Celebrities are constantly off to the beach on vacation. They’re flaunting the latest hair styles, which are mostly big, bouncy curls. Beachy hair that makes us all green with envy. They are certainly possible with the right curling iron.

There are a variety of big curls you might choose. For those who want beachy curls, you’ll want a certain kind of curling iron. Those who want curls that look more natural can use a tapered wand. Uniform curls can be created with a bubble wand.

The best curling iron for big curls is going to be the one that you can work with. It’s going to work beautifully for your hair type. Don’t worry about what a celebrity is using on their hair to create the style. It’s likely that your texture is much different.

In this review, you’ll see many examples of curling irons that can create big curls. Keep in mind what style and texture you have currently. It’ll help you make the buying choice.

Best Curling Iron for Big Curls – Comparison Table

Kiss Instawave Curling IronRound1 inch
Low and high
Check Price
Beach Waver Pro Curling IronRound1 inch
310F to 450F
Check Price
BaByliss PRO Curling IronLarge shaped1.5 inch
up to 450F Check Price
Xtava Curling Iron & Wand SetTapered wandsVaried250F to 410F
Check Price
Hot Tools Spring Curling IronRound1 inch
280F to 430F
Check Price

Top 5 Curling Iron for Big Curl Reviews

Kiss Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

Kiss Ceramic Curling Iron

The barrel of this curling iron is one inch. With this curling iron, you’re getting a helping hand. It has an automated spinner. You won’t have to hold the hair near the hot barrel. That lessens the need for a glove. The hair is kept in place with 4 prongs. You can leave a small bit of the end hair out of the spinner for big, loose curls.

In this automatic curling iron, there’s ceramic ionic technology. The curling iron’s barrel is made with ceramic. It’s going to smooth the hair as it heats. The negative ions are going to moisturize your hair and remove frizz. That’s important for a device that will touch your hair on a daily basis.

This curling iron has two temperature heat controls. There’s high and low temperatures. The maximum temperature is 420F. That’s a good amount of heat for coarse, thick hair. You’ll be able to curl your hair quite easily with that amount of heat. It’s also not too hot for hair that’s thick, but not coarse.

It’s a barrel-shaped curling iron. It’s more than just a standard curling iron, though. The automatic curling iron provides beginners with an easy way to curl their hair. It won’t tangle the hair at all. The curling iron can rotate in either direction for curls that look more natural.

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Great positives

For big, wavy curls, this is a great device. It can take 1 to 2 inches of hair and twirl it around the barrel. It won’t create creases in the hair like a standard curling iron.

The curling iron can create a few different styles. There’s the large, wavy curls as well as spiral curls. The beachy look can be achieved by running your fingers through your hair once it’s done.

All it takes is a bit of styling spray to keep curls in place for the entire day. Some styling tools don’t seal in the curl. The material as well as the automatic nature of the device will give you incredible style.

Minor concern

There are only 2 heat settings on this curling iron. The high temperature will reach 420F. The lower temperature might be too hot for fine, damaged hair. You’ll have to consider that depending on your hair texture.

The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

The Beachwaver Pro has a 1 inch barrel. The barrel is made with ceramic tourmaline. That’s a great material for generating negative ions. Those negative ions are going to help with flyaways and frizzy hair. Ionic technology makes hair shinier and healthier-looking.

This is an automatic curler. It has a small clip for grabbing the end of the hair. There are left and right control buttons for rotating the curler. They cause the curler to rotate smoothly. It’s slow, so you can adjust the hair as you want. The barrel is extra long for quick styling.

There’s a digital temperature control for this curling iron. Fine hair needs a temperature on the low side. Thick hair needs a higher temp. This one starts at 310F to 350F. The next is 350F to 400F. Lastly, the one for thick hair that’s 400F to 450F. For big curls, you can use any temperature that works with your hair texture.

