6 Best Chi Flat Irons for Every Hair Types in 2023

Every list of the top flat irons will include at least one CHI product. But that doesn’t quite reach the level of appreciation CHI can muster from their biggest fans. Those that use CHI flat irons often stick with the brand for life.

And we aren’t only talking at-home customers. Some of the biggest names in the salon industry swear by their Chi devices, and I think if you give them the chance, so will you.

But even the best hair tool company can’t make one flat iron that serves everyone. Customers have different needs and tendencies. Women with kinky hair, for example, require a hair straightener with higher heat settings than someone with thin or brittle hair.

So my list of the best CHI hair straighteners isn’t one or two deep, it’s six deep. I’ve worked hard to pick something for every hair type and experience level, from the do-it-yourselfer to the inveterate salon owner.

And although CHI products tend to be on the pricier side, but I even find some great deals for you budget hunters out there, too. Continue reading to find your next hair straightener today!

Top CHI Flat Iron Comparison Chart

ModelPlate MaterialMax Heat Price
CHI Original Ceramic392F Check Price
CHI G2Ceramic + Titanium425F Check Price
CHI PRO G2 DigitalCeramic + Titanium425F Check Price
CHI Expert ClassicTourmaline Ceramic410F Check Price
CHI Fire RedTourmaline Ceramic410F Check Price
CHI Miss UniverseTitanium410F Check Price

The 6 Best Chi Flat Iron Reviews

CHI Original 1″ Flat Iron

First up we have the original CHI flat iron. The entire line of hair straighteners began with this easy-to-use clamshell device. This is a fully ceramic plate design that reduces frizz and dampens static build up as you glide it through your hair.

CHI Original 1'' Flat Iron

The 1” plates are large enough to straighten hair quickly before work, but also thin enough to manage curls, flips, and wavy patterns before a fun night out.

CHI’s original flat iron utilizes a patented flash heat coil. The coil heats the ceramic plates to a maximum temperature of 392F. And because the device operates on infrared heating, the lower temperature still penetrates thick and curly hair.

The negative ion technology sends moisture to your hair from the air surrounding the flat iron. This reduces the chance of damage and a great addition for those with thin and brittle hair.

The original CHI began their use of floating plate technology, so no matter how you grip the device you cannot pinch, singe, or otherwise burn your hair.

This product ships with CHI’s 2-year warranty. And the dual voltage means you can bring it with you no matter where your journey takes you.

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Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

The original CHI flat iron stands out to me as the perfect option for beginners, or those looking for a great hair straightening tool on a budget.

You get the lion’s share of CHI’s technological innovations in the industry without the overhead found on their high-end products. But the price drop comes with some drawbacks.

For one, the original can’t reach beyond 392 degrees. However, don’t fret. This flat iron may be enough to reign in your kinky locks. The negative ion technology, in combination with the authentic ceramic plates, means that you may not need the high temperatures found on other devices.

The original CHI flat iron is also perfect for beginners because of its floating ceramic plates. You won’t need to be too mindful of your hand placement as you straighten your hair with this one.

What Could Be Better

The heat setting isn’t adjustable, which is great for beginners. But those that desire to fine tune their heat for different styles or hair types should consider a different Chi flat iron.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1 1/4″ Flat Iron

The CHI G2 line of flat irons updates the original model with more options. It also overhauls the ceramic plates with more durability. This makes it ideal for those that straighten hair every day or that desire the peace of mind that their flat iron is as durable as a tank.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron

CHI increased the dependability of the authentic ceramic plates by mixing titanium into both the top and bottom pieces. These flecks of metal add protection from cracks and scrapes without weighing down the device.

The titanium-infused plates also conduct heat faster than ceramic alone. This boosts the potential heat and spreads it evenly across the surface, to a maximum of 425F.

Not only does the G2 offer reinforced plates, but they’re also smoother than other leading flat irons. Even thick or coarse and kinky hair won’t pinch, pull, or singe as you straighten your hair.

This model ships with the slightly wider 1.25” base/ It’s perfect for quick straightening and still thin enough to style waves or long, luscious curls.

Included with the G2, you’ll receive a foldable tote, a universal voltage cord, and a 2-year warranty.

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Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

The G2 series stands out as a perfect middle ground between beginner and professional. I enjoyed my time with this model. I think a lot of that enjoyment came down to the confidence I felt using it.

I really liked the LCD system installed on the G2. On the top side of the device, you’ll find a screen that states the temperature of the titanium-infused ceramic plates. But not only that, CHI color-codes the temperature ranges.

This way, you know exactly what range you should stay in based on your hair type. If you have thin hair, for example, you’d keep it locked in blue. And those with heat resistant hair can crank it up to red, which is the highest setting.

With the guesswork eliminated, the G2 increases your chances of nailing that perfect hair style and reducing the chances of burning your hair.

What Could Be Better

While more than enough for most customers, I think the extension cord could be a little longer. And I didn’t notice much of a difference between regular ceramic plates and the G2’s titanium-infused version.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron

If you’re searching for a flat iron designed and used by professionals, then the G2 Pro model is worth considering. CHI infused the ceramic plates on this model with titanium. This unique blend ups the strength of the plates while also allowing for a smooth straightening experience.

