Whether you’re in the workplace, at the gym, or at the club, how you smell is important. Forget about covering up. You shower regularly and use deodorant. You smell fine.

You’ve tried the drug store colognes, but they leave you smelling like you just drank a few menthol-flavored mixers. You want more. I’m talking about smelling good – as in, women want to jump your bones good.

With the help of my girlfriend’s nose, I’ve reviewed seven of the top selling colognes. Once we talk about that, we can talk about how to choose cologne properly. Here’s what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s the best cologne to get laid.

Comparison Table of the Best Cologne to Get Laid

Cologne ModelLongevitySillageMain Notes
Sauvage By Dior
(Editor's Choice)
Long LastingModerateAmbroxam, Bergamot
La Nuit De L'HommeLong LastingModerateCardamom, Lavender
Terre D'HermesLong LastingModerateOrange, Vetiver
Acqua Di GioModerateModerateSea note, Lime, Lemon
Jean Paul GaultierVery long lastingHeavyVanilla, Lavender, Mint
Sure Fck CologneLong LastingModerateLemon, Mandarin
Pheromone Cologne
Long LastingModerateN/A

An In-Depth Review of the Top 7 Colognes to Get Laid

Sauvage by Christian Dior

The Sauvage fragrance created by Christian Dior is sure to be the top cologne to get you laid. This cologne was made with inspirations taken from the natural world around us. Traces of wood, rock, and desert make you smell manlier. When people smell you, they’ll get the sense that you are interested in wild, open spaces, and love adventure in the outdoors.

Sauvage by Christian Dior

The main scent in Sauvage is bergamot. Bergamot is traditionally a warm-weather scent, and is long-lasting. This means it still smells good after hours in hot weather. Sauvage also has ambroxide in it, which gives it a fruity scent at first. This scent is less long-lasting, but leaves a woody note that lingers for hours. There is also a hint of spiciness to this Sauvage, which is popular in modern men’s fragrances.

This classic 2015 product contains 3.4 ounces of Sauvage. This can typically provide you with about 1,000 splashes! In addition, the wonderful smell can last up to 12 hours. You’ll never have to worry about not smelling phenomenal. This Christian Dior cologne will leave you smelling great all day.

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My Impression

I love this cologne. It has a great scent and is very long lasting. Sauvage is my favorite cologne on this list because it is not overpowering and is the perfect strength. Sauvage has a complex, multi-layered scent. I thought it would be too sweet at first. I was briefly reminded of Smarties candies, but the sweetness faded in a few minutes and left a strong, masculine scent.

When wearing Saugave, it makes one feel powerful, adventurous, and crafty. This Christian Dior fragrance is inspired by the wild. It leads others to see you as a top-class outdoorsman. I receive many and multiple complements a day when wearing this cologne. The scent even stays on through my busy lifestyle! You can be active and not have to fear about having to reapply your cologne because the scent will stick with you. Use Sauvage by Christian Dior when you’re looking to go out and have some fun with the people around you. Exert yourself and your confidence while wearing Sauvage, and they’ll notice it too.

What Could Be Better?

One thing that could’ve been improved upon with Sauvage by Christian Dior is the way of application. This is currently only an open top. This leads to the need to splash it on, compared to various other spray tops.

La Nuit de L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

The La Nuit de L’Homme cologne by Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most seductive colognes on the market today. This fragrance has a strong focus on spices and woody smells. This makes it great for those who like strong, powerful, and unique scents.

La Nuit de L’Homme

The key notes added into this best smelling cologne include blends of Virginian Cedar wood, vetiver plant, cumin, cardamom, lavender, and bergamot orange. Each of these individual components come together to make a unique and intriguing sensual smell.

Anybody who smells you wearing this is sure to compliment you. The scent keeps its distinct smell for hours on end. The smell will last no matter how much activity you participate in. Spray this on after a shower or before you go out to a party and it’ll last for the whole night. With 6.7 ounces of cologne inside the container, you can use this spray up to approximately 2,000 sprays before it runs out!