The curling iron can quickly heat up to the correct temp in 30 seconds. By the time you section the hair, the curling iron will be ready for you. There’s no need for gloves or extras since you never have to touch it. The barrel has full-length internal heaters. They will keep the entire barrel the same temp.

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Great positives

One very good part of this curler is the material. It’s perfect for anyone who wants big curls. The ceramic and tourmaline will generate negative ions for smooth hair that feels like silk.

The barrel isn’t one that you ever have to touch. Your fingers won’t get close to being burned. There’s a small clip on the barrel. Once the hair is placed in it, the curler will rotate easily.

It only takes a couple of seconds to get the curl. This curling iron will get you out of the house much faster. It curls in two directions, too. You can curl the hair away from your face on both sides.

Minor concern

There’s no way to bring this curling iron with you if you’re traveling out of the country. Placing it into a converter or adapter will actually void the warranty. Your dreams of styling while on vacation will be limited by this warranty problem.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 1 ½ inch Spring Curling Iron

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron

This curling iron from BaByliss is a well-known curling iron. Many people have used a BaByliss because it’s a good brand. The barrel of this curling iron is 1.5 inches. That’s going to give you very big, bouncy curls. Those curls can be finger-combed to become waves.

The barrel is made of titanium. That will cause it to last a very long time. There won’t be any chips or ruined spots that can damage your hair. The titanium gets extremely hot and will create curls that really last. You want curls that will last at least the entire day.

There are 50 heat settings with this curling iron. You’re going to find the exact heat level for your specific hair texture. The curling iron will get all the way up to 450F. There’s a turbo button that will instantly bring the temperature to 450F. That’s the max temperature.

With this curling iron, you’re getting a titanium material in a large size. It’s big enough for bouncy curls. The spring curling iron features Sol-Gel Ceramic technology. That’s going to give you even more protection for healthy hair. It comes with an 8-foot cord that swivels to keep from tangling.

Great positives

This is a curling iron that is used by stylists and home users alike. Everyone who uses this regularly sings its praises. The curling iron will give you big bouncy waves.

It starts with the size of the barrel. This is a good size for big curls. This goes all the way to 450F. That’s not where you want to start curling your hair. It’s best to start low and find the exact temperature you need.

The turbo button is fantastic. Instead of waiting a few minutes for the iron to heat, you’re able to start curling instantly. It’ll really reduce your styling time. It’s a great time saver.

Minor concern

This is not made for worldwide travel. If you hoped to go on vacation with your curling iron, this one will need a voltage converter. It will be another piece to carry with you. Those who don’t travel out of the country won’t have a problem with this.

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

Xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set

The curling iron and wand set comes with barrels made with tourmaline ceramic. The negative ions they produce will smooth hair. It brings about a healthy shine and reduces static. It seals moisture into the hair and protects the cuticle. Your hair will be shinier when you’re finished.

For the barrels, there are 5 in this set. There’s the tapered clipless barrel measuring 0.3 to 0.75 inches. The next size is a clipless tapered barrel measuring 0.7 to 1 inch. The next one is the same size, but it has a clip. The next is a 1 inch barrel and then a 1.25 inch barrel.

There’s a digital temperature control on this tool. The temperature ranges from 250F to 410F. There are 9 temperature settings. They coincide with the temperature ranges of hair type. The lower temperatures are good for people with thin hair. In the higher ranges are perfect for those with coarse, thick hair.

The barrel shape varies between barrels. There are many tapered barrels where you’ll need to wrap the hair yourself. You’ll need a glove for it. This set comes with a glove. It also includes an automatic shutoff for the device. It has quick heat technology, too.

Great positives

This set is like getting 5 tools for the price of one. You’ll never have to purchase another device for curling again. It’ll give you any kind of big, bouncy wave that you like.

The tourmaline and ceramic are smooth materials that will let the hair glide. They will create negative ions that moisturize hair, too. That’s important for hair health if you plan on curling a few times a week.

