5 Best Conair Hair Dryers: The Company That Listens to Its Customers

Your best hair day often starts with a shower and the right shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t stop there, though. The styling tools you choose will have a huge impact on your hair.

Conair understands that styling tools really matter to your personal style. Your hair is part of your identity. When it’s healthy and fantastic-looking, you’re going to have so much confidence. A bad hair day can send you in search of a sad hat to cover your hair.

The best Conair dryer is going to have a strong motor. The wattage and the motor’s type will have an impact on all the other benefits. For some styles, you’ll want ceramic and ions. Other styles might require no ions and infrared heat.

We have broken down all the considerations for the Conair hair dryer. It’ll help you decide what kind of dryer you actually need from them.

Best Conair Hair Dryer Comparison Table

ModelWattageIonic Heat/Speeds
Conair Cord Keeper1875wceramic3 / 2 Check Price
Conair Infiniti Pro1875wceramic3 / 2 Check Price
Conair Pro Hair Dryer1875wceramic3 / 2 Check Price
Conair Ionic Dryer1875wceramic3 / 2 Check Price
Conair Infiniti Pro Ion1875wceramic3 / 2 Check Price

Top 5 Conair Hair Dryer Reviews

1. Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has an 1875 wattage motor. That’s a heavy-duty motor that can service salon customers. It can definitely be used at home, too. It has a DC motor that will provide incredible power. The motor will last for a very long time, too.

Inside the hair dryer, there is tourmaline and ceramic. There’s also ionic technology. The ceramic and tourmaline create negative ions that will moisturize hair. The materials provide an even heating that won’t cause hair to become dry. It’ll be smooth and very shiny when you’re finished.

There are 3 heat settings for this hair dryer. It includes 2 speeds for a varied air and heat interaction. Low heat with low speed is fantastic for those with fine hair. High speed and high heat works wonders for those with thick, coarse hair.

With this dryer, you’re getting quite a few extras. There’s a retractable cord that can be stored easily with your hair dryer. It comes with attachments for the dryer. There’s the concentrator that will focus in on the hair style you want. The diffuser is fantastic for curly hair.

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Great positives

The powerful motor will give you plenty of life for years and years. The DC motor is 1875 watts. It’s going to give you all the power and heat you could possibly need.

It comes with so many thoughtful extras like ionic technology and attachments. You can start on your style while removing water from washing your hair. It’s also very beautiful in purple. The color is vibrant and stunning.

There is also a removable filter for keeping the dryer clean. Removing dirt and dust will keep the motor clear. It won’t overheat as it struggles to find air. It’ll last for a long time.

Mild concern

The setting buttons are hard to push with one hand. While you’re drying, it’s possible you’ll want to change the setting. You’ll have to stop doing your hair to achieve that change. It’s a small thing and might not impact everyone.

2. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance Styling Tool

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Salon Performance Styling Tool

This is an 1875w AC motor. The AC motor is very powerful. It can last longer than some DC motors. It delivers airflow that will dry your hair much faster than dryers with lower watts. This dryer has 50% faster drying time compared to other dryers.

Inside this dryer, there is ceramic technology. The ceramic is the material that causes this dryer to deliver even heat. The ceramic technology helps with ionic distribution. The ceramic emits ions that are able to smooth hair and cause it to shine like silk.

There are 3 heat settings and 2 speeds with this dryer. The 2 heat speeds are able to dry hair fully. The three heat settings are low, medium, and high. Those heat settings combined with the speeds deliver the exact heat and speed you require. On the handle, you’re getting a cool shot button, too.

The dryer has a cool shot button for locking in the style you have after drying. There’s a removable filter. It can be cleaned regularly. It should be cleaned regularly to keep the dryer in the best shape possible. The dryer comes with a concentrator attachment as well as a diffuser.

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Great positives

This styling tool has high-end features. There’s ionic technology, a heavy-duty motor, and great extras. The ionic technology will give you smooth, shiny hair after drying.

The motor will perform well for many years. It comes with a removable filter for making sure the motor lasts as long as it should. Clean filters equal extended motor life.

