Best Corded Beard Trimmer: Get the Perfect Beard Trim

They say that having a good beard is suitable for creating enticing first impressions, which is a fact that I completely side with. And although your genetics will determine the density of your beard, the tools you rely on behind the scenes will shape the future of the visuals.

Although a simple shave would be sufficient to maintain a smooth aesthetic with sharp facial features, maintaining a beard, on the other hand, won’t be as easy as it seems. However, if you do replace your sidekick with a corded beard trimmer, I can assure you that you’ll completely control the outcome.

Moving on, whether you’re trying to maintain your Van Dyke beard or your scruffy and bedhead-like beard, know that a corded beard trimmer can be of assistance. And if you’d like to see the best-corded beard trimmers currently up for grabs, stay tuned as I unveil my list of recommended options!

Features Comparison For Corded Beard Trimmer Models

Beard ModelBlade Features
Wahl Clipper Pro
Taper for 0.5 and 2.4mm
Check price
Wahl PowerPro Detailer
Durable Wahl Blades4 Check price
Andis T-Outliner
T-blade layout
Check price
Oster Fast Feed
Taper for 0.5 and 2.4mm
4 Check price
Panasonic ER-GB80-S
Separate slide-up blade
3 Check price
Wahl 5-Star #8110
Smooth steel blade base
3 Check price

Top 6 Corded Trimmers You Can Use For Your Beard

Trimming your beard and maintaining the structure might seem like a burdensome task with zero rewards at first. Although the experience will change for the better with each trimming session, the progress will become more substantial if you count on the right beard trimmer.

By reading through the formerly-mentioned table of content, you’ll learn about the elements you need to be wary of before making your pick. Knowing about the blade will allow you to learn about the designs you can create, while the comb attachments will give you a precise preview of the potential of each beard trimmer. And if you’d like to discover more attributes about each option that is on my list, don’t be hesitant to move on to the following portions!

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Haircut Kit

Having a trimmer that can work for all beard lengths can make a difference for one’s grooming needs. This Wahl model offers support for many beard sizes.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Haircut Kit For Men

The housing features a lightweight body and offers a rising surface on the top part. The second space provides you with extra help for keeping a firm grip on the trimming unit.

The trimmer unit uses a taper lever that supports 0.5 and 2.4mm cuts. The self-sharpening blades produce a smooth cut all the way through.

The clipper set uses an assortment of guide combs. Ten combs from 1.5 to 25mm work in this set. The combs are designed to support the beard hair while being trimmed, thus creating the best borders and layouts possible.

An eight-foot cord supplies the trimmer with power. You will also get a premium comb, a haircutting cape, and an attachment guard for your convenience.

A storage case works with a locking latch added on the top. A nylon bag is also included for making it easier for the unit to keep working in many situations.

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My Impression

The trimmer offers a secure design that I appreciated. I found it easy for me to hold the trimmer. The unit does not produce lots of annoying vibrations either.

The taper lever was easy to use and did not require lots of effort for me to trigger. The simplified design of the trimmer also ensured that I could switch from a long to a short setting. It is also effortless for me to add the attachment combs to the end. Those combs are also much sturdier than what I have found elsewhere; I don’t have to worry about those pieces coming apart or wearing out.

The blades also run quite well. There were no cases when I was using this where the blades locked up or stopped running as quickly as usual.

What Could Be Better?

The maintenance process for this trimmer is kind of hard to use. The unit keeps on having to be oiled; it seems like I am adding more oil than usual here.

Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer

With an inexpensive price tag and a heavy-duty motor, the Wahl PowerPro definitely has what it takes to be the ideal beard trimmer. The stock model comes with a T-blade that is usually the go-to option for maintenance cuts.

However, for reducing bulk from a heavy set of beards, consider relying on the potential of its precise trimmer blade. Additionally, for shaping up the sideburns or cleaning up thinner patches of your beard, don’t think twice before using its detailed trimmer head.

Wahl PowerPro Corded Beard Trimmer

To offer a promising trimming experience, the Wahl PowerPro consists of convenient housing. The lean handle of the beard trimmer provides a great grip during every session, while the minimalist placement of the power switch makes this tool a frontrunner among straightforward beard trimmers.