Many people want their curls to last, so they can avoid curling every single day. This curling iron set will give you all the style you could possibly need. The big curls you want will stay for a very long time.

Minor concern

The tips of these curling wands and barrels do not have cool tips. That gives more surface for styling. It does mean that the entire device will get hot. They included a heat-resistant glove. You’ll have to wear that every time you style.

HOT TOOLS Spring Curling Iron

HOT TOOLS Spring Curling Iron

The 1-inch barrel will give you curls that come out their best every time. It won’t stick to the barrel. The hair will glide smoothly off the barrel. It helps to reduce frizz and damage. For those who want big curls, you’re able to get them with this barrel.

With this curling iron, you’re getting a nano ceramic material for the barrel. It will protect your hair from being scorched. That’s why the hair will just slip easily from the barrel. The ceramic is able to transfer a gentle heat. That heat stays constant due to the ceramic.

The temperature goes all the way to 450F. It starts at 280F. That’s a good range of temperatures for all kinds of hair types. Whether your hair is fine and thin or thick and coarse, this works well to create curls. The dial lets you go right to the temperature you want. It won’t waver unless you move the dial.

This curling iron has an extra-long tip that will stay cool. The thumb grip on the clamp stays cool, too. You won’t have to worry about wearing a heat glove, but they still included one. There are other features that make curling easier like a separate on and off switch. The curling iron has an 8-foot swivel cord, too.

Great positives

This is a professional style of curling iron. Many stylists use HOT TOOLS products in their salon. The adjustable heat settings are great for people who need a range of temperatures.

You want exactly the right temperature for your hair type and texture. It’ll create the big curls that you want that look like beachy waves. You might not even have to run your fingers through it, either.

The curling iron heats fast and the curls last a long time. They not only last the entire day, but can last even longer. Hairdressers often recommend this styling tool to their customers.

Minor concern

Near the end of the clamp, there are screws that can snag the hair. When you’re curling, you’ll have to really pay attention to where your hair is. When it’s too far down the barrel, it’ll come into contact with the screws for the clamp.

What Do You Need From a Curling Iron to Create Big Curls?

To create a loose curl style, there are a few things to consider. Aside from how hard it is to curl your hair, you have to think about the features of the iron.

  • Size of the Barrel

Curling iron barrels vary in size from really small 3/8 inch to large 2 inch barrels. The size of the barrel will impact the size of the curl. For those really small barrels, you’re going to get tight curls. With the larger barrels, that’s where the big curls will happen.

Barrels around 1 inch or more are going to be great for the big curls you want. It’s going to create waves and loose curls like those you’ve seen on your favorite celebrities. Natural-looking curls are achievable with a large barrel, so that should be your first consideration.

  • Quality Materials for Healthy Hair

If you’re going to be curling your hair frequently, you really have to consider the materials. Tourmaline and ceramic are gentle on hair. They have the ability to create negative ions. The ionic technology will remove dry, frizzy hair from your life.

Ceramic will heat very evenly. A barrel that heats evenly will stop your hair from breaking. It won’t get stuck to the barrel of the curler. Your hair won’t become burnt or get tugged by the barrel itself. That’s very important for healthy hair.

  • Temperature Control for Every Hair Type

Those with fine hair have to be very careful with the level of heat. If you crank the heat too high, it’ll burn your hair. It won’t matter the type of materials used, either. Temperature that’s too high will cause serious damage.

The alternate is true with coarse hair. If you have thick, coarse hair, you need a higher temperature to hold a curl. Thick hair might be damaged, so it needs a variety of high temperatures. That’s why you should have a range of temperatures with your curling iron.

  • Quick Heat Up for Fast Styling

Quick heat might not seem like an important feature, but it is. When a curling iron heats very quickly, you can get your styling done faster. Curling your entire head of hair can be a long process. Any time you can cut out of the process will be helpful.

