Cowboy boots are no longer just for the romping Texas cowgirl. Women from New York City to Los Angeles enjoy these leather boots for adding inches to their height and spicing up their wardrobe. Your average cowboy boot isn’t just for a night out either. You can wear them to work, with friends, or for a hike. Some doctors even wear their favorite cowboy boots into the ER.

With movie stars and famous athletes rocking cowboy boots, the popularity of this eye-catching trend rises every month. This means there are more cowboy boot styles and brands selling online now than ever before. Whether you’re buying your first pair or your seventh pair, I’m here to guide you to your new favorite boots.

I not only offer you my top seven best women’s cowboy boots, but I also present tips for purchasing, what to wear with your cowboy boots, and how to keep them looking new for years.

Best Cowboy Boots for Women – Comparison

Reviews for the Top 7 Cowboy Boots for Women

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot

Ariat began as the go-to source for equestrian, ranching, and rodeo boots. But in the last five years, the quality and style of their products have caught on in cities across America. Today, you don’t need to be a horsewoman to love their boots. Their decades of tough work ethic and craftsmanship mean you’ll own their boots for years. Heck, you may never want to wear another pair of shoes again.

ARIAT Women's Fatbaby Collection Western Cowboy Boot

The best all-around Ariat boot also happens to be my top pick. The Fatbaby Western Boot stands out for two main reasons: they’re extremely comfortable and Ariat manufactures 20 different styles. From black suede with white stitching to American flag print, your personality will come through the second you slide them on.

But it’s how these boots feel that really sets them apart. Your feet won’t ache and your heel won’t chaff thanks to the 4LR sole construction. The four-layer footbed combines memory foam and soft synthetic materials that last years before breaking down. Ariat stands as one of the only companies that I’ve never had to purchase a sole insert. For those that suffer sore feet or stand most of the day, the Fatbaby provides a level of comfort that I’ve yet to experience in another boot.

The shank Ariat installed in the Fatbaby is lightweight yet strong and malleable. Breaking these boots in will seem easier than other products thanks to the shank. Most cowboy boot brands install stiff leather or metal shanks which take two to five times longer to adapt to your foot and your gait.

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Last, I must give a special shoutout to the AriatDuratread outsole. This thick and durable tread is ideal for winter sidewalks or muddy paths. Thanks to the real leather upper, cleaning these boots off requires little effort.

I’d categorize the Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boot as a romper or buckaroo type. The lower calf cut and rounded toe make it great for everyday errands or casual workplaces. I think business dress codes or pricier restaurants might balk at this particular boot because of the extra thick tread and rounded toe. You could pull off the all-black version, however, in a pinch.

With twenty style choices and expert craftsmanship throughout, the Fatbaby by Ariat stands out in the overcrowded cowboy boot niche. They may have been made for ranchers and horseback riders, but everyone can appreciate the quality. I recommend the Fatbaby Western Boot for you modern cowgirls seeking a women’s boot that’s comfortable yet flashy.

Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot

Charles Albert began in 1990 as a costume jewelry maker. He sold products by phoning every movie studio in Hollywood and slept in the same room that housed his office and storage. Fast forward to today and Charles Alberts jewelry line stars partnerships with music sensations, like Kesha. Also, Charles Albert has expanded his collection to include stylish shoe options.

Charles Albert Women's Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot

The Modern Women’s Western Cowboy Boot by Charles Albert features a distressed synthetic leather finish and pull up tabs. The distressed appearance is achieved by loosening the leather on the shaft, giving it a crumpled or bundled look. This product is are a very affordable option. You lose some of the lasting benefits of a true leather cowboy boot and gain a lower price without losing comfort or quality.

This isn’t your average fashionista boot. I’ve tried lots of synthetic boots over the years and found this Modern Western boot an exceptional example of the benefits of faux leather. This product is very wearable yet abides by the newest trends in boot fashion. That’s because Charles Albert partnered with Wet Seal to craft this boot. That means you get the style expertise of a Hollywood mogul and the wearability of a dedicated and longstanding shoe company.

The modern look suits an evening with friends and a weekend in the country. My only gripe with the exterior construction revolves around the outsole. The company chose to add no grip to the bottom of the boot. This puts them in a similar category as high heels and other designer shoes. They’re a city girl’s dream, but they are not worth wearing to the barn.

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The 2.5-inch heel will add more height than your average cowboy boot. The rubberized insole feels good and helps to support your arch and back. You can walk all day in these shoes from the day you buy them. There’s no break-in period and no tough heel material to cut into the back of your foot.