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My Impression

This cologne has one of the best scents I have used. From its various wood like tones to the flowery undertone of lavender, the combination of characteristics plays off each other to create a very seductive and pleasant note. This, with added spices, will make you feel manlier and more inspired by nature. Lovers of the outdoors are attracted to this seductive smell. I received plenty of complements when I wore this cologne.

One individual asked me if I had just come back from a nature walk, because I smelled like different woods and plants, just like the fresh air. I recommend this product for those who like unique and distinct smells and want to make an impression on another individual.

What Could Be Better?

One thing that could’ve been better about the La Nuit de L’Homme is how long it stays on the skin. Compared to other full day colognes, this lasts up to a few hours and tends to fade.

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men

The Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men is a great addition to your cologne collection. It will make your night very excellent. This very high-quality cologne is best if used in a romantic setting because of its seductive undertones. Romantic scents are best for nights because your brain can treat these signals differently as they do during the day. This allows for more compliments during the night.

Terre D’Hermes

The key components of the Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men include grapefruit, bay leaf, rose petal, pepper, patchouli, vetiver, geranium, and Atlas Cedar tree. All of these key ingredients are known to have high attraction powers. For example, the rose is a standard and great example of a seductive smell. A beautiful and delicately sensual smell is produced when all of these come together.

Terre D’Hermes is formulated for spring and fall use with its earthy, natural scent, although it can work well as a summer cologne as well. It’s also more potent than some of the other colognes I’ve looked at so far, which makes it a good choice for the gym.

You’ll never have to fear this smell leaving your skin during activity since its properties stay on skin for extended periods of time. Also, you get 1.6 ounces of cologne with the Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men. This lasts for approximately 500 sprays! You’ll be sure to love this romantic cologne.

My Impression

I was overwhelmed by the citrus scent with the first spritz. I learned later that this was only because citrus oil is most powerful when first exposed to air. The grapefruit and orange scent began to fade after the first few seconds (although it didn’t disappear completely). Earthy, woody scents began to come through, with a familiar spicy note. And let’s be honest. The glass bottle is solidly made.

The Terre D’Hermes cologne by Hermes for Men is a great one to use at night with a significant other. Your prospective partner will be attracted to your smell. There are so many invigorating undertones. This is one of my favorite colognes on the market and will continue to be. It is very effective. I receive plenty of complements about my smell and stature while I utilize this. People have come up to me just to let me know they enjoy my scent. The smell remains no matter how much I move or exercise. This Terre D’Hermes cologne by Hermes for Men makes for a great night time cologne that every man should try out.

What Could Be Better?

I wish they could’ve improved the amount of cologne included in the bottle. The smell is fantastic. It would last even longer with more cologne inside.

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

The Acqua Di Gio cologne by Giorgio Armani is a quintessential attractive scent that will draw you complements from everyone around you. This classic cologne has a long-lasting hold and interesting key tones that enhance you and bring positive attention to you. Acqua di Gio is natural and authentic. You’ll immediately get a feeling of wood and marine freshness when you smell it.

Key notes you can experience throughout this cologne include jasmine, rosemary, persimmons, rose, patchouli, neroli, green tangerine, and bergamot. This combination gives off a sensual and erotic, yet pure and classy vibe. Acqua Di Gio comes with 3.4 fluid ounces of cologne. This equates to about 1,000 sprays!

This scent is best used to attract people during the day. It is slightly subtler than others but just unique enough to precisely stand out.

My Impression

The Acqua Di Gio cologne by Giorgio Armani is one of my favorite daytime colognes. Using cologne in the daytime is more of a professional reason for me. This smell is just seductive enough to gain positive attention. It is not overpowering enough to cause problems throughout the work day.

