“Corded” or “Cordless” Dog Trimmers?

Relax! I’m not here to instigate a Shakespearean debate. Rather, it’s a simple question. Which one do you feel at ease with? Which one gives you more flexibility than the other?

For me, it’s the cordless ones. I have my reasons (which I’ll address later). These units are cheaper and have a smaller and sleeker design than their powered counterparts. Trust me, you’ll find thousands of such models available for purchase. The real test comes in choosing the right unit.

I believe I can help you here. In my article, you’ll find 7 of the best cordless dog clippers that are dominating the current market. Read the reviews, judge, and buy one of your own choice.

Feeling left out and burdened? Read the buying guide and go on a machine hunt yourselves. I believe my buying guide will be of tremendous help for you guys as well.

Corded or Cordless: Which Way to Go?

The title and intro to the article will baffle many of my readers. Yes, I’m favoring cordless canine clippers when it comes to shaping your pet’s coats. But I’m not blindfolded and stern on my choice. I do have my reasons and plan to explain them comparing two types of machines. Let us get started.

  • Corded units have power cords attached to them. This will restrict movement of the product as well as the user. Yes, the power cords can be several feet long. Yet, people may feel a yank sometimes. Cordless devices provide people with an ease of use and freedom of movement.
  • Yes, corded units don’t have the restriction of a battery and can run for hours. But the restriction comes in a different form. These units have power outlets that may or may not be used outside the USA. This poses a serious problem when you’re out on a vacation. Cordless units do have a USB charger that can be plugged in anywhere for the machine to be recharged.
  • Cordless clippers are often smaller in size compared to their corded counterparts. They take up less space when traveling as well. These units can be packed inside a jam packed bag and you won’t even break a sweat. In short, these units are more “Travel Friendly” than corded ones.
  • Believe it or not, finding replacements of battery operated clippers is easy compared to ones that have power cord. Many times, you need to use converters just to make the corded machines work properly. If a cord goes bad, it’s pricey to find a suitable one. If a battery or two go bad, manufacturers often offer free (or cheap) replacements.

In Depth Comparison Table

Clipper ModesRun TimeCoat TypeCombsPrice
PetTech Dog Grooming Kit
60 MinThin to Medium4 Check Price
Wahl ARCO SE Clipper Kit
80 MinAll4 Check Price
Oster Volt Pet Clippers
120 MinMatts and ThickSize 10 Blade Check Price
WAHL Pro Series
120 MinThick4 Check Price
WAHL Motion Clipper
90 minAll6 Check Price
120 MinThin to Medium4 Check Price
Bousnic Dog Clipper
120 MinAll4 Check Price

Top Cordless Dog Clippers to Pick From

Before you go wandering off into the sunset in search of these devices, let me save you the troubles. Below, you’ll find short reviews of few of the best in the business when it comes to cordless clippers. Feel free to read my short reviews and take your pick.

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

We all know how sensitive and precious our doggos are. I treat them like our own child and always want what’s best for them. That’s why if you want the something that is a complete grooming kit, look no further.

PetTech is well-known for making some of the best cordless dog clippers. This clipper is in a sense a multipurpose hair clipper as you can use it on cats, dogs or any other furry buddy of yours.

This dog grooming kit contains everything you need for a professional grooming session.

Well, what do I mean by everything? Allow me to explain.

PetTech Professional Dog Grooming Kit

It contains 4 razor heads (all different sizes), two safety scissors, a comb, oil, cleaning brush, tweezer, power adapter, nail clipper, and of course the clipper itself. See? Do you need anything else?

Is your puppy a scardy cat? So is mine.

PetTech knows the importance of noise and vibration less operation. That’s why they’ve made the clipper super quiet. All thanks to the precision motor that’s in play. This ensures both noise and vibration free grooming session. More importantly, this ensures a stress-free grooming experience.