The Wahl PowerPro is surely a good candidate for its durable carbon precision ground blades, but it is even more promising for the smooth shave it can bring to life. In addition to using the variety of blades included inside its packaging, you may also use the set of comb attachments that this corded beard trimmer generously provides. While all of them fit seamlessly with the structure of the PowerPro’s detachable blade, only nine of them are useful enough to deal with facial hair.

Another unique characteristic about this trimmer that swept me off my feet is its maintenance routine, which is far from demanding. On average, the device requires a thorough cleanup after every trimming session, while the blades need to be rejuvenated with the blade oil.

Despite being a sizable tool due to its six-foot-long cord, the Wahl PowerPro is the perfect sidekick for travelers due to its stress-free storage case.

Overall, I believe that Wahl’s PowerPro is an underdog on this list due to the flowers it doesn’t receive on a regular basis. In addition to having a lenient price tag, Wahl PowerPro provides a series of blades that caters to different scenarios. And although the width of each blade often falls short when it’s assigned to bring forward a cleanly shaven look, the device is more than sufficient for maintaining a coarse beard and a thin beard with zero effort and minimal drawbacks.

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My Impression 

Wahl’s PowerPro is a magnificent trimmer to look forward to if you have a budget that slightly crosses $50. For an inexpensive sum, the Wahl PowerPro offers a ton of promising attributes.

From providing different shaving results with the help of 13 comb attachments to creating sharper and more enticing visuals on one’s beard using three kinds of blades, the Wahl PowerPro is a professional when it comes to flexibility.

With durable housing and a design with just one on/off switch at the bottom of its handle, the PowerPro is an excellent pick for those who prefer simplicity. Although the blades are known for being resilient for an extensive duration, the consistency of their performance can be maintained by using the cleaning kit that is provided in the packaging of Wahl PowerPro.

What Could Be Better?

I will always bet on Wahl PowerPro if a quick trim is all that you’re hoping to obtain. However, since each detachable blade is rather wide, it wouldn’t be the best idea to expect the device to create results that a trimmer with a zero-gap blade would.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

The need to cut beard hair close and carefully is a necessity. Andis makes this trimmer as a model that uses a closer cut every time.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer

The physical body has a gentle curve with several grooves coming out of its body. The design provides you with a firm grip.

The T-blade cuts close to the beard and works well for fades and trims. The carbon-steel materials are self-sharpening models that continue to work well with regular oiling.

The T-blade does exceptionally well with many curved surfaces. You can use this to trim around the sideburns and spots around the ears for an even cut.

A magnetic motor runs quietly and effortlessly. The motor works at a speed of 7,200 SPM thus producing a faster cut that moves through beard hair in moments. The power source does not produce lots of heat either. An eight-foot power cord also ensures that the power generated is consistent throughout regular use.

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My Impression

The power knob on the bottom part adds a simple approach to keeping the unit active. I found the Andis trimmer to be consistent with regular use.

I like how well the trimmer can be held and used in many situations. In addition to the unit being light in weight, the cord was also flexible and easy to use without the unit being too rigid or rough. The grooved body was also a plus for me.

I don’t have to worry about far too many maintenance points when using this Andis trimmer. The regular oiling process is easy to handle; the unit takes in oil well and does not become dry far too quickly. The blades are also open enough to where I can use a brush for a quick cleaning process.

What Could Be Better?

There are no taper adjustment features or secondary blade lengths. It is also a challenge to replace the blade, what with the bolts on the setup being so tight on the top.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Oster makes the Fast Feed clipper with a classic burgundy tone. But while this looks like an old-school model, the setup offers a modern approach to simplicity.

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The organization of this Oster clipper gives you a convenient design that works in moments. The taper lever goes from 0.5 to 2.4mm lengths with the flick of a switch. The steel blades create a firm cut.

A pivot motor is included inside this model. The motor uses fewer moving parts and does not generate intense heat or vibrations. The pivoting nature also offers a stronger approach to cutting hair without pulling or tugging on anything.

The three included guide combs are helpful, but there is also a fourth comb used for blend cuts. The model is suitable for lighter beards and for when you need to produce a closer cut or edge for a unique beard shape or layout.

The grooved bottom part of the Fast Feed clipper is one of the most popular features. The grooves add a gentle touch that keeps the device in your hand no matter which hand you want to use.

