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5 Best Clippers For Buzz Cut for Effortless Haircut Procedures

As a professional barber, I’ve used tons of clipper devices to achieve buzz cuts and experimented with them to see what they can deliver at maximum pressure.

Many of these units didn’t even come close to what I had expected or what the company advertised them to be, which was of great disappointment but that’s how things are.

But from those many numbers, there have been a few that won over my heart with the most neat buzz cuts that I would never be able to complete with any other device of the same range.

Thus, I feel obligated to share these clippers with you while highlighting what made me fall in love with them and what I feel should have been improved, you know, to be completely honest.

So I’ll ask you to have a quick look at the five clippers I’ve picked out that I’m comfortable doing buzz cuts with and pick out the one you feel should suit your needs the best and gives you the cleanest cut in the end!

Why are the Best Clippers for a Buzz Cut Essential?

Buzz cuts aren’t always easy to get right as it relies highly on the neat aspects of the look. With a regular clipper, it won’t always guarantee you the smooth gradient or even cut at all places. There have been cases where the clipper guards lied to me about length, and I ended up trimming at 1/8″ with a 1/16” comb, so I started to be picky in order to be safe and certain.

Thus, I’ve shifted my focus to the best clippers for buzz cuts so that there’s no mishap with any type of hair. Ever since I upgraded, my efforts had become straightforward and easy while producing the most elegant looking cuts. So I’ll ask you to pick the best possible one to mitigate any sort of risk during your procedure.

 Buzz Cut Hair Clippers Comparison chart

Name & ModelRun TimeNotable FeaturesOur RatingPrice
StyleCraft Ergo120 MinutesCarbon DLC blade4.7 See On Amazon
Panasonic ER-GP80 K50 Minutes10,000 Rpm Linear Motor4.5 See On Amazon
BaBylissPRO FX870G 180 MinutesT Blade 360°4.7 See On Amazon
GAMMA+ Ergo120 Minutes5 Magnetic Guards4.5 See On Amazon
Remington HC425040 MinutesExtra Wide Curved Blade4.3 See On Amazon

Best Hair Clippers For Buzz Cut: Proven to Deliver

I’ll review five hair clippers I’ve used and felt to live up to my expectation to deliver the perfect buzz cut with minimum effort. Buying any of these should serve your purpose in a better manner than with most other devices.

StyleCraft Ergo Professional Microchipped Magnetic Clipper

StyleCraft’s clipper has won my heart ever since it arrived at my doorstep with the supreme quality of packaging. It shows how much care & effort the company has put into satisfying which goes beyond just the performance. From the looks and ability of delivering the expected buzz cuts with accurate length settings, the Ergo machine will always remain as one of my favorites.

StyleCraft Ergo Clipper

Check Price On Amazon

Crazy Housing to Die for

Out of the box, the Ergo clipper was impressive as it came with two separate housing replacements colored shiny blue and pink with the original housing of black. It’s easy to remove and snaps on perfectly. In terms of grip, the design is quite unique in contrast with other hair clippers and is made in an angular shape which renders a different feel while gripping firmly.

What such a design did is that it allowed me to get close to my clients’ scalp with more confidence and my fingers never got tired of holding it on longer days at my barber shop. Performing buzz cuts requires prowess with the machine and this device has enabled me more than most other clippers that I’ve used over the years!

All the Necessary Features Included

Look, I frequently use hair clippers that require constant swapping of clipper guards to match with the buzz cut lengths. For this device however, that hasn’t been the case as there’s a clip attached to the head which lets me toggle between length settings in the matter of seconds. I could simply switch between sizes mid-trim and create a neat fade without shedding sweat.

The battery size is decent as I could get almost a couple hours of runtime with a full charge without the machine dying on me. The charging dock included in the package has been very handy in this regard since I was able to dock it in between the haircut sessions and the battery would always be ready to go. Although I believe having a battery level indicator would be an added bonus, considering the price I’ll drink to what StyleCraft has offered in this clipper.

This clipper is very quiet compared to many other machines that run at 10,000 RPM and I can barely hear it running inside my shop. The vibration isn’t aggressive and the cut has always been effortless as it manages to clean up hair very easily. With properly aligned blades, you’ll be able to produce any buzz cut with minimum effort.

A Couple of Areas to be Improved

I haven’t really found any issue with this clipper unit and at times I went without the guard for tapers. But one thing I must be honest about is that it’s not zero-gapped as the company advertised. It’s not a dealbreaker for me and I can live with it, but you should be aware of it before you invest your hard-earned money on a clipper to get a buzz cut of your choice.

Overall Assessment

As a whole, this investment has been worth every penny for me. The vibrant housing options are a great plus as I swap them out according to my mood as a refreshing gesture. It performs really well and precisely to the length. I’ll recommend you to go for it if you’re looking for a lightweight killer device at a bargain price!