The bottle itself is gorgeous and looks great on my medicine cabinet shelf. Acqua di Gio has an overpowering citrus aroma at first as with Terre D’Hermes. It’s strong, like having a grapefruit squeezed in your face, but it quickly fades.

The citrus scent becomes part of a warm medley of citrus, sweetness and spice. The geranium is a nice touch. I saw it on the ingredients list, but wasn’t able to pick it out. It’s just there as a faint flowery note that gives a sense of comfort without being really noticeable.

My girlfriend appreciated it, and it was the only cologne other than Sauvage that passed my “range test”. She could smell it from a few feet away, but not from across the room. Acqua di Gio is sexy and masculine, but not overpowering.

What Could Be Better?

One thing that could’ve been improved about this product is the bottle. It can be known to crack. Be careful when you’re handling it.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by Paul Gualtier

The Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne by Paul Gualtier is a top cologne for casual use. It has relaxing yet attractive tones. You’re sure to receive praise for your smell. This is definitely one of the more unique and irreplaceable colognes I’ve experienced.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

The Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne is a warm, inviting, and manly scent that will bring notice to you. The ingredients and key tones of this cologne include orange blossom, lavender, woody, and mint. All of the combinations of fresh scents, and the undertone of wood make for a very manly scent. Your partners will enjoy the smell.

The mint itself in the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Malecologne adds a crisp clean smell that will bring attention. This package comes with 4.2 ounces of cologne, or over 1,200 spray uses.

The old-school tin can and 1930s Coke-style bottle certainly add appeal to this cologne. The bottle was also relatively large, so I appreciated the value of this fragrance compared to other colognes.

My Impression

I find the Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne by Paul Gaultier as one of the freshest colognes I’ve smelled in a while. It has a citrus and fresh mint smell. This perfect for all around casual use. I received a lot of positive opinions from my partners even when I used this cologne casually. It smells seductive enough to attract other individuals. It is not overbearing or overpowering.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the retro tin can container. I also liked the wasp-necked bottle inside. The first thing that hit me was the mint. I could smell it as soon as I took the top off the bottle. The other aromas were pleasant, particularly the flowery undertones. Combine this with the awesome bottle, and I thought for sure that Le Male would pass the girlfriend test.

What Could Be Better?

I’d use less mint! There’s nothing wrong with a classic scent, but nobody is going to get a date by smelling like a peppermint.

Sure Fuck Cologne

Sure Fuck Cologne

The Sure Fuck Cologne is great as both a gag gift and a serious cologne. It can be used as a great novelty cologne for bachelor party gifts. Sure Fuck Cologne smells amazing and fresh, all with a hardcore name. You’re sure to get your goal accomplished with this spray.

The base is Italian lemon and Tuscan mandarin according to the manufacturer. The primary note is lavender, with “aphrodisiacal” warm coriander and orange-flower. Sure Fuck has a woody undertone of fresh ferns, cedar, sandalwood and amber. As always, there is a spicy note as well, provided by pink pepper. This cologne is non-artificial, with no exotic animals and no pheromones.

This cologne is funny as a gift as well. Give this to someone you know who needs a partner! It’s sure to help. The incredibly smelling Sure Fuck Cologne is perfect for attracting a prospective love interest.

My Impression

I absolutely love the Sure Fuck Cologne. When I first saw this cologne, I immediately fell in love with it for the name. It is a perfect gag gift! What surprised me was how amazing it actually smelled. I was not expecting the Sure Fuck Cologne to smell as good as it does. The citrus fresh yet woody cedar masculine smells come together perfectly for a very unique scent. The woody aroma quickly took over and left me with a pleasant, spicy, masculine scent that’s perfect for use from spring to fall.

My girlfriend couldn’t smell it until I came very close. The scent just isn’t very potent. That could be a positive or a negative depending on what you’re looking for. The Sure Fuck Cologne is a definite buy for a funny gag gift or for practical use.

What Could Be Better?