I loved the round almond toe and dual pull tabs. They add just enough of the classic cowboy look to fit in at a country-themed bar. You can purchase Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot in ten appealing colors. From your traditional Tan to the sultry Blush and mysterious Black, you’ll easily discover a boot to match your personality. I recommend these cowboy boots for city-goers and nightlife addicts seeking an affordable yet stylish product.

Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Cimmaron

Matisse has been crafting trendy footwear for women in Southern California for over thirty years. Industry experience has given them an edge over the new brands that pop up online every year. For one, they have strong relationships with their family-owned factories. This ensures that your new boots come from honestlypaid workers that can provide for their families.

Coconuts by Matisse Women's CIMMARON

The sustainability practices of the Matisse shoe brand come through in their Cimmaron Women’s Cowboy Boot. By far, this is the most realistic vegan leather boot I’ve ever reviewed. The company factory-stressed the man-made material to give it that worn-in leather look. You’ll feel right at home wearing these to your favorite vegan restaurant or wedding or ceremony.

The vegan material cuts the price significantly. It also allows Matisse to direct its resources to the insole and welt. The padded insole has a memory foam-like insert. The cushioning is comfortable and standing for long periods in this product won’t hurt your feet or your legs. The welt construction can’t match the standards set by companies such as Ariat, but it’s better than your everyday fashion brand. With proper maintenance and care, I can see these boots lasting you years.

Based on reviews and my experience, you should order a half-size to a size bigger. So if you’re a size six, order a size six and a half or a size seven. Because of the classic pointed toe, your feet have a lot less room inside these boots than it seems. Matisse offers a quick and easy return policy. So if you end up receiving a product that’s too big or small, fear not. You can return them for a different size without fuss.

Get Coconuts by Matisse at Amazon

The boot opening measures 13 inches which is more than enough for average and plus-sized calves. With the soft man-made material, it’ll stretch quite easily. One downside with the vegan leather, however, is its tendency to show scuffs and scrapes faster than real leather. This is compounded by the inability to use shoe polish on vegan products. You can clean them with water or a non-caustic cleaning spray, but you should avoid any abrasives or oil polishes.

For those that love animals or simply love good deals, the Cimmaron boots by Matisse and Coconuts offer exceptional style at a reduced price. As a hightop cowboy boot, you won’t find a better deal. I recommend this product for those that plan to wear their boots out to dinners and events, but no to the barn.

Refresh Women’s Wild Western Style Cowboy Boots

The Refresh shoe brand has been a department store favorite for years. They can be found on big-box shelves such as Walmart, and now you can buy them online for added convenience. Since their introduction to the market, they’ve sold a line of women’s cowboy boots that have pleased customers because of their affordability and style..

Refresh Women Wild-02 Western Style Cowboy Boots

With the Wild Western Cowboy Boot by Refresh, you get a synthetic upper that feels and wears as close to leather as possible. This is a distressed-style boot that mimics a loose-fitting hightop. It’s ideal for long dresses or skirts that accentuate your legs from the knee down.

Customers love the clever addition of buckles and straps stitched into the upper. They meet on the outer side of the shoe with a gold-plated metal O-ring. You’ll find the boot most suitable for casual and western-style outfits. The round toe and buckles do limit the dressy options, but at this price that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The snug interior of this boot amazed me. The flannel lining feels soft against your calf and pulling them on doesn’t result in a struggle. The flannel also adds some value for the winter. With a thick sock or pantyhose, you could tough a walk on a snowy city street without an issue.

Like other fashion-first cowboy boots, don’t expect to ride or do any physical work in these shoes. They’re a boot for play, not for the barn. The high heel and lack of rubber or hard plastic tread shouldn’t inhibit your weekend out downtown, but they’ll handicap you in more rugged settings.

I think Refresh’s Wild Western Style Cowboy Boot suits those that want to experiment or branch out with their style but don’t want to spend the money on an authentic product. It’s a great entry-level boot that you’ll have a lot of fun with. Synthetic leather wears much faster than patent leather, so be careful with these boots. Once they begin to show their age, you can’t repair them or revive them like you can with real leather materials. Still, I recommend these boots for women that want to shy away from the traditional cowboy boot and save money too.

Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boot

The Coconuts sub-brand by Matisse features quality footwear at an enticing price point. From wedges to high heels to cowboy boots, you can find something new and interesting for your next soiree or line dance.

