Best CHI Hair Dryer: We Reveal the Top 5 Hair Dryers from CHI

Best CHI Hair Dryer

CHI is one of the top beauty brands of all time. Stylists use the CHI brand in their salons. If you have the money, certainly buy more than one! You can gift them to friends and family. They’ll love you for it.

It’s likely that you only have money for one or two. In that case, the dryer has to give you all the features for your best hair day ever. Dry, frizzy hair has different requirements than healthy hair. Thick hair needs more heat than thin hair. It’s important to have the right heat/speed options for your specific hair requirements.

These reviews dig deep into the world of CHI styling tools. Hopefully, there’s much for you to consider here. With your specific hair in mind, learn what features you need for perfect blow outs that rival any salon.

Best CHI Hair Dryer Comparison Table

NameMotorSettingsNotable FeaturesPrice
CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer1875w
Led Screen
Touch screen Check price
CHI Deep Brilliance Dryer1875w
2 Heat / 3 Speed
11-foot cord
Check price
CHI Handshot Hair Dryer1500w2 heat/speed Hands-free stand
Check price
CHI Tech Travel Dryer1400w2 heat/speed
Dual voltage
Check price
CHI Tech Hair Dryer1400w
2 heat/speed 2-piece set
Check price

Top 5 CHI Hair Dryer Reviews

1. CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer

When it comes to innovation, CHI has a really unique spin on control with this blow dryer. The Touch 2 has ceramic technology as well as adjustable speeds and temperatures. They’ve given this dryer a new design with an ergonomic handle.

CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer

The touch screen is 2.4 inches across the top of the hair dryer. The speed of the air is controlled by the screen. There are a range of heat temperatures accessed through the touch screen, too. It’s arranged like a speedometer, so you can get the exact heat and speed your hair demands.

Along with the speed and temperature, you can adjust other things in the touch screen. There’s a screen option for ions. You can dial the ions up or down. There’s even an option to remove the ions completely. That might be necessary if you’re trying to get volume in your hair. With this dryer, you’re also getting a cool shot screen.

Lastly, the CHI Touch 2 has attachments. Since this is a dryer for all hair types, the attachments reflect that. Thin hair can benefit from a diffuser, which is included. A concentrator is included, too. That is good for all styling beyond the diffuser.

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Great positives

It’s tough to decide where to begin with this hair dryer. It has some really incredible features. Let’s start with the screen. That’s one of the technological advancements coming out of the CHI factory.

It has a screen where you can touch to shift the temperature or the speed. This is a dryer with the versatility to be used by an entire family in one home. It’s really no wonder that the dryer is used by stylists.

Change the speed, heat, ions, or cool shot with the touch screen. You can also blow dry hands-free. On the back of the hair dryer, there’s a flat surface for using the dryer without holding it.

A hands-free device with touch screen isn’t what you’d normally expect in a hair dryer.

Mild concern

It’s hard to change the options while using the dryer. It’s still possible to do it. It’s just not seamless. You’ll need to look down at the screen to make the adjustments. The sheer amount of customization makes it a concern that won’t stop you from loving this dryer.

2. CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer

The Deep Brilliance dryer has a strong motor, varied air speeds and heat. This hair dryer isn’t one with advanced technology. It doesn’t have a touch screen. It definitely has its place in the styling world. Not everyone wants new tech. They want a reliable hair dryer that gets the job done.

CHI Deep Brilliance Hair Dryer

That’s what you’ll find with this dryer. The AC motor is 1875 watts. An AC motor is heavy, but has a really long expectation of life. The AC motor powers the speed and temperature settings. It’s really fast drying. You can expect to cut down on your styling time with this dryer.

Women who have thick hair often worry about dry time. This styling tool is pretty fast drying. There’s also an ergonomic handle for gripping with ease. It won’t cramp your hand or arm. Other features include a removable filter for cleaning and an 11-foot cord. That’s just one reason that stylists choose this dryer in their salon.

The hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle. It’s going to smooth hair for further styling. Even if you want to go wavy, you need to start with a smooth, shiny base. The Deep Brilliance comes with a comb attachment, too.

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Great positives

The powerful AC motor is going to give you a ton of heat and air speed. It actually can be too much for some people with thinner hair. Consider your hair texture when purchasing the Deep Brilliance from CHI.

With this dryer, you’re going to cut way down on your styling time. Over the next 10 years, who knows how much extra time you’d get in your life. The 11-foot cord means there’s no tripping or maneuvering to get the dryer around all sides of your hair. That’s another time saver.