One thing I disliked about the Sure Fuck Cologne was that it doesn’t stay on your skin as long as you’d like it to. It can fade after physical activity.

Pheromone Cologne For Him by RawChemistry

Pheromone Cologne

The Pheromone Cologne For Him by RawChemistry takes a unique approach to men’s cologne. It has a strong citrus scent which fades within a few minutes. After this, it’s a mild, summery cologne with notes of citrus and banana.

They added pure chemical pheromones into this cologne composition to statistically enhance a woman’s response to a man’s scent. This lab-proven cologne is sure to be one of the best colognes to get laid.

It was made to specifically trigger receptors in a woman’s brain. In addition, this cologne has an excellent, light smell consisting of natural oils that are sure to be long lasting. Be sure to try out the Pheromone Cologne For Him by RawChemistry.

My Impression

I was pleasantly surprised with RawChemistry’s Pheromone Cologne For Him. It did not have a strong scent, but it still did its job. Chemistry is the most important aspect of attraction. It is difficult to become partners when someone is not chemically attracted to your pheromones. I found myself not receiving complements, but more acknowledgement. It was pleasant but definitely not overbearing because the scent was so light.

From across the room, my girlfriend couldn’t smell a thing. From a few feet a way, she still couldn’t. When I moved in for a hug, she didn’t say anything. Now, this may not be definitive proof, but it was the end of a long week’s work, and she still didn’t jump my bones. We both had a full weekend ahead, this cologne is full of pheromones, and she didn’t even make a suggestive remark.

What Could Be Better?

One thing that could’ve been better with this cologne is the smell. While light and pleasant, a stronger smell may have improved results even further to cover up any unwanted smells.

How Do You Pick The Best Cologne to Get Laid?

Many aspects determine how to pick the best cologne for you. Some of the things to look out for when choosing include:

  • What Smell

The smell is one of the most important aspects of choosing the cologne to get laid. Many people have different opinions and like different scents. You may not love all of these options on the list. To find one you do love, form your own opinion instead of following other people’s reviews.

  • Amount In Bottle

Are you expecting to wear this cologne frequently? Opt for a bottle with a larger amount of cologne in it. Many different colognes come in different sizes. When you find one you like, ask around to see if it comes in a smaller or larger size. Three of the most common fluid ounces for cologne include 3.4 ounces, 4.2 ounces, and 6.7 ounces.

  • How Long Lasting

Some colognes last longer on your skin than others. This is due to the composition and bases that they are made out of. For estimation of how long the smells last, read reviews and product descriptions. Remember, some people’s skin holds on to fragrances more than others. Take these reviews with a grain of salt. For a light cologne, find a smell that is light or fades over time.

  • Your Chemistry

Everybody has a different body and skin type. Colognes will sit or smell differently on different people. The chemicals your body excretes determines how the cologne will smell on your skin. These chemicals are determined by things like genetics and diet. The smell of the cologne on you may not smell as it does in the air. Always test your cologne on your skin.

  • Test It

People have different skin and therefore can have different allergies. You may be allergic to ingredients in a cologne. In order to determine you are not allergic to your cologne, spray a little of it on a small portion of your skin before applying to large portions of your whole body.

  • Bring Someone Along

If you’re looking for the cologne to get laid, consider getting a second opinion on your scent. Make sure this is a trusted individual, a significant other, or prospective partner, who will tell you whether or not the smell works well for you. The tested scent may be best for you when you and the other deem it to be.


Picking the best cologne to get laid is a very personal, difficult task. There are many factors to consider while doing so. Hopefully, this list is able to guide you in the right direction in choosing the best cologne option for you. Out of all of these, I recommend the first product, Sauvage by Christian Dior. It has a phenomenal scent and is long-lasting. Never fear having people avoid you for not smelling as great as you possibly can and get laid faster by using this cologne.

Be sure to test out different colognes and see how they work or complement you and your style. Use your cologne as a way to gain further attention from others and inspire confidence in yourself!

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