Coconuts By Matisse Women's Gaucho Boot

With the Gaucho Boot, Matisse and Coconuts revive the timeless style of the Mexican horsemen. Once an outlier in history, the Mexican fashion sense has spread rapidly from the LA runways to the rest of America. Now you can purchase this classic look from the comfort of your home.

Like my exceptional number three pick, the Gaucho boot boasts 100% vegan material. This is a synthetic boot and sole, yet it looks and feels similar to a true Gaucho boot. The faded textures on the upper and the shaft initially tricked me into thinking it’d fit like an old boot, but it doesn’t. Expect to work this boot in like any new shoe purchase.

Also, I found the color choices for this model aren’t picture-perfect. They arrive lighter than the images by a shade or two. This is most noticeable in the tan and the distressed. Those with light skin may want to go for the dark brown, as it seems more aligned with a true tan-colored boot.

Regardless of the color, the Gaucho boot ships with a 1.5-inch heel and a boot opening of 13.5 inches. Both specifications fit within the normal range of cowboy boots for women. Those with thick calves may find the opening a little tight. But thanks to the vegan materials, the boot shaft should expand after a few days of hiking around the mall.

I love the stitching inlay. Matisse stitched the same pattern into every color option. The feather and fire design add to the authentic styling of this boot. The Southwestern appeal of the boot also comes through the pointed toe and the stitched-in lines on the boot’s vamp. The Women’s Gaucho Boot by Matisse and Coconut awards its wearers with a classic cowboy look with modern comfort and feel.

Country Love Pointed Toe Women’s Cowboy Boots

Country Love supplies cowboy boots for men and women domestically and internationally. They’ve garnered a lot of attention the past year because of their high-quality insoles and modish uppers that feature authentic inlays and low prices.

Country Love Pointed Toe Women’s Cowboy Boots W101-1001

I found Country Love’s Pointed Toe Women’s Cowboy Boots by accident. A girlfriend of mine spoke very highly of them on social media and I decided to try them for myself. These are a sleeper success. They offer a high level of quality for the low price point. Those seeking a bargain boot that can withstand some wear must read on.

This is a synthetic boot, which means it contains no real leather. With proper care, they can still last you a long time. The material feels soft and gives a little when you pull on it. The hightop shaft reaches 12 inches from the arch. You can measure that on your leg by placing one end of a foot-long ruler beside the middle of your foot. For most women, the boots will stop just past mid-calf.

Country Love cut in one row of stitches for the pull-up straps on either side of the boot. They feel sturdy, but I wouldn’t rely on them too heavily. Thankfully, the vamp isn’t too tight.Most women should be able to slide their foot in without much effort. With the 2-inch heel, you’re getting a higher than average lift from a cowboy boot. This should be great news for those who need a boost and not so good news for the taller women among us.

The pointed toe design adds some class to this boot. You could easily dress in a pair of bootcut slacks or business pants and wear these to work. But the most fun you’ll have with this product comes from dressing down in a summer dress and showing off the inlay stitching. These are fun boots with a rugged outsole and welt that can withstand fun nights in the city.

I think Country Love’s Pointed Toe Women’s Cowboy Boots will delight budget buyers and anyone needing a cowboy boot to fit an ensemble for a wedding or themed party.

West Blvd Women’s Miami Cowboy Western Boots

West Blvd is an American-based company that’s supplied shoe lovers with incredible deals since 2008. They’re masters of the bargain shoe, with affordable products that will upgrade your look without clearing out your bank account.

West Blvd - Womens Miami Cowboy Western Boots

For my final pick, I’ve included a new favorite. West Blvd’s Miami Cowboy Western Boots for Women enlist some of the best features of my previous picks at a price that’s impossible to beat. These are very comfortable and stylish boots that ship in a fun array of colors.

Like other picks on my list, West Blvd manufactures these boots from synthetic materials made in the USA. The poly-based upper feels like patent leather. It’s a thick yet light material that doesn’t bog you down nor scuff easily. I love the added double stitching on the pull-up straps to ensure it won’t break off as you put on or remove the boots. And they’ve supported the vamp and heel areas too for added protection and longevity.

The boots fit about a half size smaller than normal. The first few times you wear the boots, you may notice a stiffness in the welt or the arch. But give the boos time to work in and you’ll be rewarded with a very comfortable experience. As a fashion boot, remember that there’s no grip or tread. The flat polymer surface will impress your friends on the dance floor, not in the corral.