My Impression

The simple design of this trimmer is my favorite part of the model. The taper bar is easy to prepare. The blades are also firm and easy to clean out. I had a good time getting close to the skin without producing lots of annoying cuts or irritating the user.

The adjustable blade was helpful, although the blending comb was handy for me. The comb let me get better curves all around the user’s skin to create distinct beard shapes.

The model also moves well along the head and is even better at targeting some of the tightest spots around. The setup can handle the back parts of the ears as well as around the more difficult sideburn corners. I had an easy time taking care of the surface.

What Could Be Better?

The overall handle does not have as much of a curve as I wished it would. Although the grooved surface helps, the unit still has a bulky feel all around.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S

While this model is different among the other corded beard trimmer models in that you could use it without a cord, the design makes for an ideal choice regardless of how you use it. The layout uses a distinct setup with more control options.

Panasonic ER-GB80-S

The 45-degree blades offer a solid trim, although you can also use a smaller blade set by moving the bottom handle up on the top part of the setup. Each choice uses stainless steel blades that are firm and sharpen themselves.

The middle part of the set offers a knob that lets you shift to one of 39 trimmer and clipper settings. These are arranged in 0.5mm increments from 0.5 to 20mm. The adjustable lengths provide you with a comfortable organization for most of your trimming needs.

Three additional attachments work for various trimming lengths, including one designed specifically with beard and mustache hair in mind. The comb works for 1-10mm needs. A hair trimmer for 11-20mm is also included if you need to work with something much longer that might be tough to handle.

My Impression

I like how the trimmer offers a rubberized grip that is easy for my hand to grip. The slight curve on the unit adds a nice touch that is easy to grab.

The slide-up trimmer feature is great for when I’m working on sideburns. The narrow design works better than the regular wide layout that I get out of most other trimmers.

I had an easy time using the trimmer while the cord was on. The eight-foot cord gave me more control over the unit. But at the same time, I was able to get a little under an hour of power off of this when the cord was removed.

It was also easy for me to wash this off. I can use this under the faucet to allow the unit to keep working. The knob feature in the middle part also helped me with getting a more precise approach to trimming without being hard to use.

What Could Be Better?

The design has far too many bends and indentations around its body. I would have linked it if the makers could have made this somewhat stable while maintaining its qualities.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

This Wahl clipper is your last choice to see. The clipper uses a helpful body that is easy to hold so you can keep a good cut moving.

Wahl Professional 5-Star

The body features curves on the sides. These two curve features provide a better hold for allowing the unit to stay in your hand no matter which hand you use the device in.

The steel blades link to an electromagnetic motor that produces a faster speed than a pivot motor. The close cut is thanks to the blades moving faster and producing a firm cut every time. The design works for bald fades in particular. The blades were made mainly for balding shave uses, thus ensuring the skin will not develop irritation. You will not risk any hair-pulling concerns either.

The lightweight design of the trimmer is also a positive to see. The layout is close to a pound in weight. Even with the eight-foot cord, the clipper manages to stay functional.

Three trimming attachments work as well. These are made mainly for producing contoured cuts all around.

My Impression

I had a good time using this trimmer in that the unit did not produce lots of heat, nor did the layout vibrate far too much. The organization has a firm body that is not hard for me to hold.

The blades were designed well enough for me to get through hair without problems. I found it easy for me to get through many hair spots, including some of the coarsest hair around the beard. The guide combs also did well for producing a firm design that is not hard to handle.

The titanium materials used for the blades were helpful for giving me a closer cut all the way through. I enjoyed how well the blades stayed sharp throughout the entire cutting process. I do have to oil and clean off the blades regularly, but the process of doing so does not take much time for me to complete. The included cleaning brush worked very well for me.

What Could Be Better?

The cord was rather hard to get around at times. The thick body there is at least lightweight, but it still makes it tough for me to get to some spots on a person’s head.

What To See When Finding the Right Corded Beard Trimmer

Corded Beard Trimmer Blade Quality

  • Blade Quality

Take a look at what the blade you utilize features and if you can adjust it if needed. The blade needs to be firm and capable of sharpening itself. The unit should also maintain its motion no matter how often you use it. The blade teeth should also be close enough to one another, although some models come with taper levers that you can control how those teeth are positioned.