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

The ergonomic design isn’t only stylish, it increases the performance of the flat iron. You can hold this device any way that feels comfortable to you and it won’t affect performance. Add to this the floating ceramic plates and pinching your hair as you straighten it is nearly impossible.

The G2 Pro is perfect for those that revel in customization. Unlike other models, you can adjust the heat to 425F. This is the maximum heat setting of any CHI flat iron. And the color-coded temperature ranges reduce the risk of burning your hair if you don’t know what setting is best.

This flat iron suits any hair type, from wavy to curly. And the ceramic heater installed in the G2 cuts down frizz and leaves you with shiny, straight or styled hair, every time.

Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

This is the identical model you’ll find in a lot of salons. Buying the Pro G2 means you’ll have the highest heat settings of any CHI model, and the extra durable ceramic plates that have been infused with titanium.

But more than all that, I like this flat iron because it performs really well. It’s on the expensive end, and you can tell. From the moment you take it out of the box, the quality comes through the thick plastic shell and the reinforced main hinge.

I like that they kept the color-coded LCD screen found on the other G2 model. I think it helps anyone learning the best heat settings or that plans to use their hair straightening on their friends and family.

Straightening your hair with the G2 Pro rewards you with hair so smooth you think there was a product sprayed on the flat iron. This is a great buy.

What Could Be Better

While the heat settings work as advertised, a maximum of 425F is way too high for some hair types. If you need not straighten curly or coarse hair, you could save some money and buy a different model.

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI’s Air line of flat irons combine the best attributes of their original model with the needs of professionals and detail minded at-home users.

CHI Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

The installed 1-inch ceramic plate has been mixed with tourmaline. This natural crystalline mineral compound keeps the surface of the plate smooth even after years of use. CHI’s full-ceramic plates are even more impressive when combined with this silicate.

The infrared heat generated from the flat iron creates negative ions which slow down the dissipation of moisture in your hair. This means that even during the long sessions required to style your hair you won’t burn or damage the strands.

A dial on the side of the device lets you set the temperature from 180F to 410F, which is more than enough for most types of hair. And an LED indicator next to the on-off switch notifies you if the device is still hot or cool enough to touch.

Heating time takes upwards of one minute. And the 9-foot swivel cord provides plenty of slack while also reducing the risk of tangling when operating.

Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

The CHI Air Classic stands as the perfect mid-pack product. You get everything from the original CHI with the added benefit of heat settings. You miss out on the titanium-infused plates, but the tourmaline coating smooths your hair so well that it’s no big deal.

You don’t have to buy a pink model. This flat iron comes in a wide range of colors, from blue to black. Not that I’m complaining, the pure pink could just as well be called hot pink. It’s flashy and I like it.

I also like the even heat distribution found on this model. I never had a problem with hot spots. Every strand of hair that passed through the plates appeared straight and smooth.

I recommend this product for beginners and at-home users who want to adjust their heat settings and want to try new styles from time to time.

What Could Be Better

Since the temperature setting won’t reach beyond 410F, those of you with very coarse hair may need to look at another CHI model. And the LED indicator won’t indicate when the device has reached its heat setting. It just notifies you when it’s too hot to touch.

CHI Fire Red Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, 1″ Plate

This CHI flat iron takes advantage of the newest technology that’s emerged in the last five years: tourmaline. Although most well known as a gemstone, when ground down to a fine powder, it can be added to ceramic for a few worthwhile reasons.

CHI Fire Red Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling IronPlate

The CHI classic Air has a smoother plate surface than flat irons in the same price range. And the natural compound also helps to spread the heat evenly across the surface of the plate.

The negative ions produced by this flat iron’s plates nourish your hair as you style it, so they greatly decrease the chances of burning or damaging your locks.

From plugging in the flat iron and setting the temperature, the device will be ready within thirty seconds. And if you forget to turn it off, a 1-hour timer will.

This CHI flat iron reaches 410F, ideal for most hair types. And with a 2-year warranty, you can enjoy this product with the peace of mind knowing that it’ll work well after your purchase.

Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

This is essentially another CHI Air classic, but with a fire red paint job. It also has a beefier ceramic heater than can reach temperature in about 30 seconds.

I like the floating plate design on this CHI device. The cushion between the ceramic plate and the base of the flat iron allow me to focus on my styling and not on the grip. It doesn’t matter how hard I press down or how I hold my hand. The device maintains an even pressure so that my hair comes out perfect.

The dual voltage option means you can take this with you on your trip to Europe and maintain those straight locks. And the 1-hour shut off timer quells any stress when you leave the device plugged in by accident on your way sightseeing.

What Could Be Better

Be careful with the CHI Air flat iron products online. Many of them have been found to be fakes made in China. Thankfully, Amazon offers a full refund in these cases. Still, check your product over carefully.

CHI MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate Titanium Flat Iron

Customized to withstand the heat of competition, this CHI flat iron packs everything needed for those that strive to look their best no matter the occasion.