Comfortable operation is another important factor. You don’t want a sore arm every time you clip the furs off of your dog. That’s why this model comes with an ergonomic design. It’s really easy to hold in hand and it makes the grooming experience a breeze.

With this, you can also clip those tough areas where you could not reach previously, thanks to its adjustable features in place.

The titanium-built precision-cut blades cut through the fur with ease. It’s precise and very fast.

There’s literally no uncomfortable pulling or tugging. The makers included combs that are great additions to the kit. The combs help you ease up all those pesky hairs and allows the blade to work through them effortlessly. It’s just safe, easy, and effortless when it comes to grooming your pet dog.

I hope, by now, you already know how good of a product this is. But, doesn’t matter how good of a product you buy, things can go south pretty easily if you get a faulty unit.

That’s why buying something with replacement guarantee (or at least a warranty) is always good. Luckily for us, this clipper comes with an impressive lifetime replacement promise. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, you can easily change that.

Remember being safe than sorry is always a good choice.

Get PetTech Grooming Kit at Amazon

What I Like about the Clipper

  • This is a complete grooming kit. It comes with everything you could ever need.
  • You’ll fall in love with the ergonomic design. It makes the unit easy-to-grab as well.
  • You’ll find that the blades are adjustable. This makes the unit suitable for using on any coat.
  • Precision-cut titanium blades cut the furs and shape up the coat fast and effectively.
  • This thing can be used on cats, pigs, and other fur buddies besides your canine friends out there.
  • This thing is beginner-friendly. People can use PetTech product for professional purposes as well.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • For coats with curly and ingrown furs, the comb does not do a good enough job.

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

Regular readers of website of mine might recognize the brand Wahl. This infamous brand is known for making the best cordless dog grooming clippers besides some A-grade human hairstyling devices as well. They always ensure quality over anything else. And this one is no different.

Like the previous one, this one is also a complete grooming kit. It has everything you require while performing a grooming session and then some.

Wahl ARCO SE Professional Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

Wahl 8786-1001 ARCO SE is a tried-and-true professional cordless clipper. The compact design and lightweight nature of Wahl ARCO make it a chap for all kinds of grooming jobs. With this, you can easily reach every little part such as the face, ears, and paws of your pet.

The German made blade is a 5 in 1. It ranges from #9 to #40 giving you a convenient variety of options.

The true nature of this cordless clipper comes from its battery. It comes with two removable batteries which are also rechargeable. It stays up to 80 minutes on a single charge. That’s more than enough for clipping the entire coat of your dog.

It takes around 75 minutes to charge. The reachable batteries are included with the clipper. So, you don’t need to spend extra cash on buying additional batteries.

Although, this one is made for medium sized animal in mind. It also works great on big animals. Heck! I tried clipping (touch up, to be honest) my horse with this, and it worked like a charm. But the biggest obstacle for me was the battery life. 80 minutes was not enough for clipping a full-sized horse.

Even if you are a professional, bad design can cause disaster both in your work and reputation. More importantly, it will definitely cause you a swelling arm and fatigue in the wrist. Luckily for us, the slim, lightweight, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit in your hand.

This removes wrist and arm pain from the equation. It measures at 6.75 inches long and only 7.9 pounds in weight. So, yeah! This one is really suitable for a comfortable grooming session.

This one also comes with a limited time warranty (as of writing this post). However, it is only applicable in the United States (well, that’s a bummer for some people).

Get Wahl ARCO SE at Amazon

What I Like about the Clipper

  • As you expect from Wahl, this device is essentially a complete grooming kit with the attachments.
  • This ARCO SE clipper comes with a 5-in-1 blade that can adjust from #9 to #40 with no efforts.
  • ARCO from Wahl is an ergonomically designed clipper that doesn’t hurt your hands and wrists.
  • You get as many as two rechargeable batteries with this model. They provide 80 mins of runtime.
  • Wahl made the clipper eligible to be used in case of bigger animals if the trainer can handle them.
  • You don’t have to worry about the cleaning of this unit as all the necessary items are packaged in.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • I don’t like the fact that this thing takes an hour and fifteen minutes to get fully charged.
  • Users can only put it to use when inside North America. It won’t suit external outlets.