You’re probably going to be styling your hair daily. Sleeping can certainly pull your curls flat. You’ll be showering and washing your hair, too. All of that will cause you to curl your hair every day. Speeding up the process will always be a good thing.

  • Natural-Looking Curls or Ones That are Uniform?

The style you choose will influence the type of barrel that you need. For natural-looking curls, it helps to have a tapered wand. You can also get a natural look with a round barrel. You’ll be using your hand to twist hair around the barrel.

If you want a uniform curl, you can use a bubble wand. It helps to direct the hair around the wand’s barrel in a uniform way. You’ll need a glove for this type of barrel. Most of the good curling iron companies will provide that for you.

  • For Beginners or Experienced Stylists

The type of curling iron you get will be a direct result of how adept you are at curling. Some people have a hard time curling their own hair. There are others who are truly as experienced as a stylist.

For beginners, there are special wands that are automatic. They make it so much easier to style your hair. Even experienced stylists will love an automatic barrel. It twirls and removes the need for wearing a glove. You won’t have to twist the hair around the barrel yourself.

  • Do You Have Short or Long Hair?

Hair length has a huge impact on the type of curling iron that you use. It impacts the barrel size especially. People with short hair need a curling iron that’s a bit smaller. Those with long hair need a bigger barrel.

It can be hard to curl short hair because the barrel has to be smaller. Otherwise, the hair strands won’t wrap fully around the big barrel. Long hair needs a bigger barrel. If not, it could take forever to style your hair.

  • Extras Included for Easy Curling

As mentioned previously, a heat-resistant glove is needed for curling. You’ll be wrapping your hair strands around the barrel and holding them in place. Hair will need to be sectioned, so you don’t curl one section more than once. Some curling irons include clips for sectioning.

If you want to take your curling iron on the road with you, a carrying bag is a good idea. Some include a heat-resistant bag for those who are always on the run. Dual voltage is vital for people who travel that need a styling device.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Big Curl

Curling your hair into a big, loose style starts with the products used in the shower. You’ll want to start with a good shampoo and conditioner that creates volume. Big, luxurious hair begins with volume products.

Once you’re out of the shower, it’s a good idea to use oil on the ends. Mousse at the roots can also create lift and volume. If you have damaged hair, you can use a heat protectant, too. Argan oil is a good choice for protecting your hair and making it shiny.

It helps to dry your hair with a towel first. Then you can flip your hair upside down for volumizing drying. Use a blow dryer that will give you lift and volume. You can use a round brush or just dry it without brushing. It’s up to you to choose the drying method.

After the hair is dry, you can start up the curling iron. It should have quick heat up to get right down to the curling. Section the hair into two parts. You can start on the back of the hair. It’s often easier to make sure you have gotten all the parts.

This is for the right side of your head. Take a one-inch section in your right hand. Hold the curling iron in your left. You’ll be wrapping the hair around the barrel. Wrap the hair around the barrel while making sure that the hair strands stay uniform. Leave out an inch at the bottom, so it doesn’t get curled.

That’s the way you get big, beachy waves. Continue on until you’ve finished with that section all the way to the front. In the front, make sure you’re curling away from the face. After that side is done, you can start on your left. Switch the curling iron to the other hand. Mirror the process on the left side.

When the entire head of hair is curled, you can tousle those curls. That gives you the incredible wavy look that is casual yet stunning. It’s time for the holding spray. You don’t want to layer the spray. A few spritzes will work. You can scrunch the curls or not. It’s your choice.

You’re ready to head out into the world with a stunning style!


The best waves and beachy curls come from a big curl. It can be tousled or left alone. Each style is very beautiful. The best curling iron for big curls is going to provide the right barrel size and heat needed for big curls.

If you’re going for big curls, you want as much volume as possible. That means starting with the right products. Sprays and styling tools work together to create big curls. The texture of your hair and its length will have an influence on the styler you choose.

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