Having seen multiple color options in person, I think you should stick to the lighter tones. The dark browns and blacks emit a sheen that seems cheap and plastic-like. The lighter tones, however, should impress your friends, date, or dance partner.

With advanced comfort technology and a lightweight shaft, the West Blvd Women’s Cowboy Western Boot deserves a second look. If you’re hunting for the most comfortable women’s cowboy boot, then you must check these out.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Women

Whether you choose to buy cowboy boots from my article or not, you’ll still need to whittle down your options to one pair. Otherwise, you risk purchasing a boot that doesn’t match your style or fit your foot. Check my tips below on how to choose the best cowboy boots for you.

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Boots for Women

  • Style or Comfort?

From my years of experience, the biggest divide between different types of cowboy boots is style and comfort. Many cowboy boots you find in stores and online choose style over comfort. Companies raise the height of the heel too much or cheap out on the materials of the upper assuming customers will buy it on looks alone. This is even worse online. That’s why all seven products on my list have been tested to guarantee a level of comfort.

  • Match Color with Other Clothing

While that rocket pink pair of cowgirl boots may seem like the best purchase you’ve made all year, in three weeks you’ll regret that they hardly match with anything in your wardrobe. A quality pair of cowboy boots will last you much longer if you match the color and type to your clothing. If you wear dark colors, for example, then choose a boot with browns and blacks. If you enjoy fine dining, then opt for a chisel or pointed toe rather than round toe.

  • Hightop and Lowcut

There are over a dozen types of cowboy boots, but you can break them all down into two basic categories: hightop and lowcut. Hightop cowboy boots end at the top of your calf. They’re a favorite for dresses and winter wear because they cover more of your leg and because they often have insulation in the upper lining. Lowcut boots pair fantastically with shorts and can be dressed up more than hightops.

  • Add Pizzazz with Embroidery and Alterative Material

One of my favorite things about cowboy boots for women is the utter variety of styles and additions. Designers let their imagination and creativity take charge when they create cowboy boots. This means you’ll find embroidery in all sorts of patterns and stitching in every color from gold to flamingo pink. Some companies replace the shaft or parts of the shaft with cloth material or dyed leather for even more unique designs.

  • Know Your Heel Types

No two cowboy boots are the same. The differences are often obvious, like the toe or upper color or shaft pattern. But many customers don’t realize that the heel matters, too. Heel sizes range anywhere from half an inch up to three inches. The size of the heel may not be clearly displayed on the product copy, so try to go by the image we provide or provided by the brand.

  • When Possible, Choose Leather

No doubt there are some supercool synthetic boots out there at discounted prices. But those of you planning to wear your cowboy boots more than once or twice a week should choose a product that uses patent leather or 100% leather. It’s not just the thickness and color that makes the difference here. Real leather wears in and looks better with age. Synthetic materials crack and flake and end up costing you more in the long run because you must repurchase your boots every three months to a year.

  • Do Not Overspend

To avoid the pangs of a foolish purchase, always spend within your price range. We’d all love to buy the best of the best. Sometimes, however, the best for you doesn’t mean the most expensive. Throughout my list, I include terrific deals that won’t reduce your bank account to pennies. My second pick, the Charles Alberts, is a good example of a budget-friendly boot.

How Should You Pick Out Your Cowboy Boots?

How Should You Pick Out Your Cowboy Boots

When buying your cowboy boots, know that companies size women’s boots differently than men’s. You can purchase boots in three widths. There’s A for narrow feet, B for average feet, and C for wide feet. This is the hardest decision for most people unused to cowboy boots because they often buy shoes without factoring in their width. It’s important to choose correctly as the uppers of cowboy boots don’t stretch or relax with time. The stiff leather materials and strong welt must match your foot from the moment you put them on.

Once you trim down your boot choice to just a few favorites, check the user reviews to see how other consumers describe the fit. Many cowboy boots require a size down than your normal size. The rare exception requires a size up. Most manufacturers will gladly accept your return for a new size if the ones you pick don’t fit. But this will add a week or more to the experience of wearing the shoes and that can feel like forever!

When trying on your boots for the first time, wear comfortable socks. I know it sounds strange, but a cowboy boot that fits snug with thin socks or no socks is not ideal. You want a boot that fits with a thick and protective sock. That way, you can wear them regardless of the season and peel them off at the end of the day blister-free.

What Can You Wear with Women’s Cowboy Boots?

