You can utilize a cordless hedge trimmer to help you with cutting through the most difficult bushes, shrubs, or other hedges around your lawn. A cordless model gives you the freedom to cut through various surfaces around your hedges. But you must also look at how well a trimmer can work for your needs.

This guide covers ten of the best cordless hedge trimmer models you can use in your landscape. Each model will help you get your landscape trimmed the right way. You must see how each trimmer works with various features for your convenience.

A Comparison of the Key Features of the Ten Top Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Hedge ModelRunning TimeCutting LengthWeightPrice
DeWalt DCHT820P1
(Editor's Choice)
40 minutes22 Inches11.5 pounds Check Price
Black + Decker LHT24363024"6.9 Check Price
GreenWorks 22726020"9.6 Check Price
Worx WG255.13020"6 Check Price
Black + Decker LHT22203022"5.9 Check Price
EGO Power Trimmer6024"6.2 Check Price
Makita XHU02Z7522"7.4 Check Price
Poulan Pro PR2322N/A22"11.1 Check Price
Husqvarna 122HD60N/A23.7"16.55 Check Price
Milwaukee 2726-2012024"8.6 Check Price

Reviews of the Ten Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers

DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer

Your first choice to see among the best cordless hedge trimmers is the DeWalt DCHT820P1. This is a 20V model that provides a clean cut every time while also using a sturdy battery that lasts for a while.

DEWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer

The DeWalt trimmer uses a 20V lithium-ion battery. The battery has a 5mAh capacity that can run for about 40 minutes on a full charge. The battery is the same as what DeWalt uses on many of its other electric tools.

The 22-inch cutting arm includes blades that are about ¾-inch apart from one another. The close blades provide a crisp cut on any surface.

The two-part handle included on this model provides you with a clear hold. The trigger handle has a grooved surface that helps you keep your hand on the unit while ensuring the trimmer can keep on working.

A small guard is placed at the base of the trimmer near the cutting blades. The guard keeps materials from flying right in your face, although it is always best to wear protective materials every time you use this or any other model.

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My Impression

I was impressed with how the battery does not add lots of weight. The 5mAh battery that DeWalt provides is larger than some older models that the company has made, and yet it is about the same weight as those older 3mAh and 4mAh batteries that the company makes.

It was also easy for me to get through some of the toughest shrubs along my landscape with this trimmer. I can get the 22-inch arm to cut through surfaces up to about ¾-inch in width.

The trimmer did not weaken as I kept on using it. The trimmer keeps on working even as I use more battery power. This is an advantage over other models that lose trimmer power as they lose battery power.

What Could Be Better?

The trimmer does not include a battery power gauge. I would have liked to know how much battery power I have left instead of being reminded as the trimmer suddenly stopped working.


You won’t have to lug lots of weight along with you when using the Black and Decker LHT2436. This choice is one of the lightest cordless hedge trimmers you will find on today’s market.


The LHT2436 weighs a little under seven pounds. The 24-inch trimmer arm includes ¾-inch cutting teeth to get through tough surfaces in moments. The arm offers a double-sided, thus making the trimmer easy for both left and right-handed users to hold and control.

The 40V lithium-ion battery on this trimmer is easy to load up and charge. You can add the battery to the Black and Decker Fast Charger unit to get the battery charged up in little time. The powerful battery produces a cutting speed of about 2,400 cutting strokes per minute, thus getting the trimmer to cut through the hardest surfaces. The Power Drive transmission also helps with cutting through branches without producing lots of vibrations or being at risk of stalling.

A wrap-around outside handle is included for helping you to hold the trimmer while working on vertical trimming tasks. The smooth surface provides a better hold.

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My Impression

This trimmer is lightweight and easy to hold. The motor did not generate annoying vibrations, nor did it produce too much noise. I was also impressed with how quickly the trimmer can work even with such a small weight. At around seven pounds, the trimmer is very easy to use in moments.

I did not have to wait far too long to get the battery charged up. The charging station was very easy for me to use. The compact body of the charger was very useful. The battery also lasts long enough for me to get all my landscape features trimmed; the motor does not lose power as I keep on using the trimmer.

What Could Be Better?

The handle could have used a grooved surface with enough indentations to help me keep a firm grip on the unit. This would have helped me with getting a nice hold without my hand possibly slipping.

GreenWorks 2272 7.25′ 40V Cordless

Most trimmers have a fixed length that limits their usefulness. This Greenworks trimmer includes an extension pole that helps you to get closer to those hard to reach spots in your landscape.

