco 3800, nor does it break down hair particles as eloquently as the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED. However, with its hardware, I believe that the comfort it provides is no short of soothing, with rotary blades covering over 27,000 cutting actions per minute.

Norelco 2300 plugged in

Underneath the power button is an LED display, which only devotes itself to providing the status of its battery. Often, in addition to conveying the power level using a bar system, the Norelco 2300 blinks when the device is draining out, making this affordable shaver useful for newbies in the grooming game.

While the diamond-based grip is a breeze to work with, the endurance of the Norelco 2300 is where the price tag makes sense.

Norelco 2300 grip

Although the runtime isn’t too bad if you’re seeking a shaver that can accompany you on the daily, the mere fact that it provides just 40 minutes of power is a bit underwhelming, especially for its price.

What makes things even worse is the fact that it can’t always guarantee a duration of 40 minutes, since the device carries a NiMH battery. In other words, NiMH batteries have a history of fluctuating in terms of speed during prolonged use, hampering the efficiency of the Norelco 2300 as a result.

Pop-up trimmer of Norelco 2300

Pop-up trimmer of Norelco 2300

Though the pop-up trimmer at the back isn’t as effective as it seems, either, the Norelco 2300 is a great shaver that takes care of sensitive skin with ease, thanks to its rotary system.

The 4D flex blades almost disappear when making contact with skin, working continuously to generate not just polished results, but also maximize skin protection at such a lenient price tag.

Norelco 2300 in motion

Norelco 2300 in motion

Sure, the battery life remains a concerning factor of the Norelco 2300, but what isn’t is the lightweight operation one receives upon investing in the Norelco 2300, which provides the same experience as not only the 3800, but also the 7200 if you ask me.

Despite falling behind in stamina, the Norelco 2300 is a must-have for those with low budgets due to being a waterproof device.

While using it in the shower is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I believe that the Norelco 2300 works better when shaving foam is involved. And for the price tag it holds, the Philips Norelco 2300 is my recommended pick for users with extremely susceptible skin.

Same results as the Norelco 3800NimH battery is backdated
Great for acne prone skin
Most affordable rotary shaver

Overall Rating

Why Less Is Always More: Staggering Qualities Of Every Affordable Shaver!

Often, the planet of affordable shavers is perceived as grooming tools that run big on cheap materials to save cost. However, more often than not, the reason behind their affordable pricing lies within the date on which they were manufactured.

In fact, if you ask me, I believe that every shaver, even those that are big on serving clients with affordability, provides users with fruitful perks and never-ending benefits.

From having reliable shaving elements to defying stamina with outstanding battery life, here are all the perks that one might discover upon investing in an affordable shaver!

Reliable Shaving Elements

Despite compromising in value, most shavers, irrespective of the price tag they charge, ensure reliable shaving elements within their hardware.

While the shaving elements range from foil systems to rotary compartments, each shaver is housed with hypoallergenic and skin-safe properties to not only generate confidence-boosting shaving results, but also console the skin by shielding it from enduring damage.

Weightless Operation

The hardware in each inexpensive shaver differs, often following or abiding by the theme and regulations set by the brand it belongs to. However, regardless of which one is picked, weightless operation is another trait that is almost always guaranteed.

Weightless operation makes for seamless navigation, providing users not just a comfortable shaving experience, but also one that is full of freedom.

Since most modernized shavers are built with ergonomic design, it is easy to side with an affordable shaver without second guessing the purchase.

Outstanding Battery Life

A characteristic that often shapes any grooming tool, regardless of purpose, is how long it can serve an individual. Likewise, in shavers, this aspect is constructed through the help of its battery.

While the FX02 model shows just how high the stamina of a gadget can prove to be when you spend a chunk of sum on personal grooming with its 3 hour battery life, working around a tight budget shouldn’t make you feel self-conscious.

In fact, if you’re hoping to lean towards the latter, know that most affordable shavers, irrespective of the brand they represent, are fused with Li-Ion batteries that support the tools for 45 minutes to an hour, two durations that are enough for at least 15 to 20 shaving sessions!

A Natural At Close Shaves

Though some flawlessly work around a thick stubble to generate glassy skin with no hair, most shavers, even the ones that are labelled as budget-friendly, tend to be naturally gifted when forming close shaves.

Andis Profoil and the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED truly outshine and rise above the rest in this regard, with the Norelco models and the sole representative of Braun trailing behind, requiring a couple of swipes to generate the same outcome.

Saving Money And Time: Durable And Profitable Shavers For An Inexpensive Amount!

Learning the ins and outs of body grooming tools can be helpful when you have sensitive skin. However, if all that you’re searching for is a shaver that will take care of your face and generate esteem-boosting results on a daily basis, all you need is a reliable companion with the right attributes.

While aiming for Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Arc5 is ideal for a budget without a rope, on the other end are shavers that lean towards providing close shaves without charging a high sum, labelled as inexpensive tools for moderate to low financial means.

In my opinion, there are 7 solid and trustworthy shavers one can count on if saving more and spending less is on their agenda.

And while the main focus of this guide is to show just how much each shaver offers for how much it charges the average user, it is also mandatory that you skim through my take on each shaver if you’d like to make this investment a hit over a miss!

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve gone through shavers that can cater to a low budget and provide promising results in no time, here is a questionnaire that tackles the fundamentals of using cheap shavers to generate promising shaving experiences!

Q: Which one is the best inexpensive shaver for travel?

Ans: The best shaver that promotes safety when travelling overseas is the HANDYMAN by MANSCAPED, known for its compact housing and two-in-one foil system. To protect the device from accidental powerups, the device has an intertwined power button, alongside a plastic-fused cover.

Q: What makes affordable shavers so commendable?

Ans: Affordable shavers not only save expensive purchases and money from one’s pocket, but also ensure skin protection with relatively convenient blade systems. Each device might have different shaving elements, but tend to come together by offering a reliable battery life, and lightweight operation through ergonomic designs. More often than not, each device also carries technological means in the form of LED displays.

Q: Should I invest in a rotary shaver over a foil shaver when on a tight budget?

Ans: While rotary and foil shavers both promote skin safety, rotary shavers tend to work best with specific face shapes involving narrow or tapered structures towards the second half.

On the contrary, foil shavers provide a bit more flexibility by catering to any face shape, but might still leave behind marks and nicks if the foil systems aren’t edged with the right materials.

Therefore, while both go above and beyond to protect the skin, rotary shavers feel better for those with acne-prone and eczema-prone skin types, proving to be the better candidate for those hoping to shave their beard for an affordable price.

Final Takeaway

With the help of all that’s been covered, one will perfect their knowledge of learning the most about all the affordable shavers on the market in 2024. And though the attributes differ immensely, each shaver is housed with compelling shaving elements alongside complementary features to generate smooth skin, that too for a convenient price.

While the best foil shaver for sensitive skin among the planet of affordable shavers is Braun and their Series 3, the Norelco 3800 as well as 2300 could be a great rotary shaver for beginners with acne.

The Profoil can be the best inexpensive shaver for those hoping to save time, while the HANDYMAN can prove to be a reliable companion when packing for weekend getaways.

Veterans with an acquired taste for classic manual razors can also make the most of this list of budget-friendly shavers, but only if they invest in the OneBlade, one of my favorites that promotes cost-efficiency with its value and versatility with its adjustable comb guard!

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