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clipper is another one of those multipurpose pet clippers. It is one beast of a clipper in a very compact a minimalistic form factor. The green on white makes it even more elegant looking.

The 2400 SPM blade cuts through everything in its path effortlessly. Dog, cat or a full-grown horse, it does a great job at clipping any furry livestock like a champ while keeping everything quiet.

Although I’ve heard people complaining about the noise of the clipper, my unit was really silent. It never got too loud or too hot to touch. This unit is a perfect fit for people who have pet/s that are scared of noise and vibration (like mine).

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers

The high torque design and low-speed blade allows the clipper to stay quieter and cooler at the same time.

The lightweight and user-friendly design are perfect for reaching tough spots and working through them. The wrist fatigue issue also gets reduced drastically, thanks to its lightweight nature.

The blade is also detachable. Moreover, it supports all the blades Oster makes. This is great for all kind of usage scenario. Remember customizability is another important factor.

Now let’s talk about the battery which is perhaps the most intriguing factor about this pet clipper. It comes with a lithium-ion battery (you know, the ones they use in cell phones) that is both swappable and of course rechargeable.

On a full charge, it lasts for about 2 hours. That’s enough time for casual grooming. But if you are a professional, you can easily swap the battery and get an extended grooming session. Just change the battery and it’s as good as new.

The charging dock is another good thing about this product. You just place your clipper on the charging slot and it starts charging automatically. As simple as that. Moreover, Li-ion batteries tend to charge faster than typical AAA batteries. Also, they have a higher capacity.

If you are planning on buying something cordless for your saloon, go with Oster’s pet clipper. This will enable you to use a whole slew of Oster products. These products tend to work in perfect harmony as they are made to work in integrated fashion.

I highly recommend this pet hair clipper to all the professionals out there.

Get Oster Volt Pet Clippers at Amazon

What I Like about the Clipper

  • The minimalistic form will give it an aesthetic boost and save valuable space in your travel kit.
  • This trimmer too has an ergonomic handle that works to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
  • You can make it work with all the other Oster products and accessories that are available.
  • The Li-on battery is durable and holds the charge for a long time before giving out.
  • This little device is not noisy at all. It’s low on vibrations as well. It won’t startle your dog.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • One might think that blade and motor speeds are on the slower side of the spectrum.

WAHL Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Wahl makes another entry in our list of best cordless dog clippers. See?  As mentioned earlier, they do produce top-notch Pet clippers. They didn’t become the #1 brand of hair clipper by producing subpar quality clippers. They know what they are doing.

Let’s talk about the battery first, as this one also comes with Li-ion battery. Allow me to introduce you to a general rule of thumb –

Li-ion battery implies good battery life and charging capacity. That’s just how they are built.

WAHL Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

It lasts up to 2 hours straight. For longer lasting sessions you can charge the clipper between breaks. As it charges pretty fast, a whole day of use can be easily managed.

Enough, about techy talks. Let’s get down to business.

This one is great for small to large breed of dogs. This works exceptionally well between professional groomer visits and fine hair clipping. Although the center of focus for this clipper is medium coat and double coated clipping, it can also perform reasonably well on long thick coats (as long as the hair is silky).

The quietness of dog hair clipper is a must have. As most dogs are scared of noise and vibration, this is a necessity rather than a luxury. While making this list, we ‘ve put a great deal of thoughts to this and removed the ones that are just not quite enough (think of them as outliers).

This one just like the others on this list is very quiet. Thanks to the precise control over the motor functionality they have put in.

It is ideal for using on Shepard, Collies, and Poodles. So, if you own one or multiple of them and are in bad need of a perfect cordless clipper, go ahead and buy this one. You won’t be disappointed.