Panasonic ER-GP80 K Professional Hair Clipper

Panasonic has always been a prominent name in the professional grooming area and regular consumers have benefited quite often from their affordable products including buzz cut clippers. The ER-GP80 device is such a product that takes every bit of user’s comfort into account and it has reflected throughout their design – starting from the length dial to the grip level that I must acknowledge.

Panasonic ER-GP80 K Clipper

Check Price On Amazon

Features that Cater to Everyone’s Needs

From the word go, the design of this clipper has been something extraordinary since I started using it. The grip levels are carefully crafted by experts with analysis of how people hold these devices. For instance, the housing is curved and has allowed me to get closer than ever and rubber grips placed at certain points never let it slip out of my hand at the most diverse angles.

I’m more used to changing length settings with a lever, but for the Panasonic device, they’ve made it into a radial dial. It’s clicky, sets at preferred length setting effortlessly and it’s something that I truly admire about this unit. The thumb grip is placed right above the dial and it enables me to perform diverse operations without accidentally changing setting mid-trim so that’s a great thing to have as a feature.

Also, removing the lever system has allowed left-handed consumers to make the best out of it as well because levers tend to get in the way in those cases. The 10,000 RPM motor gets the job done neatly, the sound isn’t too loud and it’s the perfect type of hair clipper that I think is good enough to produce a buzz cut at home or at a professional space.

Barber-Friendly Hair Clipper

Not all good clippers are barber-friendly and this is one of the areas this Pro device excels above many. It comes with a charging dock so recharging in-between shaves is not a concern anymore. The juice holds for around an hour with a one hour charge. There’s an additional dock included to hold all the clipper guards and I could easily pick out the necessary ones whenever I needed during my haircut session.

What Could be Better?

Certainly every clipper has its shortcomings and the Panasonic device isn’t different from those limitations. First thing that I’d like to say is that it doesn’t really give a zero-gap output and the lowest setting leaves behind 0.8 mm length which isn’t too bad for a buzz cut. Another issue is that the clipper guards don’t always click on and I had to wiggle a couple of times to get them attached tightly.

Overall Assessment

I’d say for the price that it comes, it does serve extremely well, the grip is superior to many at this range and it serves all round purposes brilliantly. However, I’ll expect Panasonic to develop their future clippers to be able to zero-gap with direct blade contact because this is the only thing that’s left to be desired from my point of view, otherwise it’s a 10/10 clipper overall.

BaBylissPRO Clipper

The BaBylissPRO Gold FX is probably the most aesthetically fancy hair clippers I’ve ever used and the rose-gold color hits the perfect spots of our senses. I’ve used it to try out buzz cuts on my customers for over a couple of months to see how it stands out and the results I received will surely surprise you, because they did for me!

BaBylissPRO Clipper

Check Price On Amazon

Looks Can be Deceiving

I was very skeptical about this clipper, I’m not going to lie, because most of the fancy grooming devices I’ve used over the years haven’t delivered nearly close to what the company had advertised. However, this certainly hasn’t been the case for this BaByliss clipper as I managed to satisfy most of my customers with prime haircuts and an unmatched level of comfort.

Before testing it out, I thought I wouldn’t find proper grip while using it since there’s no rubber padding on the housing. But I was able to place my thumb without any sort of discomfort and the textured housing certainly held the grip even after prolonged use. The blades are tightly fastened with two sturdy screws and I can vouch for the build quality even if it looks fragile but really isn’t.

Premium Features for Buzz Cut

The lever on the side is very clicky and the overall trimming has been a tactile experience that I truly enjoyed. If you love to sense every hair particle being chopped off with your hand and hear the sound at the same time, this probably is the closest you can get to those feelings. The comb guards have allowed me to trim at varying lengths and get any type of buzz cut done on my customers.

The battery is a good one which holds charge for around a couple of hours which is enough for me to get through the day. The charging light tells me when it’s fully refilled and the hook at the bottom is something I’ve never seen in other clippers of such caliber for storage purposes. The motor is very powerful and rarely leaves behind a hair patch untrimmed.

A Few Pointers for BaByliss

The complaint remains the same – it doesn’t trim down to zero even at the lowest setting. Also, for the price I paid I was expecting a charging dock but I have to make a separate purchase for that. The price is also quite higher than a lot of clippers that can perform similar degrees of fine buzz cuts, so it seems the main reason behind this pricing is the aesthetics. If you’re into fancy-looking clippers, then I’d say it would be a worthy investment for you, all things considered.

Overall Assessment

The strongest suit of this BaByliss clipper is its looks and the build-quality. It offers a level of comfort that many powerful clippers fail to serve and the outcomes are always appreciated by the clients. That said, I’d still think it’s a little overpriced and BaByliss could add a few accessories to make this a worthwhile purchase other than drawing appeal for its superior looks.