GreenWorks 2272 7.25' 40V Cordless

To start, the GreenWorks 2272 offers an eight-position pivoting head. The head helps you adjust the cutting arm angle to target specific surfaces while giving you more control over the base.

The extension pole on this trimmer can be applied by adding the pole to the end part of the base handle. The extension pole is about 6.5 feet long, thus helping you to reach the tallest or deepest spots around your landscape. Even as you use the extension pole, you will not add far too much weight to your trimmer, thus making it a little easier to hold and use.

The lithium-ion battery produces a consistent charge. The motor does not produce lots of noise either. The sturdy insulation around the trimmer body ensures that the motor will not create annoying vibrations or possibly overheat.

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My Impression

I think this model works best for larger shrubs or bushes, but it does even better with taller landscape features. I was amazed at how the trimmer remains lightweight even when I add the pole. The base trimmer is a little under ten pounds in weight, but the pole only adds about a pound or two to that total.

The 40V lithium-ion battery lasts for around an hour on a full charge, a feature that I really liked. The onboard battery power meter was also helpful for letting me know how much of a charge I have left. It did not take lots of time for me to get the battery charged up all the way either, although the battery can get hot if you keep it charged for too long.

What Could Be Better?

The handle on the extension pole is useful, but I would have liked it if the same type of handle was used on the base unit. It is tough to get a good hold position on the base part.

Worx WG255.1 Hedge Trimmer

You will enjoy using the Worx WG255.1 throughout the entire day as you take care of all your trimming tasks. The Worx WG255.1 uses a comfortable body that will not cause you to feel intense fatigue while trimming.

Worx WG255.1

The trimmer offers a six-pound body with a D-grip front handle. The handle offers a slightly padded surface for your convenience. This is paired with a soft grip handle on the back part to help you keep a steady hold while trimming. The design is suitable for left and right-handed trimmers alike.

The 20V Power Share battery from Worx loads up on the bottom part of the trimmer base. The battery is compatible with many other tools offered by Worx. The battery charging port and station that the trimmer comes with is easy to set up and does not take up lots of room, thus giving you a compact spot for charging up your trimmer.

The 20-inch cutting arm offers a dual-action layout that moves the blades back and forth without producing lots of friction. The trimmer will produce fewer vibrations thanks to this distinct quality.

My Impression

The 9/16-inch cutting diameter helped me with cutting my way through several tough surfaces. I found that the dual-sided blades were useful for getting through some small spaces around my landscape, thus being very useful for my demands.

The handle was a great positive for me. I found it easy for me to get the handle to fit in my hands without it slipping around. The soft surface was also helpful for giving me a firm cut all around.

I also had an easy time getting the battery added into the body of the trimmer. It only took a few moments for me to get the battery added in there. The battery does not heat up while I use the trimmer either.

What Could Be Better?

The 20-inch cutting arm is pretty short when compared with other choices. This would work well for smaller shrubs, although I would have liked it if the arm was a little longer.


The LHT2220 is a little smaller in size than the other Black and Decker trimmer that you read about a little earlier. But even with a smaller size, the LHT2220 still provides you with the power you have come to expect from a Black and Decker power tool.


This model weighs around six pounds and includes a 22-inch cutting arm. The dual-action blades work fast without producing annoying vibrations. The cutting teeth can also handle branches about ¾-inch thick.

The wraparound handle offers foam padding and is surrounded a few inches away by a clear guard. The guard keeps debris from flying around while in use, but the clear design is particularly important for helping you to see where you are going when using the trimmer.

The 20V MAX lithium-ion battery used here is the same as what the larger Black and Decker model you read about earlier uses. The battery is easy to load up in the bottom part of the trimmer. You can get the trimmer to work for about 30 minutes on a single charge.

My Impression

I like how the trimmer offers a sensible 22-inch trimming arm even while weighing so little. The blades are sharp and move quickly and will not become messy while I use the trimmer.

The handle surface was easy for me to grip on. The padding is consistent around all parts of the handle, although I found it was easier for me to get a firm hold on this by holding the top part of the D-handle to get this to work.

The ¾-inch teeth were also very helpful. I noticed when looking at the teeth that they alternate between big and small bits all along. This looks useful for helping me to get a clean cut with every use.

What Could Be Better?

It takes a while for the battery to charge up. I would have liked it if there was a power-charging tool that speeds up the charging time on this unit.

EGO Power+ 24-Inch Trimmer

The battery power on the EGO Power+ trimmer provides you with more time for trimming. This model is suitable for use on larger lawns that require an extra bit of work.

EGO Power+ 24-Inch Trimmer

The 56V lithium-ion battery included with the trimmer keeps the trimmer working for about 60 minutes on a full charge. The battery is also light in weight.