The safety guard is something Wahl should be proud of. Basically, with this one, you cannot nick your dog (even if you try to). This makes it idiot proof and you’ll surely love this. Other manufacturers should definitely deploy this sort of safety guard.

What I Like about the Clipper

  • Lithium battery of this unit provides runtime for two hours of hair/fur clipping.
  • Speaking of furs, this unit can get through small and long fur coats very easily.
  • You’ll have a number of attachments that come with the package that make trimming/clipping easy.
  • Don’t worry about the sound this thing makes, it’s very quiet and doesn’t startle your pets.
  • This Wahl product won’t get too hot even after 45 minutes of rigorous using.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • As with any Wahl product, you cannot use this clipper outside the USA.

WAHL Motion Lithium Ion Clipper

Let’s have a look at Wahl Motion Lithium Ion Clipper. This clipper is especially good for trimming dogs, cats, cattle, and livestock.

The sleek and futuristic design of this dog grooming clipper caught our eyes like a deer in front of a light. Just look at it. It looks more like a spaceship from a sci-fi movie than a hair clipper.

Although some consider constant blade speed a bad thing, it’s actually not as bad as people make it out to be. Plus, it has some added benefits to it.

WAHL Motion Lithium Ion Clipper

With constant speed, manufacturers can have precise control over the torque power. This allows them to make quieter and heat resistance pet hair clippers. The clipper runs at a speed of 5500 strokes per minute (up to). That’s enough power to get through everything with ease.

The 5-in-1 blade technology is adjustable. It can be adjusted to sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. That’s all the options you need for all kind of use case scenario.

A cool touch unique to this clipper only is the traffic LED light. This light gives you a visual indication of battery left in your clipper. It is a really basic and intuitive thing to have in a clipper that many manufacturers do not even bother to add.

This tells you when you should charge your hair clipper before it shuts down on you rudely. Attention to details is really what sets apart a great product from a subpar one.

As we are talking about charge indicator, let’s take this opportunity and talk about the battery of this clipper. This clipper on a full charge can go up to 90 minutes straight.

It’s not at 2-hour mark yet. But, to make things even, Wahl includes a fast charger with it. It takes 60 minutes to charge back again. That’s faster than any other in this list.

The finger grips also another positive about this clipper. It provides you with much-needed control and stability. It also reduces the risk of the clipper being broken from a fall.

What I Like about the Clipper

  • You’ll get to love the design of this product. Minimalistic, no bullshit design will win you over.
  • LED display and lights properly inform people about what’s happening every second.
  • The adjustable blade can be used to cut the coats of various dog, cat, pig, and horse breeds.
  • One can take advantage detachable of the “Quick Charging” facility that’s Wahl is famous for.
  • The motor runs at 5500 strokes per minute. It gives you the speed to cut fast and efficiently.
  • The Li-On battery gives the device enough legs to run for 90 minutes straight for a long clipping session.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • This model is pricier than some of the others available on the market.

ONEISALL Cordless Dog Clippers

OneIsAll might not be a THAT famous when it comes to Wahl, Oster, and Andis but this can be a wonder machine when used properly. One of the marketing slogans is the fact that, “It’s very quiet.” Believe me, it is. You have a sleek design that goes well with any breed and any type of coat.

When other brands say they’re noiseless, they seldom mention just how quiet they are. But not OneIsAll. It’s transparent in terms of how low the sound is. People can expect a sound level of 50dB. This is well below the level of human conversation. It’s almost Ultra-Quiet. Also, low vibration won’t startle your canine friend at all.

ONEISALL Cordless Dog Clippers

Pet owners know that the second most important part of the unit (besides the motor) is the blade. OneIsAll comes with a stainless steel fixed blade for sharp cutting. Ceramic moving blade compensates for variable lengths of furs. Stainless steel blade won’t catch rust anytime soon.

The blades need guide combs to help them navigate through variable lengths of furs. Don’t worry, you have four of them to contend with. People will find combs of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm in length. These accessories can tackle any and every dog breed.