GAMMA+ Ergo Professional Microchipped Magnetic Motor Clipper

GAMMA+ has shared the same philosophy as StyleCraft on their magnetic motor clipper device out of which I’ve drawn great benefits doing buzz cuts on numerous people. It’s lightweight and the Ergo advertised by the company for the ergonomic grip didn’t feel like a gimmick, so I’ll probably advise you to go for it by the end of my review.

GAMMA+ Ergo Clipper

Another Design-Heavy Buzz Cut Clipper

Let me get this off of my chest – I’ve used this clipper with utmost care as I oiled it properly so that the blades remain functional and they did. The visual aspects include interchangeable covers of silver, gold and pink with the original black housing. The grip level is optimum and the bottom side of the clipper is where my fingers have found the most comfort.

The blades are angular which has made fading easier than ever. I had sufficient space to leave my thumb on, although there wasn’t any thumb grip made of rubber but that’s okay, it wasn’t a dealbreaker. The weight is ideal for longer use and the charging dock has washed away all my concern of charging it – if you’re wondering it does last a couple of hours with a full charge.

Buzz Fading Expertise is Enhanced Further

I’ve been able to do all sorts of experimentations with this clipper. It required very few passes to get my job done and never really left behind any big chunk of uncut hair. The motors are powerful enough and it’s surprising that GAMMA+ could make it so light despite these heavy features. For the price to performance ratio, this clipper supersedes most of the hair clippers out there for a premium buzz cut any day.

Improvement Areas for GAMMA+

Despite making such a hefty machinery, this clipper isn’t above criticism. The clipper guards included in the package are of a wider variety, but I’ve felt more comfortable trimming with my Wahl guards that I’ve always had in my salon. The guards included didn’t always cut at the perfect length which has made a few hazards so I started avoiding them as a whole.

Another aspect I should mention is that, while the blades directly cut almost down to zero, they aren’t very kind to the skin and not all types of skins benefit from it. So I had to be patient and gentle not to make any discomforting gesture and I’ll ask you to do the same. Otherwise you can end up with a really painful run over if there’s any mole on your scalp.

Overall Assessment

I’ll still say it’s a great value for money investment. The clipper never showed me any sign of disappointment while performing, it’s durable and the housing is made with a solid build. The buzz cuts generated with this machine have always been remarkable and the recipients never complained about the degree of comfort – the only key thing to remember is to be gentle and that has done the trick for me.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

This Remington haircut kit is probably the most childish-looking device I’ve ever used to produce a buzz cut. Trust me, I had all of my doubts at first and tried it out just to see what it could do. And my God, it knocked the ball straight out of the park! Such a small device capable of doing so much has literally blown my mind and I’ll recommend all of the home consumers to consider this as your regular clipper!

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Don’t get deceived by its size, because it has done for me what many full-sized clippers failed to perform! One thing I must note is that trimming others with this machine isn’t always fun to do because of the grip angle. It’s particularly made for self-operating duties so I thought what the hell, let’s try it out on myself and see what pans out.

From the instances I’ve put it to test, the grip on myself has been exceptional. The textured body never made me feel like it would slip out of my hand. The variable length settings are actually helpful and the wide blades allowed me to remove a larger chunk of hair at every pass. Also, the curve on the blades let me follow my head’s contour without causing any sort of discomfort.

Self Buzz Cut Has Never Been Easier!

I usually started with a larger setting to get the proportions right, otherwise there’s a risk of cutting down too short beyond recovery. Cleaning is particularly easier due to the angle of blades and the brush included in the package does it for me. Since it’s wash friendly, I generally washed it after each session to keep it running and mitigate any risk of residue formation.

The battery is good enough to hold charge for a couple of complete buzz cuts. At one go, I easily got over half an hour’s runtime without this dying on me. It can be used with the cord connected at emergency situations or frequent services, but I wouldn’t recommend that as it compromises the functionality and grip.

Couple of Improvement Sectors

There isn’t much downside to it, frankly speaking. One thing that I’ve learned is that it’s not ideal for beard trimming, but then again, you’ll be purchasing it for your hair duty and it’s exceptional in this regard even if you don’t consider the highly affordable price. Another aspect that could be better is the battery indicator as it can die out without giving you any warning.

Overall Assessment

It’s a bargain to be honest if you’re looking for a buzz cut hair clipper. Different length settings work like a charm and the powerful motor leaves not much to be desired. Fades are always neat and smooth – be that a low or a high. At this price, I will never find any other device to perform at this level and it has great potential to become your everyday hair groomer, hands down.

Buzz Cut DIY: Put Your Newest Clipper to Work at Home

Although it might seem like an easy job to perform a buzz cut, there are certain things only an experienced individual can tell you about which you won’t find on generic DIY guides. I’m filling in the shoes of that expert here and briefly describe the proper steps so that you can follow along effortlessly.