It comes with the attachments for making all kinds of hair and texture. The concentrator and diffuser create the base for many styles. You might not even need a styling tool after using their dryer.

Mild concern

The air speeding out of this dryer can be too much for some. If you have fine, thin hair, this can blow like a wind tunnel. It might be hard to control hair, which leads to tangles. Those with heavier hair won’t have a problem with the speed. That kind of speed can be very noisy, too.

3. Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

With this hair dryer, you’re getting a full-size dryer with a professional motor. It’s an 1875 watt motor that provides a huge amount of power. It’s enough power for even a salon hair dryer. It will certainly be a good one for your home, too.

You’ll experience less frizz and dryness when using this dryer. It has ionic technology from the tourmaline ceramic. With ionic technology, you get a few million negative ions cascading over your hair. It will remove the positive ions that are all over dry hair. It helps to relieve frizz, too.

A strong motor is very important for air speed as well as heat. It powers the entire device. The air speed of this hair dryer is great for fast drying. There are two air speeds. There are 3 heat settings. The heater in this dryer has infrared heat. Between the heat and speed, that’s a ton of flexibility for styling.

It comes with plenty of extras that are great features. There’s the concentrator nozzle for creating sleek hair. It focuses the air for styling. The dryer has a removable filter for cleaning. There’s a cool shot button for sealing in your style, too.

Great positives

A great hair dryer can actually make your hair look healthier. If you have frizz or dryness, a hair dryer using ionic technology is going to work wonders.

The tourmaline and ceramic in this one are going to make your hair shiny and sleek. It’ll help with many styles you want to achieve. The infrared heat helps with that, too.

It’ll heat from the inside and save your hair’s natural moisture. The infrared heat also causes hair to dry much faster. That lessens the amount of heat that your hair is subjected to.

Mild concern

This dryer has a pretty short power cord. At just 5 feet, it’s not going to allow you much movement. It will work in a small space, though. Your outlet will need to be fairly close to the mirror where you’ll be styling.

4. Conair 1875w Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Conair 1875w Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer features a DC motor of 1875 watts. It’s a powerful motor that will give you incredible heat and air speed. The motor is a High Torque DC motor. It increases the speed in which your hair dries. When you can dry your hair faster, you’re going to get styled and out of the house quickly.

In this dryer, there is ceramic and tourmaline. It contributes to the ionic technology. There’s less frizz in your hair as well as less static. That’s due to the negative ions. Negative ions attack positive ions. Dry, frizzy hair is full of positive ions. It’s the positive charge that has to be eliminated.

There are 3 separate heat speeds and 2 air speeds. They work independently from each other. You can use low speeds with low, medium, or high temperatures. If your hair is really wet and thick, high speed and high heat will get your hair done faster. The infrared heat of this dryer is still gentle at high temps.

The hinged filter on the back of the hair dryer is easy to clean. It’s important to clean the filter regularly. Otherwise, the motor could overheat and short out. It can be opened to clean the air intake as well. The dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser for certain hair styles.

Great positives

There are many dryers that don’t have independent heat and air speeds. Usually, those hair dryers have one button to go high or low. The speed and the heat can’t be changed together.

This dryer has independent heat and air. The motor is really strong, too. The 1875w DC motor will give you plenty of air. In fact, it might be too much for some people.

Those with thin hair might not love the extremely strong air. That’s okay because it also comes with a diffuser and concentrator. That will help focus the wind where needed.diffuser

Mild concern

The hair dryer is only 110v. It won’t travel well unless you make additional purchases. An adapter and converter are needed for those who want to take this on a work trip or vacation. The attachments can sometimes fall off if they’re not placed strongly.

5. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Ion Choice Hair Dryer

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt Ion Choice Hair Dryer

As with the previous reviews, this dryer has 1875 watts. This is at the top of the line when it comes to motor wattage. It has a professional AC motor that will work for a very long time. It also provides a ton of air being propelled out of the dryer. Hair will dry much faster with this dryer.