Not only these but you have a pair of scissors, a cleaning brush and a medium-size comb are included in the package. The medium-size comb helps people to bring wet furs to a fixed size. They can use scissors in tandem too. It helps users to get around difficult areas and trim hairs to perfection.

People will also notice a tiny cleaning brush. It helps to get hair strands out of the blades. Blades themselves are detachable as well. You can pick them apart and clean them by putting them under running water. If the cutting elements go bad, you can buy replacements as well.

Yes, OneIsAll is a cordless device. A tiny charger is provided to recharge the batteries.

What I Like about the Clipper

  • This is essentially a clipper kit that comes at a low price compared to other brands.
  • Blades are super sharp and cut all types of fur coats (long and short) of all the dog breeds.
  • You must remember the fact that this is a noiseless device. It makes 50dB of noise.
  • Various guide combs allow dog owners to be more flexible when styling their canine friends.
  • Cleaning the unit is no fuss at all! A simple cleaning brush and tap water will do the trick.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • You don’t get that much battery life out of this OneIsAll product compared to others.

Bousnic Dog Clipper

This is truly a versatile kit that takes care of dogs, cats, and other pets alike with diverse features and benefits. For example, Bousnic comes with an ergonomic design that looks good and makes it easy for the users to hold it. Don’t worry, it won’t slip from your hands when wet. Handling it is a breeze.

Don’t worry. The noise level of this clipper isn’t super high. In fact, I measured it to be around 50 dB. It’s standard when dealing with dogs. The vibration level is low as well. Your canine or kitty friends don’t have anything to be excited or anxious about. Bousnic is skin-friendly. It takes good care of horses as well.

Bousnic Dog Clipper

The machine revolves around a two-speed motor. The two settings are normal and turbo. The motor is perfect for places where you need pace. When you need finesse in certain areas, it’s even better. The machine doesn’t make a whirring sound and remains good for years before you need a new model.

The blades you see move around quick as well. These are sharp! It doesn’t matter if your pet friend has a furry coat or a thin one, these adjustable blades will go through them like butter. The kit includes a blade oil. Lubricate the cutting elements with it to maintain their effectiveness for a long time.

Very much like OneIsAll, you’ll find four guide combs here as well. 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm guide combs will help you bring your furry friend’s coat down to size. Plus, you have a stainless steel comb that helps to organize the coat of your friend right after bathing.

I must commend the scissors of this kit. I found them easy to grip and operate with. For a professional stylist, this little kit is a blessing with such tools and accessories in tow.

Like the other candidates in my list of best cordless dog clippers, this one is easy to clean as well. Under normal circumstances, the cleaning brush are enough to get the stranded furs out of the system. People can also run the detachable blades under water to get the hair stubble out.

You must commend the Lithium Ion battery at this point. The USB charging kit does a wonderful job in getting this Bousnic clipper up to speed in quick time. Once fully charged, you can expect two hours of uninterrupted runtime from this unit. This is more than enough for a complete grooming session.

What I Like about the Clipper

  • Thanks to the “Ultra Sharp” blades, Bousnic can cut through different coat types like butter.
  • I used the scissors to cut the matted or knotted hair to good effect before proceeding further.
  • There’s a helpful LED display panel which shows the remaining battery charge in percentages.
  • I could shave my dog’s fur down to a tiny length. I’m speaking as tiny as 1mm.
  • When you’re dealing with thick and heavy coats, the “Turbo” mode of the motor helps.

What I Don’t Like about the Clipper

  • I found the unit to be a bit frail. Makers have provided lifetime warranty for the unit. So, it doesn’t worry me that much.

What Should You Consider Before Buying These Items?

We’re looking for a cordless clipper. This narrows down the areas we need to concentrate on. Which are the factors that we need to look at while choosing one? Let’s have a look.

  • Inspect the Housing of the Unit

Cordless dog clippers are lightweight by nature. Being lightweight can mean the makers are compromising the integrity of the material. We need to inspect the unit to make sure that this is not the case. Check if the material is durable and sturdy in the face of accidents and damages.