Step 1: Have a Clear Idea

Visualizing your buzz cut is very important. There are many variations of buzz cuts and they differ from one to the other in many respects. So make a mental mapping of having a reference picture in front of you before you start dipping the blades inside your hair.

Step 2: Trim Everything

Start with trimming with a large comb guard for your clipper. Trim everything down to a sizable length so that the further procedures get easier. Don’t chop it down too short at first because wrong footings won’t return you the hair you lost, but slightly longer hair will always give you the room for further shortening.

Step 3: Fade the Sides

Now, attach your lowest guard if you’re a beginner, or go without any comb if you’re feeling confident. I generally go without a clipper guard for zero-gapping so that the fade at the bottom looks neat. The key element here is patience, otherwise you might feel certain discomfort with skin to blade contact.

Have a mirror placed at both your back and front. Don’t be frugal while passing over the sections as it minimizes the risk of leaving behind uneven hair. Taper all around according to your preferred design. With all the sides faded, move to the top part at the following section.

Step 4: Check the Top Part

Once your sides are done, make sure that your top portion is accordingly trimmed. With your larger comb guard, run a few passes to render your hair even. Once satisfied with the seamless aspect, your job with the top portion is done.

Step 5: Smooth Gradient

This is the last and the most difficult part of buzz cuts in my opinion. You’ll need to learn a technique that’s called fading away. From the gradient between your long hair and skin-fade, you’ll have to make a few passes to smooth out the in-between area.

What I do is, while starting from the bottom with the blades placed tightly against the skin, as I move up I draw it away gradually. It takes a little bit of time and practice to get the motion right. The more you perform this animation, the more perfect your buzz cut is going to be.

And that’s it! With these five easy steps done with your best buzz cut clipper, you’ll be the proud owner of a fashionable look within the comforts of your home!

Must-Have Features for the Best Buzz Cut Clippers

Before you purchase the best clippers for buzz cuts, you must make sure that they include the following features that are of utmost importance for an effortless cut.

Ergonomic Grip

Buzz cuts are often a very delicate procedure as creating a smooth fade requires some skill and patience. If a clipper gives off the vibe that it might slip out of hand at any time, or even slips out on certain occasions, it’ll just ruin all the hard work and leave you highly dissatisfied.

Ergonomic Grip

Thus, a buzz cut clipper must have good ergonomic grip. For my profession, an easy grip means I can spend longer hours without fatiguing my arm or fingers. For home consumers, superior grip will allow you to perform buzz cuts on yourself at the most diverse angles without any risk!

Powerful Motor

Having a powerful motor in your clipper is always beneficial for a smooth buzz cut. From my experience, having weak motors tends to cause pulls or tugs on occasions. Even if there’s no pull, you’ll find patches of unshaved hair or having to make more passes to get your hair completely cleaned.

The rule of thumb is that your buzz cut clipper should be able to generate at least 7,000 RPM to at least be considered among the top ones. And if you prefer to have the best device, then you should buy one that cranks up to around 10,000 RPM.

Zero-Gap Blades

I’ve had issues in the past with zero-gap blades because there are many companies who advertise their product to have such capability but end up leaving behind very short stubble. And a stubble will never be enough for a skin-fade into your buzz cut.

Zero-Gap Blades

However, from the clippers I’ve mentioned above, even if they aren’t zero gapped, they get the job done without the comb guards. Also you can search on Youtube to learn how you can modify your existing clipper blades to be zero-gapped by making some alterations.

Variable Length Settings

I always need comb guards of separate lengths to complete a neat buzz cut. Because the hair is of varying length in this cut and the smooth gradient can’t be done with different length settings. Thus, make sure your clipper comes with all the necessary accessories for the perfect cutting process.

Good Battery Cycle

Since buzz cuts require trimming at unorthodox angles at times, it would be highly efficient if the clipper can run wirelessly. I’m an expert and can generate buzz cuts in a very short amount of time due to my experience over the years. But if you are new to grooming or self-styling, then it’s going to take you a longer duration to complete the style.

Thus, having a good battery cycle is going to help you out in many ways. At least an hour of runtime with a full charge should be your optimum expectation out of it. Anything more than that will always be welcomed.


Alright, I’ve told you everything I know about these five clippers and why I think each of them can be the best clipper for buzz cuts.

All of them have the capability to deliver at the highest level from what I’ve witnessed after using them for a prolonged duration, and I hope it’ll reflect on your experience with them as well.

What I can tell you further is that, since I hand-tested each of these clippers and received feedback from my clients with them, these do stand out from the rest of the pack in the market.

You’ll need some patience and skill to get going at first because you’ll be dealing with a completely new device, but over time I’m sure you’ll get there and produce top-tier buzz cuts without having to stress yourself out.

Until next time – keep buzzing with your new clipper!

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