The blade arm is 24 inches long and features a dual-sided layout. The blades are placed in alternating spots on the blade arm. The hardened steel materials used on these blades provide you with extra power while keeping the cutting process moving along evenly and smoothly.

An electric brake is included on this trimmer. The blades stop working immediately after you let go of the handle. A safety button is also included to keep the trimmer from starting up on its own.

Speaking of which, a D-handle is included on the EGO trimmer. The D-handle comes with a soft grip surface for your comfort. The handle does not produce lots of vibrations with regular use either, thus keeping the trimmer comfortable in your hands.

My Impression

My favorite part of using the trimmer is that the model cuts quickly through many surfaces. The trimmer operates at about 3,000 cutting strokes per minute, which is a pretty fast total. I like how the blades remain sturdy and can cut through various branches and surfaces.

The trimmer kept on working even as I went through some of the thickest spots in my landscape. The battery keeps the power flowing without the trimmer slowing down when moving around. I also appreciate how the battery has a small power gauge to let me know how much energy is left while I use it. It takes a while for the power to run out even on hard surfaces.

What Could Be Better?

As much as I like how well the trimmer works for a while, it also takes seemingly forever for the battery to get charged up all the way so I can use it.

Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer

While cordless hedge trimmers are naturally quiet, the Makita XHU02Z appears to be even quieter than many of the others you’ve read about so far.

Makita XHU02Z

The Makita trimmer comes with a firm housing that insulates the motor quite well. This produces very few vibrations while also ensuring the blades keep on moving. The blades also work at about 1,350 strokes per minute to get through all cutting surfaces in moments.

The two-handed design also includes a two-part starting mechanism. The trimmer only starts when the top handle button and the switch are activated at the same time.

The battery will last longer than many other models too. The 18V LXT lithium-ion battery works for about 75 minutes on a full charge.

The battery warning system is also unique. The motor will stop when the battery starts to run out of power. A light will go on to let you know that the battery needs to be recharged. You can still use the battery after that, although the amount of power you have left before it runs out will be minimal.

My Impression

I noticed that the blades can be removed and replaced if needed. I can get those blades out in moments without the trimmer possibly starting up while I do this. Also, I do not have to open up the trimmer’s housing unit just to replace the blades.

The electric brake feature was very convenient. I can stop the trimmer in no time after I remove my hand from the trigger.

The soft grip offers a rubberized texture. I appreciate how the grip gives me a better hold that does not wear out or become too hard to hold.

The compact body of the trimmer is also intriguing. I measured the trimmer at about 38 inches in total length.

What Could Be Better?

Although the battery lasts for a while, it seems to run out of power faster when I go through thicker spaces. I need to use this on slimmer spots just to get the most out of its battery power.

Poulan Pro PR2322

The next few cordless hedge trimmer reviews entail gas-powered models. While these are clearly different from the ones you have read about so far, they still have various useful qualities. Let’s start by looking at this Poulan model.

Poulan Pro PR2322

The cutting diameter on this Poulan Pro trimmer is larger than what you’ll find in most spots. The large diameter helps you get through all those hard to cut places around your landscape.

Specifically, the cutting teeth are around a full inch apart from one another. This works on a 22-inch cutting arm to get through all the spaces you wish to trim in moments. Also, the cutting teeth are spaced evenly around both sides of the cutting arm to provide you with a cleaner cut on any surface. The blades are also fully serrated for a clean cut every time.

The rear handle offers a rotating body. You can use a button on the edge of the handle to trigger the rotating function. You can move this to the left or right for when you need to position your trimmer at a specific or precise angle.

My Impression

I was impressed with how well the anti-vibration dampeners work on the sides of the trimmer. These dampeners work well around the motor and battery to keep the vibrations produced from spreading out to the handles. I can keep my hands on the base handle and the D-handle and not worry about losing control.

It is also very easy for me to start this gas-powered model up. I can use the basic full-crank pull lever for getting the two-cycle engine to start working in a few moments.

The engine claims to be low-emissions which is good for the environment.

The lightweight engine ensures that it uses its fuel evenly and carefully without being loud or using too much fuel to where the trimmer stops working too soon.

What Could Be Better?

The trimmer is a little more than ten pounds in weight. This is much heavier than many of the other trimmers I have written about so far in this guide.

Husqvarna 122HD60

Another gas-powered choice, this Husqvarna trimmer uses a Smart Start engine that gets the trimmer working in moments.