Also, check for bumps and uncomfortable portions of the machine which can bear an impact on how well you’re gripping it when it comes to clipping. The machine shouldn’t be made of elements that are too fragile or too heavy for their own good. Inspect the screws and nuts for security as well.

  • The Motor is a Big Deal!

Cordless dog clippers are small units. The motors driving these machines have to be small as well. But by no means are these things less powerful. Some of these motors can spin as many as 5500 times per minute. Single-speed motors are good. They can be too slow for the user at times.

That’s why I advise people to go with machines with motors that have speed regulating system. This way, you can quicken the pace where necessary. Also, people can be careful around specific body parts of their pets when they need to. It’s a great way of teaching beginners how to clip the furs.

Lowest level of speed in case of these units usually is 2100 – 2300 SPM. The highest level can even reach 5500 SPM in case of reputed and expensive brands. So, people have an array of options to pick from.

[Pro Tip: Make sure that the motor you choose doesn’t get too hot when it comes to doing business. Do a test run of the motor for 15 or 20 minutes. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate the cooldown period of the machine as well.]
  • Blades are Crucial as Well

Everyone knows that you cannot run a quality clipper on Motor alone. It needs good blades to get the job done. The stationary and moving blades need to be super sharp to cut all sorts of coats. Stainless steel or Carbon treated steel is a good place to start searching for sharp and sturdy blades.

While you’re at it, look for an adjustable piece. Adjustable blades are great when you want to give your dogs a good trim and don’t want to swap between a thousand blades in the middle of the job. There are clippers that come with a push and lock mechanism that makes it easy to set or remove the blades.

  • A Noiseless Piece is a Good Piece

Remember, we’re shaving/trimming our pets here. We may be tolerant to strong noises. They aren’t If the cordless clipping unit makes too much noise, your pet friend WILL get flustered. It’ll mess up the grooming session. The noise shouldn’t startle them. It shouldn’t annoy them at all.

Another thing one needs to pay close attention to is the vibration level. If your dog moves around too much while shaving or clipping the coat, the result will be uneven grooming. Pets tend to do that when the device we use vibrates and causes tickling. Make sure that vibration stays low as well.

When searching for a quiet dog clipper, make sure the noise range stays between 45 – 60 dB. 45 decibel signals a “Whisper Quiet” unit. When it goes up to 60, it’s the sound of normal human conversations.

  • The Machines Should Be Easy to Use

The best cordless dog grooming clippers need to be easy to get around. Everything from gripping them and operating the controls should be easy. When checking the materials of the machine, check for the controls as well. Are the well positioned? Can you push the buttons and get immediate response?

Make sure that the motor is easily turned on and off. If it supports multiple speed levels, there should be button(s) to cycle through these levels. Powerful motor and tough housing shouldn’t bulk up a device and make it too big for your hands. Choose a portable and lightweight tool for grooming sessions.

Check for the battery indicators on board. Personally, I prefer machines that show a percentage meter of remaining charge. You’ll see a number of bars representing that as well.

Expensive models come with different modes of hair clipping. I recently experimented with a horse clipper which had six different modes to take care of a number of breeds and coat types. Look hard enough and you’ll find that in case of dogs and cats as well.

Let’s End It Here

Sometimes, narrowing the search for clippers may not make it easier on the users. Even if we’re only eyeing the best cordless dog clippers, there’re many choices to consider. That’s why I’ve listed some of the features that people should look for in an ideal machine.

If you’re having a tough time looking for one, simply choose one from my list. This list represents some of the best brands. Some of these brands might be cheap in price but they’re not so in quality. For example, people might have an issue putting Wahl, Bousnic, and OneIsAll in the same category.

But these three brands are almost identical when it comes to quality and features. So, don’t evaluate a product on price alone. Evaluate and compare it with others in terms of performance before buying.

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