  • Physical Body

The body of your corded beard trimmer should be sturdy and easy to grip. The trimmer needs to come with a strong design that does not vibrate, nor does it produce heat. Also, the trimmer should come with a curve that is easy to hold. This includes not only a good grip on the sides but also a top and bottom surface that is smooth. A series of gripping grooves may be included on some models as well.

  • Cord Quality

See how well the cord can work for your trimming needs. The cord should be flexible and yet long enough to be easy to work with. In most cases, the cord will be around eight feet in length. Also, the cord should be insulated well enough to stay intact. Don’t forget that the wire should not add lots of weight. Many of these models are close to a pound in weight.

  • Comb Features

Many corded beard trimmer units come with combs. These are attachments that are added to the top part of a trimmer design. The connection will produce a surface that keeps the hair you wish to trim organized so you can get it straight. The combs work best for when you need to trim longer bits of hair. This is to create a better cut when you’re trying to handle it well.

  • Treating Many Curves

The trimmer needs to have support for the tightest and curviest spots around the skin. This includes a model that goes at an edge around certain parts of the beard. The slim design of the blades can work well, but they should be positioned at an angle that is easy to grip. You can use this feature to make it easier for the cut to move about around the tightest spaces or for when you need to create an attractive beard shape.

  • Maintenance Points

The maintenance required out of the cutting process should be reviewed well. You might have to sharpen the blades if they are not self-sharpening models. You must also apply oil to the blades on occasion, particularly to keep the blades lubricated. Regular brushing is also a must. See that your cutting unit comes with a brush and that the maintenance process is easy to handle. Look at how you can clean off the surface with water too.

Why Should You Use a Corded Beard Trimmer?

  • A corded beard trimmer provides you with a consistent flow of power that never runs out.
  • The amount of power produced by the corded trimmer may be stronger than what you would get out of a portable battery. This is thanks to the regular power supply.
  • A corded trimmer also works with many attachments and control mechanisms to help you cut even the toughest hairs on your beard.
  • You will also get a quick cut on your beard no matter how that beard might be. The trimmer moves along the beard in moments to produce a cleaner and stronger cut all the way through.
  • It is easy to get around even the tightest spots of your beard when you use a corded trimmer. The unit will get around narrow spaces around your beard in moments, including spots behind the ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the series of content provided so far, resorting to one of the recommended beard trimmers should be a piece of cake. Not only have I included the potential of each contender and all the ways in which they can improve your grooming experience, but I have also included a guide you must go through before picking the winner.

Prior to finalizing your decision, you should be wary of all the fundamentals of using beard trimmers. And if you believe that you have yet to learn about the purpose corded beard trimmers serve or how different they are from regular trimmers, don’t take the upcoming portion for granted.

Q: How are corded beard trimmers different from cordless beard trimmers?

A: Cordless beard trimmers might offer more flexibility and are easily more lightweight as opposed to corded beard trimmers. However, corded beard trimmers are known for being more convenient due to their lenient pricing.

In addition, since corded beard trimmers don’t comprise a running time, they are also known for being more dependent when dealing with more hair.  

Corded beard trimmers might lack the ability to provide a clean shave, but they tend to be more fun than cordless trimmers because of the series of comb attachments and additional accessories they offer at a low price!

Q: Can I use a corded beard trimmer every day?

A: A corded beard trimmer can be a liability when you’re seeking tons of flexibility. However, the good part about it is that you can rely on them every day.

Built with generous blades that are skin-friendly and effective for reconstructing the design of an existing beard, a corded beard trimmer comes with no restrictions. Since the blades also comprise rust-free properties and the battery has no time limit, you can use the tool without being worried about injuring yourself or creating an ineffective trim when your future is in the hands of a corded beard trimmer!

The Final Word

My final choice for the best corded beard trimmer is the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit For Men. This set offers a diverse and versatile array of attachments for your convenience. The powerful blades and quick-moving motor make it easier for you to get a trim ready as well.

Anything you wish to utilize should be considered accordingly. The world of corded beard trimmers is diverse and deserves to be investigated further to your liking. The goal should be to give you the best shaving effort that you wish to utilize to be safe and easy to follow.

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