CHI MISS UNIVERSE Style Illuminate Titanium Flat Iron

This hair straightener isn’t just sponsored by the Miss Universe competition, it’s used by the stylists that work the contest. As such, it sports a few options over other CHI products.

First, the titanium plates. Unlike other models, these plates are not infused with the metal, they’re made of it. Titanium plates are more durable and longer lasting than ceramic plates.

They also reach temperature quickly. The flash quick heating means the flat iron will be ready to use no matter the heat setting in twenty seconds.

The smooth surface straightens hair without damaging it. And the cushioned plates won’t pinch or pull your hair no matter how hard you press or what angle you use.

Also included with this product is an illuminated LCD screen. The screen notifies you of your temperature setting and glows so you can see it regardless of lighting conditions.

Why I Like this Chi Flat Iron

This is a nifty flat iron in the CHI wheelhouse. What could have been just a simple re-skin was re-designed to include some features that I really enjoy.

For example, the titanium plates made a huge difference in the speed at which my hair straightened. You only need one pass for most hair types.

The illuminated screen works great. Although it isn’t as robust as the G2 pro, it displays the essential information.

The best part about this model is the speed at which it heats. CHI wasn’t lying when they advertised this model with flash heating. Within less than 20 seconds the flat iron can reach its top temperature.

I recommend this hair straightener for those willing to invest in titanium plates. It’s not a crucial addition, but it will add longevity to your flat iron.

What Could Be Better

While the titanium plates are cool, the negative ionic charge from this flat iron is lower than that of some other options. Those that aren’t quick with their hands may want to buy a different model.

Why Should You Choose a CHI Over Other Flat Irons?

We live in the age of consumer choice, so I know you’re probably swamped with flat iron options. And with all that choice comes the inevitable feeling like you’ve missed out on something great. But I really believe that CHI remains one of your best options for smooth, straight hair. So to help tamp down that FOMO, I’ve listed my top six reasons why you should choose a CHI.

  • It’s Developed by Hairdressers

Unlike many flat iron brands across the US and elsewhere, CHI’s founding members were hairdressers with decades of experience between them. The owner and CEO, Farouk Shami, has instilled a culture of education and ethics into CHI.

Their website brims with informative videos and how-to guides. They don’t just want you to buy a CHI; they want you learn to use it properly. Many companies provide customers with tools, but only hairdressers know that the right tools in the wrong hands leads disaster.

  • Industry Leader Since 1986

To say CHI has entrenched itself in the hair industry is an understatement. Their products can be found in salons from bustling New York City to sunny Los Angeles. The reasons for their success aren’t just the quality of the product, but their support of the industries that buy them.

CHI listens to the stylists that work at the highest echelon of the beauty world, like the Miss Universe competition. And they tweak their products to perform better. They also invent whole lines of secondary products, like shampoos and conditioners, to work in unison with their flat irons.

  • Authentic Ceramic Plates

With hair straighteners, sometimes the advertising can make a product seem better than it is. Many products advertise ceramic plates, but what they are is ceramic plated. There’s a difference.

Ceramic plated means the flat iron ships with metal plates coated in ceramic. These are much cheaper to make and do not spread heat as evenly as true ceramic plates. And these lesser plates will damage your hair. But CHI flat irons utilize real ceramic plates, which minimize the damage and heat evenly.

  • Wide Range of Products

For the uninitiated into the world of CHI products, they may think the company only peddles flat irons. But you couldn’t be more wrong. CHI’s product line spans the full gamut of beauty products, and all of them are to the same standard of quality.

From brushes and blow dryers to pomades and curling irons, CHI produces it. This is great news for you if you’re hunting for a flat iron. Because the company intimately knows what sort of hair products you use and adjusts their flat irons to work with them, not against them.

  • Perfect for All Hair Types

Many flat iron companies focus on one demographic or hair type to satiate their sales quotas. They mention how their product is perfect for kinky hair or thick hair. But CHI manufactures salon-level flat irons.

That means they work on all hair types, regardless of ethnicity or assumed differences. I’ve even read of some users with thick hair that find the lower temperature settings work great with a CHI. And that’s because they build their products to a higher standard than your lower end options. They need not specify a niche, for they are the niche.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty

You can always tell the level of confidence a company has in their products by their warranty and return policy. From what I’ve researched, CHI’s return policy is far above the industry standard.

They offer a full refund on any product purchased online for up to 30 days. This includes damaged products or those that you are unsatisfied with. The flat irons sold by CHI contain a one or two-year warranty, depending on the device. This covers all labor and defects that you’d encounter on the device.

My Verdict

I hope my recommendations helped to direct you towards the best CHI flat iron for your needs. But I know that sometimes no matter how much info you have at your disposal, you still want an expert opinion.

Out of the six options I’ve listed above, I have a favorite. I think if you want to future-proof your flat iron and have a tool you can use for years regardless of your hairstyle, then the best Chi hair straightener is the G2 ceramic and titanium model.

With this product, you’ll be able to do it all, and at a lower price than a trip to the salon. The heat ranges are perfect for any hair type, and color coded so you won’t ever overheat and singe your hair. But whatever model you choose, know that CHI won’t let you down!

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