The hair dryer has additional features that make life easier like the ergonomic grip handle. There’s also a cool shot button. CHI has a line of Deep Brilliance products to go with this hair dryer. They’ll further enhance the shine of your hair.

Mild concern

The air from this powerful device might be too powerful for some people. The blast of air can be very strong. It can be too strong for thin or damaged hair.

3. CHI Cordless Handshot Hair Dryer

You might be wondering if there’s a really good travel hair dryer out there. You don’t have to wonder any longer. There definitely is, and it comes from CHI. The cordless hair dryer is compact, portable, and has great travel features.

CHI Cordless Handshot Hair Dryer

The motor is close enough to standard home dryers that you won’t notice the lower wattage. It’s 1500w. It has one button that works with heat and speed. There’s high and low for speed/heat and cool shot for sealing your style.

With a ceramic heater, though, you’re getting a heat that works quickly. The low-wattage motor won’t keep your hair from drying quickly. That’s important when you’re traveling. It’ll dry very fast and also seal your style.

As mentioned, the dryer has great travel attributes. On the back of the device is a stand for hands-free drying. It has Rapid Clean Technology, too. The LED lights kill bacteria and microbes that might try to invade the dryer. It also comes with a comb and concentrator attachment.

Great positives

The ceramic heater is where this dryer stands out in the crowd. It delivers heat into the hair shaft. That keeps the outer cuticle from being damaged.

With this travel dryer, you’re getting many great qualities you’d expect from a full-sized device. It can travel to the gym tucked into your gym bag. It won’t weigh you down.

The comb attachment and concentrator are going to give your hair sleek styling. The device will deliver a shiny, straight base for many other styles.

Mild concern

The fact that this dryer doesn’t have a handle can be hard to manage at first. It takes time and use to get used to not having a handle. It’ll stand up and blow dry while you curl with your brush. You’ll love it once you get used to the difference.

4. CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Hair Dryer

If you need a more traditional travel dryer, this one is compact and lightweight. It has a handle, so it can be easier to use. It has many other awesome features that make it an incredible travel hair dryer. It’s lightweight and creates sleek styles.

CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Hair Dryer

The motor is 1400 watts of power. That’s what some other companies use for their full-sized dryers. You’re getting that kind of wattage in a travel dryer. It has dual voltage, so you’re able to take this with you anywhere in the world.

In a CHI travel dryer, you want the great attributes you’d get in a full-sized dryer. It’s a lightweight design with adjustable heat and air speed settings. It’s just the one button for heat and speed. There are other features that are unexpected, though. For example, there’s a blue LED light with antimicrobial cleaning.

With this travel dryer, the handle collapses. It’ll fit in your overnight bag or carryon travel bag to the airport. A concentrator attachment is included with this dryer. The dryer has a loop for easier storage at home or in a hotel room.

Great positives

If you love to travel, this is going to be the perfect hair dryer for you. It’s very light and able to fit in any bag. The handle folds in case your bag is filled with too many clothes or shoes. Who wants to go on vacation without their favorite dance shoes?

The dryer has a ceramic heater for faster drying. The 2 air speeds and temperature settings are going to be enough for drying and styling. The ceramic heater is going to provide natural ions for fast drying and shiny hair.

The blue LED light is going to ensure that you don’t get any microbes from dust or dirt. You don’t want that blowing around your face and hair.

Mild concern

The cord of this hair dryer could be improved. It’s a 6.5-foot cord that is flat. That can often lead to tangling. It would be better if it were longer and round. When traveling, you’ll have to make sure the plug is close enough to a mirror.

5. CHI Tech Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

For this review, you’ll want to refer back to the previous product review. The hair dryer is the same wonderful 1400w travel device. It comes in a set with a CHI straightener. You’re getting two incredible products from CHI.

CHI Tech Hair Dryer and Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

The straightening iron is a 3/4” styling tool that is made for travel. It’s slim and lightweight. It has ceramic plates that are going to deliver infrared heating. What that means is that the heat will go directly into the hair shaft. It keeps the cuticle from becoming damaged.

Heat is a steady temperature of 392F. That’s a good temperature for most people’s hair. It’s not too hot for damaged hair. The heat is still strong enough for thick hair. The ceramic plates will stay a constant temperature without hot spots.

With ceramic plates, the straightener is delivering negative ions, too. Negative ions are going to make your hair healthier-looking. It’ll be shinier and less frizzy when you’re done. Between the hair dryer and the portable straightener, you’re going to have stunning vacation hair.