Husqvarna 122HD60

A carburetor air purge system is included in this cordless trimmer. The design clears air out from the carburetor to allow the engine to start up well. The engine will not heat up as it starts working.

The cutting teeth are fully serrated to produce a comfortable and clean cut on even the hardest surfaces. The 23.7-inch arm helps with cutting through some of the thickest or hardest to handle spaces around a landscape. The cutting teeth are also spaced well apart from one another while being even on both sides, thus making this trimmer work well regardless of the hand you use when guiding the trimmer.

The stop switch on the top is also useful. It’s a great safety feature because it stops the engine when you let go of the handle.

My Impression

My favorite part of this Husqvarna trimmer is that I can adjust the rear handle in moments. I can press the small knob on the top part to move the trimmer’s position around. This helps me to get a better angle for the area that I am trimmer. This reduces the time I spend trimming.

The pull lever for starting the trimmer responds quickly too. I can get the trimmer to run pretty fast with this feature.

The anti-vibration dampeners also help me to keep a good cut moving every time. The dampeners are found around the main body to keep the surface feeling comfortable with every cut, thus giving me extra control over the cutting effort. I did not tire out while using the trimmer around my lawn either.

What Could Be Better?

The main handle has a rough surface to it. I would have liked a bit of extra cushioning or padding around the surface to make it work a little better.

Milwaukee 2726-20

This electric trimmer has an excellent, easy to use, basic design. But the best part of this final trimmer to look at is that the model is not all that heavy.

Milwaukee 2726-20

The Milwaukee 2726-20 is about 8.6 pounds in weight, thus providing you with a better hold all around. Even with the small body, the Milwaukee trimmer can still cut through ¾-inch surfaces in moments. The 24-inch layout is also helpful for when you’re trying to go through slimmer spaces.

The long-running battery is one of the most attractive features that you’ll find here. The battery can work for about two hours on average.

The handle is also carefully organized around the middle part of the trimmer. The balance of weight ensures you’ll have more control over how well you can get the model held right.

A small guard border can be found at the far end of the cutting arm. The metal border provides you with a solid surface that can get through many spaces in moments. You can use this quite well for getting through even the densest or deepest shrubs you are trying to cut.

My Impression

The handle feature on this trimmer is a helpful thing that I appreciate. I like how the trimmer offers a useful two-part approach for getting the trimmer powered up. The trigger and the safety control feature are both located close to one another, thus giving me enough control over the cutting process.

The handle on the top is also handy for my needs. The D-handle has a slightly rubberized feel to it. The design makes it easier for me to get a full grip on the trimmer while not losing control. This is an excellent point for me as it makes it easier for me to get a cut going in moments while not losing control over the trimmer.

What Could Be Better?

The guard featured around the base of the cutting surface is pretty small and does not do all that much for protecting me. The opaque surface isn’t all that comfortable either.

Common Types of Hedge Trimmers and Why Cordless Models Are Better?

There are three particular types of hedge trimmers to see. You will understand why a cordless trimmer model is better to use when you see how the first two operate:

  • Gas-Powered

An engine will power up a gasoline trimmer instead of a motor. Oil and gas are utilized to help with powering up the unit. You would need the oil for keeping the engine lubricated and functional. While a gas-powered trimmer produces more power on average, you would have to maintain the trimmer more often. Also, this type is very heavy in weight and could be tough to position around some surfaces. The added emissions produced by the gas engine would only make it harder to use, what with the smoke being a breathing hazard that can also sting your eyes.

  • Corded

A corded trimmer uses an electric motor like a cordless model. But instead of using a battery, you will have to utilize a cord to keep it powered up. You would have to plug the cord to an outlet. While this is light in weight, you would have to ensure the cord stays plugged in. This would require you to use an extension cord that might wear out or be hard to utilize. Also, there is always the risk that the plug might slip out of the wall outlet, thus immediately cutting off the power.

  • Cordless

This guide is all about cordless trimmers, the third choice. As you have read here, the cordless trimmer is all about helping you get around bends and surfaces in your yard. You only need a rechargeable battery to power up the cordless trimmer.

A cordless trimmer is much easier for you to utilize because this style is light in weight and does not require lots of maintenance. You won’t have to struggle with an annoying cord either.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  • Review the Battery Power

See how well the battery on your cordless hedge trimmer works. Check on how well the battery works when reading cordless hedge trimmer reviews. A battery with more milliamp hours or mAh will last longer. But many reviews may also let you know how many minutes on average the battery will last for. But you should also see how well the battery can be charged and that the battery can last long enough for your trimming needs.

  • How Long Is the Arm?