This lovely rainbow oil slick exterior hides a powerful motor and great materials. It has ceramic technology inside. The ceramic ensures that the heat is gentle and even. It will dry very fast, but it will do so without damage. You don’t want to damage your hair with the heat.

There are 3 heat settings to choose from with this dryer. You can move them independently from the air speed settings. Low, medium, and high are the choices. The speed settings can be high or low. Match them to the right heat settings for your hair type.

The hair dryer has the ability to turn ions on to smooth and moisturize your hair. That helps when you’re trying to get a really sleek, straight style. Other times, you might not want ions. You can also turn them off with this dryer. It’s called Ion Choice. Times when you don’t want ions might be when you want more volume.

Great positives

There’s so much to talk about with this hair dryer. First, there’s the lovely outside detail. The rainbow is really interesting and pretty. You can also look past that and see real technology that can make hair healthier.

The Ion Choice is fantastic. It allows you to choose whether you want a sleek style or voluminous curls. Right from the moment your hair is dried, you’re able to create a base for that style.

In the diffuser and concentrator, you’re able to further craft that style for yourself. The attachments are great as are the other extras. There’s a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Mild concern

The buttons to change the heat and speed are in an awkward place. You have to be well aware of the placement while drying. Otherwise, your grip will change the settings. The dryer can be very loud at the highest speed, too.

Why Conair is Such a Popular Brand in Hair Dryer Industry?

Almost everyone has heard of Conair. It’s a company that has been making great styling tools for a while. They’re constantly advancing the technology of styling devices and being a leader in the space.

  • It’s Been Around Forever

Conair Corporation has been around for many, many years. They started out as a company selling health and beauty products. They also sold small appliances and personal care products.

The company was founded in 1959. That’s 60 years of creating products that people love. Of course, they have expanded and grown in that time. They are still making incredible products that customers love.

  • They Care About Materials and Advanced Technology

Many of their dryers have ionic technology. Negative ions are emitted by the materials they use. There’s tourmaline or ceramic in their dryers. They also have options to turn the ionic technology on or off.

Those type of dryers have ion emitters. If they have grilles made from ceramic or tourmaline, they can’t be turned off. Ion emitters generate ions and can be switched off or on as needed.

  • Strong Motors that Last a Long Time

The Conair dryers have very strong motors. They use AC motors that last for a long time. There’s nothing worse than purchasing an expensive dryer that dies in a few months.

The motors have high wattage to provide users with the air power to dry hair quickly. Dryers can range in wattage from 1000w to 2000w and beyond. Professionals can get dryers that reach up to 3600w. For home use, you will find that most dryers have a high wattage between 1875 and 2300.

  • Value and Benefits

The company provides a good value for their hair dryers. The consumer is getting great benefits for their money. Most dryers from Conair are affordable and reasonably priced. They give you the latest technology without emptying your wallet.

You’ll get high quality features like the motor, advanced technology, and great materials. They often have terrific heaters that give you varied temperatures, too.

  • Unique Devices that Look Beautiful

While providing you with great features, the devices look stunningly beautiful, too. You’ll love looking at these devices sitting on your vanity. They have unique styles like translucent colors, rose gold and white, and rainbow.

There’s a sophisticated color for every person out there. There’s no reason you shouldn’t look at the style and color when choosing a dryer. It’s something that you’ll see almost daily.

  • All the Extras for Styling

Along with all the technological advancements like ion emitters, the dryers come with other features. There are attachments like the concentrator that are included with the dryers. Diffusers are often included, too.

There are removable filters for keeping the dryer clean and well-maintained. It’s important for the life of the dryer to keep it clean. Dust and dirt blocking the filter can overheat and burn out the motor.


The Conair company has many years of experience making products that consumers love. Their hair dryers are no exception. They have some of the best motors that will last a very long time.

The best Conair hair dryer can be hard to pick from all the great ones they have. It’s always best to choose based on your own texture and the style you need. The company includes plenty of extras that allow for easy travel with your device.

With this company, you’re getting a product that they have really researched and thought about. It will address customer concerns and has the ability to give you beautiful hair.

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