What Can You Wear with Women’s Cowboy Boots?
The biggest tip to remember before enjoying a night out in your cowboy boots is that they aren’t a conservative shoe choice. Even the most restrained cowboy boot will turn heads and raise pulses. Don’t hide in those boots, play them up! Some consumers do this by wearing a short skirt or booty shorts. Any clothing that singles out your new boots shows the world that you’re proud to be wearing and flaunting these controversial and appealing shoes.

On the opposite end of the boot spectrum, you can pair them with blue jeans. Most jean cuts today fit snugly, which means your boots will fit over the jeans. This helps the boots to stand out and opens up the potential to match the color of your boots to your jacket, purse, shirt, or hair accessories. Alternatively, you can buy bootcut jeans or modern bellbottoms. Bootcut jeans fashion extra material at the calf to wear over your boots. This helps dress up your boots and reduces their conspicuousness for settings that may seem too sensitive to flaunt your full boot.

Despite what some women believe, you can get away with wearing boots in the office. Cowboy boots with a low shaft, such as a Shortie, can pair with dress slacks nicely. If you plan to pull off this look, buy a boot cut in one dark color, such as chocolate or black. For dressier offices, don’t forget to seek out a high and thin heeled boot as they’ll mimic the look of a stiletto or wedge shoe.

Last, my personal favorite is the hightop cowboy boot with a long skirt. This summery and festive option harkens to the free love movement of the 1970s. It’s been a popular fashion choice since that time and has rarely gone out of style. You don’t have to buy a new dress for it, either. Your local vintage store should have a few billowing skirts to choose from.

Break-In Tips and Tricks for Women’s Cowboy Boots

The bad news is that most cowboy boots aren’t the same as your Nike sneakers and well-worn clogs. There’s no easy way to break-in most cowboy boots. That’s because companies manufacture them from thick leather and tougher-than-average materials so they can last horse wranglers and farmers longer than your average boot.

Your first goal when buying cowboy boots is to choose a shoe, from the outset, that fits your foot. If you slip on the boot and it’s too snug or too loose, no amount of breaking it in will change that. That being said, some boot lovers believe that walking in them in hot weather can soften the leather and stretch the materials. Those of you in colder climates could try heating the boots with a hairdryer and then wearing them around the house.

Anyone in a tight spot with boots that are too small and cannot return them, there is a last-ditch option. Boot stretchers date back to the Wild West. This medieval-looking contraption can widen the boot’s upper without tearing the welt’s stitching or crimping the welt. Some boot stretchers widen the toe and others widen the heel. Some even have a modular system that can target specific areas of your boot.

Alternatively, you can take your new boots to a cobbler in your area and explain the situation to him. He or she may simply trim some of the inside material for a small fee. They may also tell you to walk in them a few grueling miles until the boot works itself out.

How to Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

How to Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

Maintaining your cowboy boots is a simple and effective habit to adopt. It requires less than fifteen minutes of your time and can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements. You don’t need expensive conditioners or soaps. The most important thing to remember with maintaining cowboy boots is if you have patent leather or suede.

That’s because suede boots require a unique cleaning method. The soft material can’t handle moisture the same way regular leather can. Applying a wet cloth or water to suede will ruin its felt-like texture. I make a point to mention this because many women’s cowboy boots choose soft leather over the traditional patent leather.

For your average leather boot, you want to clean off the dirt and dust once a week. Caked-on dirt can break down the tough fibers of leather and eat away at the finish, much like salt can rust a car’s metals. Then, once a month, you’ll want to use saddle soap or leather soap to deep clean the leather. Pay special attention to the areas around the stitching and the welt. Here, dirt will find its way into the seams and erode the glues. This causes premature splits and tears.

If you’ve noticed that your boots have lost their shine, use a leather polish and buff the areas exposed to the elements. The areas of which to focus your buffing are the toe, heel, and sides.

My Verdict

There’s no easier way to flaunt your unique style than a pair of cowboy boots. You can wear them with jeans, or you can surprise a date and match the boots with a miniskirt. You’ll find endlessly inventive ways to wear your boots, but before you do that, you have to buy them.

Because cowboy boots use premium leathers and durable materials, you must choose wisely. A cheap pair of boots can not only hurt your wallet but your feet too. I couldn’t believe the difference between a well-made pair of boots compared to a cheap brand. With my list of the best cowboy boots for women, you’re getting the top choices from brands with hard-won reputations. So if you’re hungry for a pair of boots, do yourself a favor and pick from my list. You won’t be disappointed!

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