Great positives

You can’t get past the fact that you’re getting a set of styling tools from CHI. That has to be the first thing you notice. They will both fit into the drawstring travel bag that’s included with this set.

A compact hair dryer and thin straightener are going to make it much easier to style on the road. They both have features you’d expect in a full-sized dryer and flat iron.

The ceramic heater delivers smooth, gentle heat that won’t scorch your hair. That’s nothing you have to concern yourself with when you’re on vacation.

Mild concern

A travel blow dryer might have lower wattage, but it’s still giving you heat and air speed. A travel flat iron is slim and has small plates. If you have thick or long hair, it can take extra time to straighten with a thin flat iron. It’s still going to work, but it will take a bit more time.

Why CHI is a Top Brand in the Hair Dryer Industry?

CHI is a company made up of hairdressers creating tools and products that other hairdressers will love. Since 1986, they’ve been delivering incredible products. The company has 27 patents that have revolutionized the styling industry.

Unlike some other companies, this one isn’t only focused on the mechanical aspects. CHI has always been instrumental in training stylists and influencing style. This translates into their styling products like the hair dryer.

  • They Make Professional Styling Tools

As a home user, you’re getting a hair dryer that salon stylists use daily. They love the professional motor that will last much longer than some other motors. The motors range in wattage. The higher the wattage – the more power you’re going to get.

CHI has very powerful motors. Imagine you’re rushing because you’re late for work. Your CHI dryer will get you out of the house within minutes. The wattage ranges from 1000 for travel dryers to 2000 for some of the bigger models.

  • Most Dryers are Lightweight and Compact

You’d think that a powerful motor would be heavy. That’s not the case with many of the CHI dryers. They are lightweight, so you won’t have to break your arm holding them. That is one of the reasons that stylists love CHI.

The hair dryers are compact, too. They have ergonomic designs to help those who have a problem holding a hair dryer. Many of the hair dryers have a curved handle, which fits into your hand comfortably.

  • You Can Count on the Durability and Performance

It’s not hard to find hair dryers that have bad reviews because they quit after a few months. You won’t find that with the CHI brand. They’re the ones that will last for years without issues. It’s important to find a reliable brand of hair dryer.

With a reliable brand, you’re not going to wake up one morning to a dead styling device. Instead, you’re getting a dryer with great durability and superior performance.

  • The Company Cares About the Newest Technology

Not only does the company care about the newest technology, they’re usually in front of other companies. CHI comes up with a new type of tech. Others are right there trying to duplicate their success. The owner of the company wants to create devices that are free of dangers and give users incredible hair.

That’s why there are low EMF devices. Users won’t have to worry about electromagnetic fields causing health issues. The hair dryers also have rapid clean technology. LED lights will keep the dryer clear of microbes. Most CHI dryers have ionic technology, too.

  • Each Hair Dryer has Speed and Heat Settings for All Hair Types

Whether you have fine/damaged hair or thick, healthy hair, you’re going to need specific heat and speed options. Each hair dryer has speed and heat settings on separate buttons.

The hair dryers have some variation of a ceramic heater. Those with ceramic heaters provide far-infrared technology. That heats the hair strands from inside, which maintains the strength of the cuticle. It keeps hair from becoming frizzy and dry.

  • All the Attachments You Could Want or Need

Placing an attachment on the barrel of your hair dryer gives you a versatile styling tool. They each have an important purpose. The kind you need will depend on your hair’s unique requirements. There’s the diffuser for delivering volume as well as keeping curls springy.

The concentrator and smoothing attachment focuses the air and heat in a direct way. It’ll help deliver ions to a section as well as create certain styles. For example, straightened hair will start with a smoothing or concentrator attachment for your blow out.

  • CHI Company Awards

Finally, CHI stands out because of the many awards they’ve won. The company, Farouk Systems Inc., has been nominated for dozens of awards. The company has excelled for their styling products like their hair care line, which was featured in Miss Teen USA.

They also distribute dozens of awards to styling artists around the world. The awards usually involve a mentorship with their professional stylists. It’s a coveted award that many artists would love to receive. They want stylists to have the best education and nurture artists of the future.


By this time, it’s my hope that you’ve found the CHI dryer you’ve always wanted. It should have ionics, attachments, speed/heat settings, or a strong motor. The hair dryer of your dreams might have all of these features, or it might only have one or two.

You have to balance features, availability, style, and price to find one that’s absolutely perfect for you. Choose the one that you can take with you if you’re a traveler. Pick the styling device focused on thick hair if that’s what you need. These dryers were picked exclusively for their range of features.

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