The length of the cutting arm will dictate how far you can get the trimmer to extend out. Many cutting arms are at least 20 inches long. The design should stretch out well to reach many tight areas around your shrubs or your landscape. Some trimmer models come with extension poles that let you get the arm further out, a point that works well if you need to trim a larger shrub.

  • Check On the Weight

A cordless hedge trimmer will weigh less than many other models, what with you not requiring gas or oil. Expect to find a trimmer that weighs around 5 to 10 pounds on average. It has a slim cutting arm leaving most of the weight around the hammer and battery. The mass should be around half as much as what an average gas-powered model provides.

  • How Are the Cutting Teeth Arranged?

Look at how far apart the cutting teeth are on the cutting arm. The space between the teeth is a measure of about how large of a branch the trimmer can cut. For instance, a trimmer with teeth about ¾-inch apart will be capable of clearing a branch of about the same size. You can measure the space by using a ruler on the cutting arm.

  • Power Functionality

You will come across one of two power options on a cordless trimmer. First, there is a basic on/off switch that lets you start and stop the trimmer as you see fit. Second, you may use a trigger setup that automatically stops the trimmer when you let go of it. A safety button has to be pressed before you press the trigger, thus ensuring the trimmer will not start just by squeezing the handle alone.

  • Vibration Points

A trimmer will naturally produce vibrations as the unit stays active. The vibrations should not be as intense for a cordless trimmer as they would be with a gas-powered trimmer. But even then, you must look at how well those vibrations are generated so you can tell if it is easy or hard for you to get a firm grip. You may find some dampeners on your trimmer to keep those vibrations from being intense; those dampeners will absorb the shaking motions.

Safety Considerations

  • Always use both your hands when holding the cordless hedge trimmer. You need a full grip to help you keep enough control over the trimmer.
  • Keep the area you use the trimmer in free of debris or waste. You must have a clear area for you to walk around so you will not be at risk of tripping while using the trimmer.
  • Wear safety goggles so your eyes will not be hurt by anything that flies out while you trim.
  • Wear gloves with firm padding that can provide you with a better grip and hold over your trimmer.
  • Wear jeans so you can keep your legs from being cut by flying branches.
  • Although a cordless trimmer is quieter than another choice, you can always wear protective headphones to keep your ears from being irritated by all that noise.

Who Should Use a Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

A cordless hedge trimmer will work well in many situations. Here are a few examples of when it would be right for you to use this kind of trimmer for all of your general cutting needs:

  • A cordless trimmer is great if you need a model that does not produce lots of noise. The electric motor operates quietly when compared with a larger gas-powered engine.
  • You can use a cordless trimmer if you have plenty of battery-powered yard tools. The batteries used in many of those tools can work in your trimmer, although each brand uses a specific kind of battery.
  • It might be tough for you to maintain a gas-powered trimmer. A cordless model provides you with a simple body while not requiring any fuel or oil for its operation.
  • You might have a large lawn where you need something that works without having to lug lots of weight all around. The trimmer will work for as long as the battery is charged, but you will not have to worry about any power cords or having to watch for how much fuel is left.
  • You might be new to the trimming world and you need a basic model that is not tough to use. The design and lightweight body of a cordless trimmer is perfect for your starting needs.
  • Anything that offers a better grip is always worthwhile. You should consider a cordless model if you want something that is easy to hold while also producing fewer vibrations. It should be easier for you to get such a model running if used right.

Make sure to consider of all your needs before making a purchase. There are several different types of cordless hedge trimmers available.

Maintaining Your Trimmer For Long-Lasting Results

The following tips will help you ensure your trimmer will stay functional and ready to work for years to come:

  • Always keep the blades on your trimmer clean. Wash them off with before and after each use so the blades will stay sharp. Clear off any bits of debris so they will not stick to the teeth.
  • Add a cleaning oil or spray to your blades to help them stay lubricated. Avoid adding water as that might cause the motor to stop working.
  • Always store your trimmer in a secure spot when not in use. This includes an area that is free of moisture. Make sure no kids or pets can get near it too.
  • Avoid charging your trimmer’s battery for too long. Excess charging can result in the battery overheating.


Our pick for the best cordless hedge trimmer is the DeWalt DCHT820P1. The trimmer comes with a sturdy body and a battery that lasts for a while. The comfortable handle feature and the protective guard on the DeWalt trimmer add to its convenience and functionality. I also like how the trimmer can cut through thick surfaces in moments without stalling or prematurely wearing out.

You can use any of these cordless hedge trimmers for your landscape maintenance demands. You’ll find that your landscape will look its best when you use a trimmer that works well and gives you extra control